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Originally published in , this is the story of Max, who puts on a wolf suit, causes mischief, gets sassy with his mother and is sent to bed without any dinner. This is a bedtime classic that transcends time. Kids who like to roar their terrible roars and gnash their terrible teeth. Find Where the Wild Things Are at your local library.

A young boy finds a lost penguin on his stoop and embarks on a journey to help the penguin find its way home. But after a big trip in a tiny rowboat — all the way to the South Pole — the boy realizes that the penguin was never lost; he was just lonely! This tale of an unlikely friendship, with watercolor illustrations that are both lush and simple, is off-the-charts adorable. Want to see the movie? Check out the short-but-sweet film adaptation it clocks in at less than 30 minutes. Find Lost and Found at your local library. This unique book uses only 34 words to show how a friendship between two boys develops.

After reading this book to your child, discuss the feelings each of the boys experiences after meeting for the first time. Many children will relate to Wemberly, a little mouse who has many worries. By the time the frightening day arrives, Wemberly is full of dread. At school, the teacher introduces her to another girl mouse, Jewel. And sometimes even less. Find Wemberly Worried at your local library.

Judy Sierra , illustrated by: Molly McGrew the librarian mistakenly drives the bookmobile to the zoo! Find Wild About Books at your local library. Michelle Knudsen , illustrated by: Kevin Hawkes - Candlewick Press, 48 pages. Like most institutions, the library in this story has rules about a number of things but not about lions.

It does, however, have rules about behavior and when the lion, who has jauntily sauntered in the front door to join story hour, roars in distress when the program is over, the head librarian, Miss Merriweather, turns stern. Those are the rules…. Find Library Lion at your local library.

Katie Davis - Harcourt Children's Books, 32 pages. Meet Dexter, a soon-to-be kindergartner! A must-read to help relieve the anxiety all of us feel when starting school. Bernard Ashley , illustrated by: Derek Brazell - Crown, 32 pages. This book makes a good read aloud for children just starting school. In his first week of school, a young boy watches other children master skills to the delight of the teachers.

Young listeners will identify with the young boy as he tries to find something special he can do to show his new friends and to find a place in the group. Find Cleversticks at your local library. Find out what happens to mischievous David. Will he ever stop causing trouble? Find David Goes to School at your local library. Jane Yolen , illustrated by: Large, bright-colored dinosaur characters dwarf teachers and children as the author first speculates about how rebellious the dinosaurs might be and then tells how cooperative and well-behaved they are.

The simple text is accessible to young readers. His apprehensions are quickly overcome when he finds a classroom full of friends and fun things to do. This book is written for younger children, pre-K as well as K. Gene Zion , illustrated by: Margaret Bloy Graham - HarperTrophy, 32 pages. I recommend this to anyone who has a soft spot for a dirty dog or who has ever received a present that ended up in the back of the closet.

Find No Roses for Harry at your local library. Arlene Mosel , illustrated by: Blair Lent - Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 48 pages. Everyone learns a practical lesson in this timeless folktale. Find Tikki Tikki Tembo at your local library. Ken Geist , illustrated by: Julia Gorton - Cartwheel Books, 32 pages. Easy, patterned language makes this book very accessible to early readers. Discussing how the big bad wolf and the shark are different and similar. Mary Chamberlin and Rich Chamberlin , illustrated by: On a trip to the market, he gets so excited, that he invites everyone he encounters to a pancake dinner at his house.

Mama Panya must figure out how to feed them all. This incredible book — recipient of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award — delights with kid-friendly facts about Kenya, a map, Kiswahili greetings and sayings, and a recipe to make your own pancakes. Also for kids who like to learn about other cultures. A Village Tale from Kenya at your local library.

Everyone knows what it feels like to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. This adorable picture book follows a grumpy blue bird as he uses a few tools — talking, exercising and playing with friends — to overcome his bad mood. Find Grumpy Bird at your local library. A cuddly but longer read-aloud that is perfect for bedtime.

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David Tully (Author of The Dead Man Vol 5)

Parents need to know that this award-winner from deserves its classic status. Miss Tilly brings fluffy bunny Marshmallow home to live with her tabby cat Oliver. Find Marshmallow at your local library. When Holabird and Craig teamed up to create the first Angelina Ballerina picture book in , no one could have dreamt how long this little mouse with big dreams would endure. Find our favorites at your local library: Laura Numeroff , illustrated by: Lynn Munsinger - Candlewick Press, 32 pages.

Forced to accompany her older brother to the library for three afternoons in a row, Beatrice discovers the magic of books after becoming entranced by a read-aloud. In this delightful fable, we meet Strega Nona the benevolent town witch everyone turns to in their time of need. When she hires Big Anthony as an assistant, he is warned to never touch her magical pasta pot.

