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Rich was one of the youngest writers ever hired on Saturday Night Live , and served as a staff writer for Pixar. Rich was born and raised in New York City. His older brother is the novelist and essayist Nathaniel Rich , and his parents are Gail Winston and the essayist and columnist Frank Rich.

Rich then departed to work as a staff writer for Pixar. In , Sony Pictures acquired the film rights to Rich's four-part novella Sell Out , which was originally published by the New Yorker. Seth Rogen is attached to produce. As an undergraduate at Harvard University in , Rich received a two-book contract from Random House.

His second collection, Free Range Chickens , was published in Rich released his third collection of stories, The Last Girlfriend on Earth in Reception was favorable, with The Washington Post praising the book as "hilarious," declaring, "it just might be the best one-night stand you'll ever have. Rich's fourth story collection, Spoiled Brats , was published in The Guardian described it as "simply the funniest book of the year," adding "there are sometimes three laugh-out-loud moments within the same paragraph.

It is what it is. Yes, of course it was a light, nice and fluffy read, maybe a bit too fluffy for my liking. I never felt their chemistry. In fact, was there any chemistry to be found at all? I didn't feel invested in their "romance" and could not connect to Cath and Nev.

Sadly, the story and the characters never clicked for me. The ending was too sappy and rushed. As far as I can judge, a sex scene is another subjective matter. I'm all for steamy and hot sex scenes, however, About Last Night is another book that provides most of the time shallow sex without any intimacy or sensuality.

I never felt hot and bothered while reading About Last Night. As a matter of fact, I felt too detached and these characters never touched me in a special way. Somehow I think the love part came too quickly and did not convince me. On top of that, Cath was talking about the tender love and Baba did not feel it, either. I came to a point of the story where I had to say…if you call the hero City once again, then I'm gonna scream! I hit that particular point and I did scream. No worries, nobody heard it, though. That said, I don't want to bother my neighbors with my minor issues.

Needless to say the nickname was annoying. It's not a bad book by any means, and I'm sure most of the readers will love and enjoy About Last Night. Don't mind me and give it a try. Thank you--I appreciate it. View all 41 comments. Wealthy British banker Neville Chamberlain named after a past Prime Minister , comes from a family steeped in money and is related to royalty. In contrast, there is Mary Catherine, aka Cath. She is an American working odd 3. She created a lot of trouble for herself as a youth during a long rebellious phase, and suffered some hard tragedies as well.

She now sports six very unique tattoos to remind her of her past follies, and is determined not to make emotional and rash decisions again which would certainly lead to more awful and irrefutable mistakes. If not for her job at the museum and her passion for knitting, she would have no life at all. When Cath wakes up the next morning in a strange room — and a strange bed! But how did she get there? As the night before finally starts to come into focus, Neville lays down the charm.

Since she has already broken her two year streak, what would one more day hurt? Their romance begins as a short fling, but there is a strong connection between them. Neville desperately wants to see more of her, but there is the nagging situation where his mother and brother are pushing him to get married. Simply put, Cath would never fit in. What unfolds is a cat-and-mouse chase kind of romance, with Cath agreeing to a physical relationship on her terms only, and Neville doing whatever he can to convince her that they are more than just hot sex. This was a frothy and sexy romance, perfect for a light and naughty beach read.

I especially loved the England setting and a British banker as a hero. Great chemistry between them. I'm not the biggest fan of beta-heroes and heroines who seem to create problems that might not really be there, but I can go with it when its written as well as this one.

Overall, I really enjoyed the romance and had fun reading about these two, including the fairly hot sex scenes. OH BOY did she turn up the heat in this book! Her debut Ride With Me was a steamy read, but this had a lot more sizzle! The emotional aspect of this book never gets too deep, which works well. As I said, it is a frothy romance. It is based around some fun moments but also some obviously contrived moments as well. The ending will require a fairly BIG stretch of your beliefs, but I find that to be true in most contemporary romances and I still enjoy them anyway.

There were a few parts of the ending that I did struggle with, and therefore I could only give this gem of a book 4-stars. First, we are supposed to believe that Cath, a low-level temporary assistant at a museum starving for cash, all of a sudden has the influence needed to convince them to reject a , pound donation! In return, this broke girl with no direction in life has convinced the museum management that her hair-brain plan to earn the same amount of money within a few week period would be a better option for them! Cath is now becoming famous around London because she knitted a sexy cowboy outfit!

