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Licensing of a malaria vaccine by the European Medicines Agency. Results and future actions related to automated number-plate recognition system. Member States and the variable level of detection and reporting of fraudulent irregularities in Judicial actions and recoveries following recommendations by the OLAF in Pilot project on fighting human trafficking.

Investigation and prosecution of human traffickers in the European Union. Cooperatives — access to funding and application of the ICA's cooperative principles. Inflow of refugees as a result of the conflict in Syria. The management of the awarding of contracts for motorway services in the Slovak Republic. Swift completion of the revised environmental aid guidelines. European aid to the Kingdom of Morocco. Declarations from political figures concerning Turkey's accession to the EU.

Concern about the growth in irregular migration flows from the Balkans. Insuring a vehicle within the European Union. Responses to the European Commission's public consultations. Marketing in third countries of absinthe produced in the European Union. Marketing in Switzerland of absinthe produced in the European Union. Charter of Passengers' Rights — National bodies. State of play with regard to action taken on asbestos. Microsoft's buyout of Nokia's mobile division. Tsoukalas to the Commission. Facebook's new privacy settings for teenagers.

European contribution to improving safety in Bangladeshi textile industry. Situation in Fukushima — fresh contamination and radioactive leaks. Extent of the problem of social dumping. Effects of budgetary constraints for regional and local authorities regarding the EU's structural funds expenditure in the Member States. Municipality of Bracciano — information on the Cupinoro landfill site. Inclusion of Vespa velutina in new EU legislation on invasive species. Lay-offs at Alcatel Lucent and at Siemens.

Portuguese workers exploited in England. International Labour Organisation comments on precarious employment. Theft of copper from electricity pylons. Outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease and sheep and goat pox among domestic animals in border regions of Bulgaria.

Code pénal

Consumer and tourist accommodation safety. Web application development for the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. Staff of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. Property belonging to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. Websites of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators.

Events organised by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. Meeting expenses of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. State of play of infringement procedure against Germany in relation to freedom of establishment. Status of bluefin tuna stocks and implications for action. Optician businesses and restricted freedom of establishment. High incidence of cancer in the province of Lecce. Situation of poverty in the Republic of Zambia and EU aid. Traceability of gold and problems for SMEs operating in the sector. Lack of coordination of the material being taught at European universities.

Shortcomings in the implementation of a single European Higher Education Area. Preparation of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations — transparency and stakeholder involvement. Criteria for EU officials moving into national authorities. Membership of the Commission's Ethics Committee. Property of the European Maritime Safety Agency. The European Maritime Safety Agency's information technology purchases. Development of databases for the European Maritime Safety Agency.

Eurojust's costs for movable property and associated costs. Eurojust's costs for postal charges, telecoms and computer infrastructure. Meetings, seminars and representation expenses of Eurojust. Eurojust's costs for data and documentation. Eurojust's operational and expert missions. The strengthening of Aegean Airlines — a headache for Cyprus Airlines. Citizens' concerns over household finances. The two alternatives are as follows… one: Professional training of national nuclear safety experts.

Regulation on the single market for electronic communications. Statements by the Commission's representative on Portugal's Constitutional Court. Interference by the Commission in the domestic affairs of a Member State. On Friday, the Commission announced that it had proposed to the Council to open negotiations between the European Union and Morocco on an agreement to facilitate the procedures for issuing short-stay visas.

According to a Commission press release, some of the proposed facilitation measures will apply to all applicants, while others will only benefit certain groups of people, particularly students, researchers and business professionals. Which countries make up the top 10 in terms of visa applications? In the 10 countries from which most Schengen visa applications were made were: The UK figures are explained by the large number of third-country nationals residing in the UK who require a visa to enter the Schengen area.

In Morocco in , most visa applications were made at consulates of France applications, i. Richiesta di reintrodurre il regolamento UE n. In un ristorante di Parigi una donna italiana ha trovato all'interno dell'oliera un topo vivo. Da mesi la maggior parte dei paesi europei chiede il divieto per ristoranti e mense di somministrare olio di oliva in anonime oliere, prive di etichetta e di garanzie antirabbocco per i consumatori. La Commissione non intende legiferare in materia. An Italian woman recently found a live mouse in the oil cruet in a restaurant in Paris.

The story was reported by the main Italian newspapers, which have branded the poor hygiene conditions in which the oil served in the restaurant was stored a disgrace. For months now, most European countries have been calling for a ban on restaurants and canteens serving olive oil in unmarked oil cruets, with no label or guarantees for consumers that they are non-refillable.

The proposal would have been very useful for combating the phenomenon whereby oil bottles are refilled, which guarantees the consumer neither transparency nor safety with regard to the product. Has the Commission assessed the impact on European consumers of the lack of transparency regarding the actual content of oil cruets, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of health protection, given that the refilled product, as well as generally having inferior organoleptic properties, is of lower quality? It has also graciously awarded Google the time to make voluntary commitments to remedy the anti-competitive behaviour that the Commission has identified.

However, rumours have reached the author of this question that the Commission may prefer to close the case before Commissioner Almunia leaves his post next year, rather than providing the necessary critical scrutiny of the commitments Google has proposed. There is no legal obligation on the Commission to close an ongoing antitrust case before the end of a legislature.

The Commission analysed over a hundred third party submissions in the context of this market test. The Commission has devoted significant resources to this case and is conducting its investigation diligently. Tuttavia, questo riassetto solleva alcune preoccupazioni a causa della razionalizzazione messa in atto. Ottenere da Fiat un messaggio chiaro sull'intenzione di investire anche in questo impianto rappresenterebbe una notizia molto attesa nella provincia di Frosinone. Come intende agire nei confronti di Fiat per fare chiarezza sui programmi industriali dell'azienda per quanto riguarda lo stabilimento di Piedimonte San Germano?

La Commissione ha proposto un quadro finanziario pluriannuale dinamico per il The automotive industry is strategically important for the Italian economy and its development together with the engineering sector on which thousands of jobs depend and are currently hanging in the balance. However, some concerns have been raised owing to the reasons behind the reorganisation. The Frosinone Province has long awaited a clear message from Fiat as to whether it will invest in the factory. Finally, it is important that Cassino develops an ambitious and well-defined project on enhancing the Alfa Romeo brand and its location to become a competitor to other brands with a greater focus on quality.

What action does the Commission intend to take to ensure that Fiat clarifies its business plans regarding the Piedimonte San Germano factory? What initiatives will it take in the short term to remove the uncertainty surrounding the future of the automotive sector so that production can take place once again? What guarantees can the Commission provide to encourage and reassure business owners to invest in the area? Maintaining the production base in Europe is one of the objectives of the Commission's industrial policy.

The Piedimonte San Germano plant is an important production unit for FIAT, which has indicated in several occasions that they do not intend to shut down any of their plants in Europe. The Commission will also monitor the programming of structural funds ensuring that the funds are efficiently spent in Lazio. Gearing towards certainty, investment conducive environment and growth opportunities is largely contingent on the effectiveness of a stakeholder dialogue. It is therefore important that Piedimonte employees exercise their right to be informed and consulted about FIAT's future plans.

This should also permit the relevant authorities and suppliers to take the necessary steps adjusting to any potential future scenarios. Amongst others, this would allow the Lazio region to prepare a fit-for-purpose operational programme for and anticipate strategic areas of action, in line with the Smart Specialisation Strategy, leading to an improvement of the overall competitiveness of the region. The Commission has proposed a dynamic multiannual financial framework for However, it remains to be seen how it will be implemented by the Member States and other beneficiaries, including the automotive industry.

Collective bargaining negotiations are often tricky and in some cases require strike action as a last resort. It has come to our attention that the Finnish airline Finnair is proposing to train staff as strike-breakers through a recruitment and hiring agency in Spain. This fact has also shocked Spanish aircrew representatives. In principle the training of staff to break strikes ought to be illegal regardless of where it takes place.

It is essential that the Commission respond to this state of affairs. Certain Member States explicitly prohibit the recourse to temporary agency workers to replace workers exercising their right to strike. The Commission welcomes the resolution and recognises the importance of quality education. The EU supports the Global Partnership for Education aims at helping low-income countries with sound policies but insufficient resources to achieve quality basic education and International Task Force on Teachers for Education for All aims at sharing best practices in teacher policies to help partner countries tackle teacher gaps and improve training, management and deployment.

The Council Recommendation on combatting ESL invites Member States to adopt comprehensive strategies, encompassing prevention, intervention and compensation measures. Will she call on the Sudanese Government to stop such harassment and immediately free all of the peaceful protestors, political activists, opposition members, human rights campaigners, medical workers, bloggers and journalists who have been arrested while exercising their right of freedom of expression and assembly?

