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Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention cameron dane something new rodrigo and braden sex scenes long time recommend this book fostered love hot sex smoking hot story line read this book well written fall in love braden and rodrigo worth the read abby and rodrigo read the menage characters in this story love among the characters hot read. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. There are so many things to praise in Cameron Dane's "Something New". I loved that there was such a wonderful amount of suspense with Abby's parents' murderer. The character development of Abby, Braden, and Rodrigo was so great, it was incredibly easy to fall in love with them. I really enjoyed how realistic Cameron Dane portrayed the situations that the main protagonists got into. I could completely understand how confused Rodrigo was about his attraction to both Braden and Abby. It was a beautiful thing being able to read about his journey of accepting himself and his lovers.

The world that Cameron Dane paints becomes so well fleshed out and memorable that it has sticked with me even months after having read it. This has got to be the only menage book I have ever read that incorporated religion into it and the thought of "is this acceptable in the eyes of God? It thoroughly investigated the question and I loved that Abby, Braden, and Rodrigo found her peace in the end.

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I will point out that the story got a little convoluted in some spots. That is my only negative critique of this wonderful book. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting a great menage a trois story with phenomenal characters, an excellent story, and lots of depth to it. And HOT, scorching, sinfully amazing sex scenes. Well, as usual, Cameron Dane has written another "zinger. The reader is led to think that several persons might be suspect, one being a priest, who holds the thought that he should forever hold a person's confessions as sacrosanct, even if dead, though they could possibly shed light on the solving of a crime; or he could even be guilty himself.

In addition, there is also the subject of being a foster child and not finding love from anyone, which brings sadness to my eyes. I do recommend this book. This is the second book in the series Fostered Love. Both books were excellent. I read this one first. Not realizing it was part of the series. I will admit that I had a hard time getting into it in the beginning I think it took me until about the fifth chapter before I was hooked.

I also have to say that the person who ends up being the one that did it was not someone I would've expected to be the culprit! I recommend this book. This was the first book I have read by Dane and I have now officially become a fan. I rarely read the menage genre of erotic romance simply because the dynamics always seem uneven e.

Dane succeeds in making this truly a love between three. The characters had real human responses and there were even moments of humor thrown in. Her writing kept me interested and the sex scenes were smoking hot. I will definitely purchase another book by Dane. I must say I normally don't write reviews for erotica because it is what it is hot sex. This story proved me wrong. This is a wonderful storyline full of suspense, drama and yes, hot sex. That fact that instead of two lovers there are three only added to the drama and intensity of the story.

It was well written and kept my interest from beginning to end. I found myself invested in the main characters and rooting for them. Each of the secondary characters added to the story and allowed the story to unfold in a realistic and endearing way. I will be sure to read other works by this author. One person found this helpful.

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I did not read Foster Siblings 1 since the description said you can read this book as a stand alone. WOW - This book surprised me. This book has it all: This author has hit a home run with this book for me. Would like to see more from this author with such strong characters and story line. The sex sceens were hot, but they fellt staged almost like watching a porn script happening. Bisexual, Braden has bounced between men and women in affairs that never last. Once Braden and Rodrigo discover the nightmares haunting Abby, they vow to help her find answers whether she wants their assistance or not.

If this threesome can let down their defenses, their shared attraction just might become an all-consuming love. This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Coleman, Florida United States. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Something New , please sign up. Is there a reason why they call it "menage" and not "polyamorous relationships"? See 1 question about Something New….

Lists with This Book. Nov 10, L-D rated it liked it Shelves: I already knew that menages aren't my thing but I read this anyway because: I think the same thing I thought before - menages aren't my thing. I love you, I love him, he loves him, she loves me, she loves him, he loves her, you love me The c I already knew that menages aren't my thing but I read this anyway because: The characters were likable and the plot was pretty good. There's a decent mystery and I enjoyed the overall story. But there was a LOT of sex in this book.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for steamy sex scenes. I just couldn't really get into them. Not because I had trouble picturing all the naughty positions - nope, I was good with that part. It was just that it's hard for me to understand that 3 people can have such a strong connection to each other emotionally. I just can't wrap my plebeian brain around it.

Something New

If you DO like menages and you love really explicit sex scenes and you enjoy a nice plot then you will definitely like this book. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I loved this book! I think that the sex was hot and the relationship good. I know what another reviewer meant when they said they don't like thier menage with.

I do understand why some might struggle with religious beliefs about being a threesome, but it was a lot of religion, but it wasn't over the top. Also, I thought that the sexual positions described weren't physically possible. Like when Abby is using a strap on to have anal sex with a 6'3" Braden, she pulls him up so th I loved this book! Like when Abby is using a strap on to have anal sex with a 6'3" Braden, she pulls him up so they are both on thier knees, his back to her front and he reaches around to kiss her, and Rodrigo does too.

Just stuff like that. Maybe I just wasn't interpreting it right. It sure didn't take away from the hotness! I liked all of the characters though. One man openly gay and another that is repressing until he realizes that he's bisexual and finally just breaks free. And I think it's such a perfect fit. It can be a standalone.

I didn't read the first book inc the series. Sep 14, Kathleen rated it liked it Shelves: That being said I really enjoyed the mystery and was totally guessing at who it was the whole time. Also, Rodrigo and Braden were really hot together. Just not in bed. I'm not a fan of threesomes , but, this was sweet, it would have been perfect if the girl would have been ditched The girl served as a bridge, it was sweet. View all 4 comments.

Apr 22, Catherine rated it liked it Shelves: The mystery in this one isn't going to strain your brain, but the sex was fuck hot and creative as hell. Apr 09, Claudia rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked this book and I was not sure about 4 or 5 stars I had some troubles with the storyline - the plot could have been good but it was very secondary to the romance.

