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The person will be learning to live with and express their feelings, such as sadness, anger, disbelief, fear and loneliness. Be prepared to listen and recognise their feelings. This gives them dignity — they will feel that you accept them as they are.

How Can I Say

It is sad to see changes in someone you know well. Value your relationship and treat the person who is ill as you always have, with warmth and concern. This will help you as well as them. This is a sad time but it can also be fulfilling. Generally, though, people with a terminal condition make gradual adjustments to the way they live — often with a great deal of uncertainty.

They keep hope alive and continue to set goals. They may want to explore what it means to be dying and test ideas on you. Be prepared to listen.

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You can help make this journey a little less lonely. Listen to them and learn to accept their understanding of the new situation. The most valuable thing you can give is your continued support. Health professionals can also help with emotional wellbeing, for the person, their family and carers.

The person will want to remain in touch and feel part of the world. Help them avoid isolation by adapting social activities to suit. Many people living with a terminal condition want to keep working, making the most of their time.

Others may work part-time or from home. It has all the classics. Is that an influence from your youth? I feel like the influence was always there, but I never really dug into it until eighth or ninth grade. I started listening to New Order and a lot of 80s bands, so I think those sounds inspired me to make this kind of music—with like a contemporary twist to it, I guess.

And you were inspired by Spanish pop and rock bands, too?

How can I say that I have been crucified with Christ?

Yeah—I noticed that a lot of the 80s bands, like Hombres G and Los Enanitos Verdes would use light synth pads, which kind of made the song a little more … lovely? So I tried to put that together with like, all the crazy synths that New Order was using. Even though the way Bernard Sumner writes is such a corny way, and everyone is always talking about it, I kind of like it— His lyrics remind me of yours in that way. I try to keep it cheesy, but not cringey. You can never have enough cheese. Why do you gravitate towards making dreamier music? I was listening to a lot of indie pop in high school—the fast pace of that in combination with the synths that 80s musicians used, I wanted to incorporate that into a modern feel.

Sometimes I ask myself if I should just simplify shit, like maybe having just six or eight tracks rather than what I usually have, which is like, 32 to State your question clearly in your post title 3. Consider the OP's skill level when answering a question. Use furigana if you think they won't understand your kanji usage. Do not guess or attempt to answer questions beyond your own knowledge. Trolling, immature, or hostile behavior will result in a warning or ban 6.

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