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For instance, if you don't like being referred to by an insulting nickname, say so clearly and unambiguously. Document the bully's behavior and report it to management if it continues. With more subtle forms of bullying, the person may deny the behavior.

How to Survive in a Hostile Working Environment | Career Trend

For example, if a co-worker sabotages you by not passing along an important memo, he may try to claim he honestly forgot. In this situation, Tirado advises confronting your co-worker directly but calmly , using your documentation to prove a pattern of behavior. Holding a bully accountable is the best way to stop the behavior, according to a paper on toxic workplaces by Kirk Lawrence, program director at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

You can defuse some behavior by refusing to engage with it. Lawrence explains that the best way to respond to hostile criticism is to say, "Thank you for your opinion" and then immediately walk out of the conversation. If a co-worker is getting emotionally agitated, Tirado advises asking him if he needs a moment to calm down. This allows you to confront the behavior while regaining your own power in the conversation. Workplace bullying flourishes when co-workers don't support each other. If you stand up for your co-workers , you can help create an environment where they will also stand up for you.

Standing Up for Yourself

Lawrence provides several suggestions for creating a workplace where bullies cannot flourish. Some workplaces are too toxic for you to change them on your own. And the older they get, the less optimistic they become. I always enjoy hear from people who feel their co-workers are their second family.

11 Tips For Staying Sane in a Toxic Work Environment

It makes going to work so much better. If you are someone who feels camaraderie with co-workers, consider yourself fortunate. If you aren't, it might be time to make a change. The Associated Press reported the findings earlier this week and summed up the study's bullet points: Copyright Miami Herald Media Company. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Follow me Visit My Website. Follow me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. Subscribe to my RSS feed. This will undermine your case. Work together to generate solutions. Your coworkers might have helpful insights and good ideas to resolve the situation. For example, is a coworker on good terms with a supervisor or human resources staff member who might be able to help or offer advice? If multiple employees have a problem with a supervisor's behavior, agree on a way that everyone should respond. This will send a consistent message to the supervisor that their behavior is unacceptable. Focus on identifying some of the main concerns shared by employees, but also discuss specific solutions to resolve these problems.

Form a united front. If you decide to take more formal action to improve a hostile work environment, forming a united front will be more impressive to supervisors and company management. Multiple employees working together to resolve these issues will be more effective than one person making a complaint or stating a grievance.

Here are a few suggestions for group actions you might consider taking: Organize a group meeting with management or human resources to articulate concerns. If your company or workplace is associated with a union, consider making a group presentation to members. Talk with your supervisor.

If previous attempts to deal with a hostile work environment have failed or you feel the situation is too serious to wait, set up a time to meet with your boss and discuss your concerns. To demonstrate that you are a team player and not a problem employee, try to address these issues in a way that is positive and diplomatic.

Instead, recommend concrete steps you would like supervisors to make to address your concerns and improve the workplace environment.

How to Survive in a Hostile Working Environment

If you feel like your boss is responsible for the hostile work environment, it might be a good idea to talk with human resources personnel in your office or company. Meet with human resources personnel. A human resources employee or representative can serve as a mediator and help resolve the workplace issues. Provide the documentation you've collected to support your claims. Ask to be reassigned or relocated.

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If you feel that a change of department, supervisor, or branch might improve your work situation and productivity, talk with human resources about this option. A small change like this could make a significant difference in your situation. Send a letter from an attorney.

File a hostile work environment claim. If the letter from an attorney does not result in the changes you had hoped or you would prefer to file the lawsuit, meet with the attorney to explore the possibility of filing a hostile work environment lawsuit.