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The two are excited about renewing their friendship but Colby feels it necessary to let Kyle know that he is gay. What Colby doesn't know is that Kyle is gay too and has a few secrets of his own. As the two get to know one another again and rebuild their friendship they can't deny the attraction they feel.

When the two finally come together and try to build their friendship into something more outside forces may separate them permanently. This book is a winner for me for a couple of different reasons. The first is the love story because lets face it that's why we read romance. The realtionship that develops between Kyle and Colby was incredible to read. When one of them would make a sappy comment and the other would make fun of them for it, it felt very real. Writing emotional, loving character's is what Mr.

The second is the family relationships that were brought into this story line. Ruth has to be one of my favorite moms The need that Kyle feels to connect to Colby's mom in the absence of his mom made my heart hurt. It was nice to get glimpses of not only Luc and Rogan's life but the flashbacks we get of how Tag and Clay met were fun to read.

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If you are looking for a fantastic romance that will sweep you away and doesn't apologize for doing just that, then this is a book that you will want to add to your library. I give Son of a Ditch 5 chocolate dipped strawberries. But wow, has she outdone herself with this one! With mystery and a darker storyline than usual, Gabrielle Evans has hit her stride with Lipstick And Handguns , the first book in her Lawful Disorder series and I cannot wait to read the next. In the three years since his lover left without explanation, the only people brooding Detective Ryder keeps close are his grandmother and his partner on the force.

After months tracking a case where men are disappearing and then being found dead, victim Sidney Kessler is found alive. When he wakes up in the hospital frightened and confused, Sidney finds safety in Ryder. But Ryder is completely unprepared for the feelings Sidney stirs in him. Though reluctant to start a relationship with the vulnerable man, Ryder knows he's falling fast. But he still has a case to solve and a criminal to catch; and he can't let his feelings stand in the way of his job. Both characters were well-developed, each given their own time to evolve as unique characters. Seriously, how often do you read a book where the lead characters spend more than a few days with each other before any sort of romance takes place?

It was a refreshing change and allowed readers to know them as individuals first. Secondary characters were good additions. The simple fact that he lived with his grandmother, who readily accepted him, spoke volumes about his character.

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Evans interjects small details that set a stage for the stories she tells; and in this book, she creates a realistic and suspenseful story. This is a definite read. Saturday, June 18, Running Wilde. And like the earlier books in the series, this is a quick read with a fluid flow. In this book, Jessie spends time with Dallas, a man used to having any woman of his choosing. Only now his attention is completely on Jessie, vowing to do whatever necessary to possess her for himself and his brothers.

While I understood the goal of the author with this storyline, the BDSM component seemed weak and awkward when compared to authors specific to that genre. Jessie still continues to feel overwhelmed by becoming involved with the brothers. Really only having a fake engagement to get Jessica's dad off her case, Michael turns out to be a good friend and helps her work through her confusion with the brothers.

Lang has hit her stride in this book as they keep getting better. I am more sold than ever on the series and am waiting impatiently for the next release. Friday, June 17, Fighting Zombies Friday. Have I ever told you people how awesome my life is? No, well let me tell you! Yes, I have one full time job and a part time job. That makes planning ahead completely impossible.

I have two wonderful children that keep me on the go everyday. I breathe and sleep soccer. In fact we will be heading to Fairfax this weekend for a tournament. I'm attempting to look after my mom who broke her ankle over Memorial day weekend. When I say broke I mean like 8 screws and a plate broke. I'm not sure how much help I am because I make fun of her most of the time! In addition to this I try to spend all the time I can with my grandfather. I've had to take over the mowing duties for him which is really hard for him because he loves to mow.

I on the other hand don't mind mowing but this whole "there's a pattern to it" philosophy isn't working for me. The grass is cut what more do you want from me? With all that being said let's jump into my book for the week. I say this because they are like one big family and relationship that Nick and his mom Cherise have is one of great love. Like I've said before there's nothing a mother wouldn't so for her son and nothing a son wouldn't so for his mother.

