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I've been thinking of getting yo-j a ;. I fight she answered: De g 1 folks of peasants and shepherds; and. Will you do it, Massa men are much more comparable lo l. She has receiv- I: George for gallant rt ices, as have eighty other Rus- women. Tom grasps his hand and kisses it. You pick out some good hymns in the book here, and I'll go down and fetch two bottles of grape juice and some sandwiches.

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Andrew's Parish Church are holding a social in the St. Andrews Hall, 49th and Fraser. Cards and dancing will be on the programme for the evening and good music has been arranged for. The women are commonly broad shouldered, muscular, bard fisted and capable of great exertions. Moreover, they retain their vigor to a very advanced age, so that it is not surprising that- a woman of sixty should be fighting. It was the vigorous old age enjoyed by the people ol Servia and Bulgaria that led Professor Met- cbnikoff to develop his peculiar theories of combating premature old age among civilized peoples.

Tlie German and Austrian soldiers arc confronted with the terrible duty to many, it is undoubtedly a pleasant duty of bayonetting women, old and young, grandmothers, fighting in defer '; of their homes and tillages. A prominent Servian in America, '. Palcndech, has declared that , Servian women would take the field against the Germans and Austrians. In tbe two preceding Balkan wars an organization of Servian women called the "Legion of Death. Xcxt to the Servians, the Russians have put the largest number of women soldiers into the field. Which is another victory lor I.

What Kitchener said to the King, ,, ,, , t-',i i i I Mme. Mississippi paid a visit to me. Is the bed comfortable? Enter a pair of June bugs which buzz abominably about the lighted lamp. Get out, you pests. I knew there was something else needed here, Tom. You need some mosquito netting around your bed, my it put up tomorrow. Hurry to bed, and I'll tuck you in and put out the light. Uncle Tom drops his head oh the table and starts sobbing.

Which is more than can be said of some ot bis critics. Time's Changes Ain't it funny what a difference just a few years make. Ural Cossack Regiment of he Czar's army for her valiant services in the field. She is a woman of culture and refinement, distinguished as a poet and musician. Before lhe war she was wtdl known as an explorer, and hail written an interesting book called "A Diary ot My Ride Through Siberia.

A cutting wind whistled and moaned around the ruins of the village in which there bad been so much human joy before and so much misery after the battle. I was riding with a company of twenty-five. In the dead and solemn bowl of bills that rose before us mysterious lights. War exploits have md by any means been confined to Slavic women, although they have produced the greater number of warriors, l-'raulein Marie W'cissmann, a young woman prominent in Vienna society, is reported to bate fought for months as an Austrian soldier on the Russian front. She was recommended for an officer's commission on account of her bravery before it was discovered that she was a woman.

The Warsaw correspondent of the Dyen, a Petrograd newspaper, declares that large numbers of women have been captured, wounded and ttn- wounded, wdio bad been serving in the German army. They appear to belong to the upper classes. This is only natural, as the soil audit homes of Great Britain have not as]] yet been attacked in a manner that calls for women defenders. On the other band lhe women of England have organized for military I service in larger numbers than those of any other country.

Upward ol 60,-1 are now organized, uniformed anil:? Many nf the English women soldiers are assisting the authorities as guards of railway bridges and other points of military importance in out of the way parts of the country, Thc British Government shows no of th A. Tlu ,uld see "suffragettes" have made themselves the road strewn with broken boxes, knapsacks, household implements, dead men and horses which the enemy had left behind in their hurried remarkable by demanding a more vigorous prosecution of the war.

Thc reports generally agree that the women fight with great bravery. All ihc year round it is there in be used, li is never put mi the mantel or on a. Perhaps you have a telephone in your home? An extension upstairs will save running down when a eall comes in. Our sales departmenl will he glad to help you. Bruce is not a politician, lias never been a politician and some friends say that lie never will be a politician. This is ihe best recommendation that he hears. While knowing little of the mysteries of playing both ends against the middle, Mr.

