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A Steampunk Novel Part 1 Apr 27, Available for immediate download. The Technomage Archive Box Set: Birthright, Lineage, and Legacy Jul 21, A Steampunk Novel Part 2 Jul 25, A Steampunk Novel Part 4 Mar 04, A Steampunk Novel Part 3 Oct 28, Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Jude at the end is a walking dead person, but feels emotion in his stomach. More thought needed here. I did read all three books so maybe that says something. What a terrific new world these authors have created.

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A world where humans have been forced to live on islands in the sky in order to escape a deadly cloud of corrosive gas that covers the surface of the Earth. Trade is done via airship and precious water needs to be harvested from storm clouds. There is a pretty exciting adventure story in here too. A word of advice though - I didn't really like the prologue, I felt it was weak and out of character with the rest of the book.

Just keep reading it gets much better as you go on. I wasn't sure I was going to like this book as it is a bit depressing life style wise but I finished it and looked around for the second. I read all four of the releases in this book but I'm still not sure if there will be more. I felt that the characters were well developed if not likeable. I just felt that something more could have been done about the fog when it happened. Why were people so willing to live these kinds of lives.

  1. Gears of a Mad God: A Steampunk Lovecraft Adventure by Brent Nichols.
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  3. Black Cherry Blues (Dave Robicheaux Book 3).

All in all, an excellent book. I thought this was a fun adventure in a pretty refreshing, creative world. It's hard to describe, but I did enjoy it.

Nimbus: A Steampunk Novel: B.J. Keeton, Austin King: Books

The Skylines and the Burrows, seperated by the Fog is a creative idea. The characters were fleshed out pretty well. It's hard to tell who is good and who is bad at first. The only knock I have is that later in the story, the timelines get a little disjointed and it was hard to tell what was going on at times. This was just a minor thing for me, though. All in all I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next installment! See all 38 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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But Colleen's uncle is killed, and she wants answers. When a sinister cult targets her, she pushes back - hard. Now she's running for her life. It will take all her courage, all her strength, and every steam-powered weapon she can devise to keep her alive long enough to unravel the mystery of Proper young ladies in the s don't get dirty, and they don't get into fights.

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It will take all her courage, all her strength, and every steam-powered weapon she can devise to keep her alive long enough to unravel the mystery of her uncle's death. Kindle Edition , 98 pages. Gears of a Mad God 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Gears of a Mad God , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Let's see, the title says steampunk. Only a promise of that and a steam used as a weapon once or twice. Next it says Lovecraft. Not much of that either, I'm afraid. As the first in a series it holds a promise of more steampunk than just a mention and more of buried and locked gods in need of liberation and awakening type of story than a mere use of the word cult. There are some people chasing our heroine and all that and we know they are cultists because she's been told they are.

As I said, only Let's see, the title says steampunk. As I said, only a promise so far. I've checked the reviews, so I can't say I didn't know. I started reading knowing there wouldn't be a lot of stuff from the title. She doesn't have any problems fighting against five attackers. Next, her actions directly endanger people who help her. These are just a few examples why she is annoying.

The only thing this story delivers completely, and then some, is the adventure. It is a fast paced story with a lot of shooting, fighting and chase. The instalments are probably better now that the first story has established this world and its problems. View all 4 comments. Apr 01, Chad Ringgenberg rated it liked it.

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Not bad Not a bad read, plenty of action and adventure. Well worth the time. The female protagonists is compelling. This was a fun, Victorian adventure story. That, unfortunately, was the sum of it. You can imagine, then, how a story billed as 'a Lovecraftian steampunk adventure' would grab my interest. Unfortunately, Gears Of a Mad God was much more adventure than anything else.

The author used only the most superficial of Lovecraftian elements, and even then much too sparingly. The 'Lovecraftian' element boils down to a n This was a fun, Victorian adventure story. The 'Lovecraftian' element boils down to a nameless cult and a mysterious place with a vaguely ominous name. No cosmic horror, no hints of things that would drive a human mind to insanity. There was actually one person who went insane, at least, but that was clearly tacked on at the end of the story during editing - it was too abrupt and unexplained to serve the story in any way.

The steampunk flavor was presented with a bit more depth. I enjoy 'historical' steampunk, which this story fit perfectly.

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However, aside from the Victorian elements, which I felt were correctly used secondary to the action, there was not a deep sense of the steampunk genre. No techno fantasy, just straightforward gears and steam. No retro-futurism to be found at all. So, we're left with a Victorian adventure story.

Taken in that vein, Gears of a Mad God is entertaining. Too bad that's not how it is advertised. May 08, Mandy Walkden-Brown rated it really liked it Shelves: A great introduction to this series. There's an unusual assortment of characters and I particularly enjoyed meeting Colleen, a feisty young woman, who's not afraid to hurl the occasional insult, or hammer, at the somewhat psychotic members of the opposition.

Action and intrigue aplenty with no dull moments. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Nov 15, Gevera Bert rated it liked it. This is not Steampunk at all. Just because one of the characters knows how to repair clocks? Jul 06, L. Gears of a Mad God is exciting enough, but that is all there is to it.

It has an excellent premise and good ideas throughout, but it fails to achieve on a number of levels. It's not a steampunk Lovecraft adventure, as advertised. Other reviewers have beaten this dead horse a number of times, and so I won't go into too much here. Virtually non-existent steampunk elements. In fact, steampunk veers toward what I believe are unintentional anachronisms, showing little knowledge of Victorian norms t Gears of a Mad God is exciting enough, but that is all there is to it.

In fact, steampunk veers toward what I believe are unintentional anachronisms, showing little knowledge of Victorian norms typically found in steampunk.