Will she stress that all prisoners must be given a fair trial based on a credible investigation, the right to be defended by a lawyer and respect for the presumption of innocence, and that the Government must allow prisoners to see their families and have access to medical care? Will she condemn the use of live bullets against protestors, which has resulted in people being killed, a disproportionate use of force and allegations of murder committed by the security forces against protestors? Will she urge the Sudanese Government to stop all forms of repression against persons exercising their right to freedom of expression, whether online or otherwise, and to protect journalists?

Those detained should be given the opportunity for a fair trial, the media should be allowed to operate freely and a credible investigation should be conducted into incidents that have led to loss of life, injury and material damage. On Wednesday, the Commission authorised the Greek airline Aegean Airlines to buy out its competitor Olympic Air, despite the fact that this would create a monopoly on certain domestic flights in Greece. As guardian of competition in Europe, the Commission rarely decides to allow such moves. This year, the Commission blocked a merger between the two Irish airlines Ryanair and Aer Lingus for the second time.

The Commission concluded that Olympic would have left the market soon in any event due to financial difficulties. As a result, Aegean would have become the dominant player, if not monopolist, on all problematic overlap routes anyway. An analysis of Olympic's business prospects demonstrated that Olympic would probably not turn profitable under any business scenario in the near future. For this reason, Marfin Investment Group, Olympic's sole shareholder, decided to cease funding Olympic, should it not be sold to Aegean.

Unable to secure financing from any other source, Olympic would most likely have gone bankrupt soon. The Commission's market investigation showed that there was no other credible, less anti-competitive, purchaser interested in Olympic and that all its assets would leave the market completely, should it go out of business. The Commission applies very strict criteria to this type of defence and rarely accepts it. Does the Commission anticipate an improvement in the availability of oilseed crops, with an estimated How does the Commission think the market will progress both in the near future and in the medium term?

The price setting in the Union's cereals market highly depends on the world market situation. The decrease of the Union's cereals prices is therefore not solely a consequence of better ending stocks in the European Union. This represents one third of the domestic use. The forecasted increase 2.

The Union will therefore remain a price taker. For the short and medium term forecast, the Commission would refer the Honourable Member to the autumn issue of the Short-term outlook for arable crop, meat and dairy markets which is available on the following webpage:. Il s'agit d'un adolescent et de sa petite amie. A teenage couple have been arrested by police in Nador, north-eastern Morocco, after they published a photo of themselves kissing on the social network site Facebook.

The case involves a teenager and his girlfriend. They were arrested last Thursday for breach of public modesty, after they posted a photo of themselves kissing. The photo was taken in front of the secondary school where they are both students. The social networks were immediately up in arms over the case and several young Moroccan couples published similar photographs on their accounts.

This case has caused a wave of protests and reactions from Moroccan civil society and social media users, which we believe also contributed to the release of the teenagers, three days after their arrest. The EU follows closely Human Rights in Morocco and has an active dialogue with relevant Moroccan authorities on all its aspects. The poor crop season can be attributed to several factors: Does the Commission plan to take any action both on the political front and also on the logistical front, in order to supply or organise food aid to the most vulnerable groups, targeted in particular at the special needs of children and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers?

The Commission is closely following the current situation in Madagascar. The mission reported that the current deterioration in security, political instability, continued deterioration in infrastructure and services due to a lack of investment, underlying deep poverty and recurrent natural disasters represents a concrete threat to food security, especially in the southern regions. It was recommended that humanitarian actors establish robust early warning systems to monitor the food, nutrition and health situations closely.

The Commission is planning to allocate part of its envelope for disaster preparedness in Southern Africa and Indian Ocean to support a monitoring system in collaboration with local actors. A specific attention is paid on households located in areas exposed to the risk of locust. Moreover, according to the Romanian and Bulgarian authorities, small projects with associative funding are the most effective. In view of the above, what action does the Commission intend to take to encourage the Romanian and Bulgarian authorities to make better use of funds to improve the situation of Roma people?

Does the Commission not think that it would be appropriate to encourage the development of small projects, which are the only kind to have shown their added value up to now? To this end, there is no specific financial allocation for Roma as they benefit from ESF based on their disadvantaged social and economic status and not on their ethnicity. Similarly, under the European Regional Development Fund ERDF the Roma population in Romania and Bulgaria benefits from investments in social housing and integrated urban development targeting also other marginalised communities.

The Commission services are in a constant dialogue with Romanian and Bulgarian Managing Authorities about the delivery mechanisms for the projects aiming to improve Roma integration. Moreover, the Commission together with the Council of Europe has launched the ROMACT project aimed at improving the capacity of municipalities in developing and implementing plans and projects for the inclusion of Roma, including in Romania and Bulgaria. En larmes, il assure aux Malgaches qui le menacent de lynchage: L'homme est mort quelques instants plus tard.

Last week, three people were lynched in Madagascar. They included a French man, a Franco-Italian man and a Malagasy man; clearer details regarding the French victim have emerged. According to witnesses, the man was killed by a mob of several hundred people who accused him of being part of a network for organ trafficking, then paedophilia. In tears, he told the Malagasies who were threatening to lynch him: The EU's Head of Delegation in Madagascar has expressed regret for the loss of life and great concern about such violence. The issue was discussed at length at a meeting with the Prime Minister.

The EU Delegation on the ground has been following the situation closely and it is understood that this event has no connection with the ongoing electoral process in the country. It appears to be an eruption of extreme violence where the local population has taken law into its own hands. The Malagasy authorities have reacted promptly by deploying additional security forces to re-establish law and order, to investigate the circumstances and to arrest the perpetrators.

Some presumed participants of the incident have already been arrested. Le budget de l'agence Frontex n'a pas subi de diminutions drastiques. Can the European borders monitoring agency help Member States to regulate migration? Created in , Frontex is the agency responsible for supporting operational cooperation between Member States in terms of the management of external borders, assisting them in the training of national border guards, undertaking risk analyses and organising joint operations to return illegal immigrants to their countries of origin.

Does it not think that such migration policy budget cuts are also to blame for the Lampedusa disaster? The legislative proposals for the establishment of both Funds, including the final amounts, are still under negotiation. The budget of Frontex has not been subject to any drastic cuts. The tragic event that cost the lives of over migrants nearby Lampedusa cannot be linked to a lack of financial resources for Frontex.

Indeed, the naval and airborne assets which have been deployed in the ongoing Hermes Joint Operation of Frontex, participated in the rescue operation and contributed to saving of life of people. Does the Commission agree that governance is becoming increasingly remote from the electorates of the nation states and even from the electorates of the EU? To whom do such staff owe their allegiance and on whose authority do they operate? Does the Commission agree that one of the aims of international regulation as described above is to facilitate international trade and global governance and to diminish the authority of the nation states and even supranational bodies like the EU?

Why does the Commission not seek to defend itself when it is criticised by the media for introducing new regulation by pointing to its global origin? In recent years there has been a rapid development of regional and global value chains: Thus, the development of international standards can reduce costs for producers and contribute to more growth and employment. This is why the Commission is supportive of international standardisation and play an active role in international bodies working in this field including in the World Trade Organisation WTO work on principles on international standardisation, which call for transparency, openness, impartiality and consensus in the creation of international standards.

Finanziamenti europei per immigrazione. Durante tale periodo di programmazione, l'Italia ha ricevuto in totale milioni di EUR nell'ambito di programmi nazionali, ripartiti nel modo seguente: Lampedusa ha beneficiato in particolare delle misure di emergenza stanziate nel quadro dell'ERF: La base giuridica dell'ERF prevede che questi fondi siano utilizzati entro sei mesi. Yet another tragedy has recently taken place off the coast of Lampedusa, in which hundreds of people transported by unscrupulous merchants of death lost their lives in a vain and illicit attempt to reach European soil.

How much EU funding has been allocated to dealing with the landings emergency at Lampedusa since , and what is the source of this funding? Have any special procedures or restrictions been established for the use of these funds by the Italian authorities? These funds must be used according to the ERF legal basis within a 6-month period.

Un recente rapporto del Mental Disability Advocacy Center MDAC di Budapest in merito all'implementazione delle misure previste dalla Convenzione delle Nazioni Unite sull'eliminazione di tutte le forme di discriminazione contro le donne, ha riscontrato come negli ospedali psichiatrici della Moldova siano costantemente violati alcuni diritti fondamentali.

