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We much prefer Emma's lighter, airier look. Paired with her white Chanel frock were strappy sequined heels and a giant gem-encrusted rose ring Trying to tell us something, Emma? In this photographic series, American photographer Cindy Sherman exhibits new, large-scale works that depict enigmatic female figures standing in striking landscapes, and wearing vivid Chanel costumes.

Rather than staging scenes in her studio or using projected images, the dramatic settings were all photographed by Sherman and then manipulated in Photoshop to achieve a painterly effect. Sherman's self-portraits are based on an insert she did for Dasha Zhukova's magazine using clothes from Chanel's archive.

The images published were significantly altered as Sherman developed the series for this exhibition. Wearing early haute couture pieces from the s designed by Coco Chanel to more recent Karl Lagerfeld collections, she selected eccentric, often fantastical, outfits before pairing them with images she shot in Iceland during a volcanic eruption and the isle of Capri. While the series recalls photography's early mission to map the "new world," Sherman's analysis equally references the tradition of 19th century landscape painting, where lonely figures are dominated by the magnificent nature that surrounds them.

The artist's looming characters however reverse this heavenly view by relegating nature to the supporting role. Cindy Sherman's new series is currently showing at April 28 - June 9, Via. The year-old's Brigitte Bardot-esque looks have garnered much attention Check out the images and tell us which is your favorite.

Hillary Clinton isn't one for expensive designer labels, but it seems she is going through a bit of a Chanel phase. The Secretary of State spoke at a press conference with Qatar's prime minister and foreign minister yesterday looking chic in a black and turquoise boucle jacket. Paired with plain black pants, the collarless garment looked just like a Chanel you know, the kind Hillary must be channeling Anna, because on Tuesday she wore another Chanel-like look. Clinton met with Mike McFaul, ambassador-designate to Russia, at the State Department in a black and white boucle jacket with a high, buttoned-up collar.

While we don't know from Hillary herself whether the jackets are, indeed, Chanel and frankly the Secretary of State has better things to talk about than her clothing labels , they definitely have a prim, high society look. Clinton the chunky in white ceramic a watch we've coveted for a long time. But her tailored pieces this week are still a surprising switch from the more bohemian styles she'd been sporting, including and funky jewelry and even.

But if this is a new Hillary signature, we're totally on board. Maybe she should try having them personalized and selling them,? Hillary Clinton has always struck us a low-key, unflashy dresser. So when she stepped out in January , our fashion senses perked to attention. Although to be fair, we have no idea if they're by Chanel. They're just channeling the French brand hardcore. It turns out that wasn't a phase; rather the jackets have worked their way into a regular rotation. Over the course of the past three days, the Secretary of State has re-worn both the turquoise jacket and the high-collared white jacket just two days apart and with nearly the exact same hairstyles as in January.

She also, we noticed, did the same thing in February: We're digging Hillary's new fashion motto: If it ain't broke, wear it every four weeks on back-to-back days. A girl after our own heart. Check out Secretary Clinton's favorite jackets. Is the elegant style fit a good fit for Clinton?

How many times have you seen a quote re-blogged on? How about one from on? It happens all the time, and it seems to be the same quotes over and over again. But, this quote-sharing is no surprise, as fashion designers, models and actresses seem to be full of wise one-liners that stay with you.


But, what are the most iconic of all time: Is it, "Fashion fades, only style remains the same" or perhaps, "When in doubt, wear red"? There's a lot of competition, but we've rounded up a few others that we think fit the bill from , and more. Which do you think is the best and which quotes are missing? De la Fressange, now 53 years old, was the face of the fashion house in the '80s, but she had a falling out with Lagerfeld in , "after a fracas over her lending her likeness to the French republic,". And don't think their fight didn't get ugly.

Lagerfeld once said, "I wish her all the luck in the world, just so long as I don't have to see her any more or hear her spoken about. He told WWD, "She is beyond stunning. Also, she is the Parisienne. There's a new girl at fashion week -- and she's already scored a seat at Chanel. Pretty chic for a 4-year-old's first show, if we say so ourselves. Even though little Emme didn't look particularly amused by the always-epic spectacle that is a Chanel fashion show, she was seated just a few seats away from Kanye West and was snapped kibbutzing with famed photographer we're sure will have a thing or two to say about this.

We imagine they chatted about the Saint Laurent collection yesterday and how the shows were so much better before bloggers made the guest list But Jennifer's daughter wasn't the only one attending her first runway -- , , took in his first fashion show alongside Emme.

He seemed to appreciate the situation a little more though, tweeting a picture of his impressive Grand Palais surroundings. This obviously wasn't , but with Jennifer's schedule, we're guessing Emme's in for plenty of industry events turned family affairs. Check out the photos of Jennifer Lopez's clan at the Chanel show today and tell us what you think.

Jennifer Lopez isn't the only star who loves Chanel. Check out more celebs in the French brand! Coco Chanel would have appreciated the coquettes who artfully arrayed themselves at the Legion of Honor for the MidWinter Gala. Invited by the organizing Junior Committee, these guests knew they had responded to a coveted invitation, and were not going to miss their chance to establish their presence in support of the Fine Arts Museums and their own good graces. Taking their cues from the Mademoiselle and the brand she begat, the women received a double, intertwined C for concerted chic.