Rruce can foot up a column of figures quicker than any man in his office. He can figure out freight on a cargo of lumber quicker than any of his hook-keepers. If it comes to giving an estimate for a house, a store, or a sidewalk, Mr. Bruce knows that "it's the overhead that eats a man up," and he knows that a dollar spent should bring back a dollar and a few cents worth of value. That's the way he runs his business and that's the way lie would run the business of the Municipal Hall if he were elected reeve.

Bruce we find a gentleman who is singularly opposed to trying to please all hands. He doesn't believe in that way of doing business. Whatever our opinions upon the liquor question may be, the stand of Bruce at that time was more or less of a manly stand. He had been sent abroad to endeavor to secure industries for Smith Vancouver. Here was a brewery industry. The law saitl that breweries might operate in British Columbia, so Bruce saw no reason why South Vancouver shouldn't have a nice little brewery. I le brought it back with him and was roundly condemned in many quar ters for his actions.

Bruce was horn in Ayrshire, al Irvine, a lew miles from the cottage of Rabbie Burns. Ile was brought up in Liver pool, and came lo Vancouver thirteen years ago to do rough labor in the yards of the Royal City Mills. He learned the lumber business from the piling lo the sale of lumber to ye prairie farmers. He became efficient in his line and so has prospered and has risen. That is a serious matter which should he closely investigated. Some people believe that "no such man should be trusted.

This is strange, because lew Tories see much io hi- proud of in certain Liberal papers. Bruce is a Tory, then, and a Presbyterian. Cos urn Bruce as lhe mosl likely iii lhe lot.

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Bruce in do inn see a perfect man. We know, however, that he i- a good man in his business, and is a man of integrity in every day affairs, lie did a mosl undiplomatic act in associating himself with the plan to give a brewery privilege to operate within the boundaries of the district. Bruce's opponents in the race for the reeveship are equally as guilty as he in regard to the matter of liquor leg islation.

In conclusion, it might be said that Mr. Bruce has lived lor a number of years in the municipality and is the head of a family. He has a reputation for abstemious habits and for honesty and uprightness. Bruce is not a good politician, has never been a politician, and some friends say he never will be a politician.

This is the best recommendation that he hears. Less politics and more horse sense in the handling of the office of reeve of South Vancouver would redound verj much to the benefit of the people who pay the taxes. Defending a prisoner for theft of money from a ship, a witness was called who had turned Suite's evidence and whose testimony went to prove that Choate's client had insti- gated the theft. Tell us how and what he spoke tn you. And, while you may not believe it, we are the largest importers of linens, etc. Choice of the lot.

Out,, the other day. Wc are going to put an end lo it hy making a chain of responsibility in each battalion, so thai no officer or non- com, can say it was none of his husiness. For example, the colonel and his majors will have to give personal supervision to all matters in tlie battalion.

It is most unfortunate that even with the proof of graft, from members of parliament down to clerks in stores, horse traders, inspectors, contractors, etc. Sir Charles Davidson, an investigating judge, says the grafters "deserve to he dealt with mercilessly.

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Is it any wonder that Sir Sam has discovered a lot of petty larceny? Look at the example that has been set?

Move over, Uncle Tom. Sexual harassment depends on "Aunt Tom" —the iconic opportunist.

The glaring thievery has hone unpunished. In China grafters are shot iu times of peace; in war they would probably he strung up and quartered. In France, grafters have been sentenced to penitentiary for long periods. Grafting in war supplies has not been properly discouraged; that's where pail of thc trouble lies. It is not that there is no necessity for the cold storage of eggs or that the business ol" so storing them is in itself had. Hut it has become the means of gouging the people by means of prices, when it should he the means of bringing prices nearer lo a reasonable basis.

It has also been used as the vehicle for foisting upon the people unsound food that was detrimental to their health and of providing dishonest bakers and others wilh a means of cheating the public. W'e don't want him. There is no legal punishment fur an individual whose conduct proves thai in accepting his word of honor, as that of an officer and gentleman, this government was mistaken in at least one particular.

