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Hobbs Why would pigs need to organize and what made them angry? The Farmer Island saga will continue here on the blog webpage. Garfield makes a cameo. After finding an expensive credit card bill, Jon decides to cut up his credit cards and to buy everything with cash. It becomes a hassle later on when Jon tries to buy a new wastebasket. Meanwhile, Garfield and Odie attempt to get a free sample of macaroni.

Jon is given a speeding ticket by a shady police officer after speeding in an 8 MPH zone according to a fake and very tiny sign. He gets held up when he refuses to pay the ticket. Orson convinces Wade to use his imagination and Wade imagines that he is saving the chickens from the weasel — unaware that his imagination is real. Meanwhile, trouble goes on when Roy accidentally kisses a bear. When the cable goes out, Garfield is forced to turn to books for entertainment. Eventually, Garfield becomes so engrossed in the story of Robinson Crusoe that he starts acting out the novel, incorporating Odie, Jon, and the cable guy who came to fix the cable.

Jon takes Garfield and Odie to see Swami Pastrami and they run into a woman who swipes Jon's wallet and thus feeds Jon's info to the Swami. The Swami later returns Jon his wallet and also gives Jon a medallion that can supposedly read minds. Garfield gives the audience a unique episode where they can make choices on what happens in the cartoon, although he dislikes how it turns out. Garfield gets hooked on video games while Jon has appendicitis. When Orson is unable to find his spy novel, he imagines that he is Double Oh Orson instead.

Jon's uncle Ed is visiting his house for a while, until Garfield, Jon, and Odie get so fed up with him when he takes over everything that they find a way to get rid of him. Garfield and Odie go to the supermarket and accidentally take a baby home. The Network wants the show to be more educational, so the Buddy Bears are instructed to give educational lessons to anything Garfield mentions.

Garbanzo Bean once again makes robotic clones of Odie, with a giant robot dog being accidentally made as well. Convinced that Roy stole all the butter on the farm which he did , Orson imagines that he is Power Pig in an effort to prove it.

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Garfield hosts a television show called "Annoying Things" and is under pressure from a bully dog not to say anything unkind about dogs. Roy and Wade fight over who should have the barn for their fan club. A teenage mouse mistakes that Garfield is responsible for his missing mother, no matter how many times Garfield insists that he's innocent.

He then sends in an Arnold Schwarzenegger -like mouse to make Garfield admit where his mother is. While touring a museum, Garfield and Odie accidentally touch an idol that exchanges their minds. Orson reads Cinderella to Booker and Sheldon, who keep making changes to the story, much to Orson's dismay. Garfield, Odie, and Jon help make Mamma Manicotti famous by proving that one cannot duplicate recipes cooked with love. After watching a commercial about a pizza delivering service with a deliver-inminutes-or-else-it's-free guarantee, Garfield takes advantage of the offer.

When his dad visits the farm, Wade tries to prove to him that he's no longer a coward. Jon buys a used car from Madman Murray which comes with a computerized female voice and is attracted to Jon.

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Sprocket uses Garfield to demonstrate computer animation to Jon. Guest voice of Brian Cummings. Wade is asked to guard the vegetable silo. When Orson's brothers steal the vegetables, Wade is given trouble by the gang and decides to leave. Later, a guardian angel shows Wade what the farm would be like if he was never born. Garfield sings about Odie riding with a rookie trucker named Billy Bob who bears a resemblance to Jon Cameo appearance of Orson.

Garfield runs away, and is nearly smothered by his new owner, who believes Garfield is her missing cat. When Roy has to find water, he buys a robot that can alter any weather. Meanwhile, Orson's brothers try to steal the crop, disguised as a car. Odie finds a magic wand tossed away by a magician. Garfield and Odie think that it is just another stick. Jon is tricked into buying what he thought was a good, nutritious health food meal package after deciding to go on a diet.

A wolf has been lurking around the farm, so Orson informs everyone of a bell system to alert everyone else if the wolf is seen. Guest voice of Charles Aidman. Jon has a leaking problem due to the heavy rain. Swindler decides to con him by a series of fixing and breaking and high bills until Jon accidentally sells his house to him out of rage. Wade's dangerously forgetful cousin Newton comes to the farm looking for work. Meanwhile, Roy tries to build a rocket, and Gort tries to steal their tomato crop. Garfield tells the story of a cat in Ancient Rome who helped create lasagna.