Blowdryers all over SF had been buzzing all afternoon, cementing updos and eyelashes in earnest. There was something amusing about the lithe, dressed-to-the-nines nifties enjoying their cocktails amongst the corporeal muscle-bound bronze nudes of the Rodin Sculpture Gallery. But Rodin focused on the male form, not the gym-sculpted females who had served as their own Pygmalions this evening. The ladies were themselves mostly works of art, with the teensiest touch of artifice to demonstrate their effort. Invited gentlemen obliged by appearing in their Saturday best, with embellishments as allowable.

Joel Goodrich, your shoes were duly noted. Fundraising aside although never too far out of the limelight , the evening offered the opportunity for the Heights' yummie mummies to make it a date night, for the sexy single seekers to size up the small "S" situation, for cooing couples to cement their status on one anothers' arms.

Some stalwarts chose to go stag for the night, to no detriment -- this crowd knows one another from way back when the Junior Committee had barely jettisoned the children's table. Judging by the trouble the gracious McCall's staff had in actually compelling guests to leave the cocktail clamor and be seated for dinner, the exquisitely decorated courtyard of the Legion might as well have been a rickety card table off Aunt Alma's kitchen. Once they did sit move to the courtyard, they were treated to a double feast, eyes first and palate second.

Marquee Sponsor Chanel created a swoon with the all-black tent that served as a smoky backdrop for encircled crystal chandeliers and thousands of white candles. Purple cattleya orchids alternated in silver julep cups with deep burgundy anemonies, the only touch of color on an otherwise black, grey, and silver table. A calligraphied menu doubled as a place card, with a deeply silver-stamped typescript that carried the heft of a debutante invitation.

In keeping with the convivial spirit of the soiree, the meal was a perfect riff on francais bistro fare: Alexis Swanson Traina, whose husband Trevor warmly called the Committee meeting to order, generously donated the delectable Swanson wines to accompany each course: Those duties were ably carried out by event sponsor Christies' auction house, which had flown its top auctioneer, Los Angeles President Andrea Fiuczynski up to coax up the bidding six irresistible items: Bidding paddles were dispensed with in favor of old-fashioned nods and waves, the better to confuse a sidelong shift in the seat with a show of support.

Harlequin: Hard to Forget (1998)

Once the tables were cleared and the Woodhouse Chocolates consumed, the turntables were turned once more, and Chanel's midnight tent became the MidWinter revels. The art of celebration and seduction became the exhibit on the dance floor, as the evening wound up and then down to a coco-phanous, coquettish close. Co-Chairs, Benefactors, and Members of the Committee, too numerous to mention but gloriously in appearance, helped make the MidWinter into one of the magical moments of the year.

A lot has changed in Johnny Weir's life since he taped the second season of his reality show for Logo. He's returned to competitive skating and strictly monitoring his diet. He's also now a happily married man and finally enjoying going to practice. But the more his life changes, the more his unique style stays the same. Weir said that while he was filming, it was nice not to have to wake up early, go to practice, nap, miss lunch, train again, miss dinner, go to bed -- then repeat it all the next day.

I tried singing, I wrote a book, I was designing and I really tried everything I possibly could. It was a great opportunity. I will be 60 or 70 years old still rocking my Chanel blazer with my hair all coiffed," he added. The reality starlet and rapper have refused to confirm they're a couple, but they arrived hand-in-hand at Chanel's seventh annual artists dinner at the Tribeca Film Festival Tuesday night. The two happily posed for the cameras, then sat among a galley of stars at the event.

West and Kardashian — already tabloid magnets apart from each other — have garnered even more attention since they became a rumored couple. West recently confessed his love for her in song, and they've been spotted out together in New York. He discusses taking on the role of creative director of Chanel, "You know, when I was asked to do it, Chanel wasn't trendy at all. The owner said, 'I'm not proud of the business. If you can make something, OK.

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If not, I'll sell it. The label has an image. It's up to me to update it. What I did, [Coco Chanel] never did, she would have hated. Karl remarked, "Coco did a lot but not as much as people think or as much she herself taught at the end of her career. Not only is she the subject in which the designer revealed that she eats on plates at a table, has two maids that take care of her hair and hates the smell of , she's also one of the.

Having made her courtesy of Stephen Gan's Twitpic ,. But is the , who currently has just under 14, followers, any competition for her owner? Take a peek in our gallery below for some of our favorite tweets from. Who do you think is funnier: PARIS -- It was blue-sky thinking for Karl Lagerfeld, as he treated guests to a luxury jet-set experience in Chanel's spring-summer collection on the second day Tuesday of haute couture week. The wet Paris morning failed to dampen the mood outside the imperial Grand Palais, as guests waited excitedly to see the inside theme — always a closely-guarded secret.

The "Cocos" — as one fashionista called Chanel followers — were led nervously down a space-age passage. There were gasps as they reached the catwalk: On the runway, signature Chanel skirt-suits were given a retro airhostess makeover with wide bateau collars in pastel colors. There was a distinct feel of the s — the glamour days for air travel — with one embroidered silk short dress in pale blue with geometric band features on the collar, sleeves and low waist. It was as if stiff-suited Karl Lagerfeld had finally decided to relax into the flight as soft, floaty floor-length silhouettes replaced last season's more fitted, shorter and architectural look.

But the artistry behind the clothes proved the mile-high couturier had not put his feet up for long: Raglan balloon sleeves complemented hourglass party dresses in sparkling petrol blue. It provided a much-welcome dash of glamour in a collection watched by cocktail-sipping guests quite obviously enjoying themselves. Speaking backstage in the reconstructed cockpit, Lagerfeld, in his traditional shades and powdered hair, said that blue was used because it's an optimistic color.

