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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention high heels heels mysteries boxed set gemma halliday stephanie plum janet evanovich easy read high heel short story love this series fun read mysteries boxed boxed set set vol laugh out loud looking forward looking forward forward to the next main character writing style.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I absolutely enjoyed reading these books.

Wish there were more. I have been a huge fan of Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series and these are similar in some ways but different enough to be very good and funny read. I found out about these books about 2 months ago and am reading the last one available in the series now. Wish there were more as I really enjoy reading them. Maddie's character is absolutely laugh out loud funny and who doesn't enjoy her shoe stories.

I especially like the first few books when she was new in her relationship with Ramirez and also mixed up with Felix. I think Felix brought a nice twist and mix to the books. Maddie's mother and the way she describes her style and the mom's friend Mrs R are so realistic, you feel like to get to know the people in the stories. Please write more in this series or something similar. Love them did I say that already?

Once again we find our Charlie's Angel wannabe in the midst of mayhem and murder, even in Paris, while planning her wedding and expecting a baby. I enjoyed this series of murder mysteries very much. They are a light and quick read with nothing too heavy going on. The wacky array of family and friends all make a re-appearance. Each book seamlessly follows through to the next and we are reminded of past events which keeps the stories flowing nicely.

If you just want a fun murder mystery book to read then these books are the perfect choice. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. The High Heels Mysteries Series are a great read. The characters are a hysterical group that always seem to get themselves into trouble, even if they aren't looking for it. I truly enjoyed these books and if there were more I would absolutely read them! Gemma did a great job on these, and they were very difficult to put down!

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I told my friends about them and they are reading them now too. The High Heeled Mysteries are fun, funny, romantic and the suspense is great. Saving up to buy more as soon as I can. And the man of the house loves them too!

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  7. Light and fun, but well written enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Definitely all page turners. Just one small criticism: That's just sloppy on the part of editors. I loved the stories in vol 1 and couldn't wait for vol 2.

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    The same crazy antics and great fun stories continue. I am excited for the newest book to come out and continue on for Maddie. Fun, flirty, romantic and mystery all combined into one series. The character of Maddie is great and likable, Ramirez sexy and likable as well as her crazy mother and her friend Mrs R. I loved all of the High Heel Mystery Books.

    Publication Order of High Heels Mysteries Short Stories

    I read the first one for free and found myself wanting more. I bought both box sets and have read all eight books. I can't wait for the new novella to come out in August. I hope the author keeps adding on to the series. There are a few typos in the Kindle edition but no biggie. I was so thrill to read the continued of Maddie Springer and Jack Ramirez the shoe designer and the detective along with her mother and her mother's friend and her best friend Dana with seems to be some kind of feelings with tabloid boy and Maddie but her heart is with Ramirez the story plot of course ends up with everyone in Paris and murder mystery on fashion week featuring Maddie shoe on models couldn't put the book down so many plots and quiet kept you entertained once again very creative writing style i will probably read the whole high heels series already bought the next bk of Maddie and Ramirez maybe getting married who knows what mayhem this writer puts Maddie in but looking forward to reading it i loved the writer she's up there with janet enavich fern michaels just a few others authors i liked she doesn't disappoint.

    I loved this book! It was a great mystery. At times it was funny, laugh out loud funny. Then it was emotional, followed by someone else getting murdered and Mattie in more trouble! The ending was super suspenseful, and most unexpected. I would suggest you start with the first book in the series, Spying in High Heels, this is number 4 so that you will fully understand the characters.


    Spying in High Heels

    Maddie Springer is at it again, this time in Paris - the most romantic city in the world and the fashion capital! Add a broken leg, dead models stabbed in the jugular with one of HER designed high heels, her quirky jealous bestie Dana, a weird romatic vibe from Tabloid Boy Felix and her hottie boyfriend LAPD Detective Jack Ramirez and Maddie's trip to the fashion capital of the world isn't all it cracked up to be - and all she wants is to get a glimpse of the Eiffle Tower!

    When a fiesty model turns up dead on the runway with one of Maddie's own design heels protruding from her neck all eyes are on her. With the paparazzi dubbing her 'The Couture Killer' Maddie must get to the truth before the show so her shoes can be seen by all of the worlds most important fashionistas.

    Throw in a complicated relationship with a Tabloid reported who won't take no for an answer, the police not believing her and everyone watching her for all the wrong reasons and Maddie is at her witts end. Can she catch the real murderer in time or will she be forever known as 'The Corture Killer'??

    And I for one am a dedicated and loyal Maddie fan!!! One person found this helpful. Realistic, light suspense, with humor, romance, and relationship issues thrown in. Just enough "steaminess" to get your heart pitter-pattering, without graphic wording. Downloaded the first book as a freebie and got hooked! On the fifth book in the series now and the quality hasn't wavered.


    These are great books at reasonable prices, which seems to be unusual for quality electronic books. Never have understood why electronic versions should be as expensive as hard copies. Aren't we saving trees, ink, shipping, etc.?

    Alibi in High Heels

    Apologies for the rant Love these books and love the prices Keep 'em coming Gemma! Fast fun paced, with fun humor and great character's to follow. Highly recommend adding the audio to this fun read!! Just a note -- there is a spoiler in this review. If you've followed my reviews of this series, you'll notice I've downgraded my rating on this one.

    It's not because it isn't well plotted; it's not because it isn't filled with lots of action, crazy people doing crazy things, mayhem and murder -- it has all those things. It's just getting too predictable: Maddie gets into trouble -- often of her own making; Maddie involves her best friend, Dana, her Mom and Mrs. Rosenblatt, even the obviously-smitten-with-her tabloid writer, Felix -- everyone but the one person who could probably be helpful, her supposed boyfriend, Jack. But Jack jumps to the rescue anyway -- all the time complaining and expecting Maddie to change her stripes and actually do something reasonable, as one would expect an adult to do.

    The main character, fashionista Maddie, is likeable, funny -- and a complete flake.

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    I mean, how many people go to meet an unknown person at the Eiffel Tower for a supposedly romantic rendevous, doesn't know which of two men it could be and it could be someone else couldn't it , doesn't know which one she hopes it is, and then accepts that person's proposal even though he just described her actions to the French Police as 'hairbrained'? Christmas in High Heels short story This is one Christmas morning that Maddie and Ramirez will be sure to remember - naughty or nice! Honeymoon in High Heels novella Maddie is on her honeymoon in paradise Fearless in High Heels book 6 When a women dies from an apparent "vampire" bite, Maddie puts her Moonlight movie knowledge to the test hunting down the offending creature of the night.

    Homicide in High Heels book 8 When the girlfriend of a pro baseball star winds up dead at a chic Beverly Hills salon, it's suddenly up to Maddie to brave both hot dogs and cat fights to track down the "Tanning Salon Killer. Killer in High Heels book 2 Maddie and the gang head to Las Vegas, where a drag show revue turns deadly, and Maddie's personal life becomes anything but lucky.