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Published September 20, Keith Clark Latest book: Pursuing Your Premortal Purpose. Published January 14, Margareta Windebank Latest book: Published September 3, Marshall Vian Summers Latest book: God Has Spoken Again. Published September 7, MechelleRenee Stokes Latest book: Breakout the Stiletto Heels: Published August 2, Mike Hockney Latest book: Published May 2, You Can Have It! Published February 17, Rasheeal Dixon Latest book: However, from one who has experienced a cultural divide within marriage, I would agree with Boyd on this one.

For me, at least and for many years it was, "I wish they all could be California, I wish they all could be California, I wish they all could be California girls Bedtime Story 2 - Boyd K. Former Church Insider Topic: Bedtime Story 2 - BKP at his best - Some of you kids said you liked scary stories Steve Benson posted some of what I'm about to say a couple of days ago from our private correspondence sans a few of the details. I'm going to take a chance that admin. During the 's, the church's purchases of products for its microfilming initiatives were gargantuan in terms of dollars spent.

The church was at the time and may still be the largest user of raw photographic and microfilm. As an example of some of the ongoing projects, in a deal with the Vatican, the church arranged to offer them two free rolls of microfilmed records for access to data about deceased members of the catholic church The catholic church didn't seem to have as much problem with the weird "work for the dead" rituals conducted in the mormon temples - as the Jews did. That was back when Kodak was still in its heyday and was a pretty vibrant company. It just so happened in the late 's that a member of the Church by the name of Kay Whitmore not sure of spelling became the President and CEO of Kodak.

Kay had been a stake president and regional rep. Apparently at the time Kodak was looking for a sizable charitable contribution for tax purposes, and someone below Kay decided that maybe they could get into Kay's good graces by suggesting a large donation of film product to the mormon church. Obviously, Kay thought this was a good idea and a call was made back to SLC to arrange for the donation. Kay represented Kodak in presenting the gift to the church There was a sanitized "church news" employee there to ensure positive spin As usual, BKP got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning the other side must be next to the wall Whitmore had worked together when he'd been a stake president Whitmore about what a poor stake president he'd been and how unimpressed BKP had been with his stake.

I do not make this up folks There were a few other GA's present and a noticeable silent look was exchanged among them. Those of us, who were there to fill seats only, thought we must have missed something. Someone in an earlier post asked that I refrain from my opinions and stick with the facts You can draw your own conclusions. BKP is the closest individual, bar none, that I've ever been exposed to who instills absolute fear in those that are around him.

Most of you know that this unstable individual is second behind TSMonson for the top job. I was so glad to see TSM lose a little weight a few years ago and get into better shape There's more to come on BKP later kiddies Now kiddies, if you all say your prayers before bedtime, the BKP boogieman won't get you, I promise Packer Built Thursday, Feb 2, , at Unfortunately, lurking in the dark and hidden forests of this never never land, are a few ogres, trolls, and other beasts that can turn the best of these sacred god given financial blessings into a downright hellish curse.

One such contractor learned his lesson back about 20 years or so ago. Having persuaded the church building committee that he would be the best choice for building a new chapel in what was at that point in time a rather upscale and secluded area of the southeast part of the Salt Lake Valley. The creek has at times been known to turn into a raging river and has a tendency some years to overflow its banks during the snowmelt runoff in the spring. But as with other buildings in this affluent area, permission was given to allow building of a chapel in a known flood plain. Special zoning waivers had been given, one allowing access to a secluded exclusive drive Forest Creek Lane by way of the church property, behind the chapel.

Another waiver, allowing about a dozen residential mailboxes to be placed on Church property at the entrance to this drive was granted for the occupants of this seeming private drive. As the building of the chapel began, the contractor was surprised to learn that there was a daily visitor who was about to make his life and job a living hell. Criticisms of the construction job were endured by the builder on a daily basis, upgrades were demanded, and other concessions were granted all at the behest of BKP.

Any inflection that the contractor subtly gave to BKP in question or challenge was met with rebuke and reminders of who he was talking to. Drive through the parking lot of the chapel and it becomes evident that there are some unusual decorative features to the buildings decadent exterior. Decorative street lights, eves, window coverings, columns, and steeple all exceed normal standards set for LDS chapels.