A lot of WTFery toward the end, but it does work. But that is just one of the really big stretches you have to buy into. The other one was equally as hard to swallow. This is why I said the frothy tone of this book worked well for the story. As hard as it is to believe these situations could or would ever happen, the lightness and cuteness of the book actually made these absurd events work. It really did end up as a fun read. If your in the mood for a light humorous romance and can suspend some disbelief, this is a great book to try.

I won this arc in a contest, so thank you very much Ruthie for making it available early to some of your many fans! View all 18 comments. He shook his head. I developed them after you arrived. What made our buddy-read extra special was that we synced our reading and chatted every few chapters. Thanks girlie for waking up at 6 AM to start reading! About Last Night is the story about a proper and successful aristocratic British banker, Nev Chamberlain, aka City and a spirited American wild child, Cath Talarico on the run from her shady past.

After taking the same train and exercising in the same park for months a too inebriated Cath finds herself rescued by Nev and waking up in his guestroom, but soon ends up in his bed. What follows is Cath leading Nev on a merry chase with Nev relentless in his pursuit. This is their story about new beginnings, learning to let go, taking risks and daring it all for love.

Cath is complicated, determined and observant. Cath is suspicious, humorous and emotional. What did you like best about the story? Hands-down their dialogue and bantering, inner and with each other. It was both witty and very sweet. That we had to face a tough, tattooed heroine with scars from a pretty hard life. She was experienced and knew what she wanted in the bedroom. It's always a bit fresh. Only the ones I've seen are very small, and I get to take them off with my teeth.

This story for me is about new beginnings and learning to let go. Nev and Cath are so different and from opposite worlds yet both are held prisoners by their pasts. Cath has been totally paralyzed by guilt and secrets, while Nev is caged in my his status and family expectations. For me this story was about daring to forgive yourself, move on and take a shot at happiness when it comes. Dare to be loved and to love. The boyfriend who bought her prawn crisps and rubbed her back when she cried.

The caged beast who came out to play when they got naked together. He could be any of them. She seemed more comfortable that way, so Nev had decided not to press. Instead, he looked for the loopholes and exploited them. Cath on the other hand is already impulsive and not afraid to be different.

She instead needs to work on her guilt and fears. Cath needs to open up and be willing to take a chance on love. Witty bantering, excellent character development, a bit of a mystery and life lessons to be learned.

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Romantic, sexy and emotional! For me a sweet, feel good read. She felt like a beginning. A clean canvas, ready to be painted. A gorgeous new idea. Would I re-read this book: Would I read future books by this author: View all 60 comments. Mar 10, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: Cath Talarico spends the time waiting for the train to show up to watch people. She has some little stories about them, simply to pass the time. One of them is City, a well-dressed, handsome as sin, banker, in her own words: He probably had no idea that she existed, and the one night, after she got really drunk she ran into him, and things changed.

She found out that beneath the slick image he presented to the world there's a sensitive artist in there. Fo Cath Talarico spends the time waiting for the train to show up to watch people. There is something in her that drives him in, makes it impossible to resist. Of course, he needs to be really careful because Cath is incredibly skittish, but she's worth it. I liked the book a lot.

Nev is a great guy, who didn't give up on Cath no matter what.

About Last Night

And therein lies the rub. Cath - mostly I liked her, but she became increasingly more annoying as the story went on. She has really good reasons for being the way she is, but sometimes I had trouble seeing what is it that Nev sees in her. But otherwise, the book was hard to give up on. All the ups and downs in their relationship kept driving me in. And both of them are real. Even Nev, with all his good attributes, had his flaws too. I'm still not sure about the ending. The fight, the grand gesture, it simply wasn't what I expected, and I would've preferred if a bit less drama was involved, but then I never did like drama in my books.

View all 8 comments. Mar 30, Jae rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was just one of those books. The one that saddened you with each flick of a page. Because with each flick you knew that you were getting closer and closer to the end page. And I simply didn't want the book to end. I had so much fun with Mary Catherine and Nev. They were explosive, witty, crazy and very sexy together. I especially loved the dialogues because the posh English accent that Nev had was totally swoon worthy.

And Cath was an absolute gem. Her inner thoughts were hilarious and very This was just one of those books.

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Her inner thoughts were hilarious and very flaky at times. Nearly as bad as Rupert. Are you calling me easy? Besides, you're not to blame.

Who'd want to wear wet knickers? Love him and his runner-rugby player-rower hot body. Thank you RK for an enjoyable read, I had an absolutely wonderful time with this. And please write a book about Winston the wanker because I know for sure that he had a very posh English accent also. View all 6 comments. Mar 05, Ingela rated it really liked it Shelves: We are both Swedes but SueBee live in U.

