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These changes may be small but are vital in maintaining good mental health. Antidepressants are designed to correct the brain's chemical imbalances and, if anything, will make you sharper rather than foggier. They will be able to tell about as easily as if you were on antibiotics. To convince yourself that taking anti-depressants is not apparent to anyone other than you, it might help to test the reliability of your assumptions.

Here is one way: This means that the next time you are in a large group, it is likely a number of those around you are on anti-depressants. See if you can tell who is and who is not. If you are prescribed antidepressants and your symptoms remain constant, the dose you take will not change today, tomorrow, the next day and so on. If you stop taking antidepressants you will experience withdrawal symptoms just as you would if you stopped drinking coffee. It's not a good combination. When you're depressed, you will want to do all you can to get better, so it is best not to make a tough job even tougher.

Alcohol on its own is trouble. It is a known depressant that can worsen your depressive symptoms.

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It may also counteract the effects of your medication. Think of it like climbing halfway up a mountain with hiking boots on, then taking them off for the last half. The main concern is that anti-depressants may increase the risk of self-harm in children but the risk, although elevated, is small. It is important to weigh up the pros and cons of taking anti-depressants, as depression carries its own risk of self-harm if untreated. Feeling 'down' describes those times when your mood is lower than normal but will respond to something pleasurable.

When you're feeling 'down', you will be able to experience pleasure and a full spectrum of emotions. Depression as an illness affects your brain chemistry, which affects your psychology and physiology.

In short, it hijacks your body and mind. Confusingly, depression is a single word covering various states of mind. Least troublesome is the 'I'm feeling blue' sort. It tends to react well to a massage or a good night out and calls for neither therapy nor medication. The 'I feel really low and don't feel like myself' sort of depression is a level up. If this persists for more than two weeks and comes with changes in sleep, appetite, libido, concentration and coping, along with an inability to experience pleasure from regular activities, it is called clinical depression and responds to medication.

Finally, there is bipolar depression, marked by greater swings from intensely high to intensely low.

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It can be treated with medication and CBT. A psychiatrist is the specialist able to prescribe medication to correct any imbalances in brain chemistry that are responsible for your depression. A therapist is not qualified to prescribe medication, but they will help you to identify the ways in which your thinking and behaviour may be contributing to your depression. Once this has been achieved, they will help you to develop alternative thinking and behaviours that will aid your recovery. There are do's and don'ts when it comes to helping someone with depression. Don't badger them with good advice about what they should be doing, don't tell them to pull themselves together and don't encourage them to think of people worse off than them in the hope that they will make a spontaneous recovery.

When you're depressed, you retain the ability to think and you know that there are people worse off than you. Anyone can get depressed at any point during their lifetime.


Having had depression, you do have a greater chance of getting it again but a greater possibility is different from a 'dead cert'. Having had it once does not mean you will definitely have recurrences for life. It may be helpful to think of recurrent depression in terms of a slipped disc. While you may not slip the disc continually throughout your life, you will have a vulnerability that others will not have.

5 Myths about Depression

Depression is like slipping a psychological disc. A 'breakdown' is not a medical term. It is an everyday term to describe different states of distress. The best medical explanation for a ' breakdown' is a state in which you are distressed to the extent that you are unable to function as you normally would.

It may be accompanied by physical symptoms that are similar to depression but it does not necessarily mean you are depressed. The best way of telling whether you are having a breakdown is not to self-diagnose, ask a friend or go to the internet, but to seek out a professional who will carry out a proper medical assessment. It is an obvious mistake to think that the feelings of rejection offer you clarity into the mathematical equation that God uses to determine your circumstances. But that truth may not sink in for weeks, or months, or years.

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For those whose sin weighs on them, who know with friendly familiarity the voice of the accuser, it feels impossible to disbelieve the lie: Being broken up with can have the same effect as a bomb — it can create a ringing in our ears, so that we cannot hear the voices of those who love us; even God himself. Here are five truths to revive your hearts from the haze of being dumped. Christian dating does not escape the 1—10 scale thinking.

Dating that assumes the goal is to get the very best person to love you has a relational shelf life of maybe a year or two.

The truth is, the only thing we have to offer is love. And the only thing a potential partner can offer is love. And what greater love is there than the love of Christ John The love of God liberates us from shallow and plastic mockeries of intimacy. Sometimes this means that breakups are even more difficult something deeper is at stake.

We will go insane nit-picking through partners. How do you receive the love of God when someone has thrown a rejection bomb into your heart, closed the hatch, and broken off the key? Lean into those people who have made the love of God most tangible to you. Lean into those who love you. The command to love one another is not just a command. If we strain to glimpse through the cracks of heart-death for just a moment, we can see others who have been heartbroken, who end up praising God, even within the year.

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Many people who have been dumped are so thankful years down the road. Are his promises at an end for all time? Cry with the psalmist. It may have been months. But eventually, there was a time when the cloud lifted from his eyes: When it comes to getting dumped, our hearts feel the threat of open and violent exile — of shame, of regret, of deflation and defeat. We want that person back.

Or, we want the guarantee that we will get something better. Wesley on the Christian Life: The author of the e-book of Hebrews offers observations relating religion. Extra resources for The Context of Holiness: By Marc Foley This e-book explores either the mental and religious dimensions of the lifetime of St. Therese didn't develop in holiness except the human.