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Here it is and Thanks Mom! London, Julia and Alina Adams. This book picks up after the fake car wreck that supposedly killed Jonathan and Baby Sarah. She also has to deal with an abusive father who happens to be the sheriff and an old abusive boy friend. Tammy, appears to him several times and the last time tells him to move on with Aubrey. As Jonathan, Aubrey and Baby Sarah prepare to leave town, the sheriff causes trouble. At the same time Reva gets a note from Jonathan so she knows where he is and Alan confronts her — i.

Reva wants to get to Jonathan before Alan. The sheriff threatens Jonathan and Aubrey. The sheriff is hurt just as Reva arrives. The sheriff is killed. Reva sends the trio off just before Alan arrives.

Alan and Reva bury the body. Alan believes that Reva killed the sheriff because the sheriff called her too but when she got here he just wanted money. Again, she tells Alan, Jonathan and Sarah are dead. This is why they are so friendly when they return to Springfield in the Guiding Light.

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What other GL books do you have? Are you getting the novels from the 80s that are based on old stories? Very sweet that your mom did this review for you. Guiding Light was the longest running television soap opera, airing from to on radio, and then from until on TV. I became hooked on it the summer I turned 13 and had a lot of free time on my hands.

It wasn't easy explaining why a 21 year old guy had to record a show on the VCR for an hour a day. And I would get crabby whenever I missed it! By , the show was Guiding Light was the longest running television soap opera, airing from to on radio, and then from until on TV.

Guiding Light Jonathan's Story

By , the show was on a decline, in part due to the months-long televised OJ Simpson trial. End result, Guiding Light pulled out all the stops to try and retain more viewership.

One of those attempts was publishing a book about a few of the most memorable characters, and it was called Guiding Light: Jonathan's Story , by Julia London. As I was a huge fan, I had to read it; however, if you only watched the show, and didn't know about the book, things were happening off screen to the characters that you never knew about. And that just felt odd. When I checked my "read" books today to see what I needed to write a review on, this one showed up, and I saw that of about Goodreads friends as of today, 0 had read this book.

So I'm not going to convince you to read it. And you're probably thinking All I can say is And while the book wasn't bad, it was just a bit odd for me to read it and then watch a different story line on TV. I applaud the show for trying this method tho! About Me For those new to me or my reviews I read A LOT.

I write A LOT.

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View all 8 comments. Jun 21, Shanna rated it did not like it Shelves: It Just didn't keep me engaged. I found myself distracted while reading. Jan 27, Laurel-Rain rated it it was amazing. When "bad boy" Jonathan Randall fakes his and his daughter's death in Springfield, he is protecting his daughter from her great-grandfather Alan Spaulding. The wealthy billionaire is convinced that Sarah Randall is his to raise. Reva Shayne, Jonathan's mother, has her own need to protect them both.

Who's played Jonathan "JB" Randall over the years?

She believes she could have done more to protect Jonathan as a child. She knows that Jonathan and Sarah are on the run, and they keep in touch via a prearranged set of signals. Tammy Winslow, Jonathan's When "bad boy" Jonathan Randall fakes his and his daughter's death in Springfield, he is protecting his daughter from her great-grandfather Alan Spaulding.

Tammy Winslow, Jonathan's wife and love, died at the hand of Alan Spaulding, when he was trying to kill Jonathan. So her spirit is guiding him and Sarah as they journey away from the threat that stalks them. In this captivating spin-off from Guiding Light, the now defunct soap opera, "Guiding Light: Jonathan's Story" provides a glimpse of the life lived by the presumed dead Jonathan, and how he finally starts to move on from the past. In Tourmaline, California, Jonathan starts to think that he may have found a place to finally settle down.

And the gorgeous Aubrey Cross seems like a kindred spirit and someone who can help him do that.

Jonathan Randall

But just as they finally begin to trust in one another, a dark and ominous presence hovers over them in the form of her abusive father, Sheriff Zeke Cross. How did Zeke find the evidence he needed in order to maintain control over Aubrey? How will he use Jonathan's secrets to betray him? I loved the soap Guiding Light, and when this book was published, it was still a viable series.

I loved reading the book and discovering Jonathan's journey into the light of his future with his new love. I felt as though the characters were real, since I watched them on the show for many years. I would recommend this book to anyone who ever enjoyed the soap, as well as others who love a good romantic suspense tale. Apr 19, Tina P. I loved this book. I grew up as a fan watching the show.

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I have always loved Reba Shane Lewis and her blunt no holds barred truths in the show and Jonathan was every bit his Momma's boy. I loved this story. The only negative I can say is that after the book when he returned to town they hardly even touched on that story in the show. It should have been a bigger story in the show to let us have closure to their love story. Other than that it was written very well. It was a quick read and I enjoye I loved this book. It was a quick read and I enjoyed every minute with Jonathan. Feb 15, Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Great book for GL fans. Jonathon is one of my favorite characters from the show and that the only reason I picked it up. The book is really well written, I really enjoyed it. You get to find out just what Jonathan has been up to since he left Springfield, and you get to meet a new love interest of his.

Another one of those books I just found hard to put down. The writer really captured the characters very well. Jul 20, Julie Baker rated it really liked it. I was a true fan of The Guiding Light and was a mess when they cancelled it. Jonathan was one of my favorite characters on the show and I wasn't sure how he would translate in print. Turns out I was worried about nothing. I think I like him even more now. The only complaint I have is that reading this made me miss my soap more than ever and I will be spending some time searching for old episodes on the internet!

Mar 05, Angel rated it really liked it. It tells the story of what Jonathan did after he lost Tammy, faked his death and his daughter's, Sara, to escape Springfield and get far away from Alan Spaulding to protect his daughter. I was disappointed to hear that Guiding Light is being cancelled in Sept. I'm gonna miss it. Sep 02, Teri rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: