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The glorious, light-filled pictures and the clear simplicity of the words give the reader a sensitive and scientific portrayal of the life of early man. Amplaing, Max d' pseudonym for J. Zingh l'homme des cavernes. Editions L'Harmattan 11 janvier A Son of Noah. But the Flood will soon clear the air. Anderson, Poul William []. Homeward and Beyond, Doubleday; Trips in Time, Nelson; Silverberg et al, eds.

A graduate student volunteers to go back in time, where he lives briefly as his Cro-Magnon ancestor of the Old Stone Age, more than 20, years before. He "relives" his recapturing of his wife, Evavy, from the Neanderthals. Fiction 56, July, Visto Anno VII n. The Shield of Time. Manse Everard is a man with a mission. As an Unattached Agent of the Time Patrol, he's to go anyplace - and anytime!

This is Manse's profession, and his burden: Wanda Tamberley is a Patrol member in search of her mission. Recruited from sunny California in the late 20th century, she'd rather serve as a scientist in the research branch, exploring Earth's flora and fauna in epochs long past. But as hints accumulate from the Patrol's mysterious leaders uptime, it's beginning to look as if a lot of human history depends on her personal decisions - and Manse's. Meanwhile the Exaltationists are on the loose, determined to revise human history and rule Time forever The Man from the Sea.

When Euan found a shipwrecked stranger on the rocks near his village one windy dawn, his first feeling was one of anger that this dark man with the beautiful woven wool tunic was not his own father, lost at sea with all the other men of the primitive little fishing community some weeks before.

Now the women and children who remained were on the verge of starvation, and lived in dread of enslavement by neighbouring peoples. In addition to his talents as a writer, Schopfer in won the tennis championship of France. He wrote the first of his many books in For most of his travel books and novels he used the pen name, Claude Anet.

A playwright as well, his Mayerling is perhaps his best known work of that type. Schopfer died in Anet, Claude [] pseudonym for Jean Schopfer. La Fin d'un monde. The end of a world. The End of a World. Jeffery Eardley Marston []. The story of the last days of the People of the Bear, at the end of the Reindeer Age, when the reindeer that had formed the center of their lives for uncountable generations failed to return, and the round-heads with their packs of tame dogs appeared, and they were unable to stop them from settling around them Oxford University Press Children's Books.

Cecilia is on a school trip to the Lascaux caves in southern France--a mysterious place with well-preserved prehistoric paintings on the walls. These are believed to have been created by our primitive ancestors several hundred thousand years ago. The little girl notices some strange footprints on the ground. Following them, she walks away from the other children and arrives in a dark, wide hall. She is about to turn on her flashlight, when suddenly Her camera flash goes off and lights up the paintings of deer and hunters on the walls.

The flash goes off again and she sees more animals chiseled in the walls. In the dark, she feels someone trying to pull the camera off her neck. Frightened, she turns around and sees a primitive man. He gestures to her that he is the painter of the walls. Leading her out of the cave, he tries to start a fire by striking two sticks against each other. Cecilia has to get back, because her school bus is leaving, but she leaves the primitive man a box of matches as a farewell gift. Three pages at the end of the story explain how prehistoric people lived, what tools they used, how they painted, and how they hunted.

Angenot, Marc and Nadia Khouri. An International Bibliography of Prehistoric Fiction. Science-Fiction Studies 23 Vol. Additions, Corrections, and Comment. The conquest of fire. Dani Zweig's Unnumbered Reviews 8: Piers Anthony which doesn't include these prehistorics. They inhabit the unspoiled swamplands, mountain plains and verdant forests of the vast North American continent -- warriors, shamans, hunters and farmers of sundry tribes and cultures. And one man travels among them -- a speaker of many tongues born "Hotfoot" but renamed "Throat Shot" as a cruel consequence of a hunting raid.

From the burial mound of his ancestors, the spirits set him on his life's path -- impelling the young brave through war and hardship, through magical wonder and passionate love, on a mystical quest to deliver his people from the devastation that bears relentlessly down on them from afar Isle of Woman Geodyssey Vol 1. The story of a man and woman born at the dawn of human history, separated by fate, yet united by an unquenchable passion that even time could not conquer: Blaze, the fireworker who raised his kind out of savagery, and Ember, the beautiful green-eyed woman who forever haunted his dreams.

Through their eyes, and those of their descendants, we witness humanity's odyssey from savagery to civilization as they are reborn again and again throughout history. We share with these two eternal lovers an unforgettble odyssey of triumph, tragedy, and discovery that takes them from the African savannah to the ancient Middle East, from the South Pacific to the caves of Northern Europe, from the court of Imperial China to India during the British Raj, ending in a stunning reunion in an America in ruins only a few short years from now.

