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The 40-year mystery of America’s greatest skyjacking

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Shipping We ship within the 48 contiguous United States. Tracking is provided for most US domestic shipments. By the time military helicopters were scrambled, on November 24 , to search the land north of Portland for a 6ft tall Caucasian man weighing to pounds, DB Cooper was long gone — presumably packing away his parachute and trudging through mud and rain to make his escape.

The Tavern, a small wooden building built in the Twenties that sits on the corner of a pine-fringed road, is closed on Mondays, but Dona, now 74, has opened up just for me. It has become an unofficial Cooper repository: Inside, it smells of dogs and wood fire. A huge deer head fixed to the wall stares at me as I pull up a chair. Dona sits beside me, sipping from a water bottle, and thumbing a scrapbook full of more Cooper news stories. I ask why the story is so big still, 40 years on, and she suddenly becomes animated. Driving east along Highway 14 from Portland you wonder: If he died though, he had to have family and friends and surely somebody would have come forward.

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He could, quite conceivably, have disappeared. Cooper Country has that effect on you. The next stop on my journey is a tiny private beach along the Columbia River known as Tina Bar. It belongs to two brothers, Albert and Richard Fazio, whose family farm and gravel company has been here since the early Fifties.

D.B. Cooper: Mystery Solved?

The Fazio brothers received some unwanted attention back in February when, nine years after the Cooper skyjacking, an eight-year-old boy called Brian Ingram, whose family had been given permission to camp on the beach, found three packets of the Cooper ransom money, still bundled up in rubber bands.

Richard, a tall man with grey hair, offers to take me down to Tina Bar, a short walk from his office. Richard says he and his brother knew nothing about the money until the FBI showed up on their doorstep: Albert was in town the morning the FBI came; Richard was eating lunch with some colleagues. Richard says it was a media circus.

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  • He probably landed up in the mountains someplace then floated down. Cooper left a tie draped over his plane seat and cigarette butts in an ashtray, but it was still several years before technology was advanced enough to extract DNA from these.

    The year mystery of America’s greatest skyjacking - Telegraph

    The FBI also found fingerprints and a strand of hair, but again, until forensic technology caught up, a strand of hair was useless. FBI agents who have worked on the Cooper case over the years differ in their opinions of what happened to him. Special agent Larry Carr, who spent several years running the Cooper investigation, thought he must have died when he jumped as he was wearing just a suit, which would have afforded him little protection against the elements.

    Current case agent Curtis Eng, however, thinks that if Cooper had died, we would have found clothing or money by now — something.

    Were We Looking For D.B. Cooper In The Wrong Place All Along?

    As for suspects, there have been more than 1, over the past four decades. It took me about eight or nine months for me to believe that Walt was in fact Cooper. Jones listened to over three and a half hours of audio tapes between Laurin and Reca, where Reca admits to the hijacking and gives detailed information on how he carried the crime out. He was afraid of going to prison. He did a lot of things, got away with a lot of stuff, even until his final years. He was involved in some crazy things. While Laurin and Jones promise to reveal those things in the future, for now they encourage you to read the book and draw your own conclusion.

    Laurin met Reca, who was a military veteran and former paratrooper, as a part of the Saginaw based Michigan Parachute Club in Laurin adds that as a part of that group he did several sky dives in much more dangerous conditions than those on that fateful November night in For me, it was just getting one piece of evidence at a time and then move on to the next thing. I had no reason to listen to anybody else because I knew that I had him all along and to listen to them would have been really counterproductive.

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