Manual Japan and the G7/8: 1975-2002 (Sheffield Centre for Japanese Studies/Routledge Series)

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Globalisation and Women in the Japanese Workforce contributes to the debate about the impact of globalisation upon women. It examines the effect of restructuring upon women's employment in Japan and describes the actions women are taking individually and collectively to campaign for change in their…. Edited by Hugo Dobson , Nobuko Kosuge. Since the events of the Second World War the relationship between Japan and Britain has undergone an extraordinary transformation, from bitter conflict to peaceful alliance. Japan and Britain at War and Peace is a multilayered examination of this bilateral relationship with an emphasis on the issue….

Edited by Glenn D.

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Hook , Michael Weiner. The Internationalization of Japan provides the English-speaking reader with the opportunity to hear what some of Japan's leading social scientists and other commentators have to say about the internationalization of their country as well as their country's impact overseas. The topic is of extreme….

Hook , Julie Gilson , Christopher W. Hughes , Hugo Dobson. The latest edition of this comprehensive and user-friendly textbook provides a single volume resource for all those studying Japan's international relations. It offers a clear and concise introduction to the most important aspects of Japan's role in the globalized economy of the twenty-first….

Over the last 20 years, ethnic minority groups have been increasingly featured in Japanese Films. However, the way these groups are presented has not been a subject of investigation. This study examines the representation of so-called Others — foreigners, ethnic minorities, and Okinawans — in….

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Alexander Bukh focuses on the construction of the Japanese self using Russia as the other,…. This book sheds light on the changing nature of contemporary Japan by decoding a range of political, economic and social boundaries. Edited by Peng Er Lam.

Okinawan people have developed a unique tradition of protest in their long history of oppression and marginalization. Edited by Naoko Shimazu.

Japan and the G7/8: 1975-2002

This book is clearly presented and jargon-free, and…. Edited by Michael Weiner. Based on original research, Japan's Minorities provides a clear historical introduction to the formation of individual minorities, followed by an analysis of the contemporary situation. This second edition identifies and explores the six principal minority groups in Japan: Hook , Hugo Dobson. Leading specialists from Europe and Japan examine the institutional mechanisms of governance at the global level and provide concrete evidence of the role Japan plays in these institutions.

An excellent introduction to the concept of global governance, the volume analyzes how global governance…. Edited by Rachael Hutchinson , Mark Williams. Drawing on methodology from Foucault and Lacan, the clearly presented essays seek to show how…. Contested Governance in Japan extends the analysis of governance in contemporary Japan by exploring both the sites and issues of governance above and below the state as well as within it.

This volume discusses the contested nature of governance in Japan and the ways in which a range of actors are…. Grassroots Pacifism in Post-War Japan presents new material on grassroots peace activism and pacifism in two major groups active in the post-World War 2 peace movement - workers and housewives.

Yamamoto contends that the peace movement, which was organised in tandem with other activities to promote…. Edited by Rogier Busser , Yuri Sadoi.

Japan and the G7/8: - CRC Press Book

This book explores Japanese investment in Europe and Southeast Asia, in relation to the automobile industry. In Part I the authors examine industrial organization and policy issues in Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia, looking at Japanese investment and the relative policy successes…. Japan's postwar constitution in which the Japanese government famously renounced war forever has meant that the country has been reluctant, until recently, to commit its armed forces in the international arena. However, in the last decade or so, Japan has played a much more active role in….

By Hugo Dobson , Glenn D. Britian and Japan in the Contemporary World provides up-to-date analyses of these two countries in terms of economics, politics, security and identity on the global, regional, subnational and civic levels. The book moves beyond an analysis of state-to-state relations between Britain and Japan by….

Edited by Glen D. Hook , Richard Siddle. Japan and Okinawa provides an up-to-date, coherent and theoretically informed examination of Okinawa from the perspective of political economy and society. It combines a focus on structure and subjectivity as a way to analyze Okinawa, Okinawans and their relationship with global, regional and….

Edited by Harukiyo Hasegawa , Glenn D. The Political Economy of Japanese Globalisation reveals the key dimensions of Japanese globalisation today by analysing both its inward and outward manifestations.

Japanese Education Reform Nakasone's Legacy Sheffield Centre for Japanese Studies Routledge Series

This is the first book to examine fully the issue of globalisation in relation to Japan. Organised in three parts, The Political….

The University of Sheffield/Routledge Japanese Studies Series

The Japanese education system has attracted increasing attention over the past 20 years, largely due to the belief that it has been central to Japan's economic growth. Many have felt, however that the system is stunted by an inability, or perhaps even on an incapacity, to change. Hook , Gavan McCormack.

Japan's Contested Constitution is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Japanese domestic politics and the international role of Japan. Is Japan re-emerging as a normal, or even a great, military power in regional and global security affairs? Japan and Asia Pacific Integration is a study of regional integration in the greater Pacific area during In this study the views of Japan's leading experts on the globalization of Japanese business, management and industrial relations explain how traditional Japanese-style management is responding to the changes following the collapse of the bubble economy.

The areas covered include the changes made….

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