Camere da 40 mq condivise da donne, stanze da bagno e toilette prive di carta igienica e tamponi, iniezioni continue di sedativi e degenti costrette forzosamente al letto: Ha la Commissione sollevato, o intende sollevare, la questione nel corso dei suoi dialoghi di partenariato con il paese dell'Europa orientale? A recent report by the Mental Disability Advocacy Center MDAC in Budapest regarding the implementation of measures provided for by the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, found that certain fundamental rights are being constantly violated in psychiatric hospitals in Moldova.

Unfortunately, cases of sexual violence and forced abortions must also be added to the list. Is the Commission aware of these facts and the circumstances of people with disabilities, women in particular, in the Republic of Moldova? Has the Commission raised this issue, or does it intend to do so, during partnership dialogues with this Eastern European country? The Commission is aware of several reports e. Vervolgvraag fraude met uitkeringen en toeslagen in Nederland. Het antwoord van de Commissie d.

De Administratieve Commissie bestaat uit een regeringsvertegenwoordiger van elke lidstaat, en wordt geadviseerd door de Europese Commissie. The first question to the Commission asked whether the Commission was aware of the report that Eastern Europeans are committing large-scale allowance fraud in the Netherlands, as confirmed by the Dutch Secretary of State for Finance?

The Administrative Commission is composed of a government representative from each Member State and is advised by the Commission. It promotes cooperation between Member States on social-security coordination. There have been reports in the media recently on the low level of implementation in Spain of European funds made available for the period Could the Commission also specify for the EAFRD the amounts and the level of implementation in each autonomous region? These payments represent The Commission has declared repeatedly that it is vital that the new regulatory authority for markets, energy and competition is independent.

This minimises political discretion, as an open call, assessed on merit, allows anyone who so wishes to apply and forces the CNMC which, in any case, can use discretion when making the appointment to justify its final choice on objective grounds. Does the Commission believe that this practice by the CNMC is consistent with the principle of independence from political power, which is vital for it to carry out its functions properly?

The same Directive provides that Member States shall ensure that national regulatory authorities have adequate financial and human resources to enable them to actively participate in and contribute to the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications BEREC. However, the procedure for the appointment of management positions is a competence of the national regulatory authority under the relevant national legislation which establishes, amongst others, the competence of the Board of the CNMC in this regard.

The shipwreck off Lampedusa did not only cause the loss of hundreds of human lives. It also caused European policy on political asylum and migration to sink without trace. The citizens of Europe and of the entire civilised world felt shame and indignation about this incident. The worst thing is that such incidents were expected and everyone felt that something much more tragic might happen. What does it intend to do to ensure a single, effective, pan-European policy on political asylum and migration?

How can it help the countries of southern Europe, including Cyprus, which are under the most pressure from migratory movements and asylum-seekers, to cope with the burden caused by this situation? What does it believe must be done so that the resultant economic, social and administrative costs are borne equally and fairly by all the Member States of the Union? What measures are being taken to ensure a fair geographical distribution and proper social integration of all legal migrants and asylum-seekers in the Member States of the Union?

The Commission shares the sentiment of the Honourable Member in relation to the tragic deaths of many hundreds of migrants in the Mediterranean in recent months. As a direct consequence, a Task Force for the Mediterranean has been set up that will look at ways to prevent the loss of lives at sea and to avoid that such human tragedies happen again.

The legislation comprising the second phase of the Common European Asylum System was adopted in June this year. The new rules are designed to provide better access to the asylum procedure; lead to fairer decisions; ensure that people in fear of persecution are not returned to danger; provide dignified conditions; and better access to integration measures.

The task ahead will be to ensure effective and uniform implementation across Member States. The EU has also been developing a comprehensive policy on legal and irregular migration. The EU has many actions in place to assist Member States facing pressures on their asylum system, including through relocation.

Financial solidarity on asylum has been available through the European Refugee Fund However, there are no plans to create a distribution key or other mechanism to divide up asylum-seekers and migrants across Member States.

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The Commission is aware that, due to its geographical proximity to the events in Syria, Cyprus is particularly exposed to the risk of a mass influx of persons in need of international protection. In this context, the Commission is currently discussing with the Cypriot authorities approriate measures to support Cyprus, including through additional EU funding. The Commission has already committed itself to strengthening the role of financial instruments within cohesion policy in the upcoming programming period Parliament has warmly welcomed this initiative on a number of occasions and, in various texts, called for immediate legal clarity and increased transparency with regard to the introduction of new, innovative forms of financing.

As one option has always been off-the-shelf financial instruments which regional and local authorities still unfamiliar with such instruments would find easier to use, there have been repeated calls for legal clarity and the timely introduction of appropriate rules applicable to such off-the-shelf instruments. With less than a year to go before the start of the programming period, has the Commission prepared any such off-the-shelf instruments yet? What channels has the Commission been using to communicate the rules and technicalities associated with such off-the-shelf instruments to potential users?

How will the Commission promote and incentivise the use of all forms of innovative financial instrument in the final year before the start of the programming period? Can the Commission elaborate on the future of those financial instruments already in operation Jessica, Jeremy and Jasper? Will they continue to operate in the same way throughout the next programming period ? The off-the-shelf financial instruments mentioned in the question are the standard terms and conditions for financial instruments in line with the future European Structural and Investment Fund ESIF regulations, to be set out in an implementing act.

The Commission has prepared a draft of the key elements of the off-the-shelf instruments. This draft has already been shared, through a consultation process with the Member States expert group and stakeholders active in financial instruments in the current period. The off-the-shelf instruments have also been presented and discussed on multiple occasions during seminars, conferences and workshops in different Member States.

Concerning those financial engineering instruments under implementation, managing authorities will have to decide how to continue these after the end of the eligibility period within the limit of the regulations. These instruments could be continued if the need is confirmed by an ex-ante assessment and if they are part of the programme for the Member State.

Since the rules are more detailed than those of the period, these instruments, if supported by the ESIF Funds, will have to be adapted in order to comply with the new regulations. Vzpostavljena je bila As its mission is to monitor closely the implementation of the two Commission recommendations issued before summer regarding tax fraud and tax havens in all Member States, and to consult during this monitoring process with a number of different stakeholders, including national tax workforces, social partners and trade unions, the following questions seem relevant:.

In view of the commitments given by Member States this summer regarding the implementation of the Savings Directive and the quick reaction mechanism against VAT fraud, will the Platform also be overseeing and monitoring the implementation of these two legislative acts? Yes, the Platform is already operational. The members of the Platform have been selected following a Call for Applications.

Its members and other information on the Platform have been published on the Platform's website: A summary record of the Platform's meetings is published on the website once approved by the members. The Platform's Work programme can be consulted on the website. The implementation of the Savings Directive and the quick reaction mechanism against VAT fraud will not be amongst the Platform's priorities.

When will the Food and Veterinary Office publish its programme of inspections for ? How many of its inspections will cover equine-related issues in Member States and third countries? Of these, how many are likely to be unannounced? The Food and Veterinary Office will publish its work programme , including its programme of audits for , in November. Equine-related issues will be included in the scope of fifteen audits in Member States, three audits in Candidate Countries and five audits in third countries.

All audits will be announced to the competent authorities of the countries concerned. Nonostante le sue risorse naturali abbondanti, il paese resta uno dei meno sviluppati del pianeta. Vasti sciami di questi insetti molto mobili hanno danneggiato ampie aree di terra coltivata e di pascoli.

Despite its abundant natural resources, it is one of the least-developed countries on the planet. The international development strategy for the country focuses on poverty reduction through achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by It is structured around the development of infrastructure, rural development and planning, and emphasises the promotion of good governance and the strengthening of regional integration.

Vast, highly mobile swarms have damaged huge areas of cultivated land and pastures. Although they have largely struck the south of the country, a UN Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO assessment mission conducted in April and May of this year estimates that some swarms may reach the more productive northern regions by the end of or beginning of In light of this situation, does the Commission intend to review the estimates for funds allocated to international cooperation, particularly for Madagascar?

These programmes aim at improving the food security, income and nutrition of households located in areas at risk of exposure to locusts. They include activities coaching and supporting farmers to strengthen their resilience to various hazards. The EU Delegation in Madagascar is continuing its consultation and coordination with other development partners active in Madagascar as well as with the Malagasy authorities to ensure that the conditions are met to permanently halt the locust threat.

Particular attention is being paid to strengthening surveillance and preventive control capabilities. Fenomeno del land grabbing nei paesi in via di sviluppo. Oppure il caso del distretto di Sre Ambel Cambogia , in cui famiglie stanno ricorrendo in giudizio per riavere la terra da cui sono state sfrattate nel per far posto a una piantagione. In aggiunta sono anche illustrati i gravi conflitti per la terra scatenatisi in paesi come Mali, Zambia e Malawi.

