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His victims include a world famous billionaire, a high tech millionaire, a local developer, a simple realtor and the Chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. This brings Gifford into direct conflict with a former girl friend, the beautiful but ambitious Inspector Tracey Schultz. Charlotte Peters, the sexy widow of one of the victims, knows more than she tells. Before Gifford can master the complex case, the killer takes another victim, a local judge. Despite the media pressure and complicated mix of personal relationships, Gifford finally uncovers the one clue that lets him identify the killer.

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Charming By James, Elliott series John Charming, formerly a member of the modern Knights Templar and sworn to protect mortals from supernatural threats until he was infected by a werewolf, now tends bar under an assumed name in a small Virginia town. When a blonde and a vampire create havoc enter his bar, he is forced to confront his true nature as well as his destiny.

The Princess Bride S. I libraried this to verify it. If you want, you can library it yourself! And then, you can watch the movie.

Nancy Decided to add to our stack of sad books.

The audiobook is great too! Soon, another magician comes forth: And the audio is read by David Tennant! Reckless By Funke, Cornelia Caroline series Jacob and Will Reckless have looked out for each other ever since their father disappeared, but when Jacob discovers a magical mirror that transports him to a warring world populated by witches, giants, and ogres, he keeps it to himself until Will follows him one day, with dire consequences.

Jackson reads the audiobook perfectly. The Invasion By Applegate, Katherine series Endowed by a dying alien with the power to morph into any animal they touch, friends Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, and Marco investigate the wonders of the world with their Animorph powers. Gerbils By Howell, Laura This is a nice book about gerbils. Do you have SEX in your library? If not, why not? Read the SITL book blog: To teach himself how to write, he would take apart the best American short stories in order to figure out how they were put together.

We will be back at the cafe May 10th at 3. Nancy Pearl will be leading a discussion about science fiction and fantasy. Do you read that genre, or do you avoid it? Get That Stack of Books delivered to via email. Last week we talked about books that make us happy. For balance, we take up books that make a reader sad, that take the reader into the darkest places of the human experience.

Here are some books that are such an emotionally tough read, they might best be read In the sunny days of summer. The Bryant Corner Cafe is a warm and cozy place.

The sunshine comes streaming the big south facing windows. Steam rises from fresh baked goods and hot off the grill meals. The world looks pretty good. We had a nice sunny day, hot coffee, iced tea and a plateful of tasty cookies as we discussed murder, rape, mass shootings, imprisonment, genocide and the disintegration of democracy. You can see why we thought these are books that might lend themselves to a summer read. You could look up from the page every once in a while, feel the sun on your face, listen to a few birds sing, watch the leaves rustle in a cooling breeze.

Take a deep breath.

Books by Robert L. Skidmore

Tell yourself that it isn't all so tragic. Then dive back in. Turner, a light tone about the terrible things people do to one another. One reviewer called it brutally depressing. The novels of Thomas Hardy. His topics are timeless. There is a personal connection for Nancy. Her father fought in that war. These are two books about school shootings. A sadly revealing history of Eugenics in America. Most books by Elie Wiesel. We have had some remarkably wonderful spring days here in Seattle. Record April high's in the 80's have put smiles on our faces and have us thinking happy thoughts and reaching for books that make us happy.

We are tasked with coming up with a short list of books that make us happy. Now this is a topic that lends itself to wide interpretation. How about adding to our list?

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You can write us on Twitter thatstack, post on Facebook , or write us at thatstackofbooks gmail. A shout out first, though. When Wanderers Cease to Roam: The Encounter, by Rita Wirkala. It's been called a brilliant book about a household full of kids, reminiscent of Erma Bombeck or Jean Kerr. We Could Almost Eat Outside: The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante. Shortlisted this year for the Man Booker Prize. Here is a nice interview she gave about the books.

