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Recent topics include rewarding yourself for reaching your goals, Kaizen, and several book summaries. No matter how busy you are, you can definitely make time for ProdPod's episodes. You deserve this reward for being productive. Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin bring together a great talk show about productivity, constraints, tools and communication.

How I Became a Human Guinea Pig

While each episode lasts an average of an hour and a half, listeners are entertained by the duo's funny antics on the side. Unlike most of the other podcasts that offer quick actionable tips, Back to Work offers a deeper look at important topics, including work, identity, and expectations. Not your ordinary podcast.

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Merlin and Dan talk about getting out of your own head. In his podcast, David uses the GTD system to help more readers achieve what he calls "mind like water".

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Among the various topics discussed: How do you create major impact using GTD? Your daily decisions definitely matter.

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Beyond the To-Do List. Albert Einstein said, "The only source of knowledge is experience. Recent themes explored by Fisher and his guests include: Attempting various diets, pills, potions, numerous side affects etc.

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  • However, all of her study has been in the natural and alternative health areas. Maxine understands that in today's society, people are overwhelmed with advice and suggestions, which constantly change. And, as a result, become confusing.

    How I Became a Human Guinea Pig by Gp, Maxine Bennett

    Therefore, she keeps her advice simple and to the point. The reader is not required to search the book for their own health problem, as everything is clearly explained under the designated heading. Maxine gives numerous examples of her own, and family health issues, which add to the interest. Read more Read less.

    Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. To stay perfectly healthy we need a programme tailored specifically to each and every individual. Doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths enjoy listening to her advice, which is updated regularly, when new studies come to light. Most doctors do not have the time or inclination to talk in depth with their patients about health in general and it is not until there is a serious problem which is then treated with drugs.

    How to Tame Your Guinea Pigs - 7 Tips

    Drugs may save your life in the short term but do not create health. As a tutor at Tafe College and U3A she is often in demand to speak to various groups interested in taking responsibility for their own health. Specific health problems are dealt with on a regular basis when someone calls requesting advice on a specific vitamin or food relating to a current health problem.

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