In an effort to get married, Jon's never-do-well cousin Roscoe looks for a job. Roscoe is hired to re-shingle the roof, mow the lawn and vacuum the house, all of which result in the house being wrecked. Orson reads Rumplestiltskin to Booker and Sheldon, who along with Wade and Roy keep making changes to the story showing a miller's son instead of a daughter and the title character being a superhero. A similar episode to "Bedtime Story Blues". After getting her arrested, Garfield is cursed by a fortune teller.

Although she claims to be a fraud, the hex is all too real. Guest voice of Dick Tufeld. Orson tells his version of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven entitled The Rooster, which is about the main character played by Orson trying to guard his vegetables from the rooster played by Roy. Meanwhile, Orson's brothers arrive to steal the crops. Jon wants to play records for a woman who showed up at his doorstep. When Garfield and Odie accidentally break his record player, Jon tries to find a new record player. After Jon subscribes to a magazine, the magazine salesman begins pestering and stalking him to renew his subscription, constantly lowering the price.

Orson, too sick to read "Chicken Licken" to Booker and Sheldon, has the rest of the farm try to help. Cameo appearance by Garfield. A Saber-Toothed Tiger--one that should have been extinct millions of years ago—trades places with an unwittingly involved Garfield. Garfield is put on trial for being less of a cat.

After the farm animals except Bo are kidnapped by Orson's brothers, Bo has to perform the rest of the episode himself by impersonating everyone. Garfield's neighbor goes into court to complain about Garfield's constant antics and ends up going mad after seeing Garfield's faces. Finding a new challenger, the Masked Mauler challenges Jon to a wrestling match by making an excuse that Garfield eats his pizzas.

It is up to Garfield to save his owner from the wrestler. Orson imagines Wade, Roy and himself taking a trip to the moon. Meanwhile, two weasels named Waylon and Spence attempt to steal the chickens. A creature from the refrigerator, behind the mayonnaise, next to the ketchup, and to the left of the coleslaw comes alive and attempts to attack Jon, Garfield, and Odie. A "Garfield's Tales of Scary Stuff" episode. Guest of voice Paul Winchell.

The wolf tells Roy about procrastination, and Roy spreads the word to the rest of the farm except Orson and starts a procrastinators meeting. Garfield hosts a new show about great moments in stupidity after Jon's new idea about taking up skydiving. Garfield uses Nermal's looks to his advantage in an attempt to get food.

Wade, Roy, and Orson discover a mine infested with chocolate—and then find out why it was abandoned. Orson's brothers show up and hope to eat the cocoa for themselves. Guest voice of Dick Gautier. Garfield tells the story of a terrible pizza-maker who angers all of the townspeople with his bad pizza. Upset with all of the plot-holes in Jack and the Beanstalk, Booker, Sheldon, Wade, and Roy decide to make their own conclusion.

Cameo appearances of Orson and Roy. Odie finds a magic lamp inside a small cave at the beach and wishes to be able to fly. Guest voice of Buddy Hackett. Wade tries to get his five dollars back from Roy which he owed since 14 years ago. Orson gets fed up and tries to inspire Wade with historical moments. A witch wants to make Jon her husband when her boyfriend ditches him. Garfield and Odie must find the witch's boyfriend before they get married. Garfield reveals the injustice cartoon cats must suffer. So he decides to make his own animated feature where he gets his own way. Three dogs named Who, What, and Where come to work on the farm.

For Roy and Wade, it quickly turns into an Abbott and Costello -type nightmare as they desperately try to figure out their names. A musical segment finds Garfield trying to keep ants from ruining a picnic prepared by Jon. First appearance of the Ants. When the sound effects supervisor quits, Garfield gives Odie the job of putting sound effects into the show. After Orson reads a book about close encounters, everyone else on the farm gets addicted to aliens.

This gives the Wolf an idea to make everyone think there are aliens around, so that he can get the chickens. After dumping Brick, Penelope decides to have Garfield as her new boyfriend. Garfield is terrified of being near Penelope due to a threat from Brick. Guest voice of James Earl Jones. Roy quits the show again and returns to The Buddy Bears. Another of Garfield's Tales of Scary Stuff, a meteorite with the power to bring inanimate objects to life lands on Earth.

