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Eli and August are two brothers growing up in s Brisbane and for the most part, their world and daily life experience, depicted amazingly well by the author, is instantly recognisable to those who recall the era. Perhaps not every aspect however, given that they live amongst heroin dealers and are exposed to unspeakable acts of violence inflicted as punishment and to eliminate competition.

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August is the eldest, who abruptly ceased speaking years before and communicates only by invisible 'air writing' and facial expression. Eli yearns to be a newspaper reporter and develops the capacity to recognise a story at an early age.

Whilst their parents undertake relatively small scale heroin deals and yearn to make the score which they believe will allow them to escape the trade, the brothers are watched over by a retired criminal Slim Halliday. Famous decades before, Slim had wasted most of his life in incarceration, much of it in solitary confinement, for the murder of a taxi driver and subsequent prison escapes. In viewing the bleak plight of these boys who grow up in a threatening environment, surrounded by people who are either hopeless or dangerous, the reader is caused to recognise the inevitability of a life's course.

Major crime is never excused or glorified in this novel, however the author crafts characters who perform according to a script determined by their parentage, geographical location, limited opportunity and exposure to sinister criminals who manipulate and exploit.

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The story demands consideration of what goodness remains in people who are undoubtedly criminal, sometimes ruthlessly bad and perhaps even murderers. Both books were integrated as episodes in the TV series. With a young high-tech s feel and just a touch of s retro charm, Murder Call follows a classic clue—puzzle plot, combining mystery, action and suspense, spiked with humour, romance and a touch of the bizarre. The series deals with the cases confronted by an unconventional team of homicide detectives, Tessa Vance and Steve Hayden.

Backing them up are:.

Murder Call was filmed in Sydney and unlike a lot of shows based in Sydney, often shot the less spectacular side of the city. Murder Call ran for three seasons and produced 56 episodes.

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