The inside is full of similar upgrades.. Watching his tidy profit on the building slowly eroding away, the contractor began complaining to the higher level mucky mucks at COB, who could arrange to kick in a few extra tithing dollars to make him whole. As the scriptures say: In May of , Elder Boyd K. Today, the text can found on at least twenty websites discussing Mormon intellectual issues. Observers of intellectual and social controversy within the church consider it a major statement of church policy on those matters.

In substance, Packer uses his platform to discuss the nature of hierarchy in Mormonism. He quotes another apostle, Harold B. Either you represent the teachers and students and champion their causes or you represent the Brethren who appointed you. Arrington, the highly respected professional historian at its head. The church was also instrumental in defeating the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution, which would have codified gender equality as a basic right.

Michael Quinn in a spirited public debate about the role of Mormon historians. Since , the church has continued to combat these perceived threats. In September of that year, Quinn and five other prominent intellectuals and dissidents, most of them in the employ of Brigham Young University, were excommunicated. This twelve-year-old speech is not unique.

Packer and other church authorities continually stress obedience to the church hierarchy and state their opposition to certain issues and social movements in their public speech. The importance of this particular speech lies in its frankness. Packer makes real the defining conflict of the modern Mormon Church by naming its enemies and outlining the method by which they should be opposed.

The historian Jan Shipps proposes that correlation process has transformed the Mormon Church from a localized, tribal organization to a centralized, corporate organization, and making possible its massive expansion into parts of the world other than the intermountain west of the United States. Packer begins his talk with a series of anecdotes about his experiences with the correlation department over a long career as a church-employed administrator.

In addition to the aforementioned encounter with Lee where the hierarchy of the church was made clear, he relates several instances where his speech and writing was corrected by his superiors, colleagues, and learned associates at BYU. He makes some obscurely prophetic statements regarding the future importance of correlation. He reads excerpts of letters from church members representing each of the three threatening groups. The woman pleading for help needs to see the eternal nature of things and to know that her trials -- however hard to bear -- in the eternal scheme of things may be compared to a very, very bad experience in the second semester of the first grade.

She will find no enduring peace in the feminist movement. There she will have no hope. If she knows the plan of redemption, she can be filled with hope. The one who supposes that he "understands the mind-set of both groups" needs to understand that the doctrines of the gospel are revealed through the Spirit to prophets, not through the intellect to scholars. A dramatic critical perspective is appropriate to this speech and to Mormonism in general. From its foundation the church has always seen itself as the perfect human organization, the Kingdom of God on earth.

As such, it competes with all other human organizations and must supplant all other churches, governments and organizations to perfect the earth and prepare for the second coming of Christ. Early Mormons believed that their supremacy was eminent, which is part of the reason they became so unpopular in the Midwest and were forced to move to Utah. True, Mormons no longer face violent mobs, an antagonistic Federal government, or a hostile desert landscape, so they might be considered victorious in those past conflicts. The church has enjoyed more wealth, power, and public acceptance in the last five decades than ever before in its history, but the Kingdom still has not come to pass.

Packer is speaking to a group of invisible professionals who, though not labeled ministers, write the Sunday School lessons, edit the magazines, and provide daily religion classes to the children of the church. He creates identification by with them by telling of the struggles he faced in his career as a professional churchman. He also makes an implicit appeal to the ambitious among them by speaking as an apostle who was once a faithful underling. What, then, is the ideology from which Packer is operating in this speech? How can he legitimize the personal difficulty many of the members of the church he leads are having in applying its teachings, and make an unresponsive hierarchy seem natural, and in their best interest?

What are his personal and religious motives? Packer does not seem cynical in this speech. He does not seem motivated purely by money or power. He seems to believe that the unified and inflexible front of correlation is the best thing for the Mormon organization, even if it is painful for some individuals. He believes that Mormonism is inherently good, and has invested his career and personal life in perpetuating it. It is a superstructure to the base of members who are expected to support the organization and its leadership, monetarily and philosophically, even when that leadership does not support the best interests of the members in their lifetime.

By holding out the promise of eternal salvation, the church consolidates its hegemony this writer fully understands that other religious organizations exercise power in a similar way Anything that reduces the effectiveness of the church in growing, spreading its message, and fulfilling its perceived purpose is against the interest of church members, even if that thing is the happiness of those members.

