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These were the years of his personal growth. This became the first separation from the synagogue environment, because Paul preached also to the Greeks. Thus, a mixed community was established. Henceforward, the Church of Antioch would become the center for spreading the Gospel and living independently from the Temple and the life of Judea. The community of Antioch was arranged with a solid formation and organization.

Thus, during a prayer assembly, the inspiration of the community confirmed the personal vocation.

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The voice of the Holy Spirit was heard saying: Barnabas and Paul sailed towards Cyprus. Once again it is the Holy Spirit who sent them in this direction: On the way to Sebastopolis, beyond Taurus, Paul found himself completely immersed in pagan territory, including cities that were strategic for Rome. The two Apostles strengthened the young communities. On the one hand, they encouraged a common life among believers coming from Judaism and those newly converted from paganism, thus making enemies among the leaders of the synagogues where they preached.

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When they accomplished this mission they returned to the great city of Antioch of Syria. Around the year 48 an issue arose in Antioch concerning the circumcision of non-Jews, when some Christians coming from Judea claimed their freedom acquired in Christ Jesus cf. The community decided to consult the Apostles and Elders of Jerusalem. Thus, it sent Paul and Barnabas together with Titus, their Greek companion, as well as a delegation to accompany them to Jerusalem.

The Assembly confirmed the main leaders of the Church and recognized the missionary vocation of Peter for the circumcised and that of Paul for the uncircumcised. As a matter of fact, a sort of partitioning of the missionary field occurred: James, Kephas and John were directed towards the Jews, while Paul and Barnabas were sent to preach to the pagans.

At that time, a circumcised Jewish Christian could not sit at the same table with a Gentile Christian without falling into impurity. Peter, had always testified to the supreme power of faith in Christ which gathers together within itself all human beings.

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He continued to do so in Antioch until the arrival of other Christians sent by James, who presided over the community of Jerusalem. It was then that Peter, who had previously eaten with the Gentiles, withdrew and separated himself from them for fear of the circumcision party thus concealing what he truly believed. Therefore Paul became angry: The compromise agreed upon in Jerusalem protected the existence of the mixed communities of the young Churches of Asia Minor, to whom Paul had preached.

Nevertheless full communion between circumcised and uncircumcised was difficult. Therefore, was the salvation in Jesus Christ considered secondary? Paul claimed new life in the faith, the gift of the Spirit and the primacy of the divine promise over the law… The controversy had originally occurred between, on the one side, James and the Church of Jerusalem along with Peter and Barnabas who, although hesitant, allied themselves with James, and on the other side, the same Church of Antioch which in the end approved the compromise reached in Jerusalem cf.

Eventually Paul left Antioch to visit the towns where he and Barnabas had previously taught, taking along with him Silas alone, who had been sent back to Antioch with Paul by the Apostles and elders in Jerusalem after the compromise had been reached.

After this long novitiate, which endured 15 years, Paul entered into a new phase. In Troas, during a vision Paul heard a Macedonian imploring him: Immediately, he sailed towards Greece and stopped in Philippi, a commercial city and Roman colony populated by veterans and Latin peasants, where Hellenism had a great influence upon Judaism. The house of Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth, who asked to be baptized together with her whole household and used to invite missionaries over during their stay, became the centre of a community.

It quickly formed and became one of the communities most faithful to Paul, by offering him the affection and material supplies of its members 2 Cor. Some years later, before his definitive departure from the region of the Aegean Sea, he desired to celebrate Easter with this particular community. The local authorities soon accused Paul of proselytism.

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At that time, Christianity and Judaism were not yet so distinct, even if Judaism enjoyed a privileged status. For the very first time, Paul, together with Silas, was imprisoned. At midnight, while they were praying and singing hymns to God, an earthquake irrupted freeing all the prisoners; the jailer, seeing the doors open, was about to kill himself thinking that the prisoners had escaped cf.

The jailer asked to be baptized along with his family.

Paul the Apostle

The accusation that he was stirring up turmoil against the imperial law moved his brothers to plan his departure for Beroea. He arrives back in Dubai only to find the Roman Empire never fell. There is no Christianity here and Hamza rejoices because he has somehow been successful. His joy is short lived however because there is no Islam on this world either. Hamza must find out why Islam disappeared and then he must go back and fix the consequences of his actions and this needs to be done very, very quickly before the ripples coming forward in time from 60 AD block out all chances of changing this new future.

The parallel realities series is a grouping of books and novellas about alternate worlds. In some cases a character may go back in time to deliberately change things such as in "Your Mission is to Go Back in Time and Kill Saint Paul on Malta" or perhaps a situation may arise where a man or a woman is pushed into an alternate reality which they didn't choose and definitely don't want. In other cases such as "Jumpers Between Worlds" then the characters in the book have the ability to move between worlds and in worlds such as this there can be terrifying entities such as Dream Catchers who can destroy you in your sleep.