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Each year we bring over one hundred and fifty authors together along with industry professionals and over 1, readers! Each year we host education day workshops, inspiring keynotes, panels and a two day book signing. But, the most important part about Penned Con is our charity.

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Each year we donate one hundred percent of the profits to Action for Autism , a c 3 charity based in St. He understands the minefield of the publishing world and created Red Coat PR to be the company that provides authors and publishers with unique opportunities in marketing, branding and business management.

Previously he was the Vice President of an International Risk Management company specializing in strategic and financial risks.

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Along with his wife Amy and son Landon, he is the co-founder of Penned Con, a book convention hosted annually in St. Louis, MO where all proceeds are donated to charity. He is an avid golfer, wood worker and Chelsea Football Club fanatic.

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Amy Miles is the author of multiple published novels, including her bestselling young adult immortals books, The Arotas Series. She is the co-Founder of Red Coat PR, a firm helping indie authors build a marketing base for their career.

A Penned Appendage Achievement in Life is Strange: Before The Storm

Amy is also the co-Founder of Penned Con, an annual two day convention held in St. There are currently no gaming sessions for the A Penned Appendage achievements that you can join - why not register and make a new session? Braxton Today at This solution has 28 positive votes and 1 negative vote.

Penned - Bird Mask

Please log in to vote. This graffiti is in the hospital. The location is always the same but not the way how to get this graffiti. There are 2 small different ways depends on your decision in a previous episode. First, please get graffiti numbers 6 and 7 before you miss them in the hospital.

Due to the decision in an earlier episode, you have either Mikey or Drew in the hospital bed Mikey: Listen all automatically dialogs cutscene then go to Mikey and sigh his cast. Talk with Drew then duel with him over his pudding does matter if you win or not and after the short cutscene sigh his cast.

Novelist Who Penned 'How To Murder Your Husband' Essay Charged With Husband's Murder

For a visual guide Mikey open the spoiler, inside you find my video with all 10 graffiti locations. There is 1 comment relating to this Solution Please log in to comment on this solution. Before The Storm PS4. A Penned Appendage achievement in Life is Strange: Before the Storm PC.