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Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Common Knowledge Series Strangers and Brothers. Strangers and Brothers Series by cover. Snow 21 Cambridge 31 Cambridge University 15 Covers - Snow - Gentleman 12 England 65 English 24 English fiction 27 English literature 63 English novel 16 fiction h 15 hardcover 17 James Tait Black Memorial Prize 14 Lewis Eliot 15 literature 44 London 29 novel paperback 14 penguin 35 politics 50 read 15 roman fleuve 12 science 21 series 19 Strangers and Brothers to-read 28 uk 15 unread 28 Vintage Penguin The Search by C.

Snow A Coat of Varnish by C. Snow In Their Wisdom by C. Series description The sequence follows the life and career of Lewis Eliot from his time as a young legal clerk in the Midlands through to his retirement as a senior civil servant. There are parallels with the author's life. The books cover the management of political power from the small stage of a Cambridge college to the British government particularly dealing with the development of nuclear weapons.

The order given here is that of the narrative rather than publication. The first book published was originally named Strangers and Brothers but later this name was applied to the series and the book renamed George Passant. Sep 14, Mikee rated it really liked it Shelves: All of Snow's "Strangers and Brothers" novels are like literary soap operas set in upper-class London.

Not upper upper class, mind. There's always a lot of striving, but with barely a look down. The outside world peeps in, of course, but the main focus is always on the inner circle of family and class. The ironies are subtle. The characters are drawn with a full brush. Always a joy to read - one every couple of months. Mar 29, Holly rated it it was amazing. I adore the entirew Strangers and Brothers series by C. Snow, but possibly the third is my favorite. Or the fourth, The Light and the dark ; I have always said that no one constructs a sentence so perfectly and so consistently perfectly as C.

I also highly recommend his wife's body of work, the equally talented but less known Pamela Hansford Johnson. Jun 19, Tom DeMarco rated it liked it.

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I'm beginning to care about the Strangers and Brothers series. At least this installment was much more likable than George Passant. But still, this is a long way from being another Dance to the Music of Time. I will hang in for a few volumes more at least. The people that love this series really love it, and many of them are people I respect.

But so far I'm wondering what they found about it to love. Aug 24, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: I have never quite had a friend like Charles March. I wonder how different my life could have been if I had. I wonder how different the life of Lewis Eliot would have been if he hadn't.

These are all quite interesting counter-factual speculations that weave in and out of fact and fiction. Charles March, in my opinion, was quite instrumental in the life of Lewis Eliot. He provided a guiding hand at an early stage of Eliot's career. One could even argue that he got Eliot started. He pro I have never quite had a friend like Charles March.

He provided the inspiration, encouragement, and - most importantly - the introductions. It is a shame that Charles March didn't have quite such insight over his own life. He is one of those characters who is weighed down by the load of his own destiny. He carries the hopes and expectations of his family. It would have been fine if they had coincided with his own, but they didn't. The family expectations were that he would advance the position of the family in British society.

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By being a Jewish family, the March clan was positioned as not quite inside, and not quite outside either. They were phenomenally rich, but their wealth had not conferred an appropriate degree of social position. That was the role assigned to Charles. Charles, on the other hand, wanted to be useful. He wanted to make a contribution to society beyond the aggradisement of the family.

The family needed him as a lawyer - the gateway to political influence and beyond. He ended up choosing to be a doctor - a means of justifying his life. As I read this, I had to consciously remember how closed British society had been between the Wars. Far more closed than it is now.

The Conscience of the Rich

I have met the offspring of very rich families. I have even worked with some. This has allowed me to see the conscience of the rich at close hand. For the conscience of the rich to have an impact, it requires the deference of those around them. In this novel, Charles March receives it. However, I am not totally at sympathy with him. At times, he comes over as a spoiled rich kid, one who relies on his allowance from his father, but who is not made independent by his father.

I found this to be an interesting theme. Mr March uses his money as a means of controlling his children, but his son refuses to be controlled in this way and ultimately suffers for it. The daughter, by way of contrast, complies, and has a happy ending in the book because of it. I found the book to be very well written and very closely observed. Parts of the narrative chime with what I have seen and experienced in my lifetime. It describes a world that didn't really survive the Second World War, although aspects of it do show through even today.

I quite enjoyed reading the book, and I would recommend it to others. Nov 05, Ian rated it liked it. So I decided to read them — but not in order of publication, in order of internal chronology. The Conscience Of The Rich is the third book in the series, but was written and published seventh. He meets a fellow trainee barrister, Charles March, the eldest son of a wealthy Jewish family, and is slowly drawn into their fold.

Eliot is there when Charles gives up the law for medicine; and when he decides to marry a distant cousin with ties to the communists, Eliot is also there. Story about a law student in London, from a lower class familly, making friends with the upperclass through a fellow student from a rich Jewish family. I didn't enjoy the read, which was flat and cold. Not a story I could enjoy or learn something from. Oct 31, Cole Brumley rated it really liked it. I can't read anymore British society dramas.

Jun 22, Linda rated it it was ok. A novel of conflict exploring the world of the great Anglo-Jewish banking families between the two World Wars. Working from a list of books I read years ago. Sep 01, Maia rated it liked it Shelves: Much better than anticipated, full review to follow. Mar 15, Ali Miremadi rated it really liked it. Best of the series so far.

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Terrific portrait of family relations and a more moving moral dilemma than in the earlier books. Prakash Panangaden rated it really liked it Apr 23, Cyber rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Ken rated it really liked it Apr 07,