Yeah, he survived the zombie attacks, only to wake up and find himself enslaved to a world of shape shifters and demons out to claim his soul. Well as you can see I did it. I couldn't wait to borrow the book from someone. I had to go get it NOW. I mean, I was practically forced to buy it. I had a gift card and everything and it kept calling my name dresses,shoes and purses have also known my name at times too. How do they do that? I put off blogging till Friday night about this book.

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Did I mention I got the book Friday afternoon? I was determined to blog about it this week. So here we go. This book digs deeper into Nick's childhood and his introduction into the Dark Hunter world. Again everyone and everything is out to get him. He faces all this and high school too.

For Nick I'm not sure which one is worse for him. Another dilemma Nick faces is who can he trust. Everyone "says" they want to teach him and help him but he really doesn't know who he can trust. Being dropped into this world of shifters, weres and zombies would give anyone metal health issues!

The more of this series I read the more I see in bits and pieces of where this all played a part in the regular Dark Hunter series. Certain things Ash said in other books ect.. I'll admit I had no idea that Nick would develop into such an important character. I give this book 5 chocolate dipped strawberries and a gift card for Nick so he can buy some new shirts!

Kim , paranormal , review , YA. Thursday, June 16, Precisely At Dusk. In just 15 pages, readers are drawn into what is sure to be an intensely erotic relationship between this Dom and his new submissive. The depth of the writing conveys a sense of angst that made me squirm; descriptions of the submissive making those final decisions to submit… biting her bottom lip, her chest rising and falling, turning down her eyes, wetting her lips The rich illustrative writing places the reader into the story. It has such a strong pull — and is so short a story — that readers need to sit down and read this in one sitting.

Precisely at Dusk is written in first person. Normally I'm not a fan of this style narrative but it was the perfect choice for this story. Howdy hump day posse! Can I just say I am not ready for the next couple weeks - two back to back three day weekends sounds like heaven but they are really just a bit too much family togetherness for this blogger gal! A big event for dad, a wedding for baby bro, and I am pretty sure there isnt enough alcohol Mostly I am freaked because it means a loooong time away from my gal pals - too much alone time means lots of books read but I get a little loopy without my peeps!

I know what will help - an eye candy fix! Cops and lawyers generally mix like oil and vinegar. This new romantic suspense stops just short of a battle of the sexes when Chicagoland heats up, pitting hot shot defense attorney C. Demarco against newly appointed police captain Patrick Sullivan. Daughters tease the reader with building sexual tension during the sometimes frustrating courtship of two people previously spurned in trust and love.

Pat Sullivan's interest is piqued by the violet-eyed beauty singing on stage while taking his twin nieces to a local amusement park. The following day, she turns out to be the courtroom shark ripping his detective apart on the stand. Unable to let it go, they wage battle over beers and darts while the sexy tension builds until it threatens to consume them both.

Pat and Charlie both know their fair share of loss and pain. On the heels of losing his brother and brother-in-law, Pat struggles to keep the police force afloat and his large and loving family supported as they deserve. Charlie, having recently transplanted to Chicago from the East Coast after a disastrous relationship, fears love again and clings to her two constants: Her work often clashes with his and, as the manhunt for a killer escalates, could imperil those they love.

With characters that have depth and substance and a well-crafted storyline, authors K. Daughters create an enjoyable suspense tale with enough romance for the reader to stop, pause and sigh contentedly. I given this legal thriller a cool four chocolate dipped strawberries and a gavel: This review was previously written for The Romance Reviews.

Shark's Mate

Is it possible for a blogger to have writers block? Well if it is then I think I have it. I can probably tell a story about just about anything. Maybe my brain decided to go on Summer vacation along with my kids. Or maybe it's because all of my brain cells have been pre-occupied trying to find things for my kids to do this summer so I don't get the "I'm bored" phone call 50 million times in a day. Or maybe it's because I have seen the previews for the new True Blood season and Eric is not running down the road naked with amnesia and I am just sad.

