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Candide. Illustrated by Rockwell Kent.: Jean François Marie Arouet de. VOLTAIRE: Books

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  6. A Play in Five Acts. The Black And the White. A Philosophical Dictionary Complete. The Sage and the Atheist. The Princess of Babylon. By the roadside they see "a negro stretched out on the ground with only one half of his habit, which was a pair of blue cotton drawers; for the poor man had lost his left leg, and his right hand.

    Both these cases have happened to me, and it is at this expense that you eat sugar in Europe. How little fictional invention he would have needed to work in a figure like Silvio Berlusconi. But we wouldn't still be reading Voltaire just because he was right then, and would be right again today. As the sugar-worker's tale shows, it is the manner of Voltaire's being right that keeps him alive. Just as it's a fair bet that Borges's famous summing-up of the Falklands war — "two bald men quarrelling over a comb" — will outlast in the public memory details of the actual events, so the four crunch words used by Voltaire to characterise Admiral Byng's death have endured better than the actual rights and wrongs of the matter.

    Voltaire's treatment of the case has a sharper edge to it because during his two-year exile in England he had known Byng as a young navy captain; 30 years later, despite their two countries being at war, he intervened even taking an affidavit from the opposing French admiral in an attempt to save the Englishman from execution. In the novel, Candide, having tired of the wit and corruption of France, arrives at Portsmouth on a Dutch ship from Dieppe.

    As their ship docks, they observe a kneeling, blindfolded figure on the deck of a man-of-war. Candide enquires about the matter. He is told that an English admiral is being punished "because he did not put a sufficient number of his fellow creatures to death"; the court has found that in an engagement with the French admiral, "He was not near enough to his antagonist. I leave that last phrase in French because it has become absorbed in that form into our national glossary. And with an almost Voltairean irony, its first subsequent recorded use in an English context came in a despatch from that great and successful opponent of the French, the Duke of Wellington.

    A candid view of Candide

    The history of the novel's other world-famous phrase, which serves as the book's conclusion — il faut cultiver notre jardin — is more peculiar. But a long, unrecorded history of its oral use and misuse can be deduced from Strachey's announced desire to cure the "degenerate descendants of Candide" who have taken the phrase in the sense of "Have an eye to the main chance. A century after his death, the centennial commemorations were sponsored and organised by Menier, the famous chocolate manufacturers.

    Flaubert, always alert to the corruption of art by commerce, remarked in a letter: It is a common complaint that satire is "negative", that it only attacks people, and "fails to make a case" for any alternative system. There are two answers to this. The first is to point to those characters in Candide who at various times succour and protect the novel's innocents: The first two belong to minor heretical sects Martin believes that God has absconded ; the second two evince little interest in anything but the day-to-day means of survival.

    Together, these four exemplify the virtues of work, charity, loyalty, moderation and practicality. Such virtues may not always protect against the world's fanaticism, but they offer the best chance of reaching what Voltaire and the French Enlightenment argued and fought for: The second answer is to say that, true as all this might be, it is as utopian — and therefore irrelevant — as El Dorado.

    Сведения о продавце

    The world is not reformed by the end of Candide , and cultivating one's garden protects no one from an army of Bulgars. Satire is not about "finding a solution", doesn't spring from a worked-out strategy for the micro-managed moral rehabilitation of humanity; rather, it is the necessary expression of moral rage.

    Satirists are by nature pessimists; they know that the world changes all too slowly. If satire worked — if the hypocrite and liar, publicly chastised, reformed themselves — then satire would no longer be needed. When Candide and Cacambo stumble into El Dorado, they are at first astonished by what is there, from the gold and diamonds lying around in the dust to the courtesy and generosity of the civilisation; next they notice what is not there.

    This perfect land contains no conniving priests or disruptive monks, no law courts, no parlement , and no prisons. Voltaire does not mention the fact, but we can also be sure that satire does not exist there either. But we are still far from living in El Dorado, and shall have need of Candide for some centuries to come.