It distinguishes 10 hours, but with a neat and tidy, we got a great chapter for chapter reading experience together. It was so much fun. And many thanks for the fine art pict 4 Cozy Stars - Nice, romantic and very hot - a good and entertaining CR novel Last weekend June , me and my lovely, and so well organized, friend SueBee, had a really nice buddy read together.

And many thanks for the fine art pictures too - I love our "Swedish" blue-yellow mini fatties. Mary Catherine Cath Talarico , with her tattoos and dark secrets, is a Chicago girl living in London.

Cath is living her new life with strict rules and is willing to do everything possible to not fall back into old bad habits. Every morning, she sees a tall, blonde and well-dressed young man on his way to work in city. She has named him "City". Mom had concidered her a bit of a hoochie, but the truth was that Cath always opened her heart when she opened her legs. One night he sees the neat woman, always different with black clothes and a tough style, which he usually face in his home underground station. She's drunk and feel bad but don't want to give either her name or address.

Nev feels responsible, and he takes the chance, he takes her home overnight. Blue blood meet Bad blood - is it possible to find happiness and eternal love? Cath is complicated, determined and stubborn. Hands-down their dialogue and bantering inner and with each other. A quite simple, nice and cute romance. I never got tired of the lovely characters and the whole thing seemed pretty believable. And not to forget; This novel is very steamy a lot of fun and sexy heat..

I really like this nice end, a good HEA, but it always great with a epilog and I think this novel kind of needed one. But as the romantic girl I am, I know they will have it all. Nev will give Cath the sun, right? All in all; completely in my taste for a sweet contemporary romance.

I LIKE - a good enjoyable novel for a fun buddyread. We will buddyread-chatting about this book here. Jul 24, Karla rated it really liked it Shelves: Such a fun book, with 2 awesome lead characters and a story to sink your teeth into. Witty banter, steamy sex, some anxious moments, all which flowed and blended nicely from page to page It wasn't a bad ending, actually it was very emotional, and quite lovely, but somehow it didn't feel complete and there were some unresolved issues, at least in my eyes.

Maybe I just expect too 4 Stars!! Maybe I just expect too much. None the less, a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, enjoying another wonderful read by this talented author. View all 19 comments. Apr 12, Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thoroughly enjoyed RK's debut book Ride with Me and was looking forward to getting my sticky little fingers on this book too. For various reasons I have been struggling to find the time to read but I did manage to finish this last night or should I say the early hours of this morning!

It was light and easy to read and didn't have a complex story line. For a light and easy read it had all the hallmarks I look for - a hot man, a strong woman and a good amount o I thoroughly enjoyed RK's debut book Ride with Me and was looking forward to getting my sticky little fingers on this book too. For a light and easy read it had all the hallmarks I look for - a hot man, a strong woman and a good amount of angst and a few steamy sex scenes I really wasn't in the mood for much more complex than that and on that score this book delivered! Whilst reading this I could easily imagine Nev with his very English upper class accent I am English after all and was born and raised in London!

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I did initially have a problem with reconciling his character with his accent, history and family background but everything seemed to quickly gel into place as I flew through the chapters. I was fortunate to be one of the first applicants to view an advance copy, so I must thank Ruthie, her publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity. View all 55 comments. Jun 05, Saly rated it really liked it Shelves: Things don't go as planned and memories of her mother engulf her so she drinks and when s Rating 4.

Things don't go as planned and memories of her mother engulf her so she drinks and when she wakes up in the morning it is in a strange bed and it is deja vu to her past all over again. Her memories slowly start trickling and so does the fact that she had taken anti-histamines earlier in the day before the drinks that may have added to her situation. She is gratified to remember that she didn't go home with her boring date last night and instead she was brought home by "City", one of the people she often sees at the train station and who she reckons correctly belongs to the wealthy and is in banking.

Nev, short for Neville is our sexy Brit hero and ooh he is sexy. He rescues Cath at the station since she refuses to tell him, her address and he takes her to his place and puts her to bed. He is truly one of those good guy heroes with a bad side. The scene that takes place after Cath wakes up was steamy, Cath sees Nev painting, so the stuffy banker has a creative side that kind of makes her tingle and some flirting turns into a steamy kiss and almost more before they break a jar and the moment. Nev is a good guy and in Cath's life she hasn't met those instead from the start we are introduced to the new Cath, who replaced the old one.

Her mistakes we aren't made aware of, what turned her into a person who doesn't want to open up, the person who got tattooed to remind herself what all her mistakes led to and served as a reminder to not repeat them. They end up in bed and Cath cuts and runs after she sees Nev's City side return when Nev's brother comes by his apartment. Nev isn't happy to see her go, his brother as usual came to manipulate him courtesy of his mother, a promotion for him at the bank in exchange for his finding a "suitable" woman. He of course isn't focussed on that right now, his mind is on Cath.

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From the very start we are aware that Nev's passion lies towards art but he still continues to toe his family line, breaking free in small ways like leaving his family home to live on his own but for some reason still not breaking free. For Nev, Cath is not a fling instead something serious even if she persists in keeping him at arm's length, refusing his offers of a date, not giving him her number and address and calling him City, but he is patient and willing to wait for her to let him in and despite all the internal fight in Cath she slowly finds herself doing just that and can't stay away from him no matter how much she tells herself it will be only sex and that he is too good for her and that she would hurt him.

It all starts by her dropping in at his office. I loved so many little romantic things in the book, the way Nev calls her Mary Catherine, finds Oreos for her when she finds herself missing things from Chicago, brings food for her on the train and never once gets irritated by her and her boundaries. I will say one word this book it is ooh so steamy and sexy and the conflict moves the book forward brilliantly. Then things change when Nev comes up with an idea, Cath pretend to be his wife for the weekend he needs to go home that would get his brother and mother of his back and Cath agrees however this changes things, makes Cath realize that she is in too deep and in love that means she has to end it plus the fact that Nev's two persona's seem to clash there and she doesn't like seeing the return of "City".

I found myself actually liking Nev's parents when our ever gutsy Cath kind of challenges Nev's mother but things blow up when Nev's brother brings in a report about Cath and her checkered past and a shocked Nev does nothing, causing Cath to walk out since she heard about the promotion bit and doesn't want to come between his family. After this a really powerful scene takes place where Cath lays herself bare, all her mistakes, all her past starting from the time her father died until her mother's death from cancer that made her change paths.

Generally I am let down by the build-up to the reveal of someone's past but here I wasn't, Cath had led a sad life filled with mistakes after her baby died but she had found her own way and emerged a stronger woman with so many walls built around herself. I absolutely loved how Nev broke through to her, the gesture was so romantic and showed that Nev saw her and accepted her as she was, her past and all. I also liked seeing Nev come to terms with who he is, an artist and taking a chance and stop being a coward. For me nothing is more romantic than a hero who gives chase and isn't a forceful brute instead is more subtle.

I mean really paintings , that scene really made me swoon. I would recommend this book with no hesitancy, it features brilliantly layered characters, a romance you would root for, filled with obstacles because of the heroine's walls, a sexy Brit hero and some really steamy scenes.

Jan 15, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it really liked it Recommended to Heather K dentist in my spare time by: Don't you hate it when you let a book linger without reviewing right away then you forget all of the brilliant things you were sure to say? Audiobook fans, give this one a go. It was an inexpensive audiobook bought the ebook then the audiobook through Amazon for cheap and it was SO worth it.

The story was light, sexy, and funny and just overall easy listening. As the background tramping and shouting begins to intrude on the quiet order of Henry's life, it becomes clear that, if Saturday were to have another eight-letter S-word as its title, it would be Security. By recording with such loving care the elements of one rich Englishman's life, Saturday explores the question of to what extent it is possible to insulate yourself against the world's concerns.

Centrally heated, pension-planned, air-bag protected, permanently loved and frequently fucked by his wife, healthy and even able to give health to others, Henry lives within a protective sac of satisfaction and achievement. But, as Henry knows from his profession, such sacs are not always enough to protect against disastrous impact and, on this day of rest, he takes his hit.

The most recurrent theme in McEwan's 10 novels is the sudden ambush of the safe and smug. Go shopping and you'll never see your kid again The Child in Time.

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Take a hike and the hounds of hell are just around the corner Black Dogs. Fall in love and the next thing you know you're carving up a cadaver The Innocent. Go for a picnic and one man dies while a nutter claims you as his soul-mate Enduring Love. A similar external menace is pushing at Henry's bubble. Between his uxorious love-making and his squash game, he bumps into Baxter, an aggressive driver who believes that Henry shouldn't have been where he was.

We'd think, colloquially, that Baxter needs his head seeing to and has a funny look. Neurosurgeon Perowne immediately understands the eruptions happening in the man's skull. As Saturday like Enduring Love is in part a story of suspense, a summary needs to be protective, but Baxter comes to challenge both the surgeon's domestic instincts and his professional skills.