Revolutionary the show was not, but the Chanel brand is definitely flying steady with reason to be excited about the future. A strong clientele, and robust business mean that like other couture-producing labels, they are bucking the downtrend in a gloomy financial climate. Whether it's the iconic 2. So when he sent models down the runway this Monday we're late to the game due to our! Our money is on carrying that bag shortly, and of course, over-the-top Vogue Nippon editor will probably make a video where she literally hula hoops with. But it does have us wondering: Who will actually purchase the latest?

Can you imagine entering a crowded subway train with a bag whose diameter is larger than your average, umm, car tire? Mon dieu, the dirty looks would be endless though we suppose that anyone willing to shell out the big bucks for such an extravagant bag isn't taking public transportation. British designer Simeon Farrar has done it again - caused a stir within the fashion industry that is. The man who gave us the iconic 'Kate Mouse' motif tee, even though she's now officially dead the mouse that is, not the real supermod, obviously , has launched a line of t-shirts with a cheeky nod to fashionistas everywhere.

With a team made up of his own staff and some willing helpers keen to experience the buzz of fashwan, all carrying swag bags full of the designs - Farrar made his mark on one of the most important weeks in London's fashion calendar, by stopping well known bloggers, fashion editors, celebrities and supermodels as they made their way into shows, handing them one of the many styles.

Paying homage to fashion's most iconic brands and designers, the collection mixes humour with just a hint of irony, and so it's befitting that on the last day of Fashion Week, TOWIE's Lydia Rose Bright was more than happy to be snapped with her Totes Jel Of My Chanel vest! Black Score spans many different cultures and subcultures so it was fun to treat high fashion to a bit of BS. The stunt as a whole went down a storm. It was a hungry market and I think we've only just wet the appetite. London Fashion Week got Black Scored good and proper this season.

Paris, y'all better watch out. The collection will be available on the Blackscore website shortly, and will also be part of an exclusive pop-up at Shop at Bluebird on London's Kings Road. Blackscore will also release new designs all year round, shortening the waiting time between seasons and offering something fresh and funny to keep us all entertained. For more info and to see the other designs in the collection, head and you can also read more about the label and Simeon in a previous interview I wrote for the Huff Post.

The Internet is abuzz with news of the coming to the U.


The exhibit celebrates Chanel's iconic black tweed jacket, and, in a nod to the jacket's dynamism over the years, showcases ways the jacket was reinterpreted and reimagined in a series of black-and-white photographs taken by Karl Lagerfeld, longtime head of Chanel's iconic fashion house. And while Lagerfeld is usually one to toot his own horn, this time, he's actually got something worth about. While it's undeniable that much has changed at the Chanel house since Lagerfeld took the helm in my opinion, both for good and bad the brand's adoration of its famed tweed jacket is one thing that hasn't.

First imagined by Coco Chanel in , the jacket has been a staple of women's fashion through its many iterations over the years.

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But the jacket didn't just appear out of the ether: History tells us that Chanel was a woman of great spirit and determination, and it was with this spirit that she was inspired to design a jacket that was not only pleasing on the eyes, but was something women -- and even men -- could feel comfortable in. And like many classic designs, it's got secrets.

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  3. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius: Based on Studies in the Language of the Autograph!

Each tweed jacket is with silk, which conceals one of the jacket's biggest weapons: While designing, Chanel used the chain to help the jacket retain its shape while fitting the contours of the body. To this day, Chanel is one of the few remaining fashion houses to weight its jackets, or, in this case, line them with a fine chain. Additionally, paneling in each Chanel jacket makes it possible for the jacket to expand within three size ranges of its original design. This exhibit gives guests a chance to see some of these secrets. But more than anything, by paying tribute to the Chanel jacket, Lagerfeld is paving the way for its future.

As the years pass, I expect the jacket will change. Colors will come and go; it will see new designers and adornments. But in a way, I'm confident it will remain the same: Images from the Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel campaign Keira Knightley shot forever ago ok, last September have finally surfaced.

Take a look as the actress shows off her cropped 'do, nibbles on a bottle and wears only a bed sheet in what we'll venture to call a non-boring series of fragrance ads. Could such a thing exist? The new preview for Keira Knightley's upcoming Chanel ad gives a nice behind-the-scenes look at the Joe Wright Atonement, Pride and Prejudice directed mini film. The Coco Mademoiselle 'advertising film' will continue Chanel's tradition of pairing directors with familiar muses. The spot presents Knightley looking back at her first impressions of the shoot, her narration set against b-roll footage.

She recalls being told there was "something about a motorbike," that "it would be beige," and that there would be a "sort of catsuit" involved. KimYe or whatever we're calling them tried their best to avoid the red carpet at Tuesday night's Tribeca Film Festival Artists Program dinner. Although if you ask us, the swank Chanel-hosted dinner was a stage of its own, making it a rather fashionable joint appearance for the blossoming couple. That is, if they are a couple. Kanye jokingly replied, "Who are you talking about? What guy are you talking about?

While on a Chanel high see my previous piece , it is only fair to pay equal respect to the woman and legend behind the brand that has single-handedly made quilted bags and ballerina flats universal fashion must-haves. Gabrielle, or "Coco" as she preferred, was a complex and complicated woman.