A recent study by a major international organisation shows that many companies purchase vast swathes of land in developing countries for sugar cultivation, uprooting the indigenous population without consent from or reimbursement to the communities occupying the land. The study mentions specific cases, such as the situation in the State of Pernambuco Brazil , where a fishing community was violently expelled in to make room for a sugar refinery, and the case of the Sre Ambel district Cambodia , where families turned to the courts to recover the land they were evicted from in to make room for a plantation.

The study also illustrates serious conflicts over land in countries like Mali, Zambia, and Malawi. Multinationals operating throughout the world are involved in land grabbing. This practice depletes the soil, creates social tensions and serious conflicts over land, and starves populations that subsist on agriculture and raising livestock. Does the Commission believe it opportune to perform assessments on the consequences of sugar production on local communities in these countries?

The EU Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers applies to all foods delivered to the final consumer or to mass caterers. Regarding mandatory origin labelling, it requires the Commission to submit reports to Parliament and the Council exploring the possibility to extend mandatory origin labelling with respect to certain foods. Depending on the outcome of the reports, the Commission may submit proposals to modify the relevant Union provisions or take new initiatives, where appropriate, on a sectoral basis.

As such, the Commission cannot at this stage take a position on the issue raised at hand. The Commission performs assessments in third countries in relation to its activities, and reports are available on its involvement in the sugar sector for Malawi. The Commission , inter alia , supports independent organisations, such as the International Land Coalition, the main provider of the information from the ground used by OXFAM in its sugar rush campaign.

The Commission actively supports processes to ensure the agro-food industries are committed to and held responsible for respect for customary land rights. The current negotiations on responsible agricultural investments will specifically tackle the obligations of the private sector in land acquisition. Rendicontazione dei finanziamenti dell'Unione europea diretti a Haiti. Solamente queste organizzazioni sanno come sono stati spesi i soldi e non devono renderne conto a nessuno. Ogni anno vengono eseguite missioni di verifica esterne, come anche missioni di audit e valutazione di ciascun programma di sviluppo al suo completamento.

La realizzazione delle operazioni finanziate dalla DG Aiuti umanitari prevede diversi livelli di verifica e controllo lungo tutto il ciclo del progetto, tra cui: Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas: Only these organisations know how the money was spent, and they are accountable to no one. Moreover, it should be stressed that there was a great deal of work during the emergency, but subsequently, most NGOs left the country.

EU funding to Haiti includes both humanitarian and development assistance. External monitoring missions are carried out annually, including the audit and evaluation of each development programme after completion. A comprehensive evaluation is currently being carried out on the sustainability, impact, relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of EU development cooperation to Haiti from The implementation of Humanitarian Aid funded operations is ensured through several layers of checks and controls throughout the project cycle. An evaluation of EU supported humanitarian actions in was carried out in Rigassificatori e strategia energetica comune.

Per poter raggiungere tale obiettivo, indispensabile per l'Italia come per l'Europa, sono in costruzione diversi rigassificatori al largo delle coste italiane, che per entrare in funzione a costi competitivi di mercato devono accedere al regime regolato dell'energia e beneficiare di un fattore di garanzia.

Contrariamente a quanto accade nel settore dell'energia elettrica, le reti intelligenti suscitano un debole interesse nel settore del gas, in particolare a causa dell'incertezza dei costi e dei benefici. Contrary to the high support given by the power sector to the electricity smart grids, the interest of the gas industry in smart gas grids seems to be much lower, especially due to cost and benefits uncertainties. A study conducted by the gas industry and network operators under the Smart Grid Task Force concluded that smart gas grids cannot be developed in isolation but should be linked to future electricity smart grids and should facilitate smart energy utilisation, e.

However, further development seems to be necessary to ensure fully exploitation of the requested smart grids investments. Twenty doctors from Kosovo were unable to attend an international anaesthesiology conference held in Barcelona in June. Spanish diplomats did not allow it because they were nationals of a state not recognised by Spain.

Is the Commission aware of this situation? What steps will the Commission take to resolve this situation? The Commission is aware of the situation which Kosovar nationals wishing to travel to Spain face. The Commission is currently examining the Spanish authorities' interpretation and implementation of the common visa policy to verify whether they are in line with the legal provisions.

Medienberichten zufolge ist ab 1. Liegt die Steuerhoheit nicht mehr weiterhin bei den Mitgliedstaaten? Does the description above match the reality? If so, since when has the Commission had the competence to introduce such a tax? Is the raising of taxes no longer a competence of the Member States?

When and how will these businesses know for certain about the changes in taxation? Exactly which companies will be subject to the new taxation? What is the reasoning behind the random threshold of five horses? Is it not the case that a horse riding stable is still a small one? How does the Commission justify the existential threat posed to many of these small businesses? Seventy-five per cent of riding enthusiasts are aged under Horse-riding allows young people the chance to be active in the natural environment and provides contact with animals. It is to be expected that the additional costs incurred would be passed on to customers, thereby pushing up the cost of riding.

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Wenn ja, mit welchen Ergebnissen? Wenn nein, warum nicht? Wie kann eine effektive Umsetzung und Kontrolle der Einhaltung der Safe-Harbor-Datenschutzregeln sichergestellt werden? Die Studie Galexia ist der Kommission bekannt. Unfortunately, the reality is manifestly somewhat different: Others, meanwhile, direct their EU customers, in their terms of use, to organisations that handle complaints for a fee! Is the Commission familiar with the study referred to above? Has the Commission itself carried out or commissioned similar studies into the implementation of the Safe Harbor Agreement in practice?

If so, what were the results? If not, why not? How can effective implementation and monitoring of compliance with the Safe Harbor data protection rules be ensured? Is the Commission taking steps to re-negotiate the current agreement in light of the major breaches by US IT firms? In light of these shortcomings, does it see the need to adopt truly deterrent financial sanctions for IT firms in the General Data Protection Regulation all the more so given the NSA scandal?

If so, at what level should they be set? The Commission is aware of the Galexia study. The Commission is currently preparing its assessment of the Safe Harbour arrangement and will present it before the end of Ist der Kommission die oben dargestellte Praxis bekannt? The birds caught are collected and then have their wings broken so that they cannot fly away — they are not killed until later.

Is the Commission familiar with the practice described above? If so, has it issued an opinion in this regard? The political chaos in Egypt facilitates illegal hunting. Does the Commission plan to apply pressure to the Egyptian Government to contain illegal hunting and introduce and safeguard a sustainable form of hunting that ensures the survival of bird populations? What options are there at international level?

The Commission is aware of the issue of the killing of birds in Egypt. The Commission has no legal competence to deal with such issues in a non-Member State. Due to the current political situation in the country the normal cycle of bilateral contacts with Egypt on environmental and related issues has been delayed. As a Party it is legally obliged to ensure compliance with CMS and AEWA , inter alia , aiming at conservation of terrestrial, aquatic and avian migratory species throughout their range.

Alla luce della crisi economica che investe l'Italia e del fatto che, nel primo quadrimestre del , 4.

Questo approccio e le relative raccomandazioni sono stati approvati dal Consiglio, come indicato sopra. According to the analysis performed by Rete Imprese Italia, the new tax will heavily impact the economic fabric of the country, especially the business and crafts sectors. Study data show that the tax has increased by 4. As this tax is currently structured, the largest increases will hit the crafts sector: Control over national expenditure and revenue decisions is the competence of national authorities.

The Commission monitors compliance with the budgetary targets set out in the Treaty and secondary legislation, in particular the Stability and Growth Pact. The Commission also monitors compliance with the recommendations issued by the Council in the context of the European semester.

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The recommendation was based on the assessment that, while in the short to medium term reducing the overall tax burden is not an option under the current budgetary constraints the tax shift would help reducing the distortionary effects of taxation, as taxes on the environment, property and consumption are considered to be less detrimental to growth. This approach and the recommendation were endorsed by the Council, as written above.

In Italy, this category amounted to less than 0. Misure comunitarie di contrasto alle conseguenze dell'utilizzo dell'amianto. La stima si basa su dati raccolti da RARECARE dai registri dei tumori relativamente a pazienti che hanno ricevuto la diagnosi fra il e il ; le informazioni sullo stato in vita sono aggiornate fino al dicembre ed oltre.

Asbestos is a commonly used material in manufacturing. The direct link between asbestos-related illness and the use of this mineral was only discovered rather recently, considering that it was used in ancient Rome and Greece because of its regional abundance and its properties. In fact, asbestos is strongly resistant to corrosion, tensile stress, and wear; it is chemically and physically stable, provides sound insulation and particularly thermal insulation, and is heat-resistant.

These qualities led to the widespread use of asbestos in construction, especially during the post-World War II economic boom, for example in gyms, schools, piping, heating and air conditioning systems, fire retardant clothing, buses, trains and brake systems. Given the widespread use of asbestos in many different manufacturing activities over the past decades, the populations of all countries can be considered to have been potentially exposed and consequently susceptible to contracting asbestos-related diseases, including malignant mesothelioma, which is characterised by a long latency period and a very high mortality rate.

Does the Commission consider it appropriate to prepare an action plan coordinated at EU level to effectively deal with problems arising from the long-term use of asbestos? Only few attempts have been made to quantify the global incidence of mesothelioma caused by asbestos , mainly on the grounds that it is a comparatively rare cancer and is not reported in many countries worldwide. Consequently, mesothelioma is not included in the cancer incidence and mortality worldwide database published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC. The aim is to support the creation of an information network focusing on best practices for treatment of lung mesothelioma.

Medical research conducted in this area has highlighted that high, long-term consumption of salt increases the risk of heart attacks or other heart disorders, as well as of strokes and stomach cancer, and can cause chronic kidney disorders. In view of the above, can the Commission tell us what actions it has taken in this area in recent months and what measures it intends to take in the near future? The work will also address the reduction of other selected nutrients, with a special focus on saturated fat.

Future work will include a study carried out by the Joint Research Centre that will look into school meal standards in Member States, including standards in relation to salt levels. It is planned to discuss the findings in the HLG. However, it would be premature to predict any actions that may follow in the future at this point in time. Latvian juutalaisten omaisuuden takaisinlunastus. Komissio voi toimia vain, jos asia liittyy Euroopan unionin oikeuteen. The European Union regards human rights as universal and indivisible.

It promotes and supports human rights actively both within its own borders and in its relations with third countries. No one may be deprived of his or her possessions, except in the public interest and in the cases and under the conditions provided for by law, subject to fair compensation being paid in good time for their loss. The Soviet Union occupied Latvia in June Since the mail had been sent to a recipient in Istanbul, the file was again returned there.

However, the Istanbul court decided for lack of jurisdiction because Oran lived in Ankara. So eventually, the file was sent back to Ankara. The sender was determined as well as the time and the computer it was sent from. But the supreme judiciary sent the file to an expert. The report that came from there stated that 'everybody can enter somebody else's account and send a message from there'. The file is currently pending at the court of appeals". The delegations talked to district officials and to 13 people who experienced torture and ill-treatment in custody after the anti-government demonstrations in the city on the eastern Black Sea coast on 31 May.

According to the report, the people in the city suffered a significant trauma. They demand the release of the arrested protestors and the immediate withdrawal of the riot police forces from the city. The report is based on talks held on 6 and 7 June and also includes medical findings. The people are worried because the riot police forces have not been withdrawn from the district yet. They are very confused by the police attack that happened during a peaceful protest.

They are insecure on and constant alert; they are afraid of being taken in as well". Subsequently, we also met the district governor and the mayor of course. But after having heard the people beforehand, the talks with the officials were not satisfying. We also talked to the family of Lokumcu [who died in the course of the incidents]. The report of the delegation listed the following complaints voiced by the people in Hopa: The district governor talked about additional police officers, the people claimed it was thousands of policemen.

Gas bombs were even thrown to the emergency unit of the state hospital and to a primary school. No according proof was found. The people claimed that it was tried to put all the blame on the people of Hopa by saying in the media and in public that they threw stones and Molotov cocktails and that they were "bandits". They criticized the lack of respect towards the people and the family of deceased protestor Lokumcu and underlined that the prime minister failed to express his condolences.

Tension and a 'state of emergency' are still continuing although a whole week has passed", the report stated. The public voiced several demands: They summarized their findings as follows: Nevertheless, marks of brute beating could be determined. Six people developed signs of psychiatric illnesses; existing symptoms increased for one person who was sick before the incident. According to the results yielded by these indicators, the symptoms of anxiety and sleep problems are closely related to the environment of ongoing fear and insecurity in Hopa".

The activists were taken into police custody by force. She said that the police initially took them to the anti-terror branch. Akduran summarized, "As soon as I had posted the banner, a plainclothes police officer came and intervened against the banner. At the same time, women who attended the meeting intervened against me. They were about to lynch me. They brought me to the police car. They got angry when I shouted 'Mersin does not want nuclear power'. They pulled my hair and twisted my arm on the way. They squeezed my head on the police car and searched me. I assume they had not quite understood what I did.

They treated me better there". After that, Akduran was taken to the Republic Police Station where she met the two other Greenpeace activists and lawyer Semra Kabasakal. Akduran had her finger prints taken and underwent an examination at the forensic medicine department.

She was released subsequently. She was taken to the police car by plainclothes police officers and eventually taken to the Republic Police Station. Lawyer Kabasakal arrived at the police station shortly after. Apparently, two of the policemen congratulated the Greenpeace activists and appreciated their action against nuclear power.

I have two grand-children and I want them to live in a cleaner world". I will continue my struggle against nuclear power". Six people were arrested on terror charges on Sunday 5 June in the aftermath of the incidents in Hopa Artvin, eastern Black Sea coast. The interrogation lasted till the morning hours. Ten people were released from custody thereupon. The remaining six were arrested under allegations of "demonstrating without permission", "resistance against public officials on duty" and "harming public property".

First of all, the 16 out of a group of 31 people were interrogated by the prosecutor since they had been kept in police custody for four days already. Ten of them were released, six of them were taken to court under allegations of membership in a terrorist organization". As a result, the court board dropped charges of membership in a terrorist organization and arrested six persons on charges of demonstrating without permission, resistance against public officials on duty and harming public property.

A further 15 people will be taken to court on Sunday afternoon". The delegation is going to talk to the people in custody and detention in Erzurum and Hopa and will issue a report on the incidents subsequently. BIA, 5 June Human rights violation still very high in According to the report 7, people were taken into custody in a year and 1, of them were arrested. Considering the human rights violations in , it is observed that the violations are not much different from the figures of Separately, 5 journals were confiscated eight times and four magazines were confiscated ten times.

The number of confiscated and banned publications; 10 posters, 8 banners, 3 books and a calendar was banned or confiscated. The display of a song was also banned by Radio and Television Supreme Council. Demanded prison sentence Lawsuits: During the referendum, 12 televisions were given a warning and 6 televisions were given program suspension penalty eight times.

While people were sued in , the number of ongoing litigations was recorded as and the number of people on trial as Deaths in prisons and under detention centers continue. The death of prisoners in prisons, according to official data of the Ministry of Justice, has displayed the dimension of the violations. While this number was the year before, the increasing death rate of prisoners due to deprivation of treatment reveals the insensitivity of the government and the special confutation policy it follows.

The number of sick prisoners is still and of them are in a critical situation. The number of imprisoned, which was , by the end of , increased to , as of January and to , by the end of April According to data from the Ministry of Justice, while suspects were accused of torture and cruelty in , this number rose to suspects in On the other hand, 18, people were sued in for resisting to security forces and this number rose to 22, in ANF, 3 June Torture at Istanbul Police Station. They belonged to a group of twelve people, eight of whom were under age, who were taken into police custody on Sunday 29 May under allegations of having thrown stones to a convoy of the Nationalist Movement Party MHP after clashes had occurred between residents of the Nurtepe district in Istanbul and MHP members.

Lawyer Taylan Tanay announced that the three individuals were severely beaten in police custody. Tanay told bianet that they lodged a criminal complaint and expected an investigation launched about the people responsible for the ill-treatment. Lawyer Tanay stated that "photographs taken before the court session document severe torture applied in custody and on the way to the police station". It was announced that there was no evidence against either of them related to the incidents on 31 May. That way, it is not possible anymore determine torture which is easier to do outside of a prison.

A total of people were arrested in the scope of raids carried out in poor neighbourhoods of Istanbul within the past four months", Tanay indicated. Turkish applicant Emrullah Derman won his case before the European Court of Human Rights ECHR regarding allegations that "he had been beaten, blindfolded, stripped naked, hosed with water and subjected to falaka beating on the soles of the feet when held in police custody". In the case of Derman, the ECHR found the domestic courts guilty of a violation of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights regarding the prohibition of inhumane and degrading treatment and torture.

Former shop owner Derman from Istanbul was taken into police custody on suspicion of robbery in The ill-treatment in custody was documented by medical reports that confirmed physical injuries as well as a psychological trauma. It was announced that Derman was still receiving treatment for his psychological problems.

