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Mallory is a character any child, from late elementary school age to older tween age, can relate too. Each book of the Mallory series continues to offer something new to the experience of a young girl that everyone can relate too. While Mallory might seem whiny at times, it is all just a testament to how great Friedman got the self-absorbed worldview of an eight-year-old girl down. Each book begins with an introduction to the reader from Mallory and usually incorporates handwritten letters or emails to friends within the pages. Environmental protection -- Juvenile fiction. Interpersonal relations -- Juvenile fiction.

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Schools -- Juvenile fiction. City of Tonawanda Library. Julia Boyer Reinstein Library. Summary Mallory McDonald is going green! Booklist Review After Mallory becomes class representative for the school's Green Fair, she adopts a leadership style that includes issuing tickets to friends and family members who waste energy.

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  7. So far in my book, Mallory has started a new year and has just been selected to be in charge of a going green project in her class. The part I like the most so far is when Mallory gets selected to be in charge. I like that part because I can predict that nothing is going to go right I also like that this book tells you about and how to go green.

    I can kind of relate to this because at my old school, my group and I made our own game board creations and mine got picked. I thought it was going to go great, but it got ruined because my group colored things they weren't supposed to and they were goofing off.

    Mallory Goes Green!

    And I can kind of predict that the story ends well like they all do. I can relate to that because when my board got done, even though it was sloppy, it was still the most popular game in the class. Apr 25, Becky rated it it was ok. Mallory's school decides to become more eco-friendly, and Mallory is chosen to represent her class on the environmental committee.

    Each class needs a project to present at the Green Fair. Mallory's idea is to make t-shirts to sell to make money for an environmental charity, and she's certain everyone will love it.

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    But they don't; not even her best friends support her. Mallory is angry and hurt because she knows her idea is a good one, but her classmates want to make recycle bins for the cafeteri Mallory's school decides to become more eco-friendly, and Mallory is chosen to represent her class on the environmental committee.

    Mallory is angry and hurt because she knows her idea is a good one, but her classmates want to make recycle bins for the cafeteria. She feels left out and shunned--how can she make everything right again?

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    I guess 9-year-olds can relate to feeling upset when people dismiss their ideas, but Mallory is just a little too full of herself for my tastes and stubbornly refuses to see things any other way than her own. It seems to take a long time before she understands why her classmates didn't support her. Nov 01, Itasca Community Library added it Shelves: Mallory is back and this time she is the official member of the Fern Falls Elementary Environmental Committee.

    Mallory is so excited to go green that she alienates her friends and family by telling them what they need to do to go green, too.

    Mallory Goes Green! by Laurie B. Friedman

    Apr 14, Luisa rated it liked it Shelves: Mallory is a solid protagonist whose missteps make her more likeable. Nov 15, Sydney rated it it was amazing. Dec 11, Elizabeth Oakley rated it really liked it. I like this book because it tells how you can help the world. I don't get why it spells community wrong and then all of a sudden, it's spelled right.

    I like the part when mallory's friends try to cheer her up when no one liked her idia for the green faire. Jan 19, Diane rated it liked it Shelves: Mallory is chosen to be the class representative on the environmental committee. But when she comes up with an idea without taking any suggestions from her classmates, she is devastated when they are all not as excited. Jan 17, Kaytee rated it it was amazing. When i read this book i thought Mallory was overreacting about going green but i also thought that ignoring Mallory was really rude but Mallory was so focused that she did not have time for her friends.

    Aug 30, Madeleine rated it it was amazing. I thought this book was good.

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