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For example, "I" may be a pronoun or a Roman numeral; "to" may be a preposition or an infinitive marker; "time" may be a noun or a verb. Also, a single spelling can represent more than one root word.

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For example, "singer" may be a form of either "sing" or "singe". Different corpora may treat such difference differently.

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The table also includes frequencies from other corpora, note that as well as usage differences, lemmatisation may differ from corpus to corpus - for example splitting the prepositional use of "to" from the use as a particle. Also the COCA list includes dispersion as well as frequency to calculate rank.

The following is the same list subdivided by part of speech. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nouns time person year way day thing man world life hand part child eye woman place work week case point government company number group problem fact.

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  7. Verbs be have do say get make go know take see come think look want give use find tell ask work seem feel try leave call. Adjectives good new first last long great little own other old right big high different small large next early young important few public bad same able.

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    Prepositions to of in for on with at by from up about into over after. Others the and a that I it not he as you this but his they her she or an will my one all would there their. Facts about the language". What is the commonest word?. Archived from the original on December 26, Retrieved June 22, Time after time after time The skills crop up as often in real books as they do in the structured reading schemes.

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    If you teach more, it's the law of rapidly diminishing returns. Together with co-researcher Janet Vousden, Dr Solity analysed , words in a database of adult fiction and nonfiction, and compared children's reading schemes with "real" children's books. The researchers also say that the national strategy teaches too many phonemes.

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    The strategy teaches the "dge" sound found in "fridge", for example, but there are only 11 words containing this combination. He says his research contradicts the decision by the education secretary, Ruth Kelly, to return to phonics as the central tenet of teaching reading through reading schemes. Following the recommendations of former chief inspector Jim Rose, Ms Kelly said phonics would be the "first and fast" way to learn.

    But Dr Solity believes the reading schemes are not the best way to learn.