The police officers who exposed Derman to the ill-treatment received prison sentences of ten months each. However, the sentences were eventually suspended. The application also pointed to the fact that the punishment of the perpetrators remained ineffective. After a series of quarrels, she was tried before a military court and convicted of "disobeying orders and of insulting her Superior". BIA, 2 June Both individuals were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Ten people from the group of assailants were taken into police custody. They distributed leaflets to by-passers.

Two people reportedly went to the nearby mosque to distribute their leaflets. They were first beaten and then attacked with knives, as announced by the Demokrat Kocaeli newspaper. When the police came to the scene, the assailants said to their defence, "We attacked them because of the slogans they chanted". The attackers demolished the vehicles and attacked two people with knives. Also the passengers of the cars belonging to the convoy were beaten. Many people were wounded; two persons were injured with knives.

They were taken to hospital. The police arrested about ten people after the attack. The discoursers drew attention to the conditions of the aggravated life sentence that was installed in after the abolishment of the death penalty. Amendments made in limited the duration of fresh air for prisoners serving an aggravated life sentence to one hour per day. The right to talk to the other prisoners was denied; the permission to see three persons who were not relatives was lifted. Hence, convicts serving an aggravated life sentence are living in a single cell of eight square metres for 23 hours a day.

According to the article, the punishment may only be postponed upon a report obtained from or approved by the Forensic Medicine Institute. The participants agreed on the urgent demand to deprive the Forensic Medicine Institute of its status of an expert body and said that reports issued by hospitals and lawyers had to be taken into account. About seriously ill convicts are currently being incarcerated in Turkish prisons, it was announced.

He recalled that these convicts had been released only to die and that they had not received proper medical treatment. The convicts taken to hospital under compulsion due to the "Triple Protocol" can only be examined in the presence of a prison official and without having removed their hand-cuffs, Efe explained. Lawyer Tuncer added that the "Istanbul Protocol" approved by the United Nations UN was not being applied and that disciplinary penalties given to the convicts would delay the date of their release that was defined by law.

Tuncer noted that possible measures were limited and that most of the applications submitted to execution judgeships or courts did not yield any results. Political convicts remain in prison until the end of their life. The law prevents the right to a conditional release", Tuncer said. RSF, 17 juin The author lives in Germany and was taken into police custody upon his entry to Turkey on 10 August He remained in detention for four months. He was represented by his lawyer Ercan Kanar.

As reported by Radikal newspaper, Prosecutor Celal Kara claimed that the robbery and the murder were committed with the aim to overthrow the constitutional order. In a statement made to bianet, lawyer Ercan Kanar described the final speech of the prosecution as "constructed with the logic of the anti-terror branch but lacking legal evidence".

In his column published on Jan. Altan last week delivered his testimony and said he had no intention of insulting the prime minister but rather was criticizing his sharp language in kind. COM, 16 June The attacks started on 12 June and rendered access to the site impossible since yesterday 15 June. According to a statement of the ANF, the source of the attack is located within Turkey. We strongly condemn these attacks on press freedom and freedom of expression.

We interpret them as helpless and shameful pursuit that aims at preventing the truth to be conveyed to the public". Access to the website of the news agency had previously been blocked by court decisions for the extensions ". ANF is currently providing its service under www. The Kurdish daily was banned for the duration of 15 days. Nine Azadiya Welat employees are still in prison. As of Monday afternoon, the printing of the newspaper was stopped. The decision was based on news items published in the issue of 12th June. The court decision was furthermore based on a news item entitled "brotherhood" that disclosed the code names of deceased PKK members and allegedly spread "propaganda for an illegal organization".

Curia: Marc Jaeger

BIA, 14 June The delegation announced that the elections were transparent and done in a secure environment. It was said that the elections were managed well. Even though, the delegation stated that Turkey needed to advance freedoms in the country to achieve more democracy.

This time, the organization additionally sent a delegation that consisted of 34 politicians as representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly. The presiding officers were sceptic about the badges given to the European politicians by the Supreme Elections Board YSK that entitled them to observe the elections all over Turkey. After extensive phone calls of the officers, the delegation was eventually allowed into the poll office.

There would not have been a problem if they had been informed properly. It was our only duty to write a report about transparency and a secure environment during the elections. We did not find any problems at the poll offices we visited". The international observers indicated that the elections showed pluralism but at the same time the delegation called on the Turkish government to broaden freedom of thought and to "establish a media distant of political pressure".

Journalists apply auto-censorship when they do not consider themselves in a safe environment". Initially, copies of the first issue were seized and the magazine was banned right after its release. After that, the prosecutor decided to drop procedures. The magazine includes articles of intellectuals and journalists such as Milliyet newspaper writer Nuray Mert, Prof.

He said that they appealed the court decision but their appeal was dismissed by reasons of alleged "propaganda for an illegal organization". In this context, the Batman 1st Magistrate Criminal Court had opened a trial on charges of "praising crime and a criminal" that resulted in Atay's conviction.

Atay expressed his lack of understanding about the fact that he was punished nevertheless. We lodged an appeal to the Court of Appeals. He said that this issue will also be followed up by the management of the Batman Bar Association. The Batman Mesopotamian Havza Association of Journalists and Publishers announced that the sentence stemmed from the desire to put press freedom under reservation. As if the severe conditions of the press law were not enough, journalists are being sent behind bars on the grounds of Article of the Turkish Criminal Law on 'praising crime and a criminal'".

He is facing prison terms of up to five years on the grounds of the interview that was published in Radikal newspaper between 28 and 30 October However, the Istanbul 10th High Criminal Court decided for a one-year prison sentence for Tahmaz which was finally mitigated to ten months. Reason for the prosecution was the interview entitled "Unilateral Ceasefire Amplifies the Problem".

Yuval Ron concert in Turkey canceled in face of pressures. The activists, in a message they released Thursday morning, said the concert, to be performed by the Yuval Ron Ensemble, was being organized by the Foundation of Writers and Journalists GYV and claimed the tickets were available at the Israeli Consulate. Nine Turkish citizens were killed aboard the Mavi Marmara passenger ship that was part of the flotilla, during an attack by Israeli rangers in international waters.

It also denied the activists' claims that the concert was being organized by Israel, adding that the group was to perform a large repertoire reflecting various cultures and faiths, including Muslim Hymns and soundtrack titles. The artists told Today's Zaman that they shared a simple common endeavor: We make music, we support peace and condemn violence and we try to spread a message of compassion, mercy, love and hope, always standing on the side of the innocent victims.

The written statement of the association also underlined the fact that 65 journalists are currently being detained in Turkish prisons and that about 4, journalists find themselves under pressure of a court case. The TGC criticized, "The attitude of the government rendered verbal and physical violence against journalist an ordinary issue. The journalists serve the people's right to information and their right to learn the truth. We find it rather odd that a blind eye is being turned to the fact that these journalists are deemed to deserve violence".

The announcement claimed that writer Mert was made a target by the severe accusations put forward by the Prime Minister on account of her opinion and her articles. We call on the politicians to demonstrate respect towards freedom of expression and to get hold of a more responsible stance". She was exposed to violence even though she showed her press card which was then torn into pieces by her attackers. She had to obtain a sick report for five days. We condemn the verbal violence from politicians against our colleagues and also the systematic physical violence applied by the police forces.

BIA, 7 June You are French to this country. The magazine, however, also described the situation as worrying. That would be bad for Turkey. Noting that corruption was on the rise, press freedom was under attack and more journalists were in prison, the magazine thus called on Turks to vote for the CHP against the ruling party to promote democracy. This mission has to be seen in the context of regular cooperation between the Council of Europe and its member states.

My special envoy will visit Turkey after the general elections have taken place and will have broad contacts with all stakeholders, including civil society. The envoy will look into the circumstances and reasons for the arrest of several journalists in connection with an alleged plot to overthrow the Turkish government.

Those arrested are allegedly linked to the ultranationalist clandestine Ergenekon group, which is charged with plotting to overthrow the democratically elected government by creating large-scale chaos in the country. He is currently a close adviser to the secretary-general. The final hearing was held on 26 May. The journalist was initially sentenced to imprisonment of one year on charges of "publishing statements of an illegal organization". This accusation was based on the two articles "All aspects of my life will be Kurdish" and "The last chance for a democratic solution" published in the January issue of the Yeni Yorum magazine.

Code pénal - Legilux

The sentence was mitigated to ten months due to a lack of criminal record, Irmak's past and the "anticipated future effects of the penalty". Irmak was handed down an additional prison sentence of one month under Article TCK. This punishment was aggravated to 1. Reason for Irmak's prosecution was the publishing of an article that conveyed a government-critical statement of the Executive Board of the Union of Kurdistan Communities KCK on the Kurdish question.

