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The Psychology of Wine: Truth and Beauty by the Glass

In their new book, The Psychology of Wine , Evan and Brian Mitchell explain how wine has evolved to be a mirror reflecting everything it means to be human. It captures our imagination, it's an age-old artistic endeavor, a sensuous experience, and its history tells us a lot about our own There is much pleasure to be had from the book How is it that a beverage has influenced philosophers and thinkers since the dawn of history?

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  5. How psychology and advertising skills can help sell better and more wine.

This book succeeds both as page-turner and brain-teaser Anne Schamberg - Journal Sentinel Online. If you need inspiration for setting the life cycle of wine grapes to prose, poetry, or even a lengthy dissertation, Chapter 5 "The Life of the Vine" alone is a must read. This book gently pulled me back into reading something very entertaining, informative, and delightful. Applause to Evan and Brian Mitchell Be you a 'wine geek' or only a sometime imbiber, you will enjoy "The Psychology of Wine", a thorough exploration of wine's "complex, subtle and enduring" role.

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Authors Evan and Brian Mitchell break wine description into delightful tales of personal experience to which anyone can relate Fred Delkin - Oregon Magazine. The Psychology of Wine is a fascinating read.

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Wine Every Night

Some of the most refreshing chapters are those focusing on wine criticism without exactly criticizing Jenn Garbee - LA Weekly. What is wine's place in the universe? If you're into waxing philosophical Fred Tasker - Miami Herald. In the final chapter they present their provocative conclusion that wine, in a co-evolutionary way, has mirrored itself on human nature An intriguing read, the book covers a range of fascinating topics, and well worth adding to your bookshelf.

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James Oliver Cury - Epicurious. The Psychology of Wine entertains while it educates. Authors Evan Mitchell and Brian Mitchell bring a wealth of wining and dining experience to life. The Psychology of Wine is a keeper on my bookshelves. A customer sits down, orders wine from the wine list where the name and year of the wine is provided, the wine is displayed for a micro-second, the customer tastes it, the wine is poured, the wine is taken away. Along with the wine list.

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Even at the bar, by-the-glass wines are often poured with labels obscured. When a customer orders a bottle of wine to table, serve it as you do, but then leave it on the table. Perhaps even make a quick aide-memoire comment when you place the bottle on the table after the first pour: Leave the bottle there so the customer gets a chance to visually bond with the label and the wine.

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  • They might buy it again next time. On the bar, at your holding bar, at your entrance display table—wherever is prominent—line up your six bottles available by the glass.

    The Pyschology of Wine

    Let the labels of the bottles have a chance to be seen. And scary idea 3: One third of UK wine drinkers claim label design is an important factor when buying or choosing wine.

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