Or, atleast, that is how she is portrayed in the three yes, three books that came out just this season. Having only read one so far, I can promise that Coco's romances are explored just as thoroughly as the rumors which surrounded her life between the covers of Justine Picardie's Coco Chanel: The Legend and The Life.

Between the captivating photos of her past and sketches by Karl Lagerfeld, Picardie's writing makes for an illuminating tale of a woman torn between two lives: My personal fascination has been focused on Coco's years in Switzerland. As Picardie notes in her book, Chanel once said she felt "free as a bird" when visiting Switzerland; her unsmudged red lipstick and conservative clothing concealing a life of lovers, flings, family drama, and a token best friend with a drug problem.

The turnout for her burial appeared meager in photos, as a formal, more-sizable ceremony had been conducted in Paris two weeks prior. Her gravestone is recognizable by five lions that appear across the top of her headstone; Coco's astrological sign was Leo, something that defined her to the end. Today, greenery in the formation of her name, "Coco", is perfectly placed across the area where her body rests.

Next week, it will be 41 years since she passed. As written in Picardie's pages, Chanel once said to Paul Morand, "I would make a very bad dead person, because once I was put under, I would grow restless and would think only of returning to earth and starting all over again. I was en route to the Chanel show when I realized my heart was racing. In Paris, Chanel is so much more than fashion -- it is an institution. As I squeezed my way through the crowd I could feel the anticipation building: What would Karl Lagerfeld do next?

The enigmatic Karl Lagerfeld is the artistic director and designer of the Chanel brand, and has become an icon in his own right. As I slid through security, heart still pounding, I marveled at the ornate ceiling before panning down to the massive wind turbines peppering the exceptionally blue, exceptionally long runway.

To see the modern architecture of these wind turbines contrasted with the 17th-century venue was both stunning and eerie. The trance-y music washing over the crowd and the brightness of the room made it feel like I'd stepped into an alternate universe: I took my seat and watched paparazzi clamor over Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez. French style icons like Laetitia Casta and Lou Doillon flitted about the grand room, and I felt totally overcome by the level of production -- we definitely weren't in New York anymore. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better the music picked up and the show began.

Models, just specks in the distance, began to materialize on the far-end of the runway. Running some kind of fashionable flight pattern, scores of models resplendent in Chanel made the long journey to the end of the runway and back. With 80 looks in total, the Chanel show felt like it was teeming with energy. So many different design stories floated down the runway: Inspired by the 'windmill' motif, the three-dimensional blossoms and embroidery jumping off the finale dresses were a definite highlight.

Between the wind turbines, the venue and the breadth of the collection the message was clear: Chanel has energy, and lots of it. After the show, buzzing invitees poured onto the street in front of Grand Palais and struggled to navigate swaths of street-style photographers. Slipping into idling town cars, the fashionable set made their getaway. I grabbed a few friends outside and we teetered in our high-heels to L'Avenue, the fashion canteen on the Avenue Montaigne -- the home of Parisian luxury.

In Los Angeles, where I live, the movie stars are the celebrities. Here in Paris, the celebrities are the fashion designers -- and they're treated like royalty -- oohed and ahhhed at on the street. That said, the biggest A-Lister is Karl Lagerfield and today his show for Chanel was indisputably the hottest ticket in town.

All during Fashion Week people here put relationships on the line to try to get tickets. Some don't actually find out if they have a ticket and are actually going until the morning of! Needless to say, I was thrilled when a friend of mine invited me to go.

Luckily, our tickets were delivered in advance. Yes, and it wasn't just for a novice like me. Many people who'd been to Chanel for years noted it was the best, most elaborate show in Chanel history. Quite frankly, it was a spectacle more than an event. A full orchestra played in the background, while 85 models strutted across the stunning location, The Grand Palais.

The models walked around the gigantic, incredibly well-lit, cavernous structure, decorated with 10 foot high fountains and huge black metallic cut-outs -- constructed to resemble low, French garden hedges. The ground -- what the models actually walked on top of -- was covered with a fine, white gravel -- that actually left a powdery residue on your shoes. I didn't dust my shoes off as the dust was seen as a sign of prestige that said I was at the Chanel show!

The clothes were breathtaking - with lots of color, adornment, eyelet inlays, fringe and tons of feathers. The jewelry focused on mixed metallics, chains, lucite-type cuffs adorned with rhinestones and pearl type rounds of all sizes and colors. There is nothing delicate or dainty about Chanel jewelry. It is meant to say "Look at me -- I have arrived! Nearly all the models wore platform shoes, made by Chanel, that were rather clunky looking. The had a 's feel to them.

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The upper part of the shoe varied -- but the bottom part was always the same dark colored platform with a rather square, solid heel. That platform shoe sole -- it appeared black -- appeared also in the form of a wedge. The shoe was the polar opposite of say a classic, ladylike Jimmy Choo or a Manolo. All the models wore contacts to make their eyes a rather iridescent green. As if it's not hard enough to walk daintily in tiny, sheer frocks! Pale makeup, dark dark eyes with dramatic kohl shading on the entire lid.

A few of the models sported jackets with teeny, tiny shorts and their bums also tiny! There were no models who were women of color. Apparently, the designers want all the models to look similar so that all eyes are focused on the clothes. The front row is where top editors, famous and important people, and royalty sit. At the very center of the show in the front row pictured below: Unlike many of the other shows during Fashion Week, at the Chanel show, a vast majority of the attendants wear an item by the designer.

But you don't have to be decked out head to toe. For example, Vogue's Wintour, pictured above, wore a dress by Chanel, but a maxi length, fur trimmed coat by another designer. The show lasted about 20 minutes and it was quite dramatic when the white haired Karl Lagerfield came out at the end with all the models. Everything about this fashion guru is so dramatic -- down to his collar-- which must be five inches tall and so starched it almost looks like a neck brace.

Then he sat and spoke with the press for nearly an hour. He was constantly mobbed -- people were literally tripping to get to him -- and he had no fewer than 8 bodyguards. He apparently is easy to spot here in Paris as he travels in a gold Hummer. The outfit range at Chanel was full spectrum -- from jeans and motorcycle boots to floor length evening attire.

One man was even dressed as what looked like one of the Village People from way back when! I'll have more on that -- plus some of the celebs who were there and their favorite outfits -- in the next blog. For more photos, check out. Before I began my biography of Coco Chanel, I knew what you probably know: Oh, yes, and those black tipped beige sling-back shoes and the quilted bag with chain handle.

And, of course, Chanel No. She was a genius, everyone said -- and the model of a self-made, independent woman. What I learned along the way, as I researched the life of this fascinating and infuriating woman, surprised me: Many other designers were creating clothing in soft jersey, with menswear inspired lines, at the same time as Chanel. Her little black dress -- which I had pictured as low-cut and body-skimming -- had long sleeves, a loose dropped waistline, and looked like it should be worn for a board meeting rather than a nightclub in the Roaring Twenties. And the boxy jacket, shoes, and bag: Famous as she was, she could be paranoid and cruel.

She lied to cover a past of which she was ashamed; she lied to cover her own insecurities. Even though she has the reputation of being independent and fearless, she always yearned to find a man to protect her. Being loved, she said, was the most important goal a woman could achieve. Without love, and without a man, a woman was nothing. Those ideas don't sound very liberated, and yet, even though her ideas about life and love were widely known throughout her life, Chanel was someone many women wanted to emulate. Certainly, she was a genius; she had a fine intuition for what women wanted to wear, an amazing appreciation for fabric, and infallible sense of line.

But her genius was not only for fashion. Chanel was her own most famous model. Slender and flat-chested, she looked great in her own designs -- in fact, she claimed that she first tried on all of those designs herself -- and women dieted and wore flattening bras to try to copy her figure -- an impossible challenge for women who were not, and never would be, petite.

She was brilliant at marketing herself as a celebrity, and one of my goals in this biography is to show how her public -- the women who coveted her fashions and perfume -- helped to create her legend. These women followed her flamboyant, and much publicized love life among her many lovers, she was courted by the Duke of Westminster and a Russian Grand Duke, and had an affair with Stravinsky ; they saw photos of her vacationing in Venice and Biarritz and at fabulous parties in Paris and London.

She was photographed by some of the most talented artists of her time -- like Cecil Beaton and Man Ray. One of the first print ads for Chanel No. She appeared in fashion magazines along with her famous friends, like Jean Cocteau, Serge Diaghilev, Salvador Dali, and a host of dukes and duchesses. Before there were movie stars, there was Chanel.

And by the time Gloria Swanson and Ina Claire became famous, Chanel already had been the epitome of glamour, for decades. Today's print ads for Chanel perfumes, featuring the lithe and lovely Audrey Tautou perfectly capture the image of Chanel that has persisted since the s, when she burst on the fashion scene. She fashioned herself as a beautiful romantic heroine, ensconced in luxury, pursued by a handsome lover. The legend is irresistible even now, and Chanel is the genius who created it. With the economy, you try to be more conscious. But are these luxuries really affordable?

In an economic recovery that is still itself , some are worried that the return of middle-class overspenders is no more than a relapse in disguise. Armine Melkonyan, 35, of Los Angeles, bought the classic quilted Chanel "Timeless" bag in December after obsessing over it for nearly two years, paying with a credit card. Banks, it seems, are just as relaxed as Melkonyan, handing out cards with uncharacteristic generosity. Bank of America, for one, saw a 50 percent surge in new during the last three months of , compared to the same period of In November, meanwhile, rose 7 percent, according to merchant processing company First Data.

Stores noticed the change. Luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue, one of the biggest winners in the holiday retail tussle, reported same-store sales up 7. Of everything sold at Saks, handbags did particularly well. The aspirational "look" is becoming a fashion trend, as well. Michael Kors, one of retail's most profitable brands, has championed the aesthetic with logo-covered bags ranging from to.

Picture soft leather and classic prints, safe enough to wear in Minneapolis or Milan. Genevieve Spitz, 23, of Boston, says she sometimes has to pick between plane tickets and shopping. I'm going to buy it, no matter the cost. And then I do. Unless, of course, I could buy a plane ticket to Spain instead. Will I be unable to afford food for the next few weeks if I buy them? As in dieting, it's especially hard to say "no" to cravings after a long dry spell.

More than three years after the recession began, many Americans are looking for small tokens to make life feel richer, like high quality fabrics or an eye-catching watch. George Loewenstein, professor of economics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, is working on a study with colleague Russell Golman examining how society's image of "the good life" impacts consumer decisions.

For any class of shopper, the current push by banks to issue new credit cards will no doubt create temptation to overspend. So Styleite dug around and found some incredible images albeit not from the Chanel shoots. Here are our two favorites. But it seems that there's one more thing on the actress' wish list: Who knew the year-old had such high-brow sports gear taste?