Captured by thc Hritish, he is now a prisoner of war. In Britaih he can be locked up and probably will be. Under tlie circumstances, it is unlikely that llritain will repeat the error of judgment that was made by the United States. The American people, in spite of Iheir hard-headed business ability and practicality, are sentimental and emotional and easily swayed by appeals lo their feelings.

Here is ihis country, removed from danger by ils natural position; on friendly terms with its northern neighbor; lending a helping hand lo its southern neighbor; amicably disposed toward South America; having no quarrel with ANYBODY, being driven, through this same emotionalism, into a state of fear by a crowd of jingoes who care for little but their own profits. Every argument and possibility which can he fashioned by the human mind, is being brought to bear; sown, broad- east, through an unscrupulous press.

Every appeal of a maudlin nature is employed to reach thc affection anil: Lord Rosebery in his recent speech said: It is a sad and heart-breaking fact that this country, which has stood lor liberty and freedom, whether it has ever achieved them or not, is back-sliding: What a change the phenomenon is going to produce in civilization's social customs and ideals! The attention of Europe will be centred on the problems of repletiiig its vanished gold supply.

The saviour of his country, the true patriot, will he thc citizen who can effect the return of the largest amount of the precious metal. The fortune hunter, for example, will become a popular hero. Youth' who show lhe glimmerings of a genius for fascination will be state-aided to exerl their gifts for ihc benefit of the nation.

Picture ihc home-coming of the proud young Briton has snare. Thc aldermanic reception and address of welcome at Southampton; thc wild, cheering crowds; lhe portraits iu the illustrated papers with their stirring legends, such as "lie Did His Duty," "Married for Money for England," "He lias Immolated Kirhself: What Are You Doing? Smith moved from the country to London, bringing with her her old servant, Martha. It was Martha's first taste of town life. He ain't a preach- "Ob, but very fine gentlemen in; London wear silk hats! Smith, with a laugh.

Bowser kindly sent is. Bow,er fr H11 ,. Bowser called oul His Majcs- be'a fi ty's Militia Coal kept outalde soaks tip rain, becomes heavy. A ton of wel coal contains [ess than one Von of Amio. Telephone Seymour NOW! Why Experiment With Other Milk. There is one case where Mr. Bow- presenl one of the largest and lest A Timely Warning regarding the Young transaction. Thousands of dollars per head.

Few people will ever forgiv Mr. The lay viol- I lady's artistic ability, wrote a note oi inist. In the sale of frown Lands to. One manner in which Sir Richard Meliride endeared himself to the ' H lawyers of the Province was in the fact that he refrained from practising law while Premier. Had he continued iu the legal work, between Bowser and himself the entire legal bllsi-1 jgj jness of the.

Province might have been cornered. Bowser was the head. Here was one case which would have raised a rebellion in England, but which was forgotten in Hritish Columbia because of the outbreak of the war some little time after the boy's death. Bowser's departmeni is jr: Some idea nf the business ability iB of Mr. Bowser may be drawn from the fact thai iu ihe Strathcona Park I work, political camp followers got away with ten's 61 thousands. I Sir Richard was largely responsible fur this work, it is charged by Mr.

Bowser never opened his mouth in opposition i i it. In the Songhees Reserve transaction, Mr. Bowser countenanced the jg looting of the treasury to the amount B [of S A man may have talent and culture, be a great scholar, and yet be unable to make a living. Holden, director of educational work for the International Harvester Company, says: Education is derived from all our surroundings and experiences, and can not be limited by any set term of years, nor any place nor system.

It is a progression all through life. Education has been defined in many ways according to the age and the country in which the teacher lived; but when it is all summed up, we find that what people need is the kind of teaching which will make it possible for them to do their part in the world's work.

At Omaha, the Chairman of a meeting once asked me, 'Why is it that you are preaching coin throughout Iowa? Brother, don't you know that the corn side of people is bigger than the angel side? There are six thousand ministers preaching from the angel's point of view. Don't you knew that the ministers have only one day in the week to preach, and that is on Sunday? And only one hour on that day, and I have six days?

