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I get relief by being inside my house in natural lighting. Today's post is nothing school related at all. Because last weekend, after I blogged on Saturday to be exact.

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I started seeing black floaters in my right eye. Just to clear up any confusion, I want you to know that these are not your "typical" floaters.

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Because, a couple of times, when I've said I … [Read more Last night, I only slept for about ten hours. Totaling that up with the night before equals twenty-two hours of sleep which means I practically slept an entire day away. I'm not mad about it, though, because I feel so much better today!!! Bring on a fresh new week! Drunk mother, abusive stepfather. But funding the new project has been difficult. Now, Mark is raising money to get her book published. The rest will come from donors. The way they respond to the camera is fascinating.

Mary Ellen Mark revisits ‘Streetwise’ 30 years later

Their relationship is, too. She was too proud, and Mark was too aware of what was at risk: But always, Mark and Bell said, their goal has been to give voice to those out of the mainstream. The changing media landscape has given her work urgency.

10 School Field Trips Gone Terribly Wrong pt.2

There are no more magazines like Look or Life magazine to assign, fund and publish the kind of photo essays that are her signature. Magazines are about celebrities.

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They raised awareness, effected change, and allowed her to chronicle the lives of her subjects not just for two months in Seattle in — but for the rest of her life. And we will be forever. The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times.