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As well as portraying beauty in the classical manner, eighteenth-century artists could overdo it from top to bottom. Their preromantic sensitivity could aspire to the sublime or be pleased with the picturesque. This triple definition by Hussey, although modern, is true to the concept of the epoch, as Uvedale Price explained in The examples Price gave of these three aesthetic tendencies were Handel as the sublime, a pastorale by Arcangelo Corelli as the beautiful, and a painting of a Dutch landscape as the picturesque.

During the mid 18th century the idea of purely scenic pleasure touring began to take hold among the English leisured class. This new image disregarded the principles of symmetry and perfect proportions while focusing more on "accidental irregularity," and moving more towards a concept of individualism and rusticity.

Anna Jameson wrote in Though seemingly vague and far away, the Far East, China and Japan, played a considerable role in inspiring a taste for the picturesque. Sir William Temple — was a statesman and essayist who traveled throughout Europe. Among us [Europeans], the beauty of building and planting is placed chiefly in some certain proportions, symmetries, or uniformities; our walks and our trees ranged so as to answer one another, and at exact distances.

The Chineses scorn this way of planting, and say, a boy, that can tell an hundred, may plant walks of trees in straight lines, and over-against one another, and to what length and extent he pleases. But their greatest reach of imagination is employed in contriving figures, where the beauty shall be great, and strike the eye, but without any order or disposition of parts that shall be commonly or easily observed: And whoever observes the work upon the best India gowns, or the painting upon their best screens or purcellans, will find their beauty is all of this kind that is without order.

Alexander Pope in a letter of , refers to Temple's Far East: Imaginations of Far Eastern irregularity and sharawadgi returns frequently in the eighteenth and nineteenth century discourse. Multiple authors have attempted to trace the etymology of sharawadgi to various Chinese and Japanese terms for garden design. Two Chinese authors suggested the Chinese expressions saluo guaizhi "quality of being impressive or surprising through careless or unorderly grace" Chang [12] and sanlan waizhi "space tastefully enlivened by disorder" Ch'ien Lang and Nikolaus Pevsner dismissed these two unattested Chinese terms, doubted the Japanese sorowaji , and suggested that Temple coined the word " sharawadgi " himself.

These authors placed Temple's discovery in the context of upcoming ideas on the picturesque.

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Gilpin also lives on as the model for the satirist William Combe 's clever but cruel Tour of Dr Syntax in Search of the Picturesque , brilliantly illustrated by Thomas Rowlandson. This poor curate sets off on his straggly mare Grizzle in a quest for picturesque scenery, often and usually to his discomfort oblivious to the realities of the world around him. As well as his picturesque writing, Gilpin published numerous works on moral and religious subjects, including biographies of Hugh Latimer , Thomas Cranmer and John Wicliff.

A proportion of the profit from his writing went on good works in his parish, including the endowment of the school at Boldre which now bears his name. Many of the manuscripts of his tours, including unpublished or only recently published material, are now housed in the Bodleian Library , Oxford. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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