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  • The Lovecraft part is similarly nebulous, but I found that point appealing. I don't need every Lovecraftian story to delve deeply into the Mythos. Here, we see crazed cultists, of which the heroes know little and so the author wisely includes little as a result , who are trying to find some mysterious place or device known to Colleen's dead uncle.

    Colleen, as the spunky heroine, is easily the best part of the book. Should the author in subsequent books add more Lovecraftian color, it would be refreshing to see a hapless female protagonist fall into the maddening clutches of the horror cosmic. The majority of the novella is dominated by two rather large set pieces. The first takes place aboard a ship crewed by a number of cultists.

    The other occurs at the end, when Colleen returns to rescue her compatriots. Both are over-long and are pure glitz with no substance. As such, the book overall lacks substance. It's also difficult to explore characters when all they do is run around, so overall characterization falls by the wayside as well. The majority of the ideas put forth throughout are never really explored. For example, we see virtually nothing of the FBI or its Canadian counterpart in any measure working against this cult aside from the characters Colleen meets.

    There's little feel of their being an "effort", especially given this cult's plans for worldwide destruction. You've got to give the audience something. It can't all be saved for the sequels. To sell a series you've got to give your audience something of the world to make them want to read on. What we're given are two action sequences and very little exposition that influences us to move forward. Though this particular story is self-contained, it ends with its author fully intent on continuing the story as a series.

    This is a failing of so much fantasy and science fiction these days. Everyone wants to write a multi-book epic without first learning how to tell a story. So, rather than tell a complete story that could launch into the next book, Gears of a Mad God reads like part of a much longer work. It's hard to read this and not feel cheated in some way. It's not hard to see the author wants to tell a story but doesn't know where to go. A good set up and good first chapter is all but ruined by the resultant adventure. When you don't know where you're going, you throw a bunch of action in the reader's way and hope he doesn't realize you've said nothing at all.

    That is the situation here. We emerge from the first volume of this series not knowing any of the characters. She's young, she's blonde, she has no family, and is in a difficult relationship with a man she thought she loved. She's part of a group searching for a mysterious place or object, and there are cultists trying to kill her.

    That might sound like a lot, but a good writer could do more with half the space, and he could tell a complete adventure. There simply isn't enough here to warrant my continuing this series. Marketed as a Steampunk Lovecraft Adventure I found the book lacking in one major thing No sooner have you been introduced to the main character Colleen, you the reader, and her are dropped into frantic chaos.

    This chaotic pace and plethora of action continues until the very last word, not once letting up. Action is marvelous, but this may have been too much action, and not enough story building to create a well formulated novella, let alone series. I will say that I am intrigued eno Marketed as a Steampunk Lovecraft Adventure I found the book lacking in one major thing I will say that I am intrigued enough to desire to read Dark Island. On the Steampunk Genre front, Nichols has nailed it on the head! There is nothing missing for a pure steampunk classic. We have a clock maker, steam powered automobiles and ships, a bounty of inventions to bedazzle the mind.

    Again, the problem remains in the details. While it is not necessary to describe every thing, such as the color of a lady's glove, there is a need to develop details to make events more real, characters more complex, and the plot more plentiful. At less than pages, I feel that more might have been better for this to fly like a dirigible into the foggy Steampunk Night.

    Let's break it down by the 3 Basics of Book Building Nichols has a rather elaborate cast of characters that appear within the page novelette. Many have a great power to intrigue, but without sufficient back story development they lie stagnant. Colleen begs to be given an opportunity to develop for the reader, as does her uncle.

    The numerous characters; friends and foe alike, almost demand further study. It is almost hard to know who is trustworthy and who is a villain, the story moves over the character's introductions far too fast. While there may be an intentional reason for keeping Colleen's uncle's true identity and back story under wraps, the rest of the characters truly need more of a story to bring the reader up to par with what might be going on. Chapter one taunts the reader, as it is well paced and written.

    Hold on though, because chapter two flows like a rapid river. You can follow the story which is a plus, but it twists and turns so violently at times, you feel like you need a life preserver to secure yourself to the structure. Alas, the foundation is never solidly built, and you are left floundering.

    What connects Colleen so closely to her uncle? Why would Colleen give up stability for someone she hasn't seen in years? These questions and many more could be answered to set the solid corner stones of the story before plunging the reader into nonstop chaos.

    Gears of a Mad God: A Steampunk Lovecraft Adventure

    On average, many readers would get far too confused to stick with the book. Buried within the faster than a speeding steam locomotive action is actually an exceptional and compelling plot. There is mystery and mayhem. Nichols plotted out a great story, he just bypassed the descriptions, details and distinct explorations I personally find so delightful in any novel, but especially a Steampunk novel.

    I went into this book more for the Lovecraft element than for the steampunk, so I wasn't horribly disappointed. I'm not a steampunk fan, so I can't really judge how well that end of the story held up. From a Lovecraftian angle, however Bonus points if you actually know what I'm talking about. The story had several cute nods to Lovecraft.

    There was a p I went into this book more for the Lovecraft element than for the steampunk, so I wasn't horribly disappointed. There was a passage early on - "Every cultist we've ever captured has been at least half mad. And, whatever is at the heart of their twisted religion, it seems to be something that the human mind can barely withstand. Colleen's uncle that she barely knew read a mysterious book, and the knowledge contained within drove him to insanity, and ultimately, suicide. Then, there's the "hero" of the story - not Colleen, she's just the main character.

    The "hero" would be an FBI agent named Carter, who's leading an investigation into the story's half-mad cult. He's the most competent of all of the secret agents on the case, and ends up being instrumental in keeping everybody alive at the end of the book.