Shame of Man Geodyssey; vol. Sequel to Isle of Woman. The story of two lovers born throughout history -- Hugh, a dreamer and musician, and his beloved Ann, a beautiful dancer -- as they struggle to preserve their family and their way of life during some of the most turbulent periods of our svage past -- and our troubled future. Through their eyes we experience humanity's greatest achievements, and witness its greatest shame, the relentless exploitation of nature that now threatens our very survival.

French Fantasy/Fantaisie française ( books)

Hope of Earth Geodyssey; vol 3. Muse of Art Geodyssey Vol 4. From the mists of prehistory to a terrifyingly plausible near future, Muse of Art explores the special talents that have inspired and motivated us since the earliest days of our existence: We view some of the most explosive eras in human history through the eyes of three remarkable women: Avalanche, Melee, and Talena Preface by Charles Williams. A pre-historic novel set in South Wales.

Totems - forgotten idols of Xaintrie. Naoum, the music of prehistory. Arsuaga, Juan Luis []. Al otro lado de la niebla: Un hombre que hizo historia en la prehistoria. The Ugly Little Boy. Galaxy magazine as "Last Born" Sept, Read, October 5, ; Nine Tomorrows, ; Story of a Neandertal boy taken from his time to the present to be studied by scientists and the media.

A TV version was made, and it was expanded to novel length by Silverberg as "Child of Time" with an added parallel story of the child's family in prehistoric times. Der haessliche kleine Junge. Asimov, Isaac [] and Robert Silverberg []. Now, in the second collaboration between the late, great Isaac Asimov and award-winning author Robert Silverberg, we have The Ugly Little Boy, the novel, a remarkably moving and chilling tale of what happens when past and present collide. La novela esta estructurada como dos historias paralelas por un lado, la prehistoria y la relaci"n de los neandertales con los Otros, y por otro lado la actualidad con el Doctor Hoskins, jefe del proyecto y la enfermera Fellows.

Il figlio del Tempo. Elle a vite compris: Asimov, Janet [] and Isaac Asimov []. Norby and Yobo's Great Adventure. When Jeff and his robot Norby accompany Admiral Yobo to prehistoric times so the admiral can do family research, the trip turns into a dangerous adventure. Atkinson, Mary Jourdan []. When the World was Young. Attanasio, A lfred A ngelo []. Hunting the Ghost Dancer. Together, Timov and Hamr hunt the ghost dancer. Cunning, inhuman, mystical, its savage appetite is uncontrollable Timov and Hamr fearfully stalk the vast unknown to quell its haunting terror Ocre rouge et charbon de bois.

Jean Auel [ ]. The Clan of the Cave Bear. A natural disaster has left young Ayla alone, wandering, fending for herself in an unfamiliar land. One day, she is discovered by the Clan of the Cave bear, men and women far different from her own people. Tall, blond, blue-eyed Ayla is a mysterious stranger to the Clan and at first they mistrust her and cast her out Le clan d'ours des cavernes. Les enfants de la Terre 1.

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Les enfants de la Terre. Les enfants de la Terre Die Kinder der Erde 1. Dies ist die Geschichte der Erdenkinder, die vor 30 Jahren begannen, die Welt zu begreifenund zu erobern. Hun blir en trussel mot deres eksistens. Ayla figlia della Terra. La Gaja Scienza ; Valley of the Horses. Cruelly cast out by the ancient Clan that adopted her as a child, Ayla now travels alone in a land of glacial cold and terrifying beasts. She is searching for the Others, a race as tall, blond, and blue-eyed as she. But Ayla finds only a hidden valley, where a herd of hardy steppe horses roams.

Here, she is granted a unique kinship with animals, enabling her to learn the secrets of fire and raw survival -- but still, her need for human companionship and love remains unfulfilled. Then fate brings her a stranger, handsome Jondolar, and Ayla is torn between fear and hope -- and carried to an awakening of desire that would shape the future of mankind. Les enfants de la Terre 2. Va vers Nord, retrouve ton clan et un compagnon. L'un d'eux est Jondalar. Comme elle, il est blond et ses yeux sont bleus. Das Tal der Pferde. Die Kinder der Erde 2.

Es ist die Geschichte der Erdenkinder, die vor 30 Jahren die Welt begriffen und begannen, sie zu erobern. Als Ayla und Jondalar einander begegnen, enden ihre Einzelschicksale und ihr gemeinsames Leben beginnt, das Leben der Menschen, die unsere Vorfahren sind. Ayla leter etter sitt eget folk og finner den unge Jondalar. La valle dei cavalli. Now, with her devoted Jondalar, Ayla boldly sets forth into the land of the Mamutoi — the Mammoth Hunters, the Others she has been seeking.