And with on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her beau and , we're thinking that luxury sports equipment is here to stay. And if Karl Lagerfeld's listening, he just might find it in the kindness of his heart to send a Chanel skateboard Miley's way. What do you think of these sports-related indulgences? Are these expensive products worth the high price tags?

Check out Miley's style evolution and see if you think she's grown up enough to get a Chanel skateboard! The stars came out in black and white for the Chanel Couture Fall show in Paris on Tuesday night. Karl Lagerfeld's glamorous gal pal Diane Kruger channeled old Hollywood glamour in vintage Chanel Couture okay, so it was Fall , while rising starlet Elle Fanning rocked chunky white platforms and a swingy dress from Chanel's Spring couture collection.

But it was Milla Jovovich who took the couture cake, pairing her black skirt and Chanel bag with a sheer white tanktop and a black bra. How s of you, Milla! As for the clothes? The Kaiser went dark and brooding, with classic suits and layered dresses in black and gray with pops of magenta. Click below to check out last night's front row dwellers and some of our favorite runway looks. Yesterday marked what would have been Coco Chanel's th birthday, despite dying in her legacy still lives on. Coco was a pioneer in the world of fashion with a colourful and exuberant character.

Her iconic designs from the 'little black dress', the boucle jacket, the classic quilted bag and strings of pearls still remain relevant today and are wardrobe staples for many fashionistas. She redefined how to dress women with classic and timeless designs and she was a firm believer in elegance She left the world with a legacy of fabulous, wise and witty quotes which transcends generations, and here are a few favourites.

It is the opposite to vulgarity. Here are some of my most favourite Chanel designs of late, which showcases how this classic French brand is still relevant, timeless and oozes as much elegance as when Coco first opened her very first shop in I make no secret of my love for elegant design, so today I would like to bring some Chanel styling in to interior design. Below are some rooms that Coco herself would adore, all you'll need to do it pop on your box boucle jacket, have a spritz of Chanel No.

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I'm thinking a classic black, cream and neutral colour palette, pearl, luxurious accessories, and simple, classic designs, with of course copious amounts of Parisian chic. With a bold palette and bolder sense of humor, Abney creates bizarre scenarios that add a hint of perversity to each piece, resulting in a mashup of celebrity and literary references.

Abney's scenes are full of bizarre costumes and undecipherable symbols, and even her characters' faces resist familiarity, looking more masklike than natural. The images are forceful, viewers can sense a political passion but cannot quite decipher the "moral," similarly they buzz with both masculine and feminine energy. To make sense of her work, we asked Nina some questions: Can you describe how you found your visual language?? I think it kinda found me.

I work very intuitively, so my visual language is a combination of the different things I'm interested in as well as whatever happens in the moment that I am creating a painting. And I feel like my visual language is, and will continue to constantly change as times goes on. I am always trying new things, and editing out different elements in my work.

Would you call your work narrative driven? I think my earlier work was more narrative driven, in which I focus on one particular story or experience, but I've become more interested in mixing disjointed narratives and abstraction, and finding interesting ways to obscure any possible story that can be assumed when viewing my work. So I don't necessarily aim to send out a particular message, rather I want the work to provoke the viewer come up with their own message, or answer some of their own questions surrounding the different subjects that I touch in my work.?

Do you think all artwork is autobiographical in some way?? I treat the canvas like a journal in that it's a place where I can release any concerns, emotions, and just the different thoughts swirling around in my head in general. That kind of alludes to what I was going to ask you about all the diverse ground you cover in your work religion, politics, sex. Would you say that in your head they are all on an equal playing ground?? There's so much information that comes at an individual during the course of a day.

In one day, I may read the paper, get on the internet and browse through YouTube, my Facebook timeline, look at Twitter, watch the news, watch Bravo, VH1, read gossip blogs, listen to music, and do this all while talking on the phone and texting, so it's?? I'm living in an age of information overload. Take a look at Abney's wild worlds below, and let us know what you think in the comments section. Here at HuffPost Style, we love sharing what we do on social media. If you follow us on , , , and you'll know that we sometimes like to overshare. In case you missed it, we've rounded up some of our latest photos, and this week was a big one for HuffPost Style.

Some of our favorite snaps included a champagne celebration on Monday after , blog editor drinking wine with "" star Ramona Singer and we're already coveting.


But as the invitations start piling up, so are your worries about what to you'll wear. Never fear, is here. The online boutique is the premiere destination for fashion forward gals looking to rent designer dresses for next to nothing. And just in time for the holidays RTR has teamed up with the vintage store to offer its stylish shoppers. If you've always or flashing a pair of double-C earrings, now is your chance. Rental periods last four to eight days.

Just enough to flaunt your finds! Sure, that's still a bit pricey--but if you've always wanted to splurge on a Chanel accessory, shouldn't you test one out to see if it's worth the dough? That's when her nightmare began:. When I asked him when were we going to discuss the bag, he tried to [talk] about his divorce, the size of his feet and where he came from," Leung. Leung also says that she was suffering from anxiety and depression at the time, which were both exacerbated by the minute wait she endured in the store's VIP waiting room.

Nevertheless, she still accepted a full refund of the price of the bag, which management offered her after her wait. The store has released an. Despite last week's media frenzy over braved the paparazzi cameras at today's Chanel Couture show. Wearing a slinky silver satin dress under a black jacket, the actress, model and longtime Chanel muse joined Paris' chicest women for Karl Lagerfeld's couture presentation.

Held in a faux airplane complete with a carpeted aisle and window seats, the runway show featured plenty of short-sleeve, sky blue dresses that recalled vintage airplane uniforms. But that he didn't want to "make it too literal," which made sense given how many die-hard Chanel couture fans were in attendance. After all, Diane Kruger, Caroline Sieber and Alice Dellal will be needing some high-fashion threads to wear this season and they can't be looking like the cast of "Pan Am. As for Vanessa, we're not as certain.

With compounding her already under-the-radar ways, Paradis might be making this one of her only public appearances for some time. But if she had to pick just one event, we wouldn't be surprised if her beloved Lagerfeld's couture show was it. Check out the stylish show-goers aboard Air Chanel as well as select runway looks. What do you think of the collection?

Yasmin and Amber Le Bon are no exception. The pair wore donned two of the 78! The theme of the show was India, or some glamorous version thereof, with Chanel's typical skirt suits and trousers rendered in shiny silks and luxurious lace with gilt embroidery. Some of the models, both Le Bons included, even sported elaborate metallic headgear.

While top models like Jacquelyn Jablonski, Arizona Muse and Crystal Renn walked the show, we're mostly impressed by the dynamic mother-daughter duo -- particularly Yasmin, who somehow looks about a day older than her daughter. Check out the photo below -- can you tell who's the mommy and who's the child? Yasmin is on the left, Amber on the right. The runway used to serve as a backdrop against which designer looks could pop. Lately, however, it is the sets themselves that do much of the popping. Hadid, the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize for architecture, is known for the strong, curving forms of her elongated structures.

She has designed everything from the National Center for Contemporary Art in Rome to a high speed train station in Naples. She first teamed up with Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld in with Chanel Pavilion, a gargantuan, mobile pavilion based off of Chanel's signature quilted purse.

Her new construction captures a playful side of Chanel not often explored. Candyland icecaps and bleached coral decorate this bubble of fantasy, against which Chanel's classic couture truly does pop. Rather than walk in a straight line, the models mill around in all different directions as if scuttling across the ocean floor. The view seems possible only by opening a clam shell and gazing in at the miniature world in the pearl inside.

Chanel is privately owned by the Wertheimer family and reserves the right to ensure any financial figures remain under wraps. But its spectacular revenues are a given. It should come as no great surprise, then, that the clothes, too, were not for shrinking violets. Models with glossy, slicked-back ponytails and huge glittering eyebrows wore boucle wool parkas with jewel-encrusted hoods, skinny cropped trousers and striped knits, layered one over the other. Here was a grey flannel cap-sleeved ankle-length gilet decorated with what looked like a map of the solar system, there the iconic little black dress, with a bodice finished with hard-edged tiles of mirrored plastic.

Some of the accessories were equally striking — even including, in one notable case, a three-year-old child. If last season, Lagerfeld's message was one of sweetness, for the autumn a tougher aesthetic came to the fore. Colour was almost invariably dark: Then, of course, there were the money-spinning accessories: Later in the day, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, designers of the Valentino label, also hardened up the prettiness of their summer collection in favour of something more austere. Theirs was a subtle shift, however, and a lovely one for that.

Soft black leather was finished with frogging and braiding — a nod to the military mood that has been seen elsewhere — but executed with restraint. Cotton dresses in black and Valentino red and with youthful scalloped edges were similarly refined. If the idea behind employing new talent to reinvent old names is to draw future generations into the fold, then this show was a brilliant demonstration of that. Suffice it to say that all of those young, beautiful and, of course, rich enough to invest in high-end designer fashion would do well to spend their money here.

Everyone knows cute kids can make great accessories, and the three-year-old boy who graced the Chanel catwalk yesterday was no exception. Despite knowing the dangers of working with children and animals, designers often do — they know it's a surefire way to grab headlines and extra column inches, not to mention lull their audiences into a broody swoon. For autumn , Alexander McQueen punctuated his autumn snowstorm show with a pair of young, red-headed twins, who only added to the other-worldliness. Last September, the London-based label Meadham Kirchhoff had a troupe of pre-teen ballerinas pirouette along the catwalk before models returned for a finale.

And Jean-Paul Gaultier, always one to take things to extremes, had models walk different breeds of dogs for autumn , as they showed off his priceless pieces. Anna Wintour, we all know, now regularly graces the British capital's shows with her presence: The British Fashion Council ambassadors, meanwhile, from ladies who lunch to First Ladies, are glacial and groomed, dressed in London-born designs. In the past they would simply have been grumpy and perhaps in possession of a statement hat. Their show titles are no less evocative: They are, then, the brilliantly anarchic exception that proves the rule.

Oh, and they claim to be "somewhat allergic" to Samantha Cameron, who is unlikely to be spotted in anything carrying their label any time soon. He's dressed in red mohair jumper and shorts and shiny pink stockings. Meadham's room is painted an orange so bright it's positively throbbing. Benjamin Kirchhoff's office is more subdued and populated by well-cared-for plants. The latter's clothes are chic, black and understated. Are Meadham and Kirchhoff bad-tempered? In fact, the odd flash of vitriol, directed primarily at themselves, is, as it turns out, as entertaining as the clothes. Here's Meadham talking about the autumn collection, for example.

