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We even have a typhoon with two rebirths Typhoon Hence there are two possibilities as to the definitions of the life period of the typhoon in those cases. You can see the list of typhoons with different definitions of lifetime in the list of rebirth typhoons.

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  4. Tropical Cyclone Owen weakens after crossing Queensland coast!

This site employs the latter definition, which excludes the period of the typhoon's being a tropical depression. This definition sometimes conflicts with the length of life appeared in other materials, but this difference can be understood as the difference of definitions. The following shows the ranking of longevity typhoons by two definitions. At the same time, typhoons that have different lifetime can be paraphrased as revived typhoons, so you can see the list of revived typhoons.

We often hear in weather forecast that "the typhoon is changed to the extratropical cyclone or extratropical low.

Cyclone B - Consequences Of Hidden Truth (CD)

An expression like "the typhoon is changed to the extratropical cyclone" is in fact used for meaning the change of structure, not the change of intensity. More specifically, this expression is used when the structure of the typhoon is changed from a tropical cyclone to an extratropical cyclone. In most cases this change does not go backward. On the other hand, a similar expression like "the typhoon is changed to the tropical depression" is in fact used for meaning the change of intensity, not the change of structure. More specifically, this expression is used when the maximum wind around the center happens to be smaller than the threshold to be a typhoon.

It only means that the maximum wind is below the threshold, so we sometimes see a tropical depression revives as a typhoon. In short, change from a typhoon to an extratropical cyclone means structural change, while change from a typhoon to a tropical depression means intensity change.

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  • If you know this difference, you can naturally understand that an expression like "the typhoon is weakened to become the tropical depression" is almost correct Notice 2. It is not rare to see "the typhoon deepened to become the extratropical cyclone" eg.

    Tropical Cyclone Owen will wreak havoc across Queensland, residents warned

    Of course, this change is a continuous process, so we cannot determine the exact timing of the change. Experts declare the change at an appropriate timing when they believe that the features of an extratropical cyclone is dominant. The period between the first birth and the last death of the typhoon. More than 60 emergency services staff have been sent to Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw, including swift water rescue experts. Authorities have been making sure everyone has a place to shelter in cyclone-rated buildings.

    Tropical Cyclone Owen weakens after crossing Queensland coast | Australia news | The Guardian

    Boats have been ordered back to harbour in coastal areas likely to see wild winds. It had the potential to reach category-four strength by early afternoon. Abnormally high tides could also compound any flooding on the east coast.