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Well done step-by-step photos help make this beautifully elaborate recipe a breeze. Get ready by getting out your muffin tray! Russ, the Domestic Man. Another recipe for which you will need to bust out the handy muffin tray, these egg cups are packed with meat and will keep you feeling full well into the day. Katy from Occasional Faileo. This is more like a yummy egg, meat and veg bake with delish tomato sauce. It takes a bit of work but is well worth the bit of extra effort! These cool bacon and egg cups also require a muffin tray and a few minutes in the oven.

Prep time is 15 minutes and cook time is 15 minutes so plan accordingly. These savory-sweet patties are packed with flavorful spices and can be made in bulk and frozen, to be used later for a quick breakfast any day of the week. This recipe is as easy as mixing everything up and filling up the pan to bake in the oven.

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Bonus points for included freezing directions. Deep Dish Sausage Breakfast Casserole. Maple Apple Sausage Acorn Squash. This omelet will provide a great assortment of vitamins and minerals. Whether or not you add the cheese is up to you as some like to remove cheese from their diet or use a harder cheese to reduce lactose amounts. It may take a trial and error method to see what your body can handle. Using a Parmesan or hard cheddar may work best as they contain less lactose and are generally better tolerated.

Paleo Breakfast Ideas / Ultimate Paleo Guide

To spice this dish up a bit you can try adding some spicy Piperade. Artichoke Hearts with Eggs. In order to include the Eggs Benedict on your Paleo diet you will need to do some modifications. Keeping it grain-free by serving it on artichoke hearts will modify this dish and allow you to get that same great taste. There are still some of you who cannot tolerate eggs well or who try to avoid them due to the autoimmune issue; but you can still be creative with your breakfast choices and we have some ideas to help you with options.

Omelet with the Granny Apple. Creating an omelet with this sweet twist will serve you a delicious breakfast as well as provide a great source of your daily protein.

Quick Paleo Breakfast Ideas and Brunch Diet Options

The eggs will provide the protein needed to keep you going so you're not getting hungry mid-morning. This omelet contains most of the apple pie ingredients; cinnamon, real apples and nutmeg spices. Stuffed with bacon and vegetables, these incredible little omelet bites give you a great breakfast taste with the convenience of size.

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These could even be enjoyed on the run during those hectic get-out-the-door mornings. They are created mostly with the bacon sauteed with your favorite vegetables and then baked in cupcake tins. They all come out in a uniform size and ready to eat. This omelet tries capturing the classic taste of a caprese salad and consists mainly of mozzarella and tomatoes.

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  5. The Paleo diet is unsure where mozzarella cheese fits in and you will have to decide if and how much of this you want to add. Most Paleo dieters find they can handle small amounts of cheese and avoid going overboard with it in recipes. Mornings can be hectic, so the omelet breakfast bowl is perfect when you don't have time to sit and wait for your omelet to be ready to flip. This omelet has the same great taste as on omelet but is so much easier to make.

    You will place an egg in the bottom of a bowl to hold all the ingredients and then add; smoked ham, mushrooms and any vegetables you feel will perk this omelet up. Whipping up a Paleo breakfast is so much easier with the allowance of eggs. You can whip them up so easily and they provide a delicious and nutritious meal.

    The Italian Scramble uses seven Paleo ingredients and will create a hot and filling breakfast quickly. Kale, one of the trendiest and healthiest vegetables adds protein and fiber to the dish. Tomatoes are also added and they contain lycopene and then some avocado to give you fats, potassium and additional fiber.

    This is another great time saving breakfast that will only take about five minutes to prepare. The ham will hold the eggs and also gives you a nice baked flavor.

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    The eggs will provide you extra protein so you won't find yourself hungry mid-morning. If you prefer a different flavor you can substitute turkey for the ham and you can also choose to add any of your favorite vegetables. When you wake up from a night of fasting you are not required to eat a breakfast right away.

    If you are not hungry when you get up then you can extend your fasting period. As a species we have learned to survive with long periods of fasting and also to optimize these longer periods. If you are following a nutritious diet which contains enough food as a whole then your body will benefit from fasting on occasion. This will help down-regulate insulin production and increase insulin sensitivity creating a longer and leaner life. If you are the type that needs those carbs in the morning you can also settle for a simple piece of fruit or smoothie.

    Fruit such as berries contain a high anti-oxidant content and would make a wonderful choice to get you the carbs you need. If your body will tolerate heavy cream, you can a bit of cream to the berries to carry you even further into your day. Smoothies are fast and easy and can even be taken with you. If you are in a rush use a base of ice cubes and simply add some fruit. You can even add some nut butter or a bit of coconut milk to make it richer and become a more filling breakfast.

    The Paleo breakfast burrito does not use a flour tortilla as the wrapper. The egg whites can make a fluffy casing to hold all your favorite ingredients inside. The Primal Breakfast Burrito uses a lot of meat and vegetables to help you feel satisfied all morning. Adding hot sauce or salsa which is generally Paleo safe will make you feel like you've eaten an old-fashioned, pre-Paleo burrito. To create this burrito you will use coconut flour which is an ordinary replacement for wheat flour. You'll hardly notice the difference as you get an authentic look, taste and feel of a wheat flour burrito.

    You will fill this with plenty of eggs, beef, spices, and peppers and create a burrito that will last you all through the morning. This is a simple and quick dish to make for those busy mornings, it should only take about 20 minutes from start to finish. This burrito uses the egg as the tortilla so it also can be considered an omelet, but you will fold it like a burrito so this one made it into the burrito section.

    Using left over taco meat that has been seasoned for tacos will give this burrito a whole new concept. Stuff the inside of the egg with the taco meat and some bacon, fold over like a burrito and you've got one very tasty and filling breakfast. Are you a pancake or waffle? We all like splurge once in awhile so why not do it grain-free and lower in sugar and still have the feeling you've eaten something different?

    Cinnamon and apple waffles or the flour-less banana pancake is the perfect solution. Another breakfast to splurge on that is totally classic but can be eaten guilt-free is the bacon with eggs. Use organic eggs and nitrite and sugar-free bacon and by cooking the bacon first and then cooking eggs in the bacon fat will absolutely amaze your taste buds. A good option to this breakfast would be using good quality sausage instead of bacon, or ham.