If the purpose of Boyd K. With its frankness, its acknowledgement of a professional elite in the church, and its adversarial tone, it was surely not meant for general consumption. And they are finding things the Mormon leadership would rather they not know. Though the church keeps its rates of conversion and activity strictly confidential, anecdotal evidence suggests a correlation of stable or shrinking membership to areas with greater access to information technology.

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A Google search can offer insight into controversies that Packer and others in church leadership are loath to explain. Change within Mormonism has always been a painful process, as evidenced by long controversies over Polygamy and the denial of the priesthood to blacks. The following two paragraphs were telling: Many years ago, while living in the East, I attended a stake conference that left an indelible impression with regard to the sacred role played by music in a Church setting.

Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles was the visiting authority. Fifteen minutes before the general session began, Elder Packer took his place on the stand along with the stake presidency. Many in the congregation had traveled 75 to miles to attend and were engaged in conversation with friends from other wards and branches. Some were seated, while others were visiting with friends as they entered the chapel.

The organist had chosen various Bach selections for the prelude and was absorbed in presenting a Bach concert.

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As the music crescendoed it forced the members visiting with each other to raise their voices. The louder the din, the more determined the organist, and the volume of voices and music rose higher and higher. Five minutes before the session was to begin, Elder Packer suddenly stood up and approached the podium.

He asked the organist to stop. He asked the congregation to cease speaking and find their seats. He spoke clearly and firmly to the congregation, reminding them of their need to be reverent and prepare for the general session. He then turned toward the organ and told the organist that he had a special responsibility to bring the Spirit into the building and prepare the members for the meeting. Can't you just feel the love? I can't decide whose behavior was more appalling: Packer, for mortifying the poor organist in front of the entire stake conference, or Bateman for making sure the story ended up being shared with the entire church.

Bateman also trains his power of discernment on the poor organist and takes us on a tour inside his or her head. Notice that he doesn't just know what the organist did , he presumes to know the organist's motives and intentions. That's right, folks, Bateman just knew that the organist "was absorbed in presenting a Bach concert" and "the more determined the organist. Men like Packer and Bateman can heap this kind of abuse on the members, and the members can't say a thing about it without being accused of "evil speaking of the Lord's anointed.

Wednesday, Jul 19, , at The August Ensign has some classic articles - a hilariously dramatic one on the evils of pornography, a completely predictable list of 10 steps for "financial freedom" with step 1 being pay your tithing FIRST - groan , and a pedantic diatribe on callings entitled "In the Service of the Lord". Apparently, he asked 9 different sisters and each one wisely declined. The writer went on to relate that when this problem was raised in a LDS leadership training meeting, President Boyd K.

Packer had something to say about it. According to the article, President Packer told this bishop that he knew precisely why none of the sisters had agreed to serve: President Packer went on to explain that if the bishop had extended the call properly it would not have taken 9 attempts to get someone to accept the call. The article goes on to state, "In the secular world there are no direct parallels to the issue of a calling. One who holds priesthood keys does not ask, assign, or recruit people to serve.

He calls them and the calling comes from the Lord". So, let me get this straight. It is not acceptable to treat members in an adult manner with respect and courtesy by requesting their consideration of a "calling" which may require significant time and effort to fulfill. It is not appropriate to discuss potential assignments in an egalitarian manner with individuals who may have obligations, life circumstances, or simply preferences of which the bishop is not aware.

No, in the Mormon Church, the bishop issues decrees and commands - straight from God no less. These are to be obeyed without question, without consideration for self or family, without regard to potential consequences. The problem with this whole calling thing is the insertion of "the LORD". Everything he says, every cockamamie idea he has, every assignment he decides to give is "inspired" - whispered in his ear by none other than GOD almighty.

Do people actually believe this nonsense??? God has time to decide who cleans the ward meeting house toilets? God is such a micromanager that he has to weigh in on who changes poopy diapers in the nursery? Men serving as Bishops actually believe that they are relaying the wishes of GOD whenever they extend a calling?

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This isn't just silly, it is dangerous thinking. This is the kind of thing that just makes me shake my head in wonder. Prior to this, Mormon History had been enjoying what some have called its "Camelot Era" under the guidance of historians like Leonard Arrington. Some of the Brethren, however, did not like this free-wheeling examination of church history, and Elder Packer was among them. Very early on, the talk says this: It is an easy thing for a man with extensive academic training to measure the Church using the principles he has been taught in his professional training as his standard.

