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It was an offense to the Creator for elected officials to behave that way then and it is an offense to the Creator now.

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As stated before, we have seen the progressive minds whittle away at the foundations of religious freedoms in public venues for decades. We now see these attacks being conducting by the current governing administration here in our own state of Wyoming.

With each attempt to redefine what is acceptable, religious practice in public schools and other public places, we have see the government become more bold in its attempts to stamp out or " limit " those God-given freedoms that our fore- fathers so greatly recognized, revered and exercised, and to mandate what the church can and cannot do, turning that into what the church will do. In the recent Obama Care ruling that mandated all employers, including churches, to fulfill a new requirement to provide health insurance to their employees, are also making demands against the convictions of the consciences of those in the church.

This includes the mandating of coverage for contraceptives, abortifacients and sterilization "free" of charge. With this act, President Barrack Hussein Obama II and the Department of Health and Human Services , have violated and refuse to recognize the constitutional conscience and religious rights of organizations and individuals - thereby launching an unprecedented attack on our liberties.


Bell thinks that Prof. Bushman has not taken religion seriously enough when he invokes the Mormon understanding of conscience, but here I think he has missed Prof. Regardless of whether the church authorities would try to do this and, historically, they have not tried very hard , Mormon politicians would be obliged to judge the matter at hand for themselves. Bushman notes in his latest response:. Are you saying this is a false front? Keeping in mind the injunction in Mormon scripture to submit to lawful government, is there any real basis for concern?

Dictates of Conscience - or Dictated Conscience?

There is among us a manifest lack of searching the Scriptures. We must know the reasons of our faith.

The importance and solemnity of the scenes opening before us demand this. And on no account must the spirit of complaint be encouraged. Do you cherish malice, bitterness, and wrath if plans are introduced that do not harmonize with your ideas?

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Is not this indulging a spirit of war, rather than a spirit of meekness and humility? These principles are the secret of its power and prosperity. The oppressed and downtrodden throughout Christendom have turned to this land with interest and hope. Great Controversy, page Now this Protest opposes two abuses of man in matters of faith: But it goes farther: The protesters had moreover affirmed their right to utter freely their convictions of truth.

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