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Just search by model number, go to your product page and look under support. Let it Rest It's best to let it rest. Once your steak is off the grill, it will need to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. You can cover it loosely with foil during this time to trap in the heat. One final tip — have fun with it! Cooking a great steak on your indoor grill can involve some experimentation with your optimal cooking time and steak recipe. Try different marinades or dry rubs on your steak to see what you like best. Skip the expensive steak restaurant and make a great steak at home on your indoor grill instead.

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10 The Best Indoor Grills Of 2018

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The Total Turkey Guide: An open grill comprises of a single grilling plate that you place the food on, and you cook the food on one side and then flip it over to seal the other side. Some models come with a lid that traps in the heat. An open grill is ideal for those homesteaders who still want the hands-on outdoor grilling experience of flipping the meat.

There are indoor grills available that give you both the open and contact grill option. The contact grill has two grilling plates, one plate inside the lid and one at the bottom of the griller. This type of grill cooks faster than an open grill, and it usually comes in a compact size, which is a great choice for smaller kitchens, or if you do not have a lot of storage space in your kitchen.

The best type of indoor grill is the contact grill. A contact grill gives you ample cooking space with the top and bottom grilling plates.

The lid is ideal for pressing down and grilling sandwiches and giving burgers that authentic grilled look, but it also traps in the heat and seals in the cooking juices, which gives you perfectly cooked food, while also minimizing any smoke. Although open grills can accommodate food for three or four people, the contact grill is especially ideal for a family of four, or for when you are entertaining guests.

Indoor electric grills can come in all sizes, most are quite compact and can fit on a tabletop or stove. The size of the grill is determined by the size of the grilling plate. Most indoor grills have a grilling service that ranges from 60 to square inches, which is large enough to grill four one-quarter pound burger patties for a family of four, but if you want to cook larger pieces of meat, you might have to cook them in two batches.

If you are going to be cooking a lot of meat then why not choose a griller like the NutriChef that has a longer cooking grill plate. The ideal power level for most indoor grills is between to watts; the higher the wattage the faster the grill will preheat itself and the food will be cooked faster. Indoor grills that have a power level of watts are ideal for small amounts of cooking, but this level of power may not be ideal for cooking large and thicker pieces of meat like steak and pork.

So once again, you might have to cook your food in two batches. Indoor grills reach temperatures between to Fahrenheit, and some have a fixed heat setting, but others come with an adjustable temperature dial or button that gives you more control over the heat. An adjustable temperature is very useful if you are cooking different kinds of meat or vegetables that require different levels of heat. Instead of cooking everything at the same temperature and having your food either undercooked or overcooked, the adjustable temperature allows you to control your cooking whether you are cooking a steak or grilling a panini.

If you are going to be cooking bigger and thicker cuts of meat or searing meat — choose a griller that can reach a temperature of degrees. We all hate food that is overcooked, so some indoor grills come with a very handy automatic shut-off switch that kicks in when the food has finished cooking. All you have to do is set the timer for the exact cooking time that you need, sit back and relax, and the timer will alert you when the food has been cooked to perfection. Many grillers have a lid that has a grill fitted inside and you can flip it to create extra grilling space, which is great if you have to cook for a lot of people.

A removable grill or plate also makes cleaning so much easier as you can detach the plate and either wash it by hand or place it in the dishwasher. These days non-stick grilling plates are available on just about all-electric indoor grills, and just like other non-stick cooking utensils or pots and pans, this extra coating helps to stop food from getting stuck on the grill and makes the griller easier to clean.

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But be aware that some non-stick surfaces can degrade over time, especially if the griller is being used a lot. A floating hinge is ideal for contact grills as it allows you to press down on the top of your food to ensure even and consistent cooking. The floating hinge is especially useful for grilling thicker meat or a panini.

Basic grilling models may still have the small cup sized grease catcher which may struggle to contain a large amount of grease, but fortunately most indoor grills come with a sizeable grease catcher that looks like a drawer. This type of grease catcher can hold a lot of grease and some models have a detachable grease catcher or drip tray for easy cleaning. Even though indoor grillers are much smaller than outdoor barbecues, they can still generate smoke.

Safety is always important when you are working with hot surfaces. Many indoor grills have handy safety features like detachable temperature gauges, which is ideal for when you need to wash the grill. Indoor grilling has become a very popular option for many homesteaders, but there are many high quality indoor grills available that have a lot of innovative features, but here are six of the best indoor electric grills. For an indoor grill that cooks food that tastes just like has come from an outdoor barbecue, the Hamilton Beach Open Searing Grill is the ideal choice for those rainy days or those homesteaders who live in an apartment but still enjoy that barbecue taste.

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It is a compact and simple grill that is easy to use and it has plenty of room, and with square inches of cooking space, you can easily fit three to four small steaks on the grill. The removable lid sears in the food juices and flavors and the non-stick cooking grid will stop your food from sticking to the grill's surface. There is an adjustable temperature control with a temperature of degrees, so it is ideal for searing meat. The unit has a power button light and a preheat light that lets you know when the grill has reached the perfect cooking temperature, and the removable lid and the drip tray are dishwasher safe.

To save the non-stick surface, it is a good idea to soak the cooking grid first.

Top 10 Indoor Grilling Tips for City Dwellers

The super Cuisinart Griddler has five in one cooking capacities. Its new and improved design and watts of power and a very generous cooking space of square inches to grill with it allows you to cook a wide range of food from bacon and egg, steak, chicken and your favorite panini as you can use it as a half griddle or full griddle, a full grill for all your meat, a contact grill, and even a panini press.

One side of each plate is flat so you can use as a grilling plate and other ones act as a griddle. When you use the contact grill the floating lid can be adjusted to fit the thickness of meat, but you have to be careful when cooking meat with a lot of fat as the grease can overflow.

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  7. The griller is easy to use with power and ready to cook indicator lights, three selector knobs: Another handy feature the easy to detach cooking plates as they are identical and they have a quick release button.