It is passed on for decades, until it finally reaches the Arbuckle residence. Guest voice of John Moschitta Jr. A psychiatrist badger named Edward R. Furrow as in Edward R. Murrow counsels Wade while the wolf cons Roy into winning a Fiji vacation in an attempt to steal the chickens.

First appearance of Edward R. Garfield sends in his music video to " Meow TV ", which becomes the top 1 video of the week. Cameo appearance of Roy, who is seen wearing 3D glasses. Pop culture references in the video include Michael Jackson 's Black or White more specifically the face-morphing sequence , "Button Your Shorts [Cat]", parachute pants , among others.

Garfield manages to force Jon to skip his vacation. This backfires as it works too well, as Jon even gets Garfield and Odie involved with chores. Garfield decides to rectify this mistake by tricking Jon into thinking that he has gone crazy due to overwork, thus requiring a vacation. A giant robot falls into a bunch of mud and is mistaken for a swamp monster. The farm animals give the swamp monster the name "Swampy". Meanwhile, the weasel once again tries to steal the chickens. After learning about infomercials, Nermal has a dream that Garfield is giving him away in one.

Garfield tells the story of Orville Wright 's cat McKinley who really invented the model airplane. Orson and Booker must get a package to a reclusive Hermit Crabbe by 6: Once they arrive at the destination, they have a big, angry dog to contend with. Guest voice of Don Knotts. Garfield tells a story about Jon being in love with a bully warrior's wife. Roy's niece Chloe comes to visit. Roy, on the other hand, seems to prefer going out on a date.

Nermal is brought before the kitty council on charges of being too cute. Guest voice of Bill Kirchenbauer. Orson and Roy bring Wade to a professor to discuss all his fears and phobias. When Orson and Roy are being chased by wild horses, Wade runs himself out of the cartoon. In an episode of "The Garfield Crime Files", Garfield tells the story of how Odie is framed by finding a purse stolen by another dog. Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs" Part 1. Orson includes the entire farm including Roy's niece in a retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs see also the film , with Wade as Snow White, and Roy as his prince.

Garfield encounters a cat named Gabriel who is an exact carbon copy of Garfield. Guest voice of Thom Sharp.

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When Jon's car gets wrecked, he gets taken for a ride by both the auto repairman and his insurance agent. Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarfs" Part 2. As the Queen Lanolin attacks, everyone else is in a dispute in over who should have to kiss Wade. Garfield is stuck in a dream purgatory, as a catfish. Garfield tells his version of story of Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Roy tells everyone why he is giving up practical joking, then tries to resist doing any more pranks. Garfield finally eats a bird or so he thinks and feels guilty about it, while the bird's father looks for him. Floyd's wife demands that he ask Garfield for more airtime. Meanwhile, Jon's pushy Aunt Prunella visits and Garfield attempts to get rid of her. Orson discovers that the barnyard cow has been stolen and he and Bo play detectives in an attempt to solve the case.

Penelope becomes jealous when Garfield starts seeing another female cat. Guest voice of Paxton Whitehead. A sly fox invades the farm on payday and swindles everyone, while Roy is banished from the farm due to his own prank. Garfield gives an orientation to 4 week old kittens on how to drive humans crazy. A young woman named Monica asks Jon out in an attempt to get back at her tough-guy father, who disapproves of her preppie boyfriend. Lanolin has been overworked and crabby lately, so Orson tries to get her to take a pretend vacation.

Guest voice of John Byner. Return of the Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster". The swamp monster robot returns, while its owner looks for it. Cameo appearances of Orson, Roy and Wade. Jon dreams about himself playing "Magic and Monsters", where he tries to recover the bottomless wallet. When Roy feels like Wade has gotten more credit on the show than him, he creates a poem involving Wade to get attention. Jon decides to buy a cheap house for their retreat from a real estate agent named Samuel Escrow.

They end up in a haunted house. While playing hide and seek, Odie winds up with a little girl named Becky, who wants a dog despite her father not allowing dogs. To keep cool in 10 degree weather, Orson uses imagination by reading books about swimming at the beach. Garfield tells the story of cats in films.

His claims come under scrutiny from Edna W. A musical about Penelope falling in love with a rock and roll cat. Orson meets an alien named Melvin who gives him a mind-reading power. Guest voice of Rip Taylor. Jon writes a letter requesting tickets for him and his girlfriend to a taping of "National Knights". His letter accidentally winds up in a file requesting to challenge a knight named Boulder to a battle. Wade gets upset at Roy for chasing him with 37 lemon meringue pies because of national "Hit a Duck in the Face with a Lemon Meringue Pie" Day, so Wade creates his own holiday to get revenge.

While visiting a prison to lecture inmates on cartooning, a fellow inmate locks Jon in a closet and swaps clothes- and places- with him. Garfield and Penelope imagine what their lives would be like if they were married. Garfield and Floyd entertain the neighborhood pets with a revue show with some assistance from Odie and Nermal. Garfield's antics end up keeping Jon awake. A spoof of Johnny Appleseed , Jon plants ragweed which makes people sneeze.

A country singer narrates the story, which annoys Garfield. Grape Expectations" Part 1. Roy is forced to guard the fruit in the barn, due to the big Cock-A-Doodle coming to check on Roy. When Wade eats a grape, Roy panics and buys a replacement grape at the supermarket, only to be stuck in a long line-up at the check-out. Roy does not notice that Booker also ate a grape. When a rival cat named Gunther kidnaps Ludlow and attempts to eat him, it's up to Garfield to save the day. A cricket agrees to be Garfield's conscience to help keep him out of trouble.

The cricket ends up getting Garfield into more trouble.

Grape Expectations" Part 2. Roy is surprised that he has ended up on trial due to a missing grape. Meanwhile, the other farm animals head over to clear Roy's name. Garfield compiles top ten lists as Jon heads out for a date and a robber attempts to clean out the Arbuckle house. Nermal and Garfield switch personalities for a day to see what it's like being each other.

Nermal becomes a fat, lazy grown cat, while Garfield is a cute kitten whom Nermal tries to send to Abu Dhabi.


Guest voice of Kevin Meaney. Guest voice of Sheryl Bernstein. Guest voice of Harvey Korman. Roy thinks he is doing too much work on the farm. When he meets a salesman from a double talk school, he buys a CD that teaches him how to keep Orson and Lanolin from making him do work.

Jon has a job offer in Alaska that Garfield and Odie dislike, so they hire the cricket conscience to give Jon bad advice. Garfield tells his rendition of the classic Puss In Boots fairy tale. In this version, Garfield is the titular cat, who uses trickery to win his new owner Jon fame and fortune. Things look good for the owner when the king wants to pair him with his beautiful daughter--but first, a shapeshifting ogre must be vanquished.

Egg Over Easy" Part 1. Orson and Bo tell a story about Wade, who became inspired by Sheldon to live life in an egg shell. When a dinosaur awakens in the present day, he plots to take over humanity by painting himself pink and hosting a Barney -type of TV show. Everyone who watches "Sidney the Pink Dinosaur" becomes a babbling idiot who parrots everything Sidney says. Garfield is the only one left unaffected, and must devise a way to save the world. Jon is on a date with a supermodel, who really just wants Garfield.

Guest voice of Tracy Scoggins as Heather St. Egg Over Easy" Part 2. Orson and Bo now along with Roy continue the story where they left off: Wade, still in his egg shell, is held captive by the Weasel. The singing ants from "The Picnic Panic" return. This time, they invade Garfield's house. Jon and Garfield summon "Mr. Crater, a pest eliminator," to deal with the problem.

Penelope gets upset about having to always watch Garfield eat in her pizzeria on their dates. She then fantasizes about him being an interesting guy. When Orson reads the story of "The Count of Monte Cristo", Aloysius persistently warns him that it is a very expensive story. Guest voice of Imogene Coca. Guest voice of Rick Ducommun. After thinking he's too busy reading books and not guarding the chickens from the weasel, Orson asks Edward R. Cameo Appearance of Garfield. Jon discovers that Garfield's birthday is coming up, with the whole world reminding him.

Cameo appearances of Orson, Roy, Wade and Sheldon. Garfield sits on a book that Jon is reading and refuses to move, no matter what Jon does to get him to move. Last appearance of Aloysius Pig according to Mark Evanier , he was to show up in a fourth episode [ citation needed ]. Odie makes a cameo appearance. Garfield explains how humans in-universe and in real life can hear animal thoughts as if they were conversing normally.

The magical world of Farmer Island

Jon's teenage niece is a valley girl, who sneaks off to the mall. Everyone wonders what's in a box addressed to Bo. Cameo appearances of Nermal and Garfield.