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I know that much of this material is now available on the Internet Movie Data Base, but by no means all of it. And not every classic movie fan has access to the Data Base anyway. Furthermore, there is sometimes a disagreement between the credits John Howard Reid cites and those on the Movie Data Base. Following up ten such cases, I found by looking at the actual credits of the movies, that John Howard Reid was generally correct.

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In fact, in only one case, was the Data Base seemingly correct. But maybe JHR had access to "inside" information? When you come right down to it, whatever you seek to know or discover, "CinemaScope 3: Hollywood Takes the Plunge" rates as a most informative and entertaining book. Into the Twilight Zone. A Classic Movie Fan's Guide.

Success in the Cinema: Memorable Films of the Forties. The Films of Victor Mature.

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Over Classic Hollywood Movies Examined. Great, Good and Glamorous. The Films of Fay Wray. Memories of Steve McQueen and Bullitt. Radio and the Gendered Soundscape. Snapshots Michael and Carolina series part one. Pages from the Past. Public Broadcasting and the Public Interest. Award-Winning Films of the s. New Light on Movie Bests. Hollywood's Miracles of Movie Entertainment: Classic Films from a Golden Era. America's Best, Britain's Finest. Classic Movies from Cinema's Golden Age. Hollywood Takes the Plunge: How to write a great review.

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Details include the years of original release and title changes. What "Matthew" Really Wrote: Matthew's Gospel contains a great deal of material added by editors and copyists. Most Bibles draw attention to some of these obvious insertions, but few have the courage to identify all.

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In this radical new translation, Bible scholar, John Howard Reid, labels all dubious material, including the many inappropriate Old Testament quotations. He also searches out the exact meaning of Greek words. Another essential book for a film buff's library, this one is packed with information and reviews.

Some of the entries are quite extensive. JHR provides all the information you need, including complete cast and production staff. I find JHR's information invaluable. I like to read not only who acted in a movie, but who made it, both top-billed and lesser mortals. In all, films are examined and reviewed. They include all the top box-office stars: Wonderful movies for every taste are now on DVD. Success in the Cinema: It should be in every movie enthusiast's library.

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JHR reviews successful movies with extensive cast, behind-the-camera and release credits plus other essential background information. In All His Glory: With splendid detail, the reader is transported back to the days of the Pharaohs and submerged into the ordeals of a hostile desert land, as Jeroboam, an outcast from his own country, struggles to survive among Egyptian royalty.

Reid has obviously done his homework. Details are full and vibrant. All Reid's books are interesting and useful. Reid's notes on the films are totally fascinating. British moviegoers love U. A cinema manager in London's East End told me: They don't want to see Frank Sinatra in a U.

They want Frank transported to a magic world, or a different world. That's what Hollywood supplies. British films are too realistic, too down-to-earth. This handbook reviews movies, dating from to , now available on DVD. Hollywood's Miracles of Movie Entertainment: What do all Hollywood's marvelous classic movies have in common? To me, they're all miracles of entertainment. Here are of the best vintage, brought together with full credits, background information and up-to-date reviews in a spellbinding book that also includes a piece on director Charles Vidor Cover Girl, Gilda, Rhapsody, Love Me Or Leave Me, etc.

As usual, Reid gives all the info sought by movie-lovers. Prophet, Priest and King: It's not easy to write a Biblical story and still make it seem relevant to the present times but clearly John Howard Reid knows his subject matter well. This fully-engaging novel presents an aged and not-so-wise King Solomon who is forced to make certain choices. He has to pit his wits against the temple priests when an unknown killer is on the prowl, and the common people are close to rebellion.

On the other hand, for fans of classic Hollywood comedies, this book will evoke lively memories and guide them to buy more comedy DVDs. This book's real meat lies in its extensive cast and camera credits plus background information and reviews on all titles from Adventures of Mark Twain through to You Were Never Lovelier. To moviegoers, the "B" was a movie of less appeal than the main feature. To a cinema manager, however, a "B" was any film at all with a running time less than 70 minutes. To the exchange, a "B" meant a feature that had to be sold to exhibitors at the cheapest price.

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This book extensively covers all three of these categories. Patrons did have favorites. Mysteries and series pictures were popular.

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A most interesting book, These Great Movies Won No Hollywood Awards details marvelous films that thrilled audiences and critics, with a special supplement on director Henry Hathaway and his movies. JHR was the first critic to make people aware of Hathaway's importance. At first, only the French critics agreed with John, but now Hathaway is recognized as one of the great masters of the cinema. Aside from Reid's obvious wittiness and liking for the unconventional, in addition to his enjoyable command of language, the Merryll Manning series holds great appeal for those who enjoy a fast paced, well laid out work filled with lots of twists and turns.

If you enjoy mysteries you're sure to be drawn right into the narrative. Those who don't, will also find themselves turning page after page. If you're just starting a cowboy movie DVD collection or are a seasoned fan of all things Western, this book is an absolute must.

More than films are examined in detail. In his reviews, Reid lists the entire cast plus release dates and all essential info: A book that examined all my favorite films!

That aim proved impossible. I have so many! Disregarding duplications and material that fails to qualify as either powerful or praiseworthy, 84 uplifting Psalms are given new life and meaning in this inspired and inspiring translation from the ancient Greek Old Testament, the Septuagint. Neither the original meaning nor the poetry is lost or diluted, for each selected Psalm is rendered in both a literal translation and a more poetic style.

Many colossal main features are reviewed in this book. But until recently, such movies were not enough to satisfy patrons. They also wanted a supporting film, shorts and cartoons. Many of these are now available on DVD. Trapped on Mystery Island is first in a series of highly acclaimed mystery suspense novels published in England, even though hero Manning is a Miami police sergeant with a young, pocket-sized girlfriend. From the eerie cover to the final paragraph, I was hooked. You must read this book. The setting is a mystery weekend on a deserted island in the Florida Keys, where a real killer is on the loose.

One of John Howard Reid's most informative and interesting books, this is an invaluable guide not only for film buffs, but for all admirers of cinema entertainments, whether they be movie fans or DVD collectors. True, you may not agree with some of JHR's comments, but that is the beauty of these books. They give readers something to think about. And you may be alerted to buy DVDs of many movies. Hollywood Takes the Plunge: Crammed full of facts on each selected film, including actors and their characters, synopses and reviews, plus lots of fascinating background information, "CinemaScope 3: Hollywood Takes the Plunge" is a truly massive book, detailing over movies originally released in that wide-screen process.

When reading the words "open theme" in a contest, what comes to mind? Reid's book imparts this type of advice along with what topics or themes to avoid and how to approach theme-based events.

Entering 80 contests in 18 months, he achieved success 29 times. His words come across as a seasoned expert, as he fearlessly shares his fact-finding advice on how to win. John Howard Reid's latest offering is every bit as idiosyncratic as his previous books in this series, and equally compulsive reading for film buffs. The present book provides a wealth of information. Reid finds much to admire in the films he writes about. He is a full-fledged movie buff, but not a drooling one.