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The 19th Army Bulletin and Commentaries on It. Speech by Karl Marx 7 Feb. Speech by Frederick Engels 7 Feb. The Division of Labour in the Kolnische Zeitung. From the Theatre of War. Prussian Financial Administration under Bodelschwingh and Co. Three Stars versus Triangle. The Vienna Correspondent of the Kolnische Zeitung.

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The Kolnische Zeitung on the Magyar Struggle. Croats and Slovaks in Hungary. Military Art of the Royal Imperial Army. Proclamation of a Republic in Rome. Latest News of the Magyars More News of the Magyars. The Russians in Transylvania. Speech from the Throne. From the Theatre of War in Transylvania and Hungary. From the Hungarian Theatre of War. The Proceedings against Lassalle.

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The Military Reports of the Kolnische Zeitung. The 26th Austrian Army Bulletin. The English Soldier's Oath of Allegiance. The Hohenzollern General Plan of Reform. Draft Address of the Second Chamber. Military Dictatorship in Austria. Military Reports from Hungary. The Hohenzollern Press Bill. The War in Italy and Hungary. From the Theatre of War [Italy]. The Debate on the Address in Berlin.

Latest News from Hungary. The Defeat of the Piedmontese. The Comedy with the Imperial Crown. Wage Labour and Capital. The Southern Slavs and the Austrian Monarchy. The Extradition of Political Refugees. Rumours of the Extermination of the Rebels. Parliamentary Decisions Are Disregarded. Sitting of the Second Chamber in Berlin. The Debate on the Law on Posters. Image of Article "Hungarian Victorias", 27 April.

Dissolution of the Second Chamber. The Counter-Revolutionary Plans in Berlin. A Prussian Kick for the Frankfurt Assembly. Prohibition of the Meeting of the Rhenish Municipal Councils. The Congress of Rhenish Towns. The Third Party in the Alliance. News from Southern Germany.

Longing for a State of Siege.

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The Situation in Hungary. A Question to the Workers. The Tsar and His Subordinate Knyazes. The Deeds of the Hohenzollern Dynasty. The Situation in Elberfeld. Counter-Revolutionary Offensive and Victory of the Revolution. The New Prussian Constitution. The Sanguinary Law in Dusseldorf. The Uprising in the Berg Country. This small Mediterranean capital is the perfect winter city break. Latest headlines German railway reaches pay deal with main union.

How Germany invented Christmas as we know it. No evidence of terrorist motive in Cologne hostage drama. Berlin the latest German city to experiment with going car free. Following Frankenstein's footsteps in Ingolstadt. Third gender option for birth certificates approved in Bundestag.

Germany integrating migrants quickly, according to business chief. German word of the day: More news How Brexit is fuelling stress and anxiety for vulnerable Brits in Europe. What are Germany's holiday food favourites? German-Kurdish singer jailed in Turkey on terror charge. Cologne and Bonn hit with diesel ban orders. Where the AfD and a refugee agency share an office space. Drought-hit Rhine forces Germany to tap oil reserves.

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English-speaking lawyers in Berlin. The nave was completed and the towers were added. The bells were installed in the s. The largest bell is St. The completion of Germany's largest cathedral was celebrated as a national event on 14 August , years after construction had begun.

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The cathedral suffered fourteen hits by aerial bombs during World War II. Badly damaged, it nevertheless remained standing in an otherwise completely flattened city. The twin spires were an easily recognizable navigational landmark for Allied aircraft bombing. The cathedral and the immediate area surrounding it was the site of intense tank combat between American tanks of the 3rd Armored Division and a Panther Ausf.

A of Panzerbrigade on 6 March The Panther successfully knocked out two Shermans killing three men before it was destroyed by a T26E3 Pershing hours later. The destroyed Panther was later put on display at the base of the cathedral for the remainder of the war in Europe. Repairs were completed in An emergency repair on the northwest tower's base carried out in using poor-quality brick taken from a nearby ruined building remained visible until as a reminder of the war, when it was decided to restore the section to its original appearance.

The brick-filling can be seen in the photograph on the right.

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Repair and maintenance work is constantly being carried out in one or another section of the building, which is rarely completely free of scaffolding, as wind, rain, and pollution slowly eat away at the stones. Half the costs of repair and maintenance are still borne by the Dombauverein.

On 25 August , the cathedral received a new stained glass window in the south transept. It is composed of 11, identically sized pieces of colored glass resembling pixels , randomly arranged by computer, which create a colorful "carpet". Since the loss of the original window in World War II, the space had been temporarily filled with plain glass.

In it was placed on the "World Heritage in Danger" list, as the only Western site in danger, due to plans to construct a high-rise building nearby, which would have visually impacted the site. The cathedral was removed from the List of In Danger Sites in , following the authorities' decision to limit the heights of buildings constructed near and around the cathedral. As a World Heritage Site, and with its convenient position on tourist routes, Cologne Cathedral is a major tourist attraction, the visitors including many who travel there as a Christian pilgrimage.

An estimated one million pilgrims visited the cathedral during this time. As of 1 March , a ban on bags was brought in by the German authorities in light of recent terrorist attacks in the country, meaning visitors are not allowed to carry bags inside the cathedral. The design of Cologne Cathedral was based quite closely on that of Amiens Cathedral in terms of ground plan, style and the width to height proportion of the central nave. The plan is in the shape of a Latin Cross , as is usual with Gothic cathedrals.

It has two aisles on either side, which help to support one of the very highest Gothic vaults in the world, being nearly as tall as that of the Beauvais Cathedral , much of which collapsed. Externally the outward thrust of the vault is taken up by flying buttresses in the French manner. The eastern end has a single ambulatory, the second aisle resolving into a chevet of seven radiating chapels. Internally, the medieval choir is more varied and less mechanical in its details than the 19th century building. It presents a French style arrangement of very tall arcade , a delicate narrow triforium gallery lit by windows and with detailed tracery merging with that of the windows above.

The clerestory windows are tall and retain some old figurative glass in the lower sections. The whole is united by the tall shafts that sweep unbroken from the floor to their capitals at the spring of the vault. The vault is of plain quadripartite arrangement. The choir retains a great many of its original fittings, including the carved stalls, which is made the more surprising by the fact that French Revolutionary troops had desecrated the building.

A large stone statue of St Christopher looks down towards the place where the earlier entrance to the cathedral was, before its completion in the late 19th century. The nave has many 19th century stained glass windows. A set of five on the south side is called the Bayernfenster, and were a gift from Ludwig I of Bavaria , and strongly represent the painterly German style of that date.

Externally, particularly from a distance, the building is dominated by its huge spires, which are entirely Germanic in character, being openwork like those of Ulm , Vienna , Strasbourg and Regensburg Cathedrals. This "swallows' nest" organ was built into the gallery in , to celebrate the cathedral's years. One of the treasures of the cathedral is the High Altar, which was installed in It is constructed of black marble, with a solid slab 15 feet 4.