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LASIK can take a few weeks to adjust your vision and the results are permanent, although the eye prescription can still change over time. The only time a follow-up procedure may be necessary is if eyesight changes slightly with age or the initial correction was not enough. Further adjustments can be made several years after LASIK surgery to correct vision if the vision has shifted.

2 Days After Lasik Eye Surgery!! DETAILS

Patients usually experience a dramatic reduction in the need for glasses after LASIK surgery, and some patients do not need to wear glasses at all. Even though LASIK requires a financial investment upfront, patients experience hundreds of dollars of savings each year because they do not need to update their eyeglass and contact lens prescription.

LASIK Side Effects And Complications

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The safety and effectiveness of LASIK surgery continues to improve, thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, surgical skill and optimal patient selection. Complications generally were more common in the early years of LASIK, when studies in the late s indicated that up to 5 percent of people undergoing laser vision correction experienced some type of problem.

These days, this number is under 1 percent for serious complications. As of , more than , military personnel had undergone laser vision correction.


Since the procedure first was introduced in the military in , researchers have conducted more than 45 studies regarding safety and effectiveness of LASIK and other procedures. LASIK outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive. According to one study, only one in , patients required medical disability retirement due to complications from laser vision correction during this eight-year period.

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In another study, percent of pilots and other aircraft personnel from the U. When questioned about their satisfaction one month after surgery, 95 percent of these patients said the procedure was helpful to their effectiveness, and percent said they would recommend it to other aviators. Laser eye surgery has successfully treated millions of patients and has high patient satisfaction rates.

It is important for you to weigh the benefits and risks before choosing to go ahead with surgery. Though the goal of LASIK surgery is to eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses as much as possible, in some cases you may benefit from wearing glasses part time or full time after a LASIK procedure. For example, for persistent dry eye problems after LASIK, wearing eyeglasses with photochromic lenses can help relieve photophobia sensitivity to light associated with dry eyes.

For cases of mild residual refractive error that don't warrant additional surgery, wearing corrective eyeglasses for specific visual tasks such as driving at night is a good choice. If you can benefit from glasses after LASIK, choose lenses with anti-reflective coating for the best vision and comfort possible. Also, if you're over age 40, consider progressive lenses to provide enhanced vision for reading as well as sharper distance vision.

He has pioneered treatments for keratoconus, participated in many FDA clinical trials for new refractive surgery technologies and written several books. He is a member of All About Vision's editorial advisory board.

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Laser eye surgery - pros and cons

Aimee Rodrigues also contributed to this article. What someone with post-op starbursts might see at night. Because hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect your eyes, many surgeons recommend waiting several weeks after your baby is born before having LASIK surgery.

What Are the Disadvantages of LASIK Eye Surgery?

Most patients do not experience these symptoms, and some patients with these complications experience no symptoms and require no treatment. Journal of Refractive Surgery.

Laser eye surgery - pros and cons

LASIK world literature review: American Journal of Ophthalmology. Incomplete corrections undercorrection, overcorrection, residual astigmatism or regression of effect. Glasses or contact lenses; eye drops; re-treatment with laser.

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