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Cher, Memes, and Teacher: You think I can control my bladder?

How to Ask Stupid Questions (Without Sounding Stupid)

You think I can decide when I feel like peeing? Some teachers really PEEs me off!

NEVER Ask a Comedian a Dumb Question

Funny, Memes, and Sarcasm: When people ask stupid questions, I feel obligated to give sarcastic answers. Fire, Memes, and Dance: Would you stomp your ex for 20 billion pounds? Are you still watching Supernatural? Continue watching Exit Don't ask stupid questions.

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Memes, Tomorrow, and Nice: I think the Question is wrong. Don't ask stupid questions. You will study this in the next class. Jealous, Memes, and Porsche: On the caption, she sent a special message for anyone shaming her for the color her skin. To that, she received a positive feedback people who supported her. It was the best way to handle the situation and turn bullying into something positive.

Hiring an SEO? Don't Ask These 13 Dumb Questions

Black people are gorgeous and our beloved melanin will help us to stay young and good looking forever, while those haters won't, so they're just jealous. Memes, Evolve, and Monkey: If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

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I e-mailed the recruiter and asked if they could give me an idea of what I would be tested on. If they invited you to their office for an in-person interview, then they already have an interest in you and this is your time to shine. Why waste this moment by being unprepared? But there is no excuse not to write an e-mail with follow up questions later.

Hiring an SEO? Don’t Ask These 13 Dumb Questions

It all seems daunting in the beginning. Just like anything else, it gets easier the more you do it.

The first time I asked a question in front of senior management, my voice was cracking and my hands were shaking. After a few anxiety ridden moments of asking questions in the office, I no longer feel the nervousness of asking something stupid.

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  • There IS such thing as a stupid question and that’s ok, ask it anyway..

Sign in Get started. Nothing is wrong with getting clarification I used to be a very shy person, who never wanted to ask questions for the fear of looking stupid.

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  5. I was once helping prep a junior developer for their tech interview and the conversation went as follows: