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BYO nibbles, licensed bar available. End of the Rainbow is a musical drama about the final years in the life of Judy Garland. The failed marriages, the suicide attempts and the addictions are all behind her.


At forty-six and with new flame Mickey Deans at her side, she seems determined to carry it off and recapture her magic. But lasting happiness always eludes some people, and there was never any answer to the question with which Judy ended every show: Touch this woman at your own risk.

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Every chapter of Garland's history is alive: She has a strong sense of herself as a human tragedy on a world stage, but her sense of humor, of the absurdity of it all, is just as sharp. Some of her zingers are appallingly funny And then she sings.

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And all those disparate, desperate elements coalesce into a coherent, riveting whole. Ferocious and fascinating" Sunday Express.

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