Books are tools, like an ax to the woodsman. They are great conveniences, but ihey are nol thc end. Is the ax the end? No, they are the means to an end. Education is fitting for the duties of life, and not all the duties are to be found in books. Work makes better citizens physically, spiritually, morally, intellectually, economically. For two thousand years the world has been working and feeding itself. Food is the chief material concern of life, and it is important that the citizen Le able to feed and clothe himself.

Otherwise, degeneration follows, and he becomes a burden on society. The world itself is a great institution of learning, r nd all the people in it are teachers. The exchange of knowledge from one to another goes on without end, both day and night, year in and year out. The achievements of others are about us on every side.

The great white way leads on. In this great world of opportunity, there is no excuse for failure. Success both great and small will come to us as we have eyes to see and brain to understand. Dominion Building, Vancouver, B. Take advantage of our special price offers: H lampsi or a half case 50 lamps will be s.. Boy-ed in the country? A Toronto school inspector would j gne military drill to every boy over Sir Sam Hughes should shed another honorary colonelcy here.

Joffre has retired ten French generals of advanced years. Pink pills for pale people, eh? Even the newspaper reports conflict. London Xews lells of troops transferred to the Eastern front. For a baptism of fire? Well, why do ihey destroy them faster than they can bc made? Writer in a British paper tjuerios whether with all this talk of economy tiie people are getting Stingy. Well, llritain hasn't offered anything to Greece in the last few days. National Housewives' League boasl , members and only Sh in the treasury,.

American rhynistcn who turns oul son-s by the yard has published an emotional rave of music, telling of President Wilson's wooing of Mrs. Norman Call, who happens to in- a descendant of Pocohontas, the Indian princess. Now to make the thing complete for the edification of the nation, all we need is a moving picture film of the wedding.

The shorter they make the women's skirts, the higher they make the shoes. Try our Special Chop with Egg Producer for cold, winter mornings. All trains equipped with Standard and Tourist Sleepers. Then we mere men would have I" pay the bets. One on Gotham "New York must be a city of fifty centres. W'e always had iln idea lhal ihey never spent less than a-dollar al a time on Hroadway. But the hole was clean. Great joy among the geese!

The deliberating must have been done by Von Tirpilz. On the staff of a Toronto daily paper there is an advertising man who is Scotch and a Presbyterian and holds views in accord with such an inheritance of race and religion. It so happened that h was sent out to get an advertisement from a tobacco dealer who was starting a new store on Vonge Street and was making an advertising splash..

It also so happened that the advertising man did not approve of the smoking habit. What should he do? Take an advertisement that his conscience told him was likely to result in the spread of an evil habit?

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It was a tough tug on his Presbyterian principles, but bis Scotch thrift could not permit him to pass up tbe advertisement altogether. So he compromised with his conscience. He would not take a big display advertisement. He undertook to write Wije advertisement for the tobacco man, and thc lattcr's amazement may be better imagined than described j when the advertisement appeared, as follows: After that the dealer vrote his own advertisements. Well, it cannot be said that the money goes to the dogs, anyway.

Nat Goodwin has begun to re cite "Gunga Din. Careful firesides must rely, therefore, upon newspaper's that voluntarily banish liquor and cigarettes, those greal: In lhe campaign for salponless slate it is vital that the forces of temperance cast the entire weight of their influence against the wets. Their subscription order tor a newspaper is, a vote for or against liquor, according as the advertising columns of that newspaper are for or against liquor, The Saturday Chinook is against the selling and distributing of liquor and cigarettes to minors through its advertising columns.

For true temperance should begin at home antl with the Home Newspaper. Delivered at your door for 10 cents a month. Ohio and Indiana, he- came interested in the proposed col- miy. At the Cooper i. A few whose The colony dug the ditches, each tiiimls had been filled with illusions, member being assessed his propor- ing, many glowing speeches v ere by N.

Meeker, agricultural editor made and the entire proposition laid nf the Xew York Tribune, under the bare. General Cameron after enlarg- ted to endure the privations which now advice and patronage of Horace Gree-j ing upon the location selected and the j confronted them, became homesick who perhaps had never been away from the comforts of a well established homestead, and wholly unfit- Icy, who evinced a lively interest in the drift of emigration to the westward. Byers, who comprehended that siuh a selection prospects; the wonderful climate, the j and disgusted.