Though Ayla must learn their strange customs and language, it is because of her uncanny hunting and healing skills that she is adopted into the Mammoth Hearth. Here Ayla finds her first women friends, and painful memories of the Clan she left behind. Here, too, is Ranec, the dark-skinned, magnetic master carver of ivory tusks to whom Ayla is irresistibly drawn — setting Jondalar on fire with jealousy. Die Kinder der Erde 3. Ayla og Jondalar er blitt tatt vel imot i mammutjegernes leir. Gli eletti di Mut. Les Chasseurs de mammouths.

Les enfants de la Terre 3. Los cazadores de mamuts. The Plains of Passage. With her companion, Jondolar, Ayla sets out on her most dangerous and daring journey — away from the welcoming hearth of the Mammoth Hunters, and into the unknown. Their odyssey spans a beautiful but treacherous continent, the windswept grasslands of Ice Age Europe, casting the bold pair among strangers.

Some will become friends, intrigued by Ayla's ways of taming wild horses and wolves. Others will become fierce enemies, threatened by what they cannot understand Die Kinder der Erde 4. Les enfants de la Terre 4a. Les peuples rudes qu'ils rencontrent vivent de la chasse et de la cueillette mais n'ont jamais vu d'animaux domestiques. Les enfants de la Terre 4b. Et s'ils survivent tous deux, Ayla reverra-t-elle un jour la terre de son enfance, promesse de paix et de bonheur? Le pianure del passaggio. The Shelters of Stone. The Shelters of Stone opens as Ayla and Jondalar, along with their animal friends, Wolf, Whinney, and Racer, complete their epic journey across Europe and are greeted by Jondalar's people: The people of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii fascinate Ayla.

And in the woman Zelandoni, the spiritual leader of the Ninth Cave and the one who initiated Jondalar into the Gift of Pleasure , she meets a fellow healer with whom to share her knowledge and skills. But as Ayla and Jondalar prepare for the formal mating at the Summer Meeting, there are difficulties. Les Refuges de pierre. Les enfants de la Terre 5. The Land of Painted Caves. First edition, New York.

Ayla, one of the most remarkable and beloved heroines in contemporary fiction, continues to explore the world and the people around her with curiosity, insight, and, above all, courage. As the story opens, Ayla, Jondalar, and their infant daughter, Jonayla, are living with the Zelandonii in the Ninth Cave a shelter of stone. Ayla has been chosen as an acolyte and has embarked on the arduous task of training to become a spiritual leader.

It is daunting, often perilous work that sometimes takes her away from her family. Ayla, Jondalar, and Jonayla are welcomed by the Zelandonii, but problems arise. They are faced with new challenges, not just the ordinary trials of sheer survival, but the complications posed by many groups of people who need to live and work together. The wisdom that Ayla gained from her struggles as an orphaned child, alone in a hostile environment, strengthens her as she moves closer to leadership of the Zelandonia An den Lagerfeuern der Altsteinzeit.

At the Campfires of the Stone Age. Austin, Debra pseudonym for Debra Grubb.

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Eventually, the other sounds disappeared, and she heard only the ancient rhythm of the drums, the dancers' voices, and the sounds of her own feet as they beat a path to an unclear future. Snap -- a young, passionate woman of Kura -- is destined to lead her people, and this year she must select a mate for the first time. Will she choose someone different each year, or will she find one mate she wants to pick over and over again, like her mother, Whistle, the next leader of Kura? As the Bonding ceremony approaches, Snap's future remains unknown. But Whistle, when her mate doesn't return, chooses a stranger with ideas far more dangerous than the lions that kill with a single slash.

When Snap challenges the stranger's growing power one too many times, she is brutally cast out to survive or perish. Abandoned and alone, she risks her life -- and the future of her people -- to stand up against an unthinkable evil. Unknown to her, the same danger threatens other villages as well. Soon, Snap and a new band of outcasts will face a force more terrifying -- and deadly -- than any of Africa's natural threats. La Hija de la Tribu. The Daughter of the Tribe.

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En el arido suelo africano, hace mas de medio millon de anos, se asienta la tribu de los Kura, una sociedad matriarcal de homo erectus. Snap -una joven y apasionada mujer de la tribu-esta destinada a liderar a su gente, y este ano debera elegir un companero por primera vez. A medida que se acerca la ceremonia del Enlace, el futuro de Snap permanece incierto. Pero Whistle, al ver que su companero no regresa, elegira a un extranjero con ideas mucho mas peligrosas que los leones que matan de un solo zarpazo Cuando Snap reta el poder del extranjero, es expulsada violentamente de la tribu.

