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Each speaker's name is not italicised so you can't tell who is speaking - when they call each other by name. Very poor layout - not worth the small sum it costs.

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Much better is this one: Who would dare to give Shakespeare less than 5 stars? Seriously, I haven't read them all yet but the idea of having all of Shakespeare's works in one place - and it was free! Talk about value for money! I already have the Complete Works , , , , in a huge "library edition" book, but now I can sit up in bed and read them without cutting off the circulation to my legs!

If you enjoy Shakespeare you will enjoy dipping into this. I love Shakespeare- well most. Love the tragedies and the historical. Still can't find much funny in the comedies. But bought on Kindle for 99p which bears lugging a huge book.

Is the poem also a "Table of Contents" (TOC) for TTOTC? Part 1

Far more economical than buying all the individual books. Shame is although Kindle is great in holiday at home you can't beat the feel of a real book. But I am happy. Shakespeare on the go. I bought this only as an extra dimension to two other 'Complete Works' I have. A lovely book given by my grandmother in and then a DVD I bought a few years ago.

Now I have a Kindle version to show how portability has changed. The book is about 2 inches thick. This is an absolute bargain. I bought this as well as a physical copy and it's great for university as I can add notes and highlight useful parts. There's no point in me commenting on the writer, he is ridiculously famous anyway, so if you like Shakespeare, get it! I have had a hard copy of this since I was at school in the sixties One of my most treasured possessions.


Such a bonus to be able to carry it around on my Kindle! If Shakespeare be the food of Love One person found this helpful. It's exactly what I expected - Shakespeare! Excellent read highly recommended! See all reviews.

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Would you like to see more reviews about this item? Most recent customer reviews. Published 3 months ago. Published 1 year ago. Poe is -as almost every horror story fan has admitted- great entertainer and thrilling author who raises also many deep philosophical and psychological questions in his text, but he is also using rich language and many strange and old words that are a real challenge and the place for learning for any medium-skilled foreign reader like me who want to improve their English skills.

Absolutely one of the best trades I have done in Amazon. The Enigma, The Genius. This was originally reviewed along with every single story inside this anthology over at alex-hurst. Naturally, to leave a review of everything here would be far too long! I finished reading Edgar Allan Poe: The compiler of the work did do a very good job formatting the poetry and fiction prose. They used true type, so even on the Kindle, it made for very lovely reading. Little embellishments, like unique titles, made the anthology look more polished.

I would have liked to have seen more context notes, because some of the stories and poems made a great deal more sense with the context I was able to glean from the internet after only moderate searching.

Buddhist Sutras: The ULTIMATE Collected Works of 10 Famous Sutras by J. Takakusu

In many cases, the poetry or fiction notes that Edgar Allan Poe wrote to his editors at the time were not included with the stories, to the detriment of quite a few of them. However, I know that to compile and format an anthology of this size and breadth is near impossible to do without some technical errors, and as most of my complaints were merely stylistic and subjective, I can recommend this anthology to most readers. The section in the back which lists references to derivative or inspired works was very interesting.

Much respect to Maplewood Books.

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The anthology is a beast, totaling over , words total. They are in no particular order.

The Fall of the House of Usher 2. The Black Cat 3. The Oval Portrait 6. The Cask of Amontillado 7.

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The Pit and the Pendulum 8. The Tell-Tale Heart The Facts in the Case of M. Loss of Breath 3. The Premature Burial 5. The Business Man 8. The Colloquy of Monos and Una The Power of Words Poems: The City in the Sea 2. The Conqueror Worm 6.

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The Haunted Palace 7. The Valley of Unrest The Forest Reverie The Village Street I'll be honest, I am quite a fan of Poe's later works, and I have enjoyed many of the stories in here that I'd never heard before.