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But it also had its cons: Also, Bothell is a good investment—its home values shot up Their hope is to, someday, move to a more affordable place entirely—maybe back to Alaska, where Amy is from.

  • Priced Out of Seattle, a New Generation Looks to the ‘Burbs | Seattle Weekly.
  • Clyde Hill.

The location was premium for their needs: When the time started drawing near, their landlord told them they could renew their lease for a third year, and everything seemed peachy. In June, less than a month before they were set to re-sign, the landlord informed them that surprise!

Seattle, WA trip.

They had two choices. But, inadvertently, they did end up waiting it out—for three months. Finding another place within their budget turned into an epic, disappointing saga. But to their surprise, they ended up loving it. And being a mile from Greenlake was nice. Which was true then and truer now, she says. Over the years, the rent kept climbing and the city kept changing, until the day came when the marginal costs of living here began to outweigh the marginal benefits of remaining.

Now she too is an Emerald exile—to Redmond, of all places. Now she lives in the cultural desert of corporate sprawl, surrounded by roads and reiterations of Chipotle, Safeway, and Starbucks. One of my roommates worked there, and a lot of friends from the neighborhood would hang out there. It was a nice place to go. They live in Renton. The trip takes a little over an hour on two buses. As they do, when Seattleites think about making the move to Tacoma, they often get on the Tacoma subreddit and ask what neighborhoods they should consider.

As it does, conventional wisdom usually wins out in the comment section, along the lines of: Always look north and west; never look south and east. For the geographically uninitiated, Tacoma juts north into Puget Sound like a finger poking you in the eye. Its northwesternmost point is Point Defiance Park, a vast stand of old-growth forest—with a beach and a zoo mixed in—that puts anything in Seattle to shame, Discovery Park very much included. Kent While Kent's early history centered around farming, today two thirds of the local jobs are in manufacturing, distribution, and transportation - business sectors that take advantage of the city's location midway between Seattle and Tacoma.

Kent Station and the historic downtown City Center attract people with vibrant events and activities. Both established and new neighborhoods offer a variety of housing options for residents. Maple Valley Maple Valley is a fast-growing area located halfway between Tacoma and Seattle that has garnered rave reviews on a number of annual "Best Cities" lists. Even though new homes are springing up, the area maintains a rural atmosphere with farms and plenty of space.

The city has access to three lakes, a golf course, and miles of trails for hiking, biking, and walking. Puyallup This second-largest city in Pierce County features many outdoor parks, public art and antique district. It is also home to the Washington State Fair. Commercial Airplanes and Paccar Parts. Runs the gamut from trailer parks to mansions, and a lot of it just seems like nice duplex and smaller homes on small plots suburbia.

Bellevue School District

Nice enough place for families, IMO. Closer-in but not in Seattle-proper: Kirkland, Mercer Island, and Bellevue are nice. But as you say, that might bust out your budget. Lynnwood, Edmonds, Bothell, and Mill Creek north side suburbs. Or Newcastle, Renton Highlands south side. The above are suburbia, not rural. With the hustle and bustle associated therein.

Olympia is sixty miles away, not really an option connecting to Seattle. Port Townsend, a ferry ride and long slog on rural 2-lane. The Peninsula Kitsap is great for getting away from it all: The news indicates Vegas is the worst housing market in the country. Looked a bit bereft and forlorn when I was out there cruising around the other month, off the strip. Seattle appears to have a reasonably-healthy economy vs. The laws of economics strike again, I suppose. Not sure how Seattle compares to Vegas in terms of cost of living: Might give you enough info to make a budget, and estimate costs, figure out what has to give and where to meet your criteria.

I had to go to Las Vegas last month and in places it looks frozen in time.

Greater Seattle Communities - South

A mall that started construction in stopped and looks pretty sad Construction on Summerlin mall set to move forward - www. Since it looks like it's starting again this year or next, maybe the Las Vegas COL will start going up in a couple of years. As others have said, you will want to live as close to your work as you can since 20 miles is often over an hour commute during rush hour but there are places in your budget. You will just need to be persistent on Craigs List because people have said here the rental market is tight.

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As someone who has moved many times from state to state and being a RN during those moves, I would advise that you try to land a job or at least some interviews before you get here. I am not sure of your field of nursing or what you are looking for but a stint at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland or Swedish Hospital in Issaquah might satisfy your commute time for work, the affordability factor for living as well as good schools for the kids.

If you are working in an office or for an agency then, I'd go for best schools for the money.

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I think then Issaquah would qualify. Can't help on the Electrical Engineer side of things- maybe Boeing in which case Issaquah wouldn't be horrible depending on which Boeing location. Kirkland is probably a bit more costly and the commute north can be a problem during rush hour. Schools are good there, too and you could likely find something in the upper end of your price range.