Unfortunately his curiosity gets the better of him and soon the whole town is overrun by pasta! Find Strega Nona at your local library. Deborah Bruss , illustrated by: Tiphanie Beeke - Arthur A. Levine, 40 pages. The animals at the local farm head to town looking for excitement. When they see all the happy faces leaving the library, the animals realize the fun must be happening inside.

Unfortunately, their many requests for a book are indecipherable to the librarian. Can the clucking hen save the day? Julie Daneberg , illustrated by: Judith Dufour Love - Charlesbridge Publishing, 32 pages. The surprise ending is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any young child who is concerned about that all-important first day. Find First Day Jitters at your local library. Lois Ehlert - Simon and Schuster, 36 pages. Too many vowels and consonants bring a crash that calls mamas, papas, uncles and aunts the capital letters, of course to the rescue.

Skit Skat Skoodle Doot, Flip Flop Flee, no sooner are the little letters comforted and consoled than the rhyming tale begins anew with a moonlight challenge: Find Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at your local library. The Cat in the Hat is back to remind us that reading can be done everywhere and anywhere, upside down, on a train, or even with your eyes shut! Budding readers will appreciate Dr.

Linda Sue Park , illustrated by: Ho Baek Lee - Clarion Books, 32 pages. This rollicking romp of a book is about cooking with mom, and includes a fun recipe for parents and children to try together. Find Bee-Bim Bop at your local library. Hadley Higginson , illustrated by: Maja Anderson - Chronicle Books, 48 pages. Parents need to know that this book, the first in the Keeker series, will draw in emergent readers, especially horse lovers. It includes positive messages on caring for and building trust with animals. A girl is tossed off a pony, but not injured.

How does she manage her frustration and overcome it to win Plum over? For children who are challenged with this reading, parents can work with them by alternating reading of pages, paragraphs or sentences. Find Keeker and the Sneaky Pony at your local library. Julie Andrews-Edwards , illustrated by: Gennady Spirin - HarperCollins, 40 pages.

Magical fairytale weaves a rich tapestry for all. The story itself is a classical quest tale of a young man going out in search of himself. He encounters lessons along the way and ultimately finds that the secret lies within himself and in the natural world around him. Dutton, 32 pages. This lighthearted, comic-book style story takes readers on a trip through an art museum.

As a family wanders through a museum, different types of art are introduced. Find Visiting the Art Museum at your local library. Christine Morton-Shaw and Greg Shaw , illustrated by: John Butler - Viking Juvenile, 32 pages. Butler continues to endear us with his cozy, cuddly baby animals. This time, baby animals are in action, making their way through the forest looking for something. After being awakened by the little brown cub who adorns the book cover, the animals gather seeds, nuts, berries and other gifts that they convey through the forest to a clearing.

Top 100 Children's Books

Light filters through the forest, and the baby animals discover a mother deer is resting. The baby animals quietly approach to find a brand-new baby — a fawn. This book is begging to be read aloud with rhymes that are fun and gentle, welcoming the newest life to the forest. Find Wake Up, Sleepy Bear! This wonderful book presents a typical day at school for eight youngsters.

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Full of bright photographs, the children, some with disabilities, are shown as active, competent members of the classroom community. Find Friends at School at your local library. You see, she has to earn her wings before she can truly become a real fairy. Come watch her spin her magic. You can bet there will be some trouble if she is anything like David.

Find Alice the Fairy at your local library. Shutta Crum , illustrated by: The rhythm of this tale about a skunk — who heads home and wonders about robbers, pirates, ghosts and trappers — is very engaging. Children are captive to the tension of the tale. Find The Bravest of the Brave at your local library. Janet Squires , illustrated by: Holly Berry - HarperCollins, 32 pages. This variation of the classic tale is set in the western United States.

The main character runs from roadrunners, javelinas and long-horned cattle until a coyote eats him. The story ends with a rancher, his wife and the coyote making more gingerbread cowboys. Find The Gingerbread Cowboy at your local library. Jane O'Connor , illustrated by: Robin Preiss Glasser - HarperCollins, 32 pages. Nancy is back and fancier than ever. After Nancy and her friend Bree become captivated with butterflies, the two girls decide to throw a butterfly party. Familiar sparkly cover aside, this book is sure to please current Nancy fans. Good enough to become a classic fairy tale.

Find Good Enough to Eat at your local library. Find Heckedy Peg at your local library. Cat, Squirrel and Duck set out for salt. When they get separated in the city they end up with salt and pepper plus an adventure to discuss over their seasoned pumpkin soup. This is a tale with universal appeal. Find A Pipkin of Pepper at your local library. Laurie Kransy Brown , illustrated by: Fun dinosaur characters explain important facts about friendship. Through silly illustrations, the authors explore different ways to make friends and appropriate ways to cope with difficult situations and emotions such as arguments, bullying, and rejection.

