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You may find that you need to ask some of these questions again at different times during the course of treatment. Many of the factors that determine cancer outcomes are beyond your control. These include the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer, your general health and your age. However, you can increase your chances for a positive outcome by taking an active role in your health care and by selecting a cancer center based on the information in this guide. The Internet has become a huge resource for information gathering. While there is great potential to educate individuals about medical care, there also is potential to cause harm through wrong, misleading and deceptive information, particularly with respect to cancer.

From reputable sites, you can access information on:. Unfortunately, there is no quality control for information or advice found on the Internet.

Patient's Guide to the Cancer Experience

Many sources, both good and bad, look alike on a computer screen. Users are left to try to sort through the information alone and determine fact from fiction. Support groups offer patients, families and friends an opportunity to share information about their cancer experiences and have their concerns, fears and hopes reaffirmed by others who are experiencing similar challenges.

Look Good, Feel Better. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the Cosmetology Association, the program provides makeovers and tips for making oneself look and feel better while going through cancer treatment. You may hear that "attitude is everything. Learn as much as you can about your cancer and its potential treatment. Knowledge will give you a better sense of control over your disease. Do things just for you: If the idea of a support group doesn't appeal to you, consider keeping a journal.

Writing down your experience can be therapeutic and healing. There's no such thing as a stupid question. Your medical team members are trained to answer your questions; they won't know that you don't understand something unless you ask. Make plans for the future. Whether it's planning a weekend getaway or planting a garden, plans give you hope and something positive to anticipate. How Cancer Is Diagnosed, Treated, and Managed Day to Day relies on an esteemed panel of oncology specialists--more than strong, and each experts in their fields--to completely update this definitive cancer resource.

Rosenbaum, MD and Isadora R. Through more than 50 chapters, cancer care specialists Ernest and Isadora Rosenbaum-along with nearly 80 other medical experts-answer every conceivable question concerning a cancer patient's physical, psychological, and spiritual needs.

Cancer Supportive Care Books and Handouts

With this book, cancer patients and those who care for them can make informed decisions, face the disease with renewed courage, and care for both their well-being and their bodies. The Rosenbaums provide an incredible source of information and hope in the face of this frightening illness. In Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy, readers will learn the latest theories and practical information available in cancer treatment. Written in easy-to-understand text with instructive illustrations, the book outlines everything from getting second opinions to the role of sleep to what's available on the Internet.

The editors have built their careers in cancer research and treatment, teaching and taking care of cancer patients.

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They also rely on assistance from a member board of medical advisers and contributing authors who are top specialists in all fields of cancer research and treatment. Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy is a must-have volume for everyone who has cancer or cares about someone who does. Understanding chemotherapy PDF ebook A guide to help you understand one of the main drug treatments for cancer.

Patient's Guide to the Cancer Experience - Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Understanding surgery PDF ebook Helps you understand more about surgery commonly used to treat cancer. Understanding complementary therapies PDF An overview of the role of complementary therapies used in combination with conventional cancer treatment. Understanding clinical trials and research PDF Helps you understand and make informed decisions about participating in cancer research.

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Massage and cancer PDF Explains how massage, a commonly used complementary therapy, can provide relief from some cancer symptoms. Mouth health and cancer treatment Factsheet. A factsheet with information on the side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery or a combination of treatments that affect the mouth area.

Understanding palliative care PDF Palliative care aims to enhance quality of life and independence. This booklet has been developed to help you better understand palliative care for people affected by advanced cancer. Hair loss Factsheet A fact sheet with information on hair loss that may result from cancer treatment.

Understanding taste and smell changes Factsheet A fact sheet to help you understand the possible effects of cancer treatment on your experience of eating. Cancer care and your rights PDF Outlines what you can reasonably expect from your treatment team and the health care system.

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Includes basic information about insurance and workplace rights. Cancer and your finances PDF Advice on how to manage your finances after a cancer diagnosis. For support and information on cancer and cancer-related issues, call Cancer Council 13 11