In the news the KCK Steering Board was quoted as saying that "the government neither properly evaluated nor made an earnest approach towards the conditions of a unilateral ceasefire that had been announced by the KCK for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish question. Instead of taking concrete steps towards a solution, the government carried on their exploitation", the announcement continued.

Journalist Irmak was handed down yet another ten-month prison sentence charged with "publishing a statement of the PKK" on the grounds of an article entitled "The Kurds will establish their own courts". Also the latter sentence was finally converted into a monetary fine of TL The court sentenced Dicle to one year, eight months in prison on terrorism charges. He was detained in December as part of the KCK probe and has been in custody since. Last week, the Ankara court decided to cut days, the period he had served as a detainee during the KCK probe, from the sentence he originally received in The BDP is both a lock and key for Parliament.

We have the power to lock all unfairness and unlawfulness in Parliament. The BDP, whose independent candidates won 36 seats in Parliament in the latest general elections, is planning to use by-elections as a trump card if six of its deputies, who are currently under arrest as part of the KCK trial, are not released from prison and allowed to take their seats in Parliament. In defiance of a BDP challenge for by-elections, the ruling Justice and Development Party AK Party has expressed its opinion that the pro-Kurdish party will not be able to press for the holding of the by-laws.

COM, 21 June A total of 36 BDP-endorsed independent deputies were elected in the elections, including six jailed suspects in the ongoing KCK trial. The elected independents are expected to gather under the roof of the BDP in Parliament and form a parliamentary group.

However, it is still unclear if those in prison in connection with the KCK trial will be able to acquire parliamentary immunity and enter Parliament. The courts where they are standing trial will decide whether they will be released from prison and enter Parliament or continue their incarceration and be denied the right to enter Parliament. They stand accused of crimes against the constitutional order, which may prevent them from enjoying parliamentary immunity even though they are elected deputies.

Courts have the right to not release those who are elected to Parliament if the individuals who won seats in Parliament are on trial for terrorism-related charges. If he did, I do not know what his purpose was. However, this issue does not concern either Parliament or the government.

It directly concerns the judiciary. The only authority to make a decision on this issue is the judiciary. Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan extended the unilateral ceasefire which was declared by the PKK for an undisclosed time perod but said that the process should last within a few months. Ocalan had earlier stated that he will decide about the fate of the ceasefire on 15 June, three days after thr general elections in Turkey. Ocalan anounced his decision to extend the ceasefire in a meeting with his lawyers in Imrali Island High Security Prison where he is held for 11 years.

Ocalan called the new Turkish Parliament to immidiately start to work for creation of a new constitution and a solution to the Kurdish Question. He said if the Turkish Parliament will take steps he will lead the Kurdish guerillas to withraw out of Turkish borders. Ocalan insisted that the Turkish government and parliament should give him a hand to open his way to end the 30 year old war. Ocalan repeated his demand for establishing a direct link with the guerilla commanders saying that this step is necessary for him to convince the Kurdish leaders for a peaceful solution.

Ocalan also gave information about his recent meeting with the Turkish delegation right after the elections. He said the meeting was focused on the constitutional reform and solution of Kurdish Question. He called the Peace and Democracy Party for actively participating in reform process. Ocalan said the BDP should work closely with other political parties and should create a draft constitution.

Ocalan also said that Kurds also should be ready for a possible armed conflict with the Turkish state. On the other hand he emphasized the importance of seizing the chance of a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question. Ocalan called Kurdish guerillas to avoid any clashes with the Turkish army. He said guerillas will only defend themselves if attacked.

He also criticized the use of Molotov coctails during demonstrations saying that Kurdish youth should be careful to avoid any harm to civilians and their property. Speaking about the general elections Ocalan said the outcome showed the importance of a unified opposition which he has been defending for years. He called the democrats and socialist to form an umbrella organization which will include BDP, socialists and democrats. ANF , 17 June Military operations continue in Kurdish provinces. Fire broke out in many areas as a result of the Turkish army's bombardment on guerrilla-controlled Zap region, while Yuksekova countryside are reportedly bombed by cobra type helicopters.

In an age when global warming threatens the world even more with each passing day,the Turkish army is among the most destructive forces against the nature. Especially in , Turkish army set a large number of forests and lands on fire. The number of fires started in , which burned down tens of thousand hectares of lands, can be listed as follows; May Prison Sentences of almost 92 Years. The KCK intends to organize Kurdish people. Employees of the head office of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party BDP were also among the defendants as well as party members and a journalist.

The defendants requested to present their defence in Kurdish. The court board dismissed this request and registered that "the defendants spoke in an unknown language". Consequently, the statements of the defendants were not taken. The defence lawyers claimed that this trial was politically motivated and demanded their clients' acquittal.

However, the court board rejected this demand too and announced its decision after a brief intermission. The other defendants were handed down prison sentences of various lengths. All defendants were convicted of "membership in an illegal organization". The court file will be forwarded to the Court of Appeals. The conviction was based on a speech delivered by the politician at the Newroz festival in Siirt south-eastern Turkey in The prosecution said in their final plea, "It was evident that the Newroz celebration in Siirt on 21 March was turned into propaganda for the PKK [outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party].

Six defendants were acquitted. BIA, 17 June The operations were carried out simultaneously in the beginning of this week. The people in custody were brought to the Provincial Police Directorate. The reason for the operation was not announced. DIHA , 17 June The results of 12th June general elections, which were crucial in terms of democratization of Turkey and finding a solution of Kurdish question, have revealed serious political consequences.

The Kurdish people and democratic forces have come out of the elections with a victory despite the election threshold, political genocide operations perpetrated by the AKP government, military assaults, and the pressures to intimidate society. This success, attained by women and young people leading the liberation and democracy struggle of Kurdish people and powers of democracy in Turkey, is a strong declaration of the will-power for a the solution to the problems of Turkey. The victory of our people and the forces of democracy do not just belong to this period, but it is the victory of the resoluteness towards a democratic solution of the Kurdish question and democratic reconstruction of Turkey for permanent liberation and democracy.

In this sense, 12th June elections led the society to focus on the solution of the Kurdish question as well as the democratization of Turkey, rather than merely being an election of power. For this reason, the election results express political and social consequences that have to be analysed in many respects. The Labour, Liberation and Democracy Bloc have entered 12th June elections with very clear demands; First, to eliminate all the obstacles for leader Abdullah Ocalan to actively play his role in the solution of Kurdish question and making a concrete progress in the process of negotiations.

Second, preparation of a new democratic constitution through the participation of all sections of society. Third, bringing a solution to the Kurdish question through the project of democratic autonomy. Fourth, the establishment of a democratic solution by the people based on their power upon the failure of democratic channels. During 12th June elections our people have said "yes" to the social project, which contains these demands, in the person of candidates of the bloc. By demanding an "immediate solution", they have demonstrated the fact that the state and government have to put the urgent action plan into practice in order to stop the bloodshed.

In spite of that, the balcony speech of Prime Minister Erdogan on the evening of 12th June did not include any clear and concrete message in answer to the demands of our people in a manner that eliminates the lack of solution and ends the policies of annihilation. His speech, which was mostly expected and general, indicated the continuity of usual policies. Despite some emphasis on the constitution, it did not give any indications as to the solution of the Kurdish question. It is obvious that the Kurdish question, which is utterly urgent as the fundamental priority of Turkey, cannot be subject to prevarication through the general language of "peace and fraternity".

The information that will appear in the next few days in relation to this issue, will largely determine the direction of the process. The Kurdish people and democratic forces that entered the elections independently through Labour, Liberation and Democracy Bloc, have largely reached their targets. The successful election results will be a milestone for the enforcement of democratic solution. The level of success attained by the Labour, Liberation and Democracy Bloc has also become a phenomenon that strengthens the terrain for democratic unity of the Kurdish people, to join up with people of Turkey as a democratic nation and transform itself into a party.

The message that is given with the election of female candidates is that the struggle for democratization of society and elimination of sexism will be escalated through the liberation of women. It is clear that the 36 candidates that have been elected to Parliament have historical responsibilities. The struggle of the members of Parliament for realisation of the project of democratic republic and democratic autonomy will bring priceless gains to the people of Turkey.

We believe that this combination will play a role in the solution of Kurdish question and in democratization of Turkey with their knowledge and experience, and wish them every success in their meaningful and challenging struggle. The struggle of the Kurdish people, democratic socialist forces, who worked tirelessly for the votes under unjust conditions of assaults perpetrated by the state and government, have not failed. The honourable position adopted and devotion demonstrated by our people in this process is beyond appreciation.