He was continued to flourish with the passing war- until it became a noble monument i" the wi-ilo: In all the West donate share of the cost oi keeping them in repair. Members were also entitled to town lots for residence or business purposes, either or both at the minimum scenic beauty of the mountains an.

Said he; "I went j planting farms and gardens, setting to Indiana when it was a wilderness]"11' trees and shrubs and then cm- i little apprehensive, however, thatl there is no finer example of the bene- the colonists had given I io much at-! The funds derived from Greeley and more upon the neighbor- direction under such an association of the sale of town lots were devoted ing lands.

It was there that the great- elements as was here brought toge- to public improvements. In the In- est effort should have been made. Willi all lhe results exceeded the highest expectations! The entire summer and ant- controlled the municipal and all other of agricultural development. Thc officers and ment. Many ol those In a compilation of data prepared the executive committee having stu-1pensation for his services, while ac-1and fortifying its beautiful central sta- who came with only moderate posses- and to Chicago when it was a mud-1structillg a mighty canal.

Mills were hole, and now I want to go io Colo- set up in thc mountains to provide rado. Nowhere else mi the gh. Il woul original colony meetings in Xew pound; corn and oals the same; bar- miraculous even! Reports found their way ihtolan artist's studio, a lank, postoffiee, ments for the ultimate location. Cam-1 and dwellings nine late, and before jsions have been enriched, while the done with agriculture fortunes of all have keen advanced provided, fences buill I i a greater degree undoubtedly than put upon the various I could have been anticipated from the crou.

Iiyers strongly urged Mce! The venerable, i tion and I annual ruitage is of nave iiecn a'. Hundreds of fruit and for-. Some objected to the were watered hy hand from wells. Farm laborers j colony was in a state of disintegra-1 tion. In the mining districts [failed to receive farms of luu acres somewhal higher prices prevailed. In every community there arejthe list. Again there was a class who many win.

They've just got I - mething parts of the country. These fact- sliovv ili. Tin- town j in beer and other intoxicants, who had i -: The call for voltmleers,rapid advancement.

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Tic re- -ale i f liquors was not prohibited, suits accomplished demonstrate the concluding thai ihe people of Greeley energy and good will wliicli actuated I nnl needed a reasonable opportunity the majority iu their determination to to abandon tluir teetotalism, went i ceiveil. I'll show you where they're hiding. Rather than place responsibility for harassment squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrator, the Aunt Tom upholds the view that every woman in the office besides her is a potential victim and, therefore, a lawsuit waiting to happen. Those women just don't understand the big harassing boss like she does.

Those women won't protect the big sexual deviant boss like she does. And, yes, she serves the Big Boss Examples of Aunt Toms include private investigators from Black Cube who impersonated women's rights advocates to meet with and gather information about actress-accuser Rose McGowan. Also, a Black Cube spy who played a phony journalist who contacted actress-accuser Annabella Sciorra to test to see if she would reveal Weinstein's rape.

Even lawyer Lisa Bloom the daughter of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred strayed from her pursuit of women's rights and signed on briefly to represent predatory producer Harvey Weinstein as reports of decades of sexual harassment and assault accusation unfolded.

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Lisa Bloom explained, "From my perspective, I thought, 'Here is my chance to get to the root of the problem from the inside. I am usually on the outside throwing stones. Here is my chance to be in the inside and to get a guy to handle this thing in a different way. Aunt Toms calculate the payoffs of partnering up knowingly with sexual abusers in order to self-promote. Then are dismayed when and if their private cooning proves to be a public liability.

Aunt Toms are predictably shallow, self-interested, wannabe predators with a pack mentality. There were assistants setting up actresses with hotel room "business meetings" for Weinstein. Women journalists and Human Resources staff recruited interns and young staffers to work with Roger Ailes. And, of course, there are Aunt Tom women who took the Weinstein and Ailes pay-for-play offers. In the end, the Aunt Tom goes along to get along, fuelling the perception that "this is just how the game is played.