Whatever it is someone needs to slap me out of this funk. But until they do I am going to insert a blog that was posted on the Romance Review site by me and hope to be better next week. Royale, Loose Id Denise has wanted her own professional football team since she was six years old. Now, she's finally got it, but it comes with one problem: As a record-setting tight end, his numbers on the field are fantastic, but it's what's going on off the field that has Denise worried.

She can't seem to get the Nordic god out of her mind, and her desire could put the future of her brand new franchise at risk. Levi promised his agent no women for the first year of his recovery, and he was really trying to keep that promise until in swayed his new team's manager, Denise. All he can think about is tying her up and taking her hard, and he can't keep his mind on the game. He only sees one way out of this predicament -- do what his fantasies tell him -- but the promise he made to his agent stands in the way. What do a troubled football star and the GM of his new team have in common?

They both like a little necessary roughness. When Levi Ballom came to play for the development team, The Biloxi Bloodhounds, it was just a stepping stone back into the pros.

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Levi had been released from his last team due to scandals involving drugs, alcohol and women. Now fresh from rehab and 6 months sober, he is looking for a way back and isn't going to let anything get in his way. Denise Claremont Hynes is trying to step out of her father's shadow. After allowing her father to buy a new franchise for her, she wants him to leave her alone to run her team.

Being the hard working take charge motivated person that she is, Denise has no doubt that she will make it happen. She isn't sure she wants to take a chance on a troublemaker like Levi but knows he can help make her team successful if his manager is telling her the truth about his sobriety. One thing neither of them counted on was their instant attraction to one another. Even more surprising to Denise is her need to submit to Levi. This story, while being well written, didn't click for me.

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I had a hard time believing the connection between the two protagonists. I honestly think my biggest problem buying into their relationship was the lack of kissing. For me, the kiss is where the emotion and trust begin. Levi's character comes across as someone who has realized the mistakes he made and truly wants to do things right this time. Denise could have very easily come across as spoiled, but thankfully the author wrote her with a work ethic that kept that from happening. Despite my misgivings regarding the overall relationship of these two characters, the story held potential.

From a fan of BDSM, please note that sometimes "necessary roughness" needs to be tempered with necessary softness. I give this book 3 chocolate dipped strawberries. This review was origianlly posted at The Romance Review http: Monday, June 13, The Alpha's Fall. The Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska series is an addictive erotic shifter series. This second installment uses the same vivid and detailed writing to add more substance to this evolving plot.

You cannot understand the storyline without reading them in order. The heroine, Eve, is a veterinarian who has been given permission to study the wolves on an Alaskan preserve controlled by the Dillon family. Eve has been oddly attracted to Noah Dillon and his six brothers and cousins since she arrived. Noah, Alpha of his pack, has known from their first meeting that Eve is his true mate but just when Noah makes his move to claim her, wolves on their land are killed and then the absolute worst happens when one of his own brothers is attacked.

Since Noah believes himself ultimately responsible as the Alpha for his pack, he is wrecked by the attack. As Noah comes to terms with the attack and begins looking into the cause, his self-blame causes him to pull away from Eve. At first Eve is distracted as her medical training allows her to care for the injured Ethan.

But then as Noah continues to disconnect, Eve is hurt by Noah pulling away from her until she pushes him to deal with his feelings, and to deal with her. Eve comes into her own in this book — a concern I had from the first book resolved - as the spunk I expected in an educated woman like Eve kicked in. Eve is exactly what Noah needs and it is a beautiful thing to see. This story, like the first in the series, ends again in the midst of drama. I wanted so badly to be able to turn the page and find out what happens next. So be warned that you will need to pick up the next book right away after reading this.

Sunday, June 12, Identity Crisis. In Identity Crisis , Lila Munro brought both heat and heart wrapped up neatly in an erotically-charged short story. With complex characters that readers will find likeable, the story is fast-moving and packed with emotion. The strong details and descriptive characterizations draw readers in emotionally as two strong characters discover the compromise necessary in love. Chad Dearborn was raised having everything he could possibly want and more, country clubs were his daycares and Paris and London his playgrounds.