Find How to Be a Friend: Lori Ries , illustrated by: Find Tiffky Doofky at your local library. A wolf with a discerning palate makes a charming villain in this tasty adventure of predator, prey and yummy food. Wolf decides to fatten up Mrs. Chicken for a hearty stew, so he bakes up batches of pancakes, doughnuts and a cake in his carbohydrate-laden plot.

But when he drops in on a still svelte Mrs. The predictable text with folk tale elements will become an instant favorite. Elvira Woodruff , illustrated by: Adam Rex - Alfred A. Knopf, 34 pages. This small treasure explores Irish famine and emigration. Parents need to know that sad things happen here: Families who read this book could discuss the focus on little things.

Why, when so many bad things are happening, would they focus on pebbles and feathers? Why are they important? Children may also want to know more about the historical period and about their own immigrant ancestors. Two neighborhood cats go missing, birds are disappearing from pet shops all over town and now nearly a whole family of pigeons is gone as well! When LaRue the dog is falsely accused of catnapping, he is determined to get to the bottom of the situation.

Find Detective LaRue at your local library. A new generation of parents and children will the welcome the return of its tart humor and expressive, detailed pencil illustrations. Jones at your local library. Marvin the ape has escaped from the zoo and is fitting into everyday life quite nicely. Will the zoo find him before one of the other animals follows suit? Find Escape of Marvin the Ape at your local library. William Steig - HarperCollins Publishers, 32 pages. Pete has nothing to do on a dreary, rainy day until his father turns him into a pizza.

High-flying adventure, coupled with bold illustrations, keeps readers on the edge of their seats. This book is a revitalizing dose of imagination and an inspiration for kids. Find Regards to the Man in the Moon at your local library. Mo Willems - Hyperion Books for Children, 48 pages. Once again, Mo Willems has created a masterpiece that will engage kids and parents alike.

He has set simply drawn, yet colorful and expressive, cartoon characters against real black-and-white photographs of Brooklyn.

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The effect is captivating! On top of that, the language is straightforward and somewhat understated, which completes this perfect package. A Case of Mistaken Identity. Michaela Morgan , illustrated by: Bunnies Tino and Teeny leave a list of wishes in a hollow log. The list blows away in the winter wind and is found in pieces by mice, who rearrange the words into a new wish for the rabbits. Zoe Hall , illustrated by: Shari Halpern - Scholastic Press, 40 pages. After a stroll through the woods or a family hike, nothing feels better than a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, and what better book could there be than Fall Leaves Fall, an infectious read.

Two siblings use their imagination as they explore autumn leaves. They discover some of the best things to do with leaves. Would you prefer watching, stomping, raking or jumping in a huge pile? Read more to discover the pure joy of autumn. Find Fall Leaves Fall! The fairy folk of the winter season are celebrated in this beloved classic passed down from generation to generation.

Both a charming read-aloud and a book your young one will choose as a lifelong favorite. Find Flower Fairies of the Winter at your local library. Hennessy and Lynne Cravath - Viking, 32 pages. Children will delight in this rhythmic text while counting the days that lead up to the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. Both Pilgrim and Wampanoag boys and girls prepare for the feast. Students get a taste of history in an entertaining way.

Though the book does not highlight the many hardships the Pilgrims and Indians faced, it does illustrate the valuable lesson of working together. Nicola Davies , illustrated by: Jane Chapman - Candlewick Press, 32 pages. The story of the life cycle of the Loggerhead turtle is told in poetic language and illustrated with beautiful paintings. This mysterious creature swims the ocean for 30 years, wandering thousands of miles in her search for food, until one summer night she returns to the very same beach where she was born to lay her own eggs.

Find One Tiny Turtle at your local library. Wendy Cheyette Lewison , illustrated by: Pam Paparone - Viking, 32 pages. A jaunty walk in the rain for a little girl and her perky dog is an opportunity to count from one to 10, and back again, with little raindrops, bare toes and finally the sun. Even her grass green rain boots are smiling! Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple , illustrated by: Brooke Dyer - HarperCollins, 32 pages.

Find Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep at your local library. Deborah Diesen , illustrated by: Dan Hanna - Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 32 pages. With a seemingly permanent grouchy countenance, Mr. Fish encounters numerous friends, like Mr. Eight the octopus and Mrs. The answer from Mr. Fish is delightful, and a sure crowd-pleaser: Fish of his dreary-wearies for good.

Delightful, vibrant, colorful illustrations, with smart, fun rhymes and a refrain that kids will recite over and over. A great book for audience participation or one-on-one to help cheer up little pouters. Find The Pout-Pout Fish at your local library. Uri Shulevitz - Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 32 pages.

Snowflakes fall one by one, slowly covering the city in a beautiful white blanket.