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The Yummy Mummy's Family Handbook by Liz Fraser

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The Yummy Mummy's Family Handbook by Liz Fraser

Format Paperback eBookePub edition. About Product Details Reviews Forget the frump. Wave goodbye to those leggings — there's a new breed of mothers on the baby block.


Yummy Mummies don't leave their sense of style in the maternity ward — the loving hands that rock today's cradles are manicured and moisturised. Not much, as it turns out but that's not to say it wasn't life-altering. Sold as a definitive guide to yummy-mummies navigating the unpredictable waters that are fast-paced modern lifestyles, the handbook falls a little short.

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  5. What Fraser does do is discuss the numerous challenges that arise in daily family life from loo-lid dilemmas to sex-drive sweeteners to playground politics. She delivers some great tips in this light-hearted guide to managing your dynasty. The reverse cover of the book quotes Liz's line "Because Family shouldn't be an F-word" but then the title of one of her chapters is 'The F word: Confusing, yet a perfect analogy to describe the book.

    The Yummy Mummy’s Survival Guide

    Liz is a great woman for straight-talking, clean-mouthed gags and a little light-hearted entertaining about family life, however if you're looking for help of the scientifically proven or academically correct variety then this is the wrong handbook. Busy, working mums have more than enough to do between running the various home-based businesses such as the transport system school, footy, playdate runs , laundry service, catering and domestic sanitation never mind the day job that when we reach for a survival guide we don't want it to be a far-stretch of the imagination.

    Unlike real life chats with friends, this book is very good at giving you the brutal truth about certain situations. For example, the book spills the beans about how new mums really feel about their bodies and how some new dads react to fatherhood. It also addresses head on the difference between the image that we are all keen to project of coping versus the true state of our homes and relationships.

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    6. All too often women are drawn into discussions that imply that motherhood is a competition.