In my mind it ought to be the other way around. A member of the Church ought always, particularly if he is pursuing extensive academic studies, to judge the professions of man against the revealed word of the Lord. I must not be too critical of those professors [who evaluated the above-mentioned student's dissertation]. They do not know of the things of the Spirit.

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One can understand their position. It is another thing, however, when we consider members of the Church, particularly those who hold the priesthood and have made covenants in the temple. Many do not do as my associate did; rather, they capitulate, cross over the line, and forsake the things of the Spirit. Thereafter they judge the Church, the doctrine, and the leadership by the standards of their academic profession.

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This problem has affected some of those who have taught and have written about the history of the Church. These professors say of themselves that religious faith has little influence on Mormon scholars. They say this because, obviously, they are not simply Latter-day Saints but are also intellectuals trained, for the most part, in secular institutions. They would that some historians who are Latter-day Saints write history as they were taught in graduate school, rather than as Mormons. Those of us who are extensively engaged in researching the wisdom of man, including those who write and those who teach Church history, are not immune from these dangers.

I have walked that road of scholarly research and study and know something of the dangers. If anything, we are more vulnerable than those in some of the other disciplines. Church history can be so interesting and so inspiring as to be a very powerful tool indeed for building faith. If not properly written or properly taught, it may be a faith destroyer. Those who have the Spirit can recognize very quickly whether something is missing in a written Church history this in spite of the fact that the author may be a highly trained historian and the reader is not.

And, I might add, we have been getting a great deal of experience in this regard in the past few year. Some things that are true are not very useful. Historians seem to take great pride in publishing something new, particularly if it illustrates a weakness or mistake of a prominent historical figure. For some reason, historians and novelists seem to savor such things.

If it related to a living person it would come under the heading of gossip. History can be as misleading as gossip and much more difficult--often impossible--to verify. One who chooses to follow the tenets of his profession, regardless of how they may injure the Church or destroy the faith of those not ready for "advanced history," is himself in spiritual jeopardy. If that one is a member of the Church, he has broken his covenants and will be accountable.

After all of the tomorrows of mortality have been finished, he will not stand where be might have stood. Some of our scholars establish for themselves a posture of neutrality. They call it "sympathetic detachment. If they make a complimentary statement about the Church, they seem to have to counter it with something that is uncomplimentary.

In the Church we are not neutral. There is a war going on and we are engaged in it. It is the war between good and evil, and we are belligerents defending the good. We are therefore obliged to give preference to and protect all that is represented in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we have made covenants to do it.

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Suppose that a well-managed business corporation is threatened by takeover from another corporation. Suppose that the corporation bent on the takeover is determined to drain off all its assets and then dissolve this company. You can rest assured that the threatened company would hire legal counsel to protect itself. Can you imagine that attorney, under contract to protect the company having fixed in his mind what he must not really take sides, that he must be impartial? Suppose that when the records of the company he has been employed to protect are opened for him to prepare his brief he collects evidence and passes some of it to the attorneys of the enemy company.

His own firm may then be in great jeopardy because of his disloyal conduct. Do you not recognize a breach of ethics, or integrity, or morality? I think you can see the point I am making. Those of you who are employed by the Church have a special responsibility to build faith not destroy it. If you do not do that, but in fact accommodate the enemy, who is the destroyer of faith you become in that sense a traitor to the cause you have made covenants to protect.

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Rest assured, also, that you will get little truth, and less benefit, from those who steal documents or those who deal in stolen goods. There have always been, and we have among us today, those who seek entrance to restricted libraries and files to secretly copy material and steal it away in hopes of finding some detail that has not as yet been published--this in order that they may tell it for money or profit in some way from its publication or inflate an ego by being first to publish it.

I have on occasion been disappointed when I have read statements that tend to belittle or degrade the Church or past leaders of the Church in writings of those who are supposed to be worthy members of the Church. When I have commented on my disappointment to see that in print, the answer has been. It may be read by those not mature enough for "advanced history," and a testimony in seedling stage may be crushed. There are qualifications to teach or to write the history of this church. If one is lacking in any one of these qualifications, he cannot properly teach the history of the Church.

He can recite facts and give a point of view, but he cannot properly teach the history of the Church. I will state these qualifications in the form of questions so that you can assess your own qualifications. Do you have personal witness that the Father and the Son appeared in all their glory and stood above that young man and instructed him according to the testimony that he gave to the world in his published history? Do you know that the Prophet Joseph Smith's testimony is true because you have received a spiritual witness of its truth?