Maybe I just did not connect with her and she seemed a bit distant all the times but Braden and Rodrig I really liked this book and I was not sure about 4 or 5 stars Maybe I just did not connect with her and she seemed a bit distant all the times but Braden and Rodrigo made that up to me - especially Rodrigo. He is a great guy and I would have loved to see more about his history and how he came to be the man he is.

Braden was a bit cool at the beginning but he is also a real great character the menage was great and very well done. I like it when the characters know each other before because than it doesn't seem a instant-kind of thing and not many authors take really the time to develop the feelings. Aug 10, Gigi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Re-read the "good parts " today. This is a seriously kick ass book. Melt your iPad screen hot. Nov 18, Lainey rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have been holding off on a writing a review for this book so I could digest it a bit more, in reality i just wanted to re-read it at least three more times so I could partake in the delicious development of this menage relationship again.

The characters aren't just consumed with their lust, they are confused in how powerful the emotional pull towards one another is. The first scen I have been holding off on a writing a review for this book so I could digest it a bit more, in reality i just wanted to re-read it at least three more times so I could partake in the delicious development of this menage relationship again.

The first scene in Abby's bedroom where their attraction for each other was made quite clear was so fraught with tension I though I was going to spontaneously combust into multiple orgasms. And there wasn't even any sex in that scene. I loved all three main characters which is so rare for me. There is usually at least one character that has some minor issues.

They could do no wrong for me. Abby was appropriately shaken by the memories of her parent's murders that were resurfacing,it wasn't over dramatized and she wasn't bursting into tears at every turn while claiming 'she's not usually like this'. What was also interesting and completely alien to me was her renewal of her faith in organized religion. Do not be turned off by this part of the book, I am not religious and understand that it could make some people uncomfortable. But it was just another way to show the layers of acceptance from the people around her and her new lovers.

Rodrigo dealt and adapted to his new found attraction for Braden with grace.

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That doesn't mean he took one look at Braden at the beginning of the book and said 'stick your cock in me' but the progression was natural. I have to say I think Rodrigo's perspective was my favorite to read. His love and affection for Abby and 'Bray' were so endearing i sometimes had to go back and reread certain paragraphs so I could absorb the love. This book is turning me into my hippy mother, people. Braden was the one who had been 'circling' Abby and Rigo from the beginning and he helped Rigo understand and realize his homoerotic cravings were nothing to fear.

He had been struggling with relationships between either a man and a woman and knowing neither would satisfy. His way of easing Rodrigo into the new territory was slow and yet not too slow. He gave him time to adjust but once that barrier was breached no pun no pun there was no going back.

There is one thought that makes me love this book more than any other menage book I have ever read and probably will ever read. It is simple and, to me, the epitome of love. It comes from Rodrigo who is new to the whole bisexual deal. As he and Braden are sharing an intimate moment while Abby sleeps he thinks to himself He's so perfect. Everyone should know he's mine.

I think I bust a gut full of emotion on that one. To me this book didn't even need the plot device involving the murder of Abby's parents. The evolution of emotion in this book and how I could literally not imagine their world where one of the triad was missing, was all it needed. The way they stand up for each other and never deny the love they share once accepting one another is so admirable.

Oh and for those of you who have a soft spot for a parental reunion scene with a particularly accepting parent, oh boy, whip out those kleenex because this book is going to rock your world. As I wipe my tears from my face this was such a rollercoaster of emotions, but the Story the story that brings them together was amazing. Abby was 8 when her parent were savagely murdered and she had witnessed it all, closing her self of as a little girl and having terrible nightmare, having no one to claim her when she was only a child in and out of fostered homes, was heart breaking to read about.

Nearly 20 yrs later her dream and nightmares are back, and she secretly discover that the parents she knew and loved with all her heart were not the parents she thought they were!!! Putting her trust in these two men was hard for her to do and buy letting them in was the best thing she ever does!! I was constantly on the edge of my seat, freaked out as I was going along with them trying to put the pieces together, and I laughed and cried and when they were laughing and crying. I fell in love with this story. And I cannot wait to read another. Nov 30, Lauraadriana added it.

Sex was smoking hot View all 8 comments. Nov 01, Johannes Reiner rated it did not like it. I'm not into this. This is too weird for me. The three of them falling in love with each other.. It makes me uncomfortable. This is such a waste. I'm disappointed with this book. Even if the sex is hot especially with Braden and rodrigo I don't like it with the girl in the picture. She's a good girl. But I wasn't in love with her while reading it. I tend to have possessive tendencies and I want her out of the picture. Mar 11, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved the story line. I loved how perfect Abby, Rodrigo and Braden were for each other.

I loved how much they loved each other.

Brokedown Hearts

However, if you like that kind of thing this story is definitely for you. Cameron Dane did a wonderful job! Sep 21, Chappy rated it really liked it Shelves: Wow talk about smoking hot chemistry. Braden is bisexual but he never found a man and women he could love together. Until he found Rodrigo and Abby that is. Let me tell you the sex was unbelievable The mystery part was intriguing but I didn't so much like the religious undertones. I love Ben and hopes he gets a story soon. Julie's review says that this book made her panties Wet!!! View all 3 comments.

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This was a quick read. Basically, Abby's parents' murder is haunting her. She finds two men who will help her figure it all out.

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Not very complex, but still okay for the sex scenes. Apr 09, Talltree rated it really liked it Shelves: The part about the churches and religion was a bit weird though.

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Bit of a romantic thriller, there is some violence; the erotic scenes are very creative and intense, no bdsm, which I liked. Sep 23, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: