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Martin's Paperbacks; 1 edition August 31, Publication Date: August 31, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Or that she's there to arrest him. First Knight Knights of Caerleon Book 1. Can Arthur and Morgan escape their fabled past to have a happy ending in this modern retelling of the old tale? Teach Me Southern Nights Book 1.

He craves her more than his next breath, but he won't give in. Not till a deadly threat forces him to make his move. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention lora leigh elite ops amethyst eyes nikolai steele mikayla martin sex scenes ops series feel like hummer and leaves leaves on his harley love scenes alpha male small town little fairy live wire wild card arrives in a hummer wedding dresses bad guy code name.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. For a Lora Leigh it was an okay read but whoever edited this book needs to go back to the mail room!! I truly love Lora Leigh books and her wonderful alpha heroes but when the editing detracts from them book it totally ruins the story.

There are other things that are edited wrong too but this one just 'iced the cake' and if you've read this book you will know that this scene is at the beginning of the story. Leigh if you are reading your reviews would you kindly continue with the Elite Ops?? And maybe tweak your Breeds series because they are getting a little ridiculous too but that is for another review. One person found this helpful. Bridal shop owner and seamstress, Mikayla Martin saw something she should have, witnessing a murder and providing it is a problem when no one believes you and your an open target for the gunman!

Elite Ops member Nikolai Steele code name Renegade is asked to repay a favor, the friend proclaims innocent even with Mikayla pointing the finger. When Nikolai tries to set her straight he is the one on notice as in.. This is one hot read Renegade is 5 stars! One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. I already had this book in paperback.

Have read it about Times. Enjoyed it so much that I decided to get it in the kindle format. I don't usually spend this much on a book but this series is so well written and held my interest that I went ahead and bought it. Leigh is an excellent story teller. I love most of her books. There is mystery, suspense, intrigue and steamy sex scenes from cover to cover with finding love in the end.

What else could you ask for? Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. It seems the author rushed to finish the book; the editors rushed to "proof" it and the publisher rushed to get it in print. As they say, haste makes waste and this is a case in point. I had to force myself to finish reading it.

Kept thinking it had to get better, but no, actually it didn't. It flatlined somewhere in the middle and never recovered. Nik's character was so powerful in previous books but he was rather ridiculous here. Where to start, Mikayla jumped from being a virgin to having the overnight sensibilities of a working girl and most of the time acted like she was going on Special Ops to Clown Ops. Just how would she do that, hmmm?

Well maybe since she was his little fairy. The sexual scenes where so contrived as to be embarrassing, as in I was embarrassed for the fiction characters. Icy stares, purple eyes, same dialog ad nauseam and the descriptions just plain sounded painful if not physically impossible. Tripe, the lot of it and a waste of my good money. I enjoyed this series. I read, these a very long time ago and just reread them. Lora Leigh is fun to read in this series. I enjoy how they are all connected the characters.

This book series is what I would use a a great escape and easy read Mikayla is a bridal owner who lead a quite and uneventful life until one day she saw a murder. Since then her life is changed. Nikolai Steel is an elite ops agent who is asked by a friend to investigate that murder. One thing lead to another and the two of them get involved while trying to solve the murder mystery. Lora Leigh is one of my fave and auto buy author. I love all of her books, but I didnt get the same vibe from this book. Normally I get emotionally attached to the character but Mikayla and Nik just dont leave the same feeling.

I was actually get bored in the middle and try very hard to get back to the story, which finally I did. But if you're looking for a steamy romance, you will get it. In that department Lora is still numero uno! So, it's just an okay for me but Lora is still my fave I cant wait for her other new books. Leigh needs new editor. I liked the book because I love the series and I'm glad Nik got his own story. But too many mistakes are making it into the final copy. One mistake is Nik arrives for a meeting in a Hummer and leaves on his Harley. Another Kira is substitued for Mikayla.

In another place Nik and Makayla are having a conversation and Makayla is washing dishes then she loads the dishwasher and turns it on then she goes back to washing dishes all while trying to have a serious conversation with Nik. Also, why did Nik tell Makayla he had to go out for awhile and reappears a very,very short time later to assist Makayla with her shower and take her to bed?

Near the end when Kera is shot twice, wouldn't Ian have stayed with her instead of helping bring down the bad guys when his seal team was there to help? There are the expected misspelled words or words not used correctly. I love this whole series of books and I have all of them, way back to Reno, commander of the seal team.

Leigh deserves someone better to edit her work and she needs to edit her own work better.

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These mistakes are becoming expected not unusal. With all the books she sells shouldn't the publisher, St. Martin Paperbacks, respect her a little more and make sure the mistakes are few and far between. I hope the next book not due out till spring will be better edited and I like it a whole lot better when more of the team members are around to help.

See all reviews. Return to Book Page. Preview — Renegade by Lora Leigh. Renegade Elite Ops 5 by Lora Leigh. Renegade Elite Ops, 5 4. One Elite Opes agent is on a special assignment involving a beautiful woman. But his involvement is about to go beyond the call of duty 0 and into the realm of dangerous desire Her own life, however, has become a nightmare since she witnessed a murder — and got an up-cl One Elite Opes agent is on a special assignment involving a beautiful woman.

Her own life, however, has become a nightmare since she witnessed a murder — and got an up-close-and-personal look at the killer. She knows she knows him. A woman this irresistible can only mean trouble and, sure enough, after sticking her nose in one too many places, someone wants Mikayla dead. Paperback , pages. Published August 31st by St. Martin's Press first published Nikolai Steele , Mikayla Martin.

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Lists with This Book. So I am not going to even bother with writing a real review for Renegade , because The author didn't really bother to write a real book! If she didn't bother why should I? This book was so damn repetitious and tedious I had to slam My head into a wall to stay awake!!!

Her innocence , little fairy, amethyst eyes, fire in his arms, Her innocence , little fairy, amethyst eyes, fire in his arms. Okay already we get it she has amethyst eyes, she is innocence, she looks like a fucking fairy she is short and she is like fire in your arms no need to say it page after flippin page all through the damn book.

Then there was the whole I can't stay with her, but I can't leave her , I can't stay , I can't leave. Oh and lets not forget a virgin here , a virgin there , here a virgin there a virgin everywhere a virgin Really another heroine who is a virgin saving herself yet just gives it away to the hero almost as soon as they meet, even though he can't stay! This is a book of sex after sex after sex with minimal character or relationship development. View all 42 comments. Mar 01, Auntee rated it liked it Recommends it for: Fans of the series.

I barely liked it. Maybe I need a long break from LL books. Everything just seems the same: In this one, you have Nik Steele code name 'Renegade' , big, 6'6" blond, long, white blond hair and super buff and wearing black leather riding in to Hagerstown, Maryland on his Harley. He's here to return a favor to a friend construction company owner Maddix Nelson who has been wrongfully?

It's up to him to prove that the young woman who claims she saw him murder his construction foreman is lying. Nik gets a look at Mikayla, and is transfixed by her wheat-blonde hair, her amethyst eyes, her petite under 5'4" , curvy figure, her fairy-like quality, and her whole air of innocence. Of course loner Nik, who has a past filled with pain, misery, and incredible loss, has closed off his heart to love. But not to lust. He wants the innocent Mikayla, even though no good will come of it. Even though Mikayla dreams of Mr.

Right, marriage, and children, Nik can never give her that. All he can give her is his incredible body, which seems to be okay for Mikayla she has serious lust for him Since the police seem to have no interest in solving this murder Maddix has an airtight alibi it's up to Nik to figure out who is lying neither?

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Of course while protecting Mikayla they end up having a sexual affair, even though Nik knows he's going to hurt Mikayla and break her heart when he has to leave her. Nik doesn't do 'forever'. Nik comes riding into town in all his studly glory, and you know the virginal Mikayla is going to give it up to him. The plot seems pretty easy to follow--either Mikayla is mistaken since she NEVER lies , or Maddix is lying but why would he bring Nik in to prove he was lying?

Nik will get to the bottom of it, since the police have no intention of doing it. But once Nik starts trying to put the pieces together, while arguing with Mikayla about how she needs to stay out of it so he can protect her, I started to get bored. LL starts throwing a bunch of suspects names around, and I lost interest. Nik desperately tries not to feel anything for Mikayla, and I lost interest. LL kept mentioning Mikayla's amethyst eyes, and I lost interest. Nik kept thinking of Mikayla as a fairy , and I really lost interest.

First of all, I was a bit put off by their height differences--Nik was six and a half feet tall, and Mikayla was possibly only 5 feet tall. Many times LL described Mikayla wearing 4 inch heels and only coming up to Nik's chest. That just seemed a little "man vs. Second, Nik was constantly picking Mikayla up, and placing her on a table, on top of a chair back so he could better access her without breaking his back or wrenching his neck?

Maybe because I didn't really connect with these characters, but I didn't feel that there was anything particularly hot about their lovemaking either--not a whole lot of dialogue or anything unusual. And strangely enough for LL--no actual anal scene except for a little fingering! The mildly suspenseful ending was out of left field. I actually laughed a little. That's all I'm going to say about that. Too short, and rushed.

It felt tacked on. Maybe because by that point the book was already over pages? This book could actually be read as a stand alone. I skipped the previous one Black Jack , and I don't think it mattered. Maybe I'm just burned out by LL, and someone who only reads this series will enjoy "Renegade".

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So if you're a die-hard fan, you'll probably want to read this one. Right now I'm on the fence with this series. I'm going to have to hear some good stuff about the next one, Live Wire , before I continue with this series. View all 52 comments. Sep 09, Katie babs rated it did not like it Shelves: Where oh where shall I begin about Renegade, the latest book by Lora Leigh? Here we have a tortured, beats his chest angsty hero and a twenty-six year old virgin heroine who waits with bated breath for her prince charming to come along and sweep her off her feet.

Instead she gets a man who constantly puts her down because of her obsession with wearing a white wedding dress and a proud V-card carrying member. Mikayla Martin lives in a small town where everyone seems to know your name. She comes from a family full of love and cheer, as well as being independent, up to a certain point because her parents and brothers feel the need to know her whereabouts every minute of the day. Mikayla, who will spit in your eye if you dare to call her Kayla, owns her own exclusive clothing shop called where she makes wedding dresses from hand.

Mikayla is obsessed with having her own white wedding to the point that she will stay a virgin until she meets that perfect man who not only can pop her cherry with such precision, but can give her that white picket fence, the mini-van, 2. But Mikayla's dreams come crashing down when she goes to pick up her irresponsible, rascally brother from work. Mikayla's brother up and left, forgetting to tell her that he found a new ride home.

And while she's waiting for him, she witnesses a shooting and swears it's Maddix Nelson, this big wig in town. But no one believes Mikayla, for Maddix has an alibi with witnesses and everything. As Mikayla runs around trying to get everyone and their dog to believe what she saw was fact, Madddix calls in a favor and Nikolai Steele aka Renegade comes vrooming into town on his "wicked black Harley. Maddix has been framed and because he cares for Mikayla, but not in a dirty old man way he wants Nik to get to the bottom of this before Mikayla is hurt, marked for death, assassinated, or something unsettling on the horizon that gives Maddix the wiles.

How can she be so pure and innocent? How dare she not even have one parking ticket in her past?

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Nick will look further into this pearl of a woman who is so not for him because she's the marrying kind and gasp- a virgin! But then Nik and Mikayla chat and soon she's the victim of a few scary events such as a mugging that's really a warning for her to keep quiet. Nik will protect her because the lion inside of him, or perhaps his crouching tiger, hidden dragon, wants Mikayla as his mate and not even she can keep him away. Then we have scene upon scene of incredible foreplay where Nik puts his mouth, tongue and fingers to good use.