Check out The Thurber Carnival for some laughs. Here is a short excerpt from the interview. You can find it on YouTube. In "I'll Try Anything Once," Toure is introduced to a variety of sports and activities and has to master them. The program illustrates the message of his book. We are all unique, made up of our ancestry, our ethnicity, our race, our experience. But any one of us can do anything we want. There is no right way of being. Nancy Pearl and Steve Scher will be back with at the Bryant Corner Cafe this Tuesday , April 19th, , at 3 pm to talk about books that make us happy.

Love to have you join us at the table, get a cup of coffee and a half price cookie and tell us about that book..

  1. Youve Been Conned: Defying Depression by the Grace of God?
  2. Night of Guilty Pleasures (An Eros Tale);
  3. Product details!
  4. The Sound Poet.

Nancy and Steve talk about two books that look at the history of the American civil rights movement. But one book sparks another suggestion. Nancy says that if you are going to read one book about how young people challenged Jim Crow institutions in the early 60s, this is the book to read.

Nancy is also recommending books by Lewis Norden , a southern white writer. She says that his books are hard to describe. She invites readers to read it and write to us with your reaction. Maybe post your thoughts on our Facebook page. The Children , by David Halberstam. The Middle Passage, by Charles Johnson. While the World Watched: In Peace and Freedom: Does America need to take such an unflinching look at our past and present?

And maybe we should read some Mark Twain. Well, it is a long and fulfilling list. Why do we know the name of an early 20th century Russian mystic? Why is it that the story of Rasputin has become a mini-industry of myth and folklore, well into the 21st century? Here is a That Stack of Books Extra, an author interview about a forthcoming book. Steve Scher talked to historian Douglas Smith at Folio, the new independent library and cultural center in downtown Seattle. Oh, right, it may have something to do with the story that he had to be poisoned, stabbed and shot and dumped into a freezing river by his murderers before he would die.

Or that he had a momentous appetite for food and wine and women. Turns out, these stories are part of the apocryphal tales that arose about the monk. They were usually spread by his court enemies. Russian scholar Douglas Smith has a new book coming out in the fall. It may well be the definitive history of the man and the myth. Smith's previous books include "Former People: For his work on Rasputin, he was given access to Russian archives as well as the papers of some of Rasputin's contemporaries.

We will be back at the Bryant Corner Cafe soon with more conversations about books. Check for more information about Folio membership and upcoming events. Folio is another institution created by Seattle's David Brewster. Helens erupted on May 18th, , 57 people were killed. What were they still doing in harm's way on the mountain, after months of warnings by scientists and rumblings from the volcano?

Steve Olson has gone back to tell their stories in his new book, "Eruption: The Untold Story of Mount St. If you haven't been to the mountain in a while, it is well worth a visit. The recovery of nature is an incredible sight. Senator Maria Cantwell opposes mining near the Monument.

A few books for your consideration in the Twilight Zone that is the current American political season. Steve had the chance to talk to a few Northwest based writers who have new books on the way. That prompted Nancy to share a few new books by Northwesterners that she is reading right now too. Nancy says Ruff takes the thriller into new and surprising territory. This story begins as a very realistic novel, set in , when a young black man is stopped by a white policeman and told to leave town.

But soon enough we are sucked into a story of horror, power and racism. Nancy says Ruff does amazing things with his novels. It too is a story with modern echoes. Here is the nativism of the anti-Irish movement.

That Stack Of Books with Nancy Pearl and Steve Scher — The House of Podcasts

The Untold Story of Mount. Jim Lynch is another Northwest author with a new book coming out. Find us on twitter thatstack.

Find us on Facebook. Write us a review and subscribe at Itunes. The rigors of the mystery test our panel. We debate authors, series, and definitions. And we have quite a list. This book is an account of the death of the author, a surgeon who wrote about his late stage cancer. Nancy says the writing is magnificent. Throughout this show we debate the difference between thriller and mystery and crime novels and end up suggesting, like always, that maybe we should stop categorizing every thing.

But, really, how can we stop.