We salute and congratulate the stance of struggle of our people, all those who participated with intense efforts, and patriots. The kindness of our people towards the political representatives unjustly imprisoned under the KCK case is also quite a meaningful message. It is indisputable that with their determinate, devoted, conscious, organised and strong stance, our people will successfully construct the system of democratic autonomy.

We are in a position to succeed in the implementation of any decision with such a people. We vehemently condemn the assaults of AKP government, who could not digest the election victory of Kurdish people becoming a single heart and voice around leader Apo , on the night of 12th June. We hope that the patriots who were wounded in the assaults would get well soon, and send our best regards to their families and people. Everyone should know that no assault, threat or policy based on genocide will deter the Kurdish people, who are devoted to liberation, from struggle. This has meant that the official policies on the most fundamental issue, the Kurdish issue, have been defeated.

Although the AKP has increased its votes in Turkey, compared to the election, it has lost many votes in Kurdistan. Furthermore, it can be seen that the smaller parties of the election have been completely wiped out in It has also taken a small amount of votes from the CHP and other smaller leftist parties. This bloc has the potential to take votes from the AKP and CHP and has created excitement and hope amongst the democratic forces in Turkey.

Moreover, the bloc has achieved the highest increase in its percentage of MPs. Apart from the unexpected loss in Dersim, the bloc has achieved a remarkable success. Admittedly there was also hope in Gaziantep, Adiyaman and Izmir; however, despite not winning in these areas the election has surely been a success for the bloc.

There was a major difference in votes, between the bloc and the AKP, in the cities where the bloc was the outright winner and only a small margin of difference in a few cities where the AKP won. The AKP has been defeated in the place where the political struggle is most intense; Kurdistan. Despite the arrest of hundreds of politicians and political cadres, the candidates supported by the BDP Peace and Democracy Party have achieved a momentous victory. To enter the elections with independent candidates and organize the votes in a balanced manner is very difficult.

However, despite all the suppression and interference the Kurdish people have achieved a historic victory. It is well known that there was cheating and duplicity in many places. It is evident that the votes of the Bloc have been interfered with using different methods in many places, such as Dersim. It is clear that the state resorted to many illegal methods to prevent the election of the independent candidate in Dersim. The people are overwhelmingly calling for democratic autonomy. The vast majority of people who are claiming their Kurdish identity voted for the Bloc.

The Labour, Freedom and Democracy Bloc is the only group that represents all the social forces and rich cultural groups in Turkey. The representation of an Assyrian Orthodox in Parliament is a first in Turkey. When all this is taken into account it is clear that the only group that represents all of Turkey is the Bloc. Therefore it is very possible to strengthen and develop into an alternative.

This is why this Bloc should be seen as the future of Turkey. An intervention into Syria may be on the agenda in the near future. The Prime Minister did not mention the Kurdish issue in his speech. He repeated what he had been saying during the election and said that they had brought an end to denial, rejection and assimilation. This is proof that he thinks that there is no Kurdish issue any longer. Furthermore, it means insisting on a deadlock. The fact that the Prime Minister said that they will consult other parties while creating a new constitution means nothing.

Even if they had won seats in Parliament he would still have said this. To expect anything different regarding a new constitution would have been surprising. The new constitution is needed fundamentally to solve the Kurdish issue. A constitution that does not bring radical changes and satisfy the needs and demands of the Kurdish people will not be a new or democratic constitution with any value. The importance of this election and what was most anticipated was the approach of the Kurdish people; this has been clarified.

The Kurdish people have approved Democratic Autonomy. Block deputies meet press in Diyarbakir. The Labor, Democracy and Freedom Block newly elected deputies have met the press in Diyarbakir today. Commenting the election results, the deputies underlined that "politicians bear a tremendous responsibility. In particular the results of provinces of the region is full of lessons to be taken". Noting that only the Block has increased its vote-rate in the Kurdish territory, the deputies underlined that the AKP has experienced an unexpected decline and decreased in the number of MPs and vote-rates.

Therefore, the strategy of "looking for a solution by eliminating the organized structure of the Kurdish people" is now a thing of the past. Insist on this policy doesn't bring anything in but to drag the country into a chaos". At the June 12 elections, the Labour, Democracy and Freedom Block's program has been presented to the approval of the people. The Block components and millions supporting the Block have displayed their attitude against the centralist and oligarchic state system. There is no more possibility for our 74 million citizens to be governed by the state mentality which doesn't bear any social bonds, is deprived of social morality and doesn't base on persons".

In the elections, the Kurdish people called attention to one more important reality. A message has been given that national liberation passes through unity. The part of Kurdish parties and civil society organizations is to turn the unity into a more permanent and organized constitution through the Kurdish National Conference".

Within a process when balance in the Middle East are upside down with the resistance of the peoples, the Block's deputies underlined that "to be a common voice of the Kurdish people will entitle both Kurds and the peoples in the region. This alliance has also opened the way for Democratic Nation Block and and showed that there is an alternative address of change in Turkey.

Including intellectuals, artists the unemployed, laborer, the youth and women, the Block gave a moral support to Turkey's peoples". The results of this election have also confirmed, stressed the deputies, "the mission of the Labor, Freedom and Democracy Block whose components have already expressed that this constitution will continue after the elections as well. We stand behind our promise. The Block, which received a great support from the people without losing time and was entitled to represent the people at the parliament, should turn into a strong movement which assembles all the democratic forces in Turkey under the same roof.

Therefore, the Block components in particular, our MPs and the supporters of the Block bear a tremendous responsibility". ANF, 14 June Turkey abolished the death penalty in , but the MHP, which was part of the coalition government at that time, voted against the move in Parliament. Now he confesses they have been in constant talks with the terrorist head.

It is obvious Mr. Ocalan expressed his expectation for a meeting in the coming days. He Ocalan noted that he still bears his own responsibility for the solution of the problem constitutionally and within a democratic context. He underlined that the attitude of the state will be determinant henceforwards as he has displayed his views on this issue very clearly and openly so far.

He noted that he, basing on his own experiences, had already presented the way for the most realistic solution. The Supreme Court of Appeals has upheld an earlier decision by a local court to sentence independent deputy candidate Hatip Dicle, who has been endorsed by the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party BDP , to one year and eight months in prison on terrorism charges, a ruling that will prevent the candidate from entering Parliament even if elected in Sunday's elections.

News reports said on Thursday that the Supreme Court of Appeals 9th Criminal Court approved the conviction in March and sent the approval decision to the local court last week. The court reportedly said the candidate cannot be elected as a deputy and sent a copy of the ruling to the Ankara Prosecutor's Office, asking the office to inform the Supreme Election Board YSK about Dicle's conviction. Dicle will not be able to hold office even if he is elected as a deputy in the elections since he will have a conviction on terrorism charges and has been sentenced to more than a year in prison.

COM , 9 June Council members sentenced to prison over park named after Kurdish poet. The mayor and the council members were also ordered to pay a TL 3, each. Both the jail sentences and the monetary fines were suspended. The law on the acceptation and usage of the Turkish alphabet and other laws like it have lost their meaning.

EUR-Lex L'accès au droit de l'Union européenne

He has been jailed in Imrali for 12 years and not allowed to see anybody. I am sending my love and greetings to him. I also call him Dear Ocalan. What is wrong with that now? It is of great importance to display a realistic approach. He has this power and can solve the problem and I side with solution.

For god's sake, it is actually you who was defeated. Would there be 29 rebellions if you had defeated them? He has been jailed there for 12 years and not allowed to see anybody. The state officials themselves meet and talk to him but I cannot. Why is this obstruction? I am sending my love and greetings to Ocalan. The Hrant Dink case for example. My last project is to write about these happenings. I want to go to the prison for this reason. And I am saying again; I also want to see Ocalan. He was arrested in on being accused of conducting political activities.

He was sentenced to nine years in prison by the military court and was paroled seven years later. He embarked on working on cinema in following his release from the prison. He wrote over 40 screenplays and directed three films. It widely acknowledged that these works of him, which appalled to an extensive mass of audience, have an effectual role in the establishment and development of early Turkish cinema. I instructed my colleagues yesterday [Wednesday] in this respect. We can be rivals but we can discuss [matters] as two civil people. But he responded with abusive language. He should ask his wife whether he acted in the right manner.

He should undergo medical treatment. What kind of a prime minister is that? Would any sane prime minister say that? Our qibla is same. Is there any difference? They rejected the culture of Kurdish people. I know the denial policies and the assimilation policies. But the objection policy is not applied here any longer.

The denial policies have ended. Assimilation has now ended. Common agreement was reached to distribute the conclusions in Kurdistan, the Middle East and rest of the world and these are listed as: