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Thank you to everyone who has applied - we will be in touch with you shortly. In we will invite writers and illustrators to one of three workshops in London Saturday 8 September , Liverpool Saturday 15 September and Nottingham Saturday 29 September.

During the workshop you'll hear from authors, illustrators, literary agents and Penguin Random House experts on how to navigate the publishing process and get your work noticed. This includes learning techniques for editing your writing, developing your artwork, or getting tips on how to approach a literary agent. You will also get the unique opportunity to receive one-to-one personal feedback from an editor or designer on your manuscript or illustrations.

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After getting to know you and your work, we'll ask 10 exceptional new voices to join our year-long mentoring programme. By taking a class, you help support our community programs.

Project Write Now is excited to announce a new addition to our pool of instructors. This fall, he is teaching Emerging Writers on Thursdays from 7 to 9 p. Our Writers Institute community manager, Elizabeth Januzzi, sat down with Ray to get to know him better.

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I always try to read from short story collections, as well. I just re-read J. You are teaching a class this fall at Project Write Now and you are also on our board. Why Project Write Now? After attending many different events and discussing the organization with the founders, I felt this was a group that was committed to doing great things for the community.

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My love of writing and my previous board and business experience just seemed to be a perfect fit. First and foremost, I want this class to be fun. I want to make it interesting for everyone at all levels and provide encouragement and ways for everyone to advance what it is they are trying to do.

There will be some writing exercises, reading assignments, workshopping, as well as brief lectures and discussions about what makes for great storytelling. I won an award in high school for the best short story by a high school student in New Jersey and was too embarrassed to go to the awards ceremony. WriteNow was one of the two original word processor applications developed for the launch of the Apple Macintosh in , and was the primary word processor for computers manufactured by NeXT. It had a combination of powerful features, excellent performance, and small system requirements.

WriteNow was written for Apple Computer, Inc.

Sarah Rhea Werner

Steve Jobs was concerned that those programming MacWrite were not going to be ready for the release date of the Macintosh; he therefore commissioned a team of programmers to work independently on a similar project, which eventually became WriteNow. Ultimately, MacWrite was completed on schedule and shipped with the Macintosh.

WriteNow improved on some of the limitations of MacWrite through the better handling of large documents and the addition of features such as spell check and footnotes. It was "lean and fast," being written entirely in assembly language , and could fit with the Macintosh operating system on a bootable KB floppy disk. WriteNow went through several versions, culminating in with version 4.