Sole heir to Dearborn Industry, Chad will inherit a fortune but the problem is his parents also want him to find the perfect wife to go with it. And his idea of the perfect wife is very different from theirs. Rather than a trophy wife, he wants a woman that can hold her own, in and out of the bedroom. Tori Myers was from an entirely different world. With an absent father, a less than attentive mother and nowhere to go, Tori found herself drawn into an alternative lifestyle. Chad was fascinated by what went on at Vertigo but mostly he was intrigued by Tori.

The review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and is also posted at: Check out this and more of my reviews there. Also watch for my future review of Munro's next book, True Identity Friday, June 10, Fell right back in Friday. Spending the day with my kids. Today is their last day of school. Next year my daughter will move to the middle school and my son will be a 1st grader. Where did time go?

Went to DC with her on her class trip and had a great time. I figure, get to know my kids now before they take over the world. She's training to become a Shadowhunter and to use her unique power. Her mother is getting married to the love of her life. Downworlders and Shadowhunters are at peace at last. And—most importantly of all—she can finally call Jace her boyfriend. But nothing comes without a price. Someone is murdering Shadowhunters, provoking tensions between Downworlders and Shadowhunters that could lead to a second, bloody war.

Clary's best friend, Simon, can't help her. His mother just found out that he's a vampire and now he's homeless. Everywhere he turns, someone wants him on their side—along with the power of the curse that's wrecking his life. And they're willing to do anything to get what they want. Not to mention that he's dating two beautiful, dangerous girls—neither of whom knows about the other one. When Jace begins to pull away from her without explaining why, Clary is forced to delve into the heart of a mystery whose solution reveals her worst nightmare: It has been a good while since I finished the last book in this series and picked up this one the newest.

I was so proud of myself! I remembered what was going on and where the last story ended and where this one picked up. I also have a confession to make. I listened to the first three on audio book. I know, I know I feel shameful. I wish I could. But I did enjoy listening to these. First off this book had a super good balance of story threads.

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Then Clary is doing the ,what does he see in me drama llama. It was like Lizzie and Dimitri all over again have I ever told you my love of Dimitri? I really enjoyed Simon getting to come to the front of the story. He has a lot of issues to deal with. I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries and a cool electrum whip like Isabelle has. Can you believe that? Kim , review , YA. Remember when you were a little girl and you kept a diary of all those silly things you did, those crazy feelings rushing through you, and oh those cute boys.

Well, disappointed I was not. The realism was masterful. Howdy there friends and readers! Life continues to have me chasing my tail this summer!!! What a shocker for those who know me I have more irons in the fire than I know what to do with - house projects, kid projects, reading projects Have a little summer delight - makes you wanna go swim A new summer treat to try: Bonita's Edge of Woods: Bonita stalks and captures readers in this well crafted, all too abbreviated romantic thriller.

Sent on assignment to investigate the Cold Lake murders, special assignment journalist Carmen James and her cameraman never expected to become victims themselves.

The killer attacks them late one night, forcing Carmen to run for her life. Found the next day hiding in his woodshed, John Malloy comes to her aide, healing her and falling for her. John struggles to discover the killer's identity in time before their new romance winds up another of his prey.

The Cold Lake Butcher may be wreaking havoc in the remote Alberta wilderness but that seems to have little impact upon John Malloy or special assignment journalist Carmen James. Where there is smoke, there's usually fire and the blaze that burns between these two characters makes this novella worth the read. With a clever storyline, solid characters and well written dialogue, B. Bonita could have expanded this into a full length romantic suspense that would have left the reader sighing and waiting for the next installment.

I give Edge of the Woods a tasty four chocolate dipped strawberries - a dip in the Cold Lake with our eye candy hottie!!!! Tuesday, June 7, This was my first book by author L. Aaron and Bastion burn up the pages with incredibly sensual love scenes. The secondary cast of characters give more depth to the overall storyline. The story is told from Aaron's point of view, but I always felt like I knew what Bastion was feeling as well.

With the demise of his last band due to internal drama, Aaron has returned home to audition for lead singer of his siblings' band, Schadenfreude. He better than anyone knows the danger of dating with-in the band, but one look at Bastion and Aaron is having trouble remember why it's a bad thing.