He stops from going to far, even though Nik wants to lose himself and plunge his little Nick in Mikayla's body. He'll respect her wishes to wait for some phantom prince charming to marry her. Until them he'll make her ooh and ahh much like the fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally and still be able to wave her V-card around. After more than a few going downtown scenes where Mikayla is close to drowning in a messy river of passion, she comes to the conclusion that she'll gladly let Nik tear up her V-card because no other man makes he feel so… horny and complete; but still not the type who she'll marry.

No sir, because as soon as Nik finds the villain responsible for trying to kill Mikayla, he's outtie on his wicked Harley. Just as Mikayla has her V-card status, Nik proudly has his own "I'm a loner baby card, and can only give you massive climaxes, but not my heart, soul and all that jazz where I would settle down into small town life because I was married once before and it didn't turn out well at all. And let me tell you, it's a scene worthy right out of the old nighttime soaps of Dallas or Dynasty. Renegade was ridiculously bad reading. Nik is a cringe worthy caricature of what a hero should be, and more than half the time I felt he should have gone to therapy.

The man has enough resources and people on his phone, but why not a good therapist?

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Mikayla kept pushing and pulling Nik every which way, and just as Nik was led around by his wee-wee, Mikayla was led around by her hoo-haa. The love scenes border on purple prose and were written the same almost every time. Think of insert tab A into Tab B and there you go. But every so often there would be an outcry of emotion from Nik as he reflected on his lovemaking with Mikayla while in the middle of it with a deep thought such as: She would want children.

She would hunger for children. And Nick knew he could never, ever allow himself to take that risk again. Lora Leigh is insanely popular for reasons that escape me. With ho-hum love scenes that seem to be written identically each and every time, and with characters that are way too emotive and cartoonish, I can't help but wonder why. This was my first book in a long time by Lora Leigh and after reading Renegade, I would have to say that she and I simple don't fit.

View all 10 comments. Her books are amazing. I'm not sure if I have ever read one that I didn't like. Renegade is part of the Elite Ops series. The Elite Ops agents are strong, sexy and overall good guys. They all come with baggage from their pre-Elite Ops days. Mikayla Martin is a sweet independent daughter, sister and great friend.

She owns her own dress shop where she designs and makes custom bridal gowns and formal dresses. She witnesses a murder while visiting a construction site to pick up her younger brother. She gets an up-close look at the killer and it's someone she knows. She knows what she saw but the police don't believe her. I really liked her character. She's strong, secure in her own skin and an overall nice girl. She believes in true love and wants to give her innocence to the man of her dreams. Elite Ops agent Nikolai Steele aka Nik whose code name is Renegade is asked by a friend to find out why Mikayla is lying about seeing him committing the murder.

Nik lost his wife and daughter to a horrible tragedy before he became a member of the Elite Ops. He's battling strong emotions where they are concerned. He's a strong, dominate male and doesn't take kindly to being lied to. Nik gets close to Mikayla by moving in next door to her. He's determined to find out why she is lying about who she saw.

As the attraction between the two ignites things heat up quite nicely. There is a lot of sexual tension from the beginning. As things progress they find it harder and harder to stay away from each other. The sexual scenes are some of the best I have read. I experienced butterflies in my stomach each time Mikayla and Nik got close to each other. Things were that good. There are many twists and turns throughout the story that kept me turning pages to find out what happened next.

The characters are believable as is the setting. Throughout the book, I was drawn to the emotions the characters were having and could relate to some of the aspects. I would definitely recommend Renegade to those of you who love romantic suspense, bad boys, and strong sexual heat. You'll be drawn into Mikayla and Nik's world from page one.

Be sure to check out the other books in the Elite Ops series. Sep 22, marlene rated it it was ok. If ever she looked like a fairy it was now. Her amethyst eyes blah blah. Quality over quantity honey. This book was just, well, terrible. The plot was as repetitive as the over use of key phrases. We have been there done that. On If ever she looked like a fairy it was now. Only the names have changed. The editing was just as bad as ever. I love when characters get called wrong names. This time at least you could identify the mistake.

