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Your job, no, your DUTY as a secret agent, is to get as much credit as possible for being the one that saved the day. Play is satirical, collaborative, and takes about two hours, including character creation. One player takes on the role of Mission Control--the department manager, in charge of figuring out who screwed up what during the mission. Everyone else plays an agent returning from the field. It starts with a Mission Dossier--a list of faces, places, and objectives the agents encountered during the mission. Mission Control picks a Dossier from the books or writes their own, and gives it to the Agents.

Then the Agents look it over, and each pick one thing that went horribly wrong. Something chaotic, and messy, and without a clear culprit. Basically, the reasons Mission Control needs to call a team meeting.

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Once you know the mission and what went wrong, Agents will make their characters--a name, an expertise, and a few fun facts--and write down in secret exactly what happened on the mission. But there's a catch: You don't get to say what YOU did. You only get to rat out your friends to Mission Control, without their knowledge.

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Every Agent has dirt on their peers, but also every Agent knows someone who has dirt on them. Mission Control then collects everyone's anonymous reports, and runs the Agents through the debriefing.

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One by one, everyone's secrets come to light, as Agents scramble to try and make themselves look like a hero--and make their coworkers look like incompetents. Management hates a suck up. Except when they love it. Along the way, Agents collect Commendations good dice , and Citations bad dice , which they'll roll at the end of the meeting to determine their placement on the team. Spin your actions well, and you could end up with that sweet corner office. It'll go badly for you.

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The completed game will contain everything you need to play Mission: The game book will be a digest size, soft cover book, that is about 80 pages in length. If the kickstarter goes well we will be able to increase the page count, adding additional mission dossiers both from other famous game designers and from the backers and we can also make the interior of the book full color. The books will be printed as a high quality offset print run, and all shipping for the kickstarter will be paid at time of backing.

You will not need spend any additional money after the kickstarter to actually get your rewards. What you pledge upfront will get you everything. I'm a cog in a white-collar corporate machine by day, and tabletop podcaster and game designer by night. I host Party Of One , an actual play podcast focused on two-player roleplaying experiences, and co-host All My Fantasy Children , a collaborative character creation and worldbuilding podcast.

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