Bastion has finally made the break from his psycho girlfriend and now he just wants to play music. With the addition of Aaron as lead singer for the band, he knows they will be going places. Bastion has a secret that not even his brother and band mates know, that he is bi-sexual and is completely hot for Aaron. He just has to keep his hands off the sexy younger man. When the two come together, it is electric and one of the sexiest kisses I have ever read.

But keeping their relationship a secret isn't easy when they can't keep their hands off of each other. Just when things seem to be going well for the band, Denise, Bastion's ex, drops a bomb on the band when she calls the couple out in front of everyone. Now that they have been outed, Bastion isn't sure he can handle the pressure of trying to keep both the band and his relationship with Aaron together. The relationship the author builds between Aaron and Bastion was incredible to read. At times very sweet and other times scorching. The sentence, "Just one more kiss", becomes a recurring theme for the pair and their clandestine meetings backstage.

As much as I enjoyed reading the scenes between them, some of my favorite parts are when the band is together and giving each other a hard time and teasing back and forth. The dialogue between the siblings was hilarious and very real. And while the ending seemed rushed, the writing and story line flowed well and kept me entertained. I give With the Band 5 chocolate dipped strawberries. This review originally posted at The Romance Reviews: Beyond Friends just didn't go beyond Beyond Friends by Xondra Day is a quick read with a lot of story missing.

The characters lacked the depth necessary to establish a connection with the reader. Sunday, June 5, Miranda's Rights. You are given enough back story to pique your interest and then it's right into the heart of the story. I connected to these characters quickly and fell right into subspace along with Miranda. Miranda has a secret and a very nosy next door neighbor who also happens to be a police detective.

When Jase notices bruising on Miranda's arms and neck, he suspects that she is in an abusive relationship and is going to save her whether she wants him to or not. When he follows her one night and realizes that she is going to a BDSM club, he knows he has found the submissive for him, but Miranda isn't convinced Jase can be the Dom she needs. It may be a quick read but it hits on all the right levels to give you a small but realistic taste. I give Miranda's Rights 5 chocolate dipped strawberries. This review originally posted at The Romance Reviews:. Saturday, June 4, Colter's Daughter.

Together they were a perfect storm of desire, and she reveled in the beautiful power. Honestly, the first chapter or so seems fairly normal, but then the writing completely falls apart, like a stream of consciousness kind of thing, going back and forth and not making any real sense.

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  4. Jeez, this is so stupid. Logic is a foreign concept, to you, huh? This is a mess. No screws to tighten, man. Then again, all of this is. As it happens, Seoul, the king, was the only character I could scrape up the slightest interest for. He was kind and sweet. And not a total idiot, maybe. Pity he was a secondary character, but at least we did get some of his perspective. Also, sadly, he seems to be set up for a second volume to find love with a moronic, immoral, ruthless hothead.

    His abilities never come into play at all. Anyway, the biggest joke of all occurs when we do not even get to see the amazing rescue of our protagonist by our other protagonist. One chapter ends with them heading that way, the next starts with them all together again, swimming home. No, not even Seoul rouses enough interest to count. View all 9 comments. Feb 16, PointyEars42 rated it did not like it Shelves: Single-handedly justifying the need for a negative rating system on GoodReads.

    Jul 02, Kelly rated it it was ok Shelves: It was okay but near the end it felt rushed and it left me feeling like i skipped a chapter when i hadnt. Jul 01, Ayune01 rated it did not like it. Tabitha rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Melhar rated it liked it Oct 11, LaShonta rated it it was ok Jul 06, Erika rated it liked it Jun 11, Panduck rated it really liked it Dec 30, Lisa rated it liked it Jul 07, Kaitlyn rated it it was ok May 16, Nicole rated it it was ok Mar 22, Jennifer rated it liked it Apr 30, Dusty rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Maxine rated it it was ok Jul 05, Charnel rated it liked it Aug 21, Aiysha Duncan rated it liked it Feb 07, Jen rated it liked it Jun 13, Michi Rosa rated it liked it Jun 30,