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Publications des scientifiques de l'IRD

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Planet Food Japan

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Envenoming by coral snakes Micrurus in Argentina during the period between Deart Lucie , Ndiaye B. Infant and young child nutrition promotion activities in Burkina Faso: Genetic characterization of Plasmodium falciparum allelic variants infecting mothers at delivery and their children during their first plasmodial infections.

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  • The Lancet , , , p. Journal of Applied Phycology , , 25 4 , p. Is parasitoid virulence against multiple hosts adaptive or constrained by phylogeny? A study of Leptopilina spp. Duponnois Robin , Ramanankierana H. Comptes Rendus Biologies , , , p. Around the illegal city: Ashgate, Farnham, , p. City , , 17 6 , p.

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    Environmental Microbiology , , 15 10 , p. Climate Dynamics , , 40, p. The major floods in the Amazonas river and tributaries Western Amazon Basin during the period: Journal of Hydrometeorology , , 14 3 , p. Become part of our maker community. No liability for inaccuracy, incompleteness or any implied association between or rights to any of these names can be assumed.

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