Manual For Boston: From Worst to First, the Improbable Dream Season of the 2013 Red Sox

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The Red Sox never had more than a three-game losing streak and led the majors in runs scored. They regained the respect of Red Sox Nation and lifted a city still reeling from the senseless violence that marred its beloved marathon just as the baseball season was getting underway. The season was destined to be just as drama-filled and unforgettable. As in , it would end in victory for the Red Sox.

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No more curses; in just one season, this was fortune reversed. Plus, look back at the historic importance of this World Series match-up with a special Sox—Cardinals retrospective section that makes this the perfect souvenir or gift for any fan. This has been a season to remember for Red Sox fans, a journey of deep lows and great highs that both underline and transcend the sport of baseball. For Boston offers the perfect way to replay those moments and revel in the triumph of a team and a city that refused to be counted out.

Sign up for free! Lackey" all night without any profanity at Fenway. He got another standing ovation when he left in the seventh with the bases loaded. The Red Sox won 97 games and the A. East in the regular season and continued undaunted through the playoffs. This year was all about survival. Then they metaphorically joined the Bruins and did everything a sports franchise can do to help in the civic and often personal healing process.

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No adult is foolish enough to believe a baseball championship can replace a missing limb, erase the trauma of being in Copley Square at 2: Sadly, the Red Sox cannot raise the dead. Nor are the Red Sox in the business of performing miracles, unless they occur on the baseball diamond. They are, at their core, a form of entertainment. And expensive entertainment at that. The Red Sox permeate our lives with an emotional pull and intensity only rivaled by that caused our family, friends, politics and religion.

We give them our time, our money, our hearts and minds, and all too often, our children. The Red Sox brought this franchise, reviled in these parts just a year ago, back into the soul of New England. The way the Red Sox played this year, from the early days of spring training through Wednesday night in Game 6, was baseball the way it was intended.

Players played hard, pitchers threw strikes, batters worked counts, managers managed. All those wacky baseball fundamentals that got devoured by "The Monster" quietly arrived in Fort Myers and on Yawkey Way. Surprisingly, this World Series was a sloppy mess on the field, punctuated by [two too many] crazy throws to third base, obstruction calls and game-ending pickoffs.

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For all of you, for all the families who struggled through the bombing earlier this year, this is for all of you," Ortiz told the Fenway crowd after getting his new MVP trophy and truck. You guys are legit. Neither Lester nor Lackey will have to pick up the tab for another Bud Light or Popeye's combo in Boston for the rest of their lives. The haters, cynics and tin-foil-hat brigades in Pennsyltucky and elsehwere want you to believe Ortiz is the only player in major-league baseball tested not being tested for PEDs. It's part of the conspiracy, don't you know? Their ancestors exorcised all those demons by eliminating the Yankees after trailing and then sweeping these same Cardinals for Boston first World Series title in 86 years.

This year's Red Sox went from worst to first in the greatest tale of redemption since Scrooge's journey to the past, present and future on Christmas Eve. The foundation for this Improbable Dream was laid in the wreckage of the season. Once billed as the "Greatest Team in Baseball," those bloated, whiny, overpaid and under-performing Red Sox completed the worst September collapse in their history, after a history of epic September collapses.

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  • Wednesday's World Series championship, the eighth for the Red Sox, completed the full evolution of the Red Sox from a single-cell creature buried amid the fallout of the Nuclear Winter to a multi-headed, flame-throwing, bearded beast that won games, the American League East title, their first playoff game in 1, days along with the ALDS and the American League pennant, thanks in large part to grand-slams from Shane Victorino's and Ortiz. There are truly too many people to thank.

    Don't forget Joel Hanrahan 's playoff share. Thinking he's good for a couple of Fenway Franks and a free Coke. Most importantly, thank yourself for giving them an undeserved second [or perhaps third, fourth or fifth] chance. They rewarded you with the season you'll never forget for all the right reasons.

    Enjoy this celebration for a few days and be sure to load up on Red Sox swag in time for the holidays. Don't forget to visit our Obnoxious Boston Fan blog. As always, let us know what you think.


    Keep up with all the latest Boston sports news --from the court to the field to the rink with this daily newsletter. High schools Colleges Marathon Fan Shop. Boston is the luckiest baseball spot on earth, for it has never lost a world's series. Now we can all live in peace.

    For Boston: From Worst to First, the Improbable Dream Season of the 2013 Red Sox

    And when we say "live in peace," we mean just that. Come on, let it go. Cash in your chips. Walk with a smile. It all sounds so tempting. But these are the Red Sox. This choice is too easy. If you came back after , why leave now? You will inevitably decide to stick around, step on the gas and say "let's go for two. Keep keeping the faith.

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    The circle of life comes full circle. They are gone but not forgotten. You can fill in the rest. But don't forget, pitchers and catchers report in a little more than three months.