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Vivienne McKonne as Velma. Jeffrey Stevens as Louis. Kevin Reul as Laughing Boy. Susan Baker as Dancer.

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Brian Hardy as Jackson. Bonita Langford as Lena Marelli. Mark Curry as Producer. Katherine Apanowicz as Assistant. Lynn Aulbaugh as Louella. Nick Amend as Barman. Herbert Norville as Sarsaparilla Man.

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Louise English as Ballet Dancer. Kathy Spaulding as Lorretta. Oct 23, Rating: Sep 17, Rating: Apr 18, Full Review…. Aug 3, Rating: Jodie Foster stars in goofy kid mobster movie. Dec 18, Rating: Nov 30, Rating: There's little here that delivers even the bare minimum for a musical or a comedy Apr 10, Rating: Apr 14, Rating: A minor masterpiece of it's time Mar 31, Rating: Oct 25, Rating: Gets points for sheer peculiarness. Sep 13, Rating: A cute oddity, mostly because of the talent in front and behind the camera, especially Foster and Parker Mar 6, Rating: View All Critic Reviews Jim Hunter Super Reviewer.

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Directors Cat Super Reviewer. Dean McKenna Super Reviewer. Lady D'arbanville Super Reviewer. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. The Kids Are Alright.

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    The film was quite successful in the UK, but not in the US. But curiously, as I get older, I realise it still looks modern. I was 13 and sick of showbusiness, sick of all these auditions. So when I went and auditioned for Alan, I threw the script at him and walked out.

    Bugsy Malone

    My father was dead against it, but my mother talked him into it. The set was incredible — this whole street, full of stores. For the first few days it was like being at Disneyland. All we did was fool around, getting into all these nooks and crannies, looking for stuff to break or steal.

    I remember the cars: In all, there were kids: At first, the splurge guns fired these big wax pellets. They were hooked up to air jets and had a quite a kick. They were loud and pretty dangerous, so it was decided they should shoot ping-pong balls instead. I remember Jodie walking in for her first day.

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    • She was a little shy. Lena as she does every week has quit, and Oscar de Velt is casting a replacement. Just as Blousey takes the stage to sing, however, Lena returns as she does every week and takes the stage "Show Business".

      Bugsy Malone JR.

      Bugsy tries to cheer a dejected Blousey up and promises to talk to Fat Sam about an audition. Fat Sam fears his gang is behind the times. They need to upgrade their weapons; so he contacts Shady, a Chinese laundry man, who locates a stash of "splurge guns;" but, Shady's a two-timer, paid off by Dandy Dan to lure Fat Sam's gang into a trap.

      Upon retrieving the guns, however, Fat Sam's gang is wiped out. Fat Sam and Knuckles his right hand man are panicking now, but determined to "act normal" as they try to figure out what to do. Just then, Blousey arrives to audition. Instead of turning her away, however, they ask her to wait — they'll be right with her.

      They decide to enlist the help of the murdering lunatic Looney Bergonzi and arrange a meeting with Dandy Dan.

      Back at the girls' dressing room, Bugsy tries to reconcile with a very angry Blousey, but Blousey is unconvinced. In the next scene, Fat Sam and Dandy Dan confront each other. But just as Fat Sam reveals his secret weapon, Looney Bergonzi, Dan's gang emerges from the trees and "splurge" him. Bugsy grabs Fat Sam and they escape. Having earned his money and the loan of Fat Sam's snazzy car, Bugsy calls on Blousey to take her out on a date.

      He tells her he wants to use the cash to buy them two tickets to Hollywood. Elated, she agrees to go. Meanwhile, Fat Sam has fashioned his own "splurge gun," but the gun misfires and he kills his main man Knuckles. Leroy, a stranger who happens to be walking by, beats off the thugs. Poor Fat Sam's luck has turned from bad to worse when he gets a phone call that Dandy Dan has destroyed his hooch stills and taken over his grocery racket. He sends Tallulah to ask Bugsy for help. She finds him waiting for Blousey to catch a train to Hollywood.

      But when she says he'll be handsomely rewarded for his help, Bugsy decides to delay the trip. Just then, Blousey calls.