Do you believe that the church that was restored through him is in the Lord's words, "the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth, with which I, the Lord, am well pleased" Dandamp;C 1: Do you know by the Holy Ghost that this is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints restored by heavenly messengers in this modern era; that the Church constitutes the kingdom of God on earth, not just an institution fabricated by human agency? Do you believe that the successors to the Prophet Joseph Smith were and are prophets, seers, and revelators; that revelation from heaven directs the decisions, policies, and pronouncements that come from the headquarters of the Church?

Have you come to the settled conviction, by the Spirit, that these prophets truly represent the Lord? The Brethren then and now are men, very ordinary men, who have come for the most part from very humble beginnings. We need your help! We desperately need it. We cannot research and organize the history of the Church. We do not have the time to do it. And we do not have the training that you possess.

What About Boyd K. Friday, Oct 6, , at Ok I did not hear or see but a few talks given during conference and just that little bit gave me a headache. It's amazing how different conference sounds as an apostate versus true believing member of the church. Since Sunday there has a been a lot of banter on the boards and in Outer Blogness about David Bednar's talk and since I didn't hear it on Sunday I read it yesterday, and I don't get what the big deal is? The one point Bednar makes is that when he was a Stake President and he went out with Bishops they were visiting "Less Actives" and not "Apostates".

There is a distinct difference in my mind because there is a portion of people who go inactive who still do believe in the chruch and maybe if they are fellowshipped they will come back, and to me this is the group Bednar was discussing. So I don't find it surprising that a large number of these people may have been "offended" and that is what kept them away for a while. I know a lady who is in her early 40's and has had some health issues in the last couple of years and it has caused her to put on weight.

No big deal right? Well a 20 something sister asked her if she was pregnant again? Now the 40 something is offended, thinks she is too fat for church, and she stops coming. The bishop's wife and the relief society presidency start fellowshipping her and make her feel important, in fact so important she gets "called" as the RS Secretary. When this happened she felt so much better about herself it was an unbelievable transformation. So I have seen what Bednar talked about happen too. Now if he mentioned "inactive non-believers" which I am one then it would be a different story, but from what I can gather he was talking about what I described above.

The talk that got me going was the one that directly proceeded Bednar's and that was by everyone's favorite, Boyd K. He pokes fun at the old joke of Mormons having horns other than in their pants and goes on to play into the stereotype of anything that opposes the church is a lie and then has the gall to say the LDS Church is better than some of the "Christian" foes. Of course this comes from the guy who has discouraged church historians from writing anything that would put the church in a bad light at the risk of their soul.

There are misinterpretations and misrepresentations of us and of our history, some of it mean-spirited and certainly contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ and His gospel. Sometimes clergy, even ministerial organizations, oppose us. They do what we would never do. We do not attack or criticize or oppose others as they do us. Packer, October Semi-Annual General Conference Address This little statement is a whole lot more insulting to me as an apostate than anything Bednar stated in his address.

This is wholly aimed at supporting the notion all anti-mormon stuff is bad and we are better than them. Then to say we do not attack or criticize is just dead wrong. Sending missionaries out two-by-two to knock on our doors and to teach about the "One True Church", no that doesn't attack every other religious tradition out there. Saying that only the mormons have the whole truth as revealed by G-d is a slap in the face, but don't worry other religions have some truth. Then to put that claim in your scriptures and then to say you are better than other religions for not attacking them, this is hyprocrisy on the highest level.

What does the LDS Church expect as they go out to convert the world other religions are going to sit by and watch their ranks be diminished? No way they are going to protect their "turf" and educate people on what the mormons claim. Note to Boyd, if your church will continue to send people to my house and my neighbor's than I as an apostate will inform my neighbors of your true history and doctrines.

I will give my neighbors the meat which you withold from investigators so that way they can truly make an informed decision on whether or not to join your church. Now I am offended. Masturbation is a terrible sin. This precious doctrine didn't just come from one church apostle speaking from the pulpit in a priesthood session of conference.

No, this doctrine comes from the pamphlet the Lord's true church has published and distributed to hundreds of thousands maybe millions of boys. The Lord has made anti-masturbation teaching one of his most important. How often does the Mormon Church publish and distribute a talk given by a living apostle to half of the church? Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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