The shows are entirely my way of being nice, you know; they're my way of being really nice. Because I'm not nice. I want everybody to sit there and feel completely joyful and not hate themselves for five seconds. True to his word, in the past year alone, the label has offered up a troupe of Courtney Love lookalike can-can dancers Meadham is among the singer's most obsessive fans , a group of fledgling prima ballerinas, and a parade of glam-rock poster girls complete with rainbow-coloured teeth and ears, all of which was indeed enough to bring a smile to the most po-faced commentator's lips.

The collections themselves have been witty, pretty, beautiful and brave. Ostrich feather chubbies, crystal-fringed silk bloomers, ankle-length ruffled chiffon dresses and jackets made out of what looks like the grandest vintage furnishing fabrics imaginable, all executed to a level not often found outside the Paris ateliers, have earnt Meadham Kirchhoff a following that extends way beyond the fashion establishment.

They have a predominantly teenage fan base, they say — everywhere from America to Lithuania — and they are more than happy to communicate with these young aficionados directly. Someone else has made the cardigan. For his part, Meadham has recently received an elaborately crafted fanzine, inspired by their work and sent to him by another young, like-minded soul. Happy and sort of touched and proud. When Meadham Kirchhoff collaborate with Topshop, any merchandise sells out almost before it makes the rails.

No less than 25, sets of Meadham Kirchhoff nail stickers sold through the high-street chain. Ask Meadham how old he is and he comes back with: Kirchhoff who is, on the surface at least, the gentler soul, says they are "ageless and constant". Meadham started life in Somerset "it was kind of idyllic, I used to play in the countryside" and then West Sussex "I think I was always the weird gay one at school". Of southern French extraction, Kirchhoff was born in Chad and moved to Guinea until, aged 15, his parents sent him to school in France. I wasn't made to feel very welcome. I think Ed and I both grew up being socially awkward and not necessarily having a tonne of people around us and only very few who we felt comfortable with," he says.

Both of them were also, in their own very different ways, above averagely interested in fashion. Meadham made clothes for his toys and later bought Buffalo platforms and Huggy Bear records. Kirchhoff used to source fabric and then give his drawings to street tailors in Africa and have suits made. They met at Central Saint Martins where Meadham studied womenswear and Kirchhoff menswear and launched Benjamin Kirchhoff, purveyor of the latter, after graduating in Four years after that, Meadham Kirchhoff was born.

It's a world populated and influenced by the things Meadham in particular identifies with. I saw David Lean's Great Expectations when I was about four and thought it was just the most amazing thing. They're having a bit of an argument in my head. I loved [Emile] Zola, the way that every single aspect of a story is described to you, like the sound a glass makes, a chip on crockery, a rip on a dress All those things had a really big impact on the way I see things.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Vivienne Westwood is the single living designer Meadham claims to be indebted to. She's the only one I can think of who has done, as far as I can tell, exactly what she wanted, forever, and seems to still be very much in control of what she does. Westwood, it almost goes without saying, has also made a career out of an uncompromisingly original and often confrontational stance and that — in the current climate, at least — appears to be increasingly rare.

And with that in mind, Benjamin Kirchhoff states: It's not that we don't play the game At Prabal Gurung, models wore cat's eye sunglasses by Linda Farrow Project — an extreme update of the Fifties-style eyewear seen over the summer, but in this rendering deconstructed and given wavy edges to soften the graphic frames against the face. Perfect for sheltering behind in wintry sun. Meanwhile, the sci-fi smoky-glassed visors by Alexander McQueen are the most statement showpiece to have gone into production since the label's sky-high armadillo shoes.

Part-cyborg, part Olympic velodrome, it's just the ticket to top off the new season's Star Trek-meets-sports luxe look. Jewellery-wise, go goth or go glam. Leather accessories have been in the style doldrums, thanks to the ubiquitous 50 Shades of Grey, but Lanvin's black leather panther choker is a suitably fierce and scarily sophisticated return to form, embellished as it is with jewelled eyes and mouth.

Feet come into sharper focus too, but shoes are anything but razor-like. Acne's elasticated slip-on brogues in high-shine and slightly sinister black leather are key to this autumn's "ugly" trend, while at Balenciaga Nicholas Ghesquiere mixed the Eighties with out-of-this-world references to create a retro-futurist shoe: Print will play an important role in your wardrobe this season, but it shouldn't stop at your ankles.

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Now he can finally give his condolences to Cassidy Frazier, whose husband died under his command. But when he tracks down the single mother, he finds out that Cassidy is about to be evicted and her son, Cody, is in the hospital.

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At first, Cassidy tells Mitch she doesn't want his help. The military wasn't there for her when it mattered most, so she certainly doesn't need them now. But Mitch is more than a soldier: And if she lets him into her family, perhaps she can give Mitch something worth fighting for Look for all three ebooks inspired by real-life heroines: Kimberly Stanton is a woman on a mission: Special Forces operative, Tex Monroe, is a man on a mission: Thrown together in an attempted kidnapping, they must flee through the jungle and find a way not to kill each other before their pursuers—or their smoking hot attraction—can get the best of them.

Praise for Cindy Dees: Keep the daughter of your enemy closer Kindergarten teacher Willa Merris has never wanted her father's lavish lifestyle. But when he's murdered, she becomes the executor of his estate. To add insult to injury, Gabe Dawson—her father's nemesis—informs her that she's on the brink of financial collapse.

Willa doesn't trust him—or herself…not to run her hands over his chiseled physique. Billionaire Gabe Dawson still remembers the gawky teenager Willa was. But that awkward girl is now a sultry, beautiful woman.