Abandonada a su suerte, arriesgara su vida -y el futuro de su gente-para enfrentarse a un mal inconcebible.

French Fantasy/Fantaisie française

Sin que ella lo sepa ese mismo peligro amenaza a otras tribus. Pronto, Snap y su nueva banda de desterrados se enfrentaran a una fuerza mas terrorifica y mortal que cualquiera de las amenaza natural que Africa haya visto hasta entonces. Tan imaginativa como verosimil, La hija de la tribu da vida a un tiempo ancestral y salvaje.

Austin ha creado un personaje inolvidable en la piel de esta heroina indomita que alcanzara la madurez en un apasionante historia de valentia, lealtad y pasion.

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Austin, F rederick Britten []. When Mankind was Young. A series of stories from cave men to the Vikings Ten short historical fictions with various settings and periods, including Neolithic Europe, pharaonic Egypt, druidic Stonehenge, classical Greece, republican Rome. The story Isis of the Stone Age effectively dramatizes the 'accidental' discovery of agricultrue by placing it in a plausible human context.

La caverne du Pont d'Arc. In grotta e in valle. Romanzo preistorico ; Date: In cave and in valley. Petit Sapiens, Tome 1: La vie de famille. Petit Sapiens, le cadet du clan, nous raconte son quotidien: Petit Sapiens, Tome 2: Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

Product details File Size: August 20, Sold by: Not Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Zone 4 English subtitles. Avec Valerie Lemercier et Jean Rochefort. Book Moka Producer L'ecole des loisirs.

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  • US Army, Technical Manual, TM 5-4310-335-20P, COMPRESSOR, RECIPROCATING; AIR, WHEEL MTD, 2-WHEEL, PNEUMATIC T GED, 4 CFM; 3,000 PSI, (WALTER KIDDE MODEL 893811), military manauals, special forces.

Ca ira ca ira Si j'etais un monstre Book Author Farre, Marie-Raymond. Aimer, s'aimer, nous aimer Monographie du 11 septembre au 21 avril Author Bernard Stiegler. Ainsi resonne l'echo infini des montagnes Book Author Hosseini, Khaled. Il faut que les femmes crient aujourd'hui. Mais un cri de vie. Aladdin Book Author Disney, Walt. Niveau 1 mots. Ecrit en francais, anglais et espagnol. Alcools Book Author Guillaume Apollinaire.

Aldo Book Author Bonniol, Magali. Aldo adore faire des projets: Periodical Author Sauliere, Delphine. Alex Book Author Lemaitre, Pierre. Dan Desrolles risque sa vie pour de l'argent, beaucoup d'argent Comme tous les ans, le festival de Cannes rassemble les acteurs celebres et toute la presse people. C'est le moment ideal pour interviewer les stars du cinema.

Un couple interesse particulierement notre journaliste: Philippe Frisson, et Evga Torgen A Perpignan,un justicier masque protege les citoyens en danger. Il apparait toujours au bon moment pour defendre les victimes contre leurs agresseurs Alex Leroc fait un reportage sur Pierrick Martin, un joueur de tennis tres apprecie par le public. Alex va decouvrir les secrets du sportif The ghost riders of Ordebec Book L'armee furieuse Author. Le Nouvel Observateur du Monde. Dreamtime Aboriginal Australian mythology Flammarion Jeunesse.

Les livres qui comptent et racontent. Age groups - Adults Authors by country - French authors. Alliance Francaise de Perth. Livre 3 Octobre-Decembre Book Author. Editions des Deux Terres. Six histoires de voile Book Author. Book tome 1 Author. Book tome 3 Author. Les Editions Eveil et Decouvertes. Age groups - year old Age groups - year old. A bouche que veux-tu CD Audio Author.

A ciel ouvert Book Author. A collection of French stories Pending classification Author. A Decouvert Book Author. A French Novel Book Author. Pittau, Francesco ; Gervais, Bernadette. A l'abordage - 5 histoires de pirates Book Author. A l'abri de rien Book Olivier Adam Author. A l'abri des chateaux forts et des forteresses Book Author.

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A l'encre russe Book Author. A l'origine CD Audio Producer. A la decouverte d'Arras avec Leo Book Author. Youth literature - Albums Types of nonfiction books - Sciences. A la ferme Book Author. A la ferme avec Pikou Periodical Author. A la guerre comme a la guerre Book Author. A la poursuite d'Olympe Book Author. A la poursuite du Codex Book Author. A La Trace Book Author. A Letter from Paris Book Author. Age groups - Adults Authors by country - Australian author. A Life Book Author. A man's place Book Place Author.