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You can read the original here. Some executives mistakenly think of hiring as an HR function. The only reason to hire is to achieve a business impact.

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Your hiring efforts should shorten the distance between having a job opening and hiring someone who makes a big impact. The first step on the path toward business impact is attracting the right candidates.

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In all likelihood, most job seekers first impression of your company will be your job description. But most job descriptions actually get in the way of your hiring and recruiting efforts. He indeed resigns, and the moment he leaves you grab the phone to call HR. It helped me tremendously in focusing my efforts and making these efforts more sustainable. One of these, having broad design knowledge, led me to a project of dissecting existing designs to understand how they work. Well it turns out I was working hard, on the wrong things. Top Performer is a course delivered over eight weeks.

It includes lifetime access both to the material and to the community. Every week consists of:. A main video lesson. This is a lesson summarizing the principle idea of that week. All lessons in the course are also available in text and audio formats. Weekly homework and worksheet.

What Exactly is a Top Performer?

Every week contains a worksheet and homework that can help you proceed through the course. Each week contains several supplementary lessons. We recommend setting aside five hours per week to work on Top Performer. Of course, doing more than five hours per week will enable you to progress through the course at a faster pace. Although we recommend 5 hours per week, this course is completely self-paced: Remember, you have lifetime access to all of the lessons and the community. Once you join the course, it will be available anytime, but this window for signing up will expire soon.

We decided to teach this course together so that you can benefit from each of our strengths. Cal has spent years writing career books and striving to understand deliberate practice. Scott has spent years working on intensive, rapid learning projects. This course represents a fusion of the best ideas we have to offer each other. However, we have built a community of other top performer students, including successful students from past sessions, who can share ideas and advice on any of the challenges you might face.

Professional Behavior

The broad themes of this course are similar to the writing on our blogs. The reason Top Performer is able to fit the needs of such varied careers is that we focus on what is common to all these different professions: With research you can make an informed decision instead of making your career choices blindly.

The science behind building a career that you love with 10x the pay, perks & control

We believe that this course can offer a significant advantage to those who are willing to do the work. Joining Top Performer is an investment in yourself.

THE BEST TOP 10 America’s Got Talent 2016 No 2

We do have graduate students in Top Performer, but we want to stress that this is a career course, not a course designed to help you do better in school. Offer ends in days, hours and minutes. Ben is a top performer. Consider, Alex, a successful television script writer profiled by Cal.

Television writing may not be your line of work, but the laws of success are the same. Having a rewarding career you love requires you to master rare and valuable skills. Top performers get 10x the pay, perks and control. You can't just keep drinking more caffeine and sleeping less to get ahead. Why do some people become better without working more hours? One study looked into the different career trajectories of violin players and separated them into two groups: Figure out what actually matters in your career. Become insanely good at those skills.

Here's what Top Performer grads are saying Received funding for his PhD program. The quickest way to get good at complex skills like programming, research or business The Business Plan Method: How to Build Soft Skills - Learn how to deliberately practice soft skills like selling, negotiating, speaking or leadership. From Insight to Action - How to generate project ideas for improving the skills that matter. The Artifact Method - Avoid falling into pseudowork with this technique for increasing your deep work.

The Power of Single-Projecting - How to increase your ability to get meaningful work done, while reducing your busyness. Video game artist Jacob S. Practicing hours of undistracted deep work. Time Auditing - Figure out where your time is going so you can focus it onto what matters. How to Combat Perfectionism - Figure out the good, and bad, kinds of perfectionism to prevent them from holding you back.

Career Capital Analysis - Learn to conduct an assessment of what skills and assets you bring to the table, so you can spot areas you might be able to leverage or strengthen.

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Recent graduate Colby D. We discourage current university or high-school students from enrolling. Implemented deep work " Now, I can easily look at my notebook and visualize my day based on the block scheduling and side notes. Enabled me to greatly simplify the problem of pursuing mastery in software engineering "The encouragement to engage with experts was most useful.

Now overseeing a new project at work. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What do I get when I join Top Performer? It can make our peers resent us and try to undermine our good work. A story from Hollywood provides an apt illustration. Many critics made the argument that Hanks performed equally well in many of his subsequent movies, such as Apollo 13 , Saving Private Ryan , and Castaway. The lack of nominations, as various critics and fans alike concluded, seemed an intentional slight that robbed Hanks of awards he deserved.

High performers can seem threatening. Decades of research on social comparisons show that when we size ourselves up relative to people who are better than we are or as good as we are on a particular dimension, we are likely to experience discomfort, envy, or fear. These emotions, in turn, affect our decisions and our interactions with others. One salient dimension in such social comparisons is wealth. That is, we studied when inspectors pass cars that should have failed the emissions test — a behavior that is both unethical and illegal, but that inspectors may view as a form of helping.

We predicted that inspectors, who generally have a moderate salary and means, would experience empathy toward customers similar to them in income i. In turn, we expected these emotions to lead to illicit helping and hurting behavior, respectively.

And, indeed, we found that for a significant number of inspectors, fraud levels were much higher in support of customers with more affordable vehicles. In follow-up laboratory experiments, we examined the psychological drivers of this behavior and found that people were more willing to illicitly help peers who drove standard rather than luxury cars and that empathy and envy, respectively, explained this effect.