It was a little less random than usual. I think its just time to slow down. Sit back, or go on vacation, whatever. Start up again once your creative mojo gives you something fresh. Mar 02, SheLove2Read rated it did not like it Shelves: If I could give this book awards, I would. The "For the love of all that's holy" award for most virginal heroine! The "I need a Tylenol" award for the exaggerated use of the phrase "destroy me"! The "Buy that woman a dictionary" award for extreme usage of the word "soul"!

View all 20 comments. Aug 15, jenjn79 rated it liked it Recommended to jenjn79 by: Continuation of a series. What is it about Lora Leigh's books that keep us coming back for more even when they frustrate us so much? Because like her other books, this one had quite a few things in it that were irritating, but it wasn't a terrible book.

This one has a pretty singular storyline so you could possibly read it as a stand-alone. Clothing designer Mikayla Martin goes to her brother's job at a constr What is it about Lora Leigh's books that keep us coming back for more even when they frustrate us so much? Clothing designer Mikayla Martin goes to her brother's job at a construction site one day to pick him up and stumbles upon a murder in progress.

She recognizes the shooter and tells the police. But the killer seems to have an air-tight alibi. No on is sure what to believe. Elite-Ops Agent Nik Steele owes a favor to a local builder and when that man is accused of murder by Mikayla he calls in his favor to Nik.

The man wants Nik to find out what's up with Mikayla So Nik inserts himself into Mikayla's life. The chemistry between good-girl Mikayla and the morose special agent is instantaneous. But whose side is Nik on? Mikayla doesn't know but she can't resist Nik. And as their digging into the murder goes deeper, Mikayla's life becomes in danger.

Nik is there to save her at every step. Unfortunately, because of the life he leads, his stay is only temporary Initially I was enjoying this book quite a bit. It's got a lot of romance, a nice mystery and some hot sex. But after a short while everything started to get rather repetitive. To the point that I began skimming scenes because they weren't really adding anything to the story.

At the most basic, I liked the romance. Mikayla is a good girl who works hard, doesn't swear, is a virgin and is liked by everyone. Nik is a dark special agent, part of the Elite Ops - a team of men who are dead men with new identities as bad guys. It's a total clash of images. Over used and trite maybe, but still sexy. The two have great chemistry together. But the way LL portrayed these two, especially together, was frustrating. Much is made of Mikayla's stature.

The way LL describes her makes her seem like an 80lb, 4ft tall little person when in reality she's just a little below average - 5'4" I believe, with a normal weight. But all throughout the book Nik is constantly referring to her as a little fairy, the smallest woman he's been with, etc etc etc and good grief it got really old really really fast. It was so overblown it was ridiculous and it cast an annoying vibe over the whole romance.

Plus - and this issue has bothered me in previous books - but I hate all the secret keeping re: Nik's identity and job. By the time the book ends Mikayla still has no idea who Nik really is, what he does, how he ended up that way, etc. Personally, that's a lousy way to build a relationship and it doesn't really work for me. The suspense plot was okay I thought I would like it a lot more, but it seemed really underdeveloped.

There never seemed to be enough focus on the case, the investigating, the possibilities. It seemed like all the investigating got done behind the scenes by other characters then relayed to Nik. I just wanted more out of this plot. And the bad guy, though you wouldn't be able to name him by name at the end, it was obvious which way the story was going. One other thing I didn't like about the book was how separate it seemed from all the other books and characters. You didn't get the Elite Ops vibe - the teamwork, the danger - and all that. Oh, one other thing - the editing issue LL is prone too.

It was nowhere near as bad as that one book, but there were still noticeable problems. Like Nik pulling up somewhere in a hummer, but then leaving on his Harley, or a character being called a wrong name. Distracting, but it wasn't too bad. The diehard LL fans will probably like it, the LL critics will find the same issues as they find in other books, and the ones in the middle will still probably be in the middle. Finally I read this story. Not sure why it took me so long. Nik aka Renegade is the latest in the Elite Ops to fall for a woman.

And what a woman Good and wholesome 2. Honest with impeccable integrity 3. Mikayla is a sweet female who definitely lives in a place that suits her best. She is in a small enough town whe Finally I read